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What is an AR Pistol?

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In this video I quickly run through some of the laws in what makes an AR Pistol different from an SBR (Short barreled rifle) Keep in mind these laws I run through are as of June 2018 in the State of Texas. Be sure to check your own local laws before starting your AR-15 build.
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gameing noob (13 days ago)
Mike Bell (17 days ago)
you CAN convert rifle to pistol but once a pistol it has to stay pistol. per ATF phone call I made
blizzy dude (26 days ago)
I thought AR pistol were automatic ?
AddictedToSpeed (1 month ago)
Abolish the ATF, forget ICE
Laughing Cat (1 month ago)
David Coward (1 month ago)
Meh I will stick with AR pistols and a adjustable brace....
AsprTX (1 month ago)
Sshhhss don't tell the gun grabbers
Skavatar789 (1 month ago)
Built one after ATF's approval of shouldering a brace last year. Repeal the NFA, vague and overbroad.
Guns of glory (2 months ago)
How you get your guns?
Jaylen Salazar (2 months ago)
MrMuricaGamez (2 months ago)
do csgo guns irl
Malarvizhi Mathi (2 months ago)
C'mon dude ..show some love fr fans from india
Three Boys And a Grandpa (2 months ago)
mcclanehallenbeck (2 months ago)
That's a sweet range brosef.
RSPDiver (2 months ago)
SBA3, FTW. Adjust, adapt, overcome. Then dominate.
jakespeed9419 (2 months ago)
You can firegrip an ar pistol if you use an 11.5" barrel or longer because overall length of actual muzzle to tip of buffer tube has to be 26" or longer.
TheJBerg (2 months ago)
Regarding putting a forward hand grip on an AR pistol, I came across this letter from the ATF with the legality of how it's viewed with the kinda work around: https://johnpierceesq.com/can-you-add-a-vertical-fore-grip-to-an-ar-pistol/
Cy Goh (2 months ago)
Can you try HK416
Danny Archer (2 months ago)
Are Americans just taking the piss calling that thing a ‘pistol’?
nifepartie (5 days ago)
Danny Archer dont be jealous that you dont have the wonderful freedoms that our founding fathers fought and died for.
markjmarkjack (2 months ago)
That's what it is by our laws.
Scott Mcpherson (2 months ago)
Danny Archer nope it meets their firearm law standards. Just like in Australia you can own this Pistol if you have a handgun licence. The AR pistol just has to be under 75cm in length and you can own it in Australia. I bought a Daniel defence MK18 AR pistol in Australia and it is 73.5cm which allowed me to get it
mursalot (2 months ago)
Bipod on a pistol is completely legit. Look at the ruger charger and the Thompson center arms pistols
Maes Hughes Sr (2 months ago)
I have as much of a chance of winning the powerball twice over than to have the chance to get either an SBR stamp or AR pistol here in Commiefornia.
Aaron Bumann (2 months ago)
You should do a bullet force guns in real life.
tseawell90 (2 months ago)
Does anyone know why a pistol can be changed into a rifle but not vice versa?
lonely robot (1 month ago)
tseawell90 https://www.atf.gov/file/55526/download Here's what the ATF has to say on the matter.
tseawell90 (2 months ago)
mitchelle245 Incorrect. You don't understand my question
mitchelle245 (2 months ago)
tseawell90 because by law you can make a rifle for yourself. But once it’s a rifle you can’t chop it down and make it a sbr.
smokethirteen (2 months ago)
Put a sba3 brace on it and ditch that shock wave. Then make another vid.
Major Rager (2 months ago)
Seriously though fuck the gaytf
Major Rager (2 months ago)
You can add a foregrip as long as the oel is 26" from muzzle to extended stock
JamesRaber (2 months ago)
I'm actually split about building one of these or just another carbine length rifle In your opinion, what do you think would be money better spent?
JamesRaber (2 months ago)
Texas Plinking I was planning on supressing a pistol as I heard of a new faster way of getting suppressors (not sure how accurate my source was 😂)
Texas Plinking (2 months ago)
Just totally depends on what rifles you already have and the intended use. Like if you're going to suppress it, I'd go SBR/Pistol. You could always get a carbine, start the SBR process, and when the stamp clears swap barrels.
