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Overwatch McCree - Complete Lore Guide

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High noon. Overwatch McCree complete guide. Going into the backstory of McCree and how it all came to be as far as we know. McCree voice actor has a lot to do with his personality but this is what we know about McCree in Overwatch so far 🔥 OVERWATCH GAMEPLAY 🔥 https://youtu.be/XDtp7J-iWtk Also watch Doomfist - the Complete Guide: 📷 instagram - http://instagram.com/ohnickel 🐦 TWITTER - https://twitter.com/ohnickel 🐵 facebook - http://fb.com/ohnickel 👾 discord (for news submission) - https://discord.gg/nVdzJZw Gameplay: Rod - https://youtu.be/R4pzJpC5S2Q
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ohnickel (1 year ago)
Which character do you want to see NEXT? 🔥 - https://youtu.be/XDtp7J-iWtk
Minininja (1 year ago)
ohnickel can you do dva next? :D
ohnickel so why do ppl think he's gay
Reaper please
French_Freys (1 year ago)
Chr0nicle_Gamer_ YT (1 month ago)
Mercy plz
izzy not dizzy (4 months ago)
Do Efi. You said we could also recommend athena soooooo...
Forest (7 months ago)
mccree is gay
batmite (8 months ago)
Cristo Rojo (8 months ago)
The voice line interaction between MCcree and Pharah where shy says "MCcree where did you learn to shoot like that, was it Jack, Morrison?" And MCcree replying with "I got a few pointers from the best thad be your mother." What if Ana taught MCcree to shoot with his right hand when he lost his dominate hand
kid napper (8 months ago)
LitPark Opo!! (9 months ago)
just as a little thing I noticed u didn't bring up- I remember playing and when u hear McCree talk to Sombra, she refers to him as a different name, a name that McCree denies. I don't remember what the name was tho lol
Phantom Cat (9 months ago)
What about the Sombra and Mccree dialogue interactions?
DocterDonut9784 (9 months ago)
The reason sombra was at the bar with Mccree is Mccree is the only person she doesn't know every thing about. My prove is there in game voice line between them were sombra calls Mccree Joel and Mccree says what are you talking about showing sombra doesn't have power over him with makes her crave it.
nerdie birdie (10 months ago)
i love how everyone spells McCree's name wrong
Hunter Hancock (11 months ago)
In hip fan firing you just need hold the trigger and hip back the hammer so he probley uses the left hand to hit the hammer sense it can move faster and more precise then a human arm
Jayden C (11 months ago)
wait isn't sombra evil?how could she work with overwatch
Red Harlow (1 year ago)
Best Mccree guide watch the Fist Full of Dollars trilogy
Q8 Rising (1 year ago)
Omg i love this story ao much
Sahara Official (1 year ago)
yes youtube has been weird
JMKid12 (1 year ago)
Dono Prez (1 year ago)
Do tracer
Star 31398 (1 year ago)
Hi Nickel, there is also a rifle with Mcree's photo in the diner on the table in front of the entrance.
gavin kettel (1 year ago)
do junkrat
Epic Danny (1 year ago)
do doomfist
TML (1 year ago)
I love McCree im sooooooooooo good with him
Avoidingwaffle214 (1 year ago)
Mccree x sombra
Ashton Bennett (1 year ago)
they need a mcree animated short
boobeebah13 (1 year ago)
It does look like McCree has a second gun on his right hip, you can just make it out from behind the girl (Mercy?), so maybe he used to dual wield.
pinkpuppy (1 year ago)
geez I fell bad for McCree
Notice: McCree ain't gay.
Angela Ziegler (1 year ago)
2:01 i looked so cute \( ̄▽ ̄)/
Nate Tanner (1 year ago)
Just a little something I heard not too long ago; there was some banter between McCree and Widowmaker where she questions McCree's identity, and McCree tells her that the information she has is false and she should keep her mouth shut. This intrigued me and I wasn't sure if it was noticed.
aidan anderson (1 year ago)
not true in the blackwatch skin he uses his right he still had his right and left
ZrAc Houndoom (1 year ago)
Super Gojira 101 (1 year ago)
Endeavour Dax (1 year ago)
With the left-handed McCree theory, in the art, it shows a holster on his right hip too. I personally think he's ambedaxtrious. ( I know I butchered that last word )
meira bet el (1 year ago)
Makaleana Plays (1 year ago)
Okay, so in the picture of McCree we see the revolver, right?  Well, it looks like there is a *second* revolver on his other hip, as there is the look of a second holster on his right side.  I once read a fanfiction where someone took that into account and had it where McCree does indeed have two revolvers (The writer named them 'Lawbreaker' and 'Peacekeeper', Peacekeeper obviously being the name of his actual revolver) but he used his right hand when he was showing off, and only used his left for when he was actually truly fighting. Then I started thinking about the possibility that perhaps Gabriel Reyes, Reaper, could have taught him how to use two guns at the same time, much like Reaper does with his shotguns.  Now, it's probably be a bit hard to use two revolvers, but if we know anything about McCree he will learn and do anything for his own gain.  Use two revolvers to look badass and ground some people?  I can easily see him doing it.  Especially a young McCree.
Black Hat (1 year ago)
"epic loot box containing reapers mariachi skin" i'm diein'!
Benji Price (1 year ago)
We need a McCree cinematic now!!!
Franklin D. Roosevelt (1 year ago)
2:10 I'm 99% sure this was just a mistake in the drawing.
