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Watch Dogs 2 - Before You Buy

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Watch Dogs 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) sets out to realize the potential of the original game. Does it right the wrongs and come out a stronger game? Let's talk. ★Follow Jake on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jakebaldino ★Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jakebaldino/ ★Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/gameranxTV
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Text Comments (7475)
BPM (20 hours ago)
Does it need internet connection to play?
Aryan jhariya (5 days ago)
But I like gta v
JK huehue (8 days ago)
This enemy vision meter just like that far cry 5 so buggy. Ubi keeps releasing patches and never fixed that shjt
Lucas van Cooten (10 days ago)
I really loved watch dogs and had so much fun with it!
Mr Laizy (11 days ago)
Me: Before you crack
Ernesto Maldonado (11 days ago)
I just bought it off my friend for 10 dollers lol and he thew in a gta V
Abha HarshDev (11 days ago)
i like watch dogs 2, like wherever i go, the whole world knows i m a hacker..
Bear Claw (12 days ago)
this guy seems to bash all ubisoft's games. I tried watching assassins creed syndicate and he totally bashes that game to... I'm looking for options before I buy not your opinions on a " poor man's grand theft auto "
Just Random (12 days ago)
i love this game one of the best games ever
byLINK (13 days ago)
i like watch dogs 2 more than gta5
Sean Bajan (17 days ago)
before u pirate
You could go far if you learn how to speak workout cursing.
*punches guy* Two minutes later: fifteen patrol cars are chasing you on a train while a helicopter is trying to snipe you. *Enters a restricted area by accident while doing your morning walk* WW3 begins
the boi (25 days ago)
Bought the game since it launched and i dont regret it
John Battman (29 days ago)
Im buying it.
Infinite Pizzas (30 days ago)
Yeah, I'm getting this for my ps4.
no name (30 days ago)
The thing is I hated both games wd1 and wd2 doing the same thing over and over
A K (1 month ago)
Played it for 2 hours and threw it away lmao, i would never re sell this garbage to anyone. This game is so horrible with mechanics and gameplay, cant escape cops they go right to your position even when your hiding. The fact that they seem to never miss a shot while breathing down your neck. Glitchy controls, display, and lack of realism.
Sheryl Bringleson (1 month ago)
i like the part when you steal the car from the movies best part of the game
GTA all day long
MoonDaily MoonDaily (1 month ago)
Swanita Valequez (1 month ago)
The whole watchdogs series is basically a modern day Assassins Creed, think about it their aiming to take down corrupt corporations and government (The Templars) and they’re using lethal force to make sure the people are free and protected (Assassins) and nethack is just a techno version of eagle vision.
Evil Weasel (1 month ago)
My second platinum trophy absolutely loved this game
exacto reviews (1 month ago)
I watch these after I buy the items Because I finally find them after I buy something
SoaR_tRy_hArD (1 month ago)
or before i bootleg xD
a lizard (1 month ago)
Why buy a game? Just pirate it :3
AbdulTheLegend (1 month ago)
If you live in the bay its a definetly a copp But, only 15% of Oakland is accesable
Soviet Republican (1 month ago)
the only thing that I hate about watch dogs 1 was running away from the police
OG Panda gg (1 month ago)
I love watchdogs 2 but a couple missions we're really annoying
Tyler Mustard (1 month ago)
The game is so good at replicating San Francisco, my Dad could give me directions to specific places.
Emilmelin petersen (1 month ago)
I havent played it yeeet butt i do get it to morro maby 95% sure
Kahlil Mccain (1 month ago)
I deleted the game and I lost my stats
sarthak basnet (1 month ago)
Where is that neon orange suit at?
GalaxiRuleGaming Stuff (1 month ago)
Where is falcon
The Three Penguins (1 month ago)
Prius’ are silent and deadly
NeonTime (1 month ago)
To anybody in the comments who played it: the game is $18 rn and I’m wondering if I should get it. My number one priority in third person open world games is hows the post-campaign gameplay. Like can I just jump into the game if I’m bored and finished the story and have a good time? For example, I love saints row 3 and 4 because the over the top action is always worth jumping into the game for an hour and fighting baddies. What’s keeping you playing the game after the story in watch dogs? Cool side quests? Free roam events?
ekflpkf (1 month ago)
You say it's like a poor man's GTA like it's a bad thing That's why I bought it and I think it's a great game!