陳璞致 (2 months ago)
Stronger than pistol, shorter than rifle
quinn (2 months ago)
Sbr laws are so ineffective it's dumb. Just make sure to not attach a vertical foregrip to it. That is illegal
N1trousX (1 month ago)
Vert foregrip is allowed if OAL is over 26”. Once you attach it your pistol becomes a “firearm”.
quinn (2 months ago)
Also please don't call it a loophole. It is legal and that is final, let's not give the impression that is somehow outside the law
You claim that bipods are illegal if attached to a pistol; well actually it is legal to do so. They haven't ruled out on bipods yet. If you see Edwin Sarkissian not yet in prison for putting a bipod on a S&W Model 460, well there you go
Quinn that's what i said
Texas Plinking (2 months ago)
Gotcha, thanks!
quinn (2 months ago)
Bipods are legal for pistols. Vertical foregrips are not
greedo911 (2 months ago)
Looks like an Aero Precision upper. Yes/No?
Texas Plinking (2 months ago)
Alaskan Ballistics (2 months ago)
Cool, love my ar pistol, done a few ballistics tests with them. Fun to shoot.
ian bounds 127 (2 months ago)
Lol thought you said drug gun rather than truck gun
Devvrat Singh (2 months ago)
Brian Evans (2 months ago)
Just out of curiosity, why does the government regulate SBRs so heavily?
SpaghettiandSauce (1 month ago)
Because controlling people requires imposing endless pointless rules on them. That's how you demonstrate power.
Brian Evans but for some reason there are more registered machine guns than registered short-barreled rifles in america, even tho machine guns are the most restricted
MothScowl (2 months ago)
Back in the 30s during Prohibition, gangsters used concealable weapons. Pistols were almost regulated too.
Texas Plinking (2 months ago)
Because they know nothing about firearms.
sinformant (2 months ago)
You forgot the new adjustable arm braces😉
weedXD38 (2 months ago)
Good stuff!!! Rock On!!! :-)
Joe Dirt (2 months ago)
Fálcon68 _YTube (2 months ago)
Tis gun of pubg
Thomas Storgaard (2 months ago)
Keep plinking!!
avi naga (2 months ago)
Cesar Ramirez (2 months ago)
Nice gun
Milton Testar (2 months ago)
Milton Testar (2 months ago)
Milton Testar (2 months ago)
Milton Testar (2 months ago)
Hi hi hi
water bottle (2 months ago)
49th view
pk knotek (2 months ago)
im 50th
Marble & Marble (2 months ago)
ChrisPewKreme (2 months ago)
What I like to call LBP. It’s a bullshit term made up by the ATF for a short barrel rif... I mean, long barrel pistol. It’s hilarious that it’s the same as an SBR. But it doesn’t need a stamp. And can go across state lines. I swear the ATF is comprised of incompetence and inbreeding. Can we call them LBP?
ChrisPewKreme or either stockless rifle/slr???
Brody Riley (2 months ago)
Jaylen Salazar (2 months ago)
You should shot like a dear or something
basket of deplorables (2 months ago)
Jaylen Salazar hopefully he shoots a deer and not a dear lol
abdulla waheed (2 months ago)
Texas Plinking (2 months ago)
I just realized this was the perfect video for me to wear my "Harvard Law" shirt...
Texas Plinking (2 months ago)
Got it online, I think amazon lol
Plebs (2 months ago)
The Beast (2 months ago)
Texas Plinking can you shoulder a brace in Florida does anyone know
Brannon Pardue (2 months ago)
I was gonna ask where u got it actually then I came to comments and here u are lol So where’d u get it lol? Cool shirt I actually graduated from Harvard law school 4 years ago... just kidding
Gsxe • (2 months ago)
Gsxe • (2 months ago)
Brody Riley ok
Brody Riley (2 months ago)
Reagus • I don’t care show off

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