Katuvideot (1 year ago)
Hey have you thought about this: McCree may be right handed but it is a photograph that we see. You know, they are mirrored...
MParty111 (1 year ago)
Do one on Roadhog and Junkrat in the same video if you can. What are their origins and ties to each other? Please do it.
team adam (1 year ago)
nate ewasko (1 year ago)
Junkrat plz
Andy Reyes (1 year ago)
Hey Ohnickel! I have a theory about Mcree, you know how when your on attack in route 66 and he says "i wouldn't take the coffee, its always tasted like boiled dirt"? Well, this leads to it being that the rifle is just in case no one is there, to murder him, but if they use it in public, they will probably be shut down so this leads to the fact that they ripoff Mcree in public by giving him bad food. Do you agree?
Sonic sprint (1 year ago)
sandku 2 (1 year ago)
D.va! do her next. NERF THIS!
Twitch DeadShadow (1 year ago)
Do tracer
moon night gamer23 (1 year ago)
DiamondRhino64 (1 year ago)
torb has a deadlock biker game skin
bork (1 year ago)
My golly look at the time, Its 11:59
Austin Truong (1 year ago)
Blizzard should really create an Overwatch movie
PureLuck (1 year ago)
I wanna see Zenyatta
BananaMan360 (1 year ago)
do one on rienhart nickel
do Reaper please!!!!
Benny Selvidge (1 year ago)
6:49 i feel it coming? I cant be the only one thinking this.
IcyDumpling (1 year ago)
Mr. Moon420 (1 year ago)
teaser plzzzzzz
Jason Voorhees (1 year ago)
I think McCree may have Duel Wielded Revolvers due to that's a very common trait in Old West Movies and it appears there's another holster on McCree's right side
Breakfast (1 year ago)
And don't forget that McCree and Sombra also share a conversation or two with each other during the match startup. Further hinting that the characters are connected.
Nicole Bruce (1 year ago)
god morgan (1 year ago)
sin (1 year ago)
Mccree is my main, is high noon!
Jake Steak Fries (1 year ago)
do d.va
The Proud Sun Bro. (1 year ago)
Maybe Mccree always had 2 guns. But since he lost his arm, he only uses one.
Vib Kumar (1 year ago)
Please do reaper
tylerg1020 (1 year ago)
Please do Athena!!!!
Redd Roxx (1 year ago)
why on route 66 on the attack team there is a desk with a gun and mccrees picture next to it
AGripOBabys (1 year ago)
that grip is not facing backwards, and hes wearing a second gun
SuperKillerDuck (1 year ago)
you missed one of the Mcree pictures it's in the glass at the counter in the entrance
Is it weird that after that comic I ship McCree and Sombra?
Ham (1 year ago)
TooFizzy (1 year ago)
There's also a pic of Mcree next to a gun behind the diner's front desk. Just thought I'd mention it since you missed it.
Eemil Hilden (1 year ago)
sausy slav (1 year ago)
Mr Gamplay (1 year ago)
now I feel dumb I thought you were going to do gamplay
Mr Gamplay (1 year ago)
Mist 31 (1 year ago)
in one of the spawns behind a counter is a Mcree photo with a gun next to it as well on route 66
PaceTry (1 year ago)
do tracer plz
Jordan Pettitt (1 year ago)
Qu4ntum Dr4g0n (1 year ago)
Maybe tracer is bi
Lama (1 year ago)
you should really look into the voice line sombra and mcree have. It goes something like Sombra: Glad to be working with you mcree, if that is your real name. Mcree: Now I don't know what your problem is, miss. I also find this connecting to the comic, Reflections, where sombra is mysteriously watching mcree in a bar. I don't know, maybe someone else look into it?
VESSEL 53 (1 year ago)
Can you do what we know of Liao
Albin Grahn (1 year ago)
idk why but i think that he shots with his right arm because the robot arm is better and he thinks its like cheating to use the left arm. idk but think about it, he is a cowboy and he probably wants to keep his dignity and all that stuff. like what if you see one of those mexican standoffs and suddenly one of the guys shoots the other guy and the whole croud in under half a second without looking, it wouldnt be fair. i have no proof but it feels like the robot arm would work better then the real arm when you look at for example genji, that guy can deflect all the bullets in a machine gun at the same time that he deflects a tank shell.
Gear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (1 year ago)
There's also an other picture of mcree in the dinner behind the counter is the exit
Kristian Ramey (1 year ago)
Richard Cruz (1 year ago)
Relish Cake (1 year ago)
Inillator FilmZ (1 year ago)
Maybe Sombra found the pink gem thingy and turned into what she is now
Divna Ivancev (1 year ago)
are then reaper and widowmaker in al the cinematics working for talon?
Aqua Bubblez (1 year ago)
Sebastain Mitov (1 year ago)
Do Junkrat
Mikel Laoumtzis (1 year ago)
just saying ohnickle if you lock a meccrees right side you can also see a gun holster
Hideyori Nakano (1 year ago)
He has two revolvers, one holster on each hip.
Sleeepy (1 year ago)
pls do reaper
PermafrostPanda (1 year ago)
the dark wyvern (1 year ago)
Gabriel Li (1 year ago)
gabe (1 year ago)
do tracer
How to play ana: Shoot everything that moves.
polaris.mp4 (1 year ago)
I can't even brush my teeth with my left hand...

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