Malik (1 month ago)
The visuals is AMAZING !!
Malik (1 month ago)
I disliked the 1st for the cars.
BRYCEISPHERSON (2 months ago)
I think its a amazing game its my opinion
GameSect (2 months ago)
@nigraned So if you go to www.gamesect.net it will show you the best price, I been there loads of times and saved a fortune lol
Jakub Hiža (2 months ago)
Before you download from the internet
moonsl 536 (2 months ago)
I LOVE to see your videos for games
zaxapitsa (2 months ago)
watch Dogs is a killer idea, they should be brave though and make it a non lethal game. It´s hard to believe a teenager hacker goes around town shooting people. Fill the game with places you can break into, be extremely unforgiving about breaking stealth but give options to escape... they should be onto something.
sharpshooter188 (2 months ago)
The game doesnt even fucking install on the ps4. Global Installation thing always stalls. How is anyone even able to play this game? Bought a digital and physical copy and BOTH versions stall on the global install.
ajoconnor64 (2 months ago)
So I'm here from the mid year sale that's going on on PS4 and I'm having trouble deciding on this or Skyrim
Crispy Bacon (2 months ago)
Watch Dogs 2 - Before you download it illegally
Brian Pistorius (2 months ago)
It's cool
Domino Dolphin (2 months ago)
I’ve seen gameplay of the game and this video just made decision for me to get the game and not get mirrors edge catalyst because it looks like there is a lot more to do
Remember Navarro (2 months ago)
3:42 Blood Dragon reference!
I M A QYN (2 months ago)
I hated it.
Clementine (2 months ago)
This or undivision?
Thomas lol (2 months ago)
Brb hacking your *minecraft account*
Tikicuteness (2 months ago)
Wow! It looks like real life.
NICHI (2 months ago)
I miss Aden Pierce
James Brown (2 months ago)
I have that game for the Xbox one and it's also a pretty badass game
Portable Gamist 2 (2 months ago)
What's your PlayStation 4 gamertag?
iiTr1Ppi3HyRo_x3 (2 months ago)
Does it need a online account or needs wifi????
Audrey Klein (2 months ago)
Thank you for the review, I am looking for input since my son is asking for this game.
TAMARA DODON (2 months ago)
Ορεο ΟΝΕ Το Παιχνίδι
Soham Pavaskar (2 months ago)
If you have played games like gtaV, Witcher 3, Assassin's creed......you probably won't enjoy this game because they are much much better........gtaV was released 3 years before watch dogs 2 and yet it's gameplay and graphics are better ......watch dogs 2 is too repetitive....if you like games like arkham origins or arkham knight, you will enjoy this....overall it's alright.......and the story is too short.....
bruse 666 (2 months ago)
does it require internet?
Tooltip Tinkerer (2 months ago)
I'll say that the driving feels more grounded than in the first game. Turning is much more responsive, and it feels like your tires are doing their damndest to actually grip the road. I slid out of control fewer times in WD2.
Clorox Bleach (2 months ago)
I already bought it
Arslan Mirza (2 months ago)
I love it
DatGuy Elgendy (2 months ago)
ubisoft fixed the online but they need to fix the clothing glitch and all glitches
DaRK ILluSioN (2 months ago)
I watched this AFTER I bought watch dogs 2...
Rogue Aquafina (2 months ago)
RIP Horatio
Moa Allinger (2 months ago)
So Good
JorgeSucks (2 months ago)
I live in the Bay Area and I’m trying hella hard to find my house
Mike Behan (2 months ago)
This game is wank
Maison Clemens (2 months ago)
Watch dogs 1 is way better
DJ Shadow (2 months ago)
If I just want a not to serious game to have fun, relax, and play is this the game for me
Easy Cubing (2 months ago)
When I got the demo, I loved the game, so when my Mom, asked me what game I wanted to buy, I picked WD2, in a heartbeat
Ry Hu (3 months ago)
The psychopath in me loves breaking into other peoples games and stalking them while they panic.
