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The Saddest Easter Eggs In Video Games

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I've had this video planned for a while now but was researching tons to try and find the saddest Easter eggs I could find. Hopefully you leave this video crying. *Dead Island Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72b1rSqawgk&t=21s *Follow me on Instagram: https://goo.gl/yynZuD *Be sure to follow me on Twitter: https://goo.gl/PFqGhx *Support Me On Patreon: https://goo.gl/giuey9 *Top 10 Far Cry Series Easter eggs: https://goo.gl/fjJoPu *Fortnite Easter eggs: https://goo.gl/zbrCQ2 *Battlefield 1 Easter eggs: https://goo.gl/m8nkyo Subscribe for more Easter eggs, secrets and sometimes the odd moan. #EasterEggs #VideoGameEasterEggs #SadEasterEggs
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Captain Eggcellent (2 months ago)
I hope you enjoy the video, but I also hope it makes you cry or at the very least upset haha. For more Easter eggs check out part 4 of my countdown of the 100 greatest Easter eggs ever here: https://goo.gl/GjiSBj Follow me on Instagram: https://goo.gl/yynZuD
Phantom jack (19 days ago)
The Overwatch one got me
JST Nightcore (1 month ago)
The reacreation if dom finding his wife is the saddest I am a big gears if war fan
Flavored Water (1 month ago)
The music was annoying tbh
Gabe Kowalski (1 month ago)
Captain Eggcellent what's the name of the song you used?
KaGG Nickoasdf1 (1 day ago)
Why wasnt Blood of the Dead included /s Edit: ik this was from 3 months ago
Samuel Oti Manu (3 days ago)
Poor kid
Xeniicz (3 days ago)
How does this only have 500k views?
Mgamerz 88 (3 days ago)
The dog one is completely make me surprised and also sad
FourLeaves (3 days ago)
2:07 What was that song playing on the background?
Mr_ Kiko (4 days ago)
the second last one and the last one almost got me
pursuedsubset 59 (4 days ago)
The saddest one has to be the dog one.
Julio Saenz (4 days ago)
The dog, tho :( Reminds me of Grayfriar’s Bobby in Scotland
The sadest part was the YouTube publicity...
Nathanial Woodard (4 days ago)
I'm so soft over Dom in gears of war 😭
Murdoc Cipher (5 days ago)
Murdoc Cipher (5 days ago)
Oh..The overwatch one...Why is this NOT more well known?!
xyon ioaba (5 days ago)
i only found the over watch and rainbow six sad
Waifu Laifu (6 days ago)
The 2nd one was sort of more funny to me lol cause it's such a meme at this point. Take you out of the feeling.
Rifky Syahronny (6 days ago)
Press "F" to pay respects
Donovan Legends (7 days ago)
That Battlefield 1 Easter Egg was a freaking amazing touch, holy *crab apple*
Only Kate (7 days ago)
"Hopefully you leave this video crying."
Brandon B. (9 days ago)
Desi Munda Rahul (10 days ago)
Oh please no , alexa play despacito 2_so sad😫😫😫
Chi Hieu Bui (10 days ago)
I also spot blamo in the game Jailbreak
Jaywalker Boxing club (11 days ago)
I’m not crying there’s something in both my eyes
Legit Mexican (12 days ago)
R.I.P Dom forever remember
Nate Blanke (13 days ago)
That dead island mad me cry a little
Ion Josan (14 days ago)
Ubisoft did the same for a Rainbow Six Siege player that passed away. Its on the mal theme park.
Eemeli Sotaheimo (16 days ago)
The Rainbown six Siege made me Cry really badly when i read The text
Twilight 12 (16 days ago)
The dog one teared me up🤧😭
Dead island trailer is emotional af
Keiley Cole (18 days ago)
The gears 4 easter egg is from gears2
Keiley Cole (18 days ago)
I love gears of war😃😃😄😄😝😎😎😎
Jack Brunton (18 days ago)
Fucking gears of war, the only game to make me cry!
Maxxie (19 days ago)
What's the music used?
Mexican Monika (21 days ago)
But I love the sound of people’s pain and children dying
Tea Pot (21 days ago)
not gonna lie it's basically funwithguru but post more often
BigBoi Ozama (22 days ago)
Mw3 was just sad RIP soap
Destirium ! (23 days ago)
Maria's Death. Meh. Dead Island couple. Nah. Dog In GTA visits cemetry. HOLY SHIT THIS IS SO SAD ALEXA PLAY DESPACITO
Jerry Gonzales (23 days ago)
Witchylde (25 days ago)
Didn't bother me till the last one. Why did it have to be about a dog?!
Mint the Mint (25 days ago)
The dog got me!