Nate Moreno (3 months ago)
In the first mission they explain perfectly what your purpose is
Sky GirlGamer (3 months ago)
Hacker Zero (3 months ago)
At least in watch dogs 2 you can mix and match in watch dogs 1 you can only match
D M (3 months ago)
Gold edition is $36 CDN. Should I?..
manuel cash (3 months ago)
Im getting that game on my birth day july 11th with the play staition
All In One Direction (3 months ago)
I love playing this game
Cadavre boi (3 months ago)
I bought this game as an alternative to GTA 5 (bc you know it’s 5 years old and almost worth as much as a newer game) and I loved the world but I stopped playing it for some reason. Might pick it up again but idk I feel like even GTA 4 is a better game than WD2.
Ash/Jager Main (3 months ago)
I miss the reputation
Mexican gamer (3 months ago)
Bring back my nigga Aiden
vV_ANTRAX_Vv Ps4 (3 months ago)
It's 17.00$ in store so fuck it
Jordan Reed (3 months ago)
I'll buy it for 20 bucks
ApplePieClub (3 months ago)
I guess my situation is different...I didn't buy into to the hype of the first WD, hell I didn't even know there was any hype or that the game even existed. Therefore, I didn't see it as an "alternative" to GTA, like a lot of folks. I downloaded it on a whim for free on Xbox because I was bored with the games I had. I almost gave up on it too because they overwhelm you with so many systems and controls you have to learn right away. I stuck with it and didn't put it down until I beat the story. The first one was so much fun that I almost didn't want to finish it. I've played the trial of the second one and I've run into the same issue as the first, there's just so many things you have to learn and re-learn, that it's a game where you have to dedicate yourself to it otherwise you'll never get into it. I think I'm going to give this a shot.
Felipe Lopes (3 months ago)
I´m playing now (june 2018) and so far the game is pretty good, beautiful graphics and landscape, the whole city of San Francisco is pretty much your playground, the interactivity is awesome. Everything is connected and because of this almost everything that you find is hackable. Whenever you find this game at a good and decent price don´t hesitate... BUY IT!
Doge Amazing (3 months ago)
The game doe 75 💵 Jesus man I have it but holy crap
Game Street (3 months ago)
I mean watch dogs haters
Game Street (3 months ago)
Were did the gta 5 haters go? Haha they run away because watch dogs 2 are better than gta 5😂
Luis Espinoza (3 months ago)
Hey do you need to download it like gta5 you buy the disc then download it. Or is that only online
Adrian Johnson (3 months ago)
Dude did you really say that they are care free, um yeah that’s the culture of San Francisco
JeffMemelord21 (3 months ago)
Does anyone know how to fix the infinite loading glitch on Xbox
Az Erty (3 months ago)
The story and characters are absolute garbage. It's pure political propaganda in a game with no self critique at any point But it's fun to free roam and you can't pet dogs The police is also trash, under 3 stars it's easy af to escape but at 5 stars get ready to run away for 30 minutes and pray that the metahumans police officers that appear EVERYWHERE suddenly let you go away without appearing just in front of you when you've destroyed all the cars are chopper chasing you
Azikura (3 months ago)
That yoyo tho
Milky _ (3 months ago)
I just got Watchdogs 2 yesterday (yeah I know I'm late) after having Watchdogs 1 for years. I loved the story of the first one. But I love how Watchdogs 2 has more to do.
lil yoat (3 months ago)
Fuck u ur the reason I didn’t get ufc 2
Audacion I (3 months ago)
I came here just to say that my mom thought the gta series was just racing. Like literally no cursing, shooting, none of that.
roachxyz (3 months ago)
I just beat Watch Dogs 1 and loved it. Watch Dogs 2 sounds great. Thanks for the video.

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