Gamers Till The End (25 days ago)
What's the back round music it sounds really familiar
Beronica Garcia (25 days ago)
I like how he salutes the suit
RauuLL (26 days ago)
In the first one i feel bad because her baby live in the world war and our main character can't do anything,our character can only hear her voice and the baby cry and can't do anything it feel bad
Bad_vibes_💔 (26 days ago)
Miss dead island so much remember watching it on ps home at the movie theater before it came out I wish I can go back in time 2011 😭
İpek Nur Gül (27 days ago)
Gta v made me cry
Trippyplayz 451 (27 days ago)
so sad 😭
Gaming Addictions (28 days ago)
this is the definition of lets get right into this excellent work subbed
Strawberry Deathcakes (28 days ago)
Omfg the last one 😢😢😢😢 just whyy
Dat Chickie (28 days ago)
Maria's scene gets me every time.
Erik Satie (28 days ago)
The first one really means a lot.
Hannah :3 (28 days ago)
Dog made me cry, aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA need to hug this poor animal
raptank gaming (29 days ago)
Grace Pastrana (29 days ago)
Fluffy mc (29 days ago)
I almost cried during the last one.
I Love Potatoes (30 days ago)
rainbow six siege got me smh
gamersbay (30 days ago)
That trailer...made me finish the game......😢😢😧
Lance McClain (30 days ago)
I think the last one is supposed to be Greyfriars Bobby? I could be wrong (probably spelt it wrong too)
くすぐったい (30 days ago)
*sees bf1* Me: *._.* you serious?
Thatpiece ofshit (30 days ago)
I cant get over the fact that this passed r6s fan was called "bostonbearjew" but he and the japanese dude made it into there favourite game much respect
DanKo (30 days ago)
The first one (Crying mother and baby), Call of Duty mw3 and Gta V (Dog), made me cry..
Fullmetal Maine (1 month ago)
That MW3 scene got me
Roberta Avola (1 month ago)
You forgot the Assassin’s Creed 2 one, when Ezio sees the ghosts of his family..
Tinkili (1 month ago)
Oof Mah feels
Some Spicy Boi (1 month ago)
Gotdamn COD had some balls Jesus
Satan's child (1 month ago)
these werent even sad "legends never die" well apparently they do fatty
DevilDo99 Gaming (1 month ago)
Such a shame dead island didn't match the somber trailer... That thing was a masterpiece of sadness!
NC440 REMIX (1 month ago)
So sad _______ Good job bro _______
:-ZG-: (1 month ago)
cue the rick and morty music ugh the dog one got me looks like I lost a bet
Resident Evil (1 month ago)
The GTA V one made me cry a bit...
Craig Land (1 month ago)
Who would have thought that the one that made me tear up was from GTA5.
Captain....hearts for Gears Of War 2....
Cobalt (1 month ago)
11:25 I cried in this
Mercury Black (1 month ago)
Jack the Reaper (1 month ago)
Last one got me
lil Depression (1 month ago)
Mithren (1 month ago)
11:37 remember that guy you ran over while trying to get to a gun store?
The Triborg958 (1 month ago)
oh! That is what the dog was doing I kill it!
Neonlights Life (1 month ago)
Jesus I know BF1 was focused on WW1 but they really out did themselves when it came to the emotional trauma
Justagamer - msp (1 month ago)
I really liked the over watch one. It was so creative
Connor (1 month ago)
The Dead island one got me..
bernoguer 98 (1 month ago)
Actually the dog part make Me cry so hard...
Erica MendozaPerez (1 month ago)
11:20 my heart sinks seeing that dog 😭
jakob thomas (1 month ago)
Borderlands the pre sequel has a sad one too
Hachu Pranav (1 month ago)
Where is life is strange?
Aryan Ujhoodha (1 month ago)
Damn the last one almost got me cuz of puppy
Arctic_Foxx (1 month ago)
I Like This Guy. No Intros N Stuff :)
Duy Khanh (1 month ago)
This is so sad can we hit 10000 like Edit: Goddamnit there's already a guy did it first
Conrad La Grange (1 month ago)
The last 2 got me
ABC VERSION12 (1 month ago)
Mameshiba-sama (1 month ago)
Dead Island gets me every time.
The Colored Wolf YT (1 month ago)
7:35 when your top 2 in solo game of fortnite
MessedUpGamers 2.0 (1 month ago)
I thought that girl in cover pic is from monster inc..
TM_gamer_ gr (1 month ago)
Titanic: where girls cried This video: where men cried It is so sad man
Deadly Faster (1 month ago)
Rest in peace Dom from gears of war 2008 to 2013
kai57 (1 month ago)
i didn't know what to expect in a "sad easter eggs" video..but damn..i forgot i'm on captain's channel.. and the dog at the end melted my heart.. <3
JamalSalim Malik (1 month ago)
The background Music Isnt Helping😢
Send Oats (1 month ago)
Music? Seriously i need it dont give me that darude sandstorm or something else or your a joke
S a (1 month ago)
So I reported the video cause of this ugly and creepy ass background music, get some help okay ? We are in 2018 and we’re done with these stupid intros, thanks
Foolish Mortal (1 month ago)
the dead island one got me a few times when I played it :(
jax online (1 month ago)
The dog GTA ester egg was a real event
Pikachu and Kirby! (1 month ago)
TBH i dont do gears of war, can someone explain what happened and who is maria?

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