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History/Evolution of Contra (1987-2018)

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Here is the history of Contra games, or you can say Contra Evolution from 1987 to 2018. We listed all of the Contra games in one video with order, platforms and year. What is the best Contra games you have played? Let us know in the comment down below. ➢ History/Evolution of Mega Man : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlFZxNJHwMU ♦ List ♦ ■ Contra Year : 1987 Platform : NES, PlayChoice-10 ■ Super Contra Year : 1988 Platform : NES, PlayChoice-10 ■ Operation C Year : 1991 Platform : Game Boy, Game Boy Color ■ Contra III: The Alien Wars Year : 1992 Platform : SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advanced ■ Contra Force Year : 1992 Platform : NES ■ Contra: Hard Corps Year : 1994 Platform : SEGA Genesis ■ Contra: Legacy of War Year : 1996 Platform : PlayStation, Sega Saturn ■ C: The Contra Adventure Year : 1998 Platform : PlayStation ■ Contra: Shattered Soldier Year : 2002 Platform : PlayStation 2 ■ Neo Contra Year : 2004 Platform : PlayStation 2 ■ Contra 4 Year : 2007 Platform : Nintendo DS ■ Contra ReBirth Year : 2009 Platform : Wii ■ Contra: Evolution Year : 2010 Platform : Android, iOS, Arcade Game ■ Hard Corps: Uprising Year : 2011 Platform : PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 ■ CONTRA 2028 (Fan Made Contra Game) Year : 2018 Platform : PC ♦ Follow us ♦ ■ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TechMasterTricks ■ Twitter : https://twitter.com/TechMasterTrick ■ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/davidtgoat ■ Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+TechMasterTricks ♬ Music ♬ ■ Intro : Contra (NES) Startup Theme ■ Outro : Kasger & Limitless - Miles Away ♦ Tag ♦ history of contra contra evolution contra history contra game history history of contra games history of contra games 2018 evolution of contra 2018 contra evolution of graphics contra game evolution all contra games list of contra games list of contra games 2018 contra 2028 contra 2028 gameplay contra game 2018
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Text Comments (1723)
מסלח חטיב (12 hours ago)
i'd say 2010 evo tbh pretty nice good job
Violord Wanderer (19 hours ago)
Contra 2028 is not official. By what I found, it is made by 8 students in 8 weeks with Unreal Engine. Looks good though
Shafone Hadi (1 day ago)
contra return android
CORN OF JUSTICE (2 days ago)
Contra is the reason that made me a gamer and so on, love you contra <3
Akshay Chaturvedi (2 days ago)
1987 contra one my favourite childhood game... specialy super contra & contra force all time best for me..👍👏👌 thank you bring back my childhood alive..😉 😉 😊 😊
Kim Kim (2 days ago)
I remmenber playing CONTRA FORCE and jump then press start and jump again you go higher and higher ... Its a bug maybe jump wss resetted 3:09
Alex the SmallHum (2 days ago)
3:30 это Равшан? насяника я пойдумана покуру? (пощел убивать гг контры)
Nsky Chaos (2 days ago)
My uncle used to play the original contra and they missed it but it returns so they play it.They say that they never dies and loses any live while playing it.
Nathan Tetchi (3 days ago)
Contra 3 The best!!!!!!
nadirahadis (3 days ago)
first contra nintendo cheat code .. press button up>up>down>down>left >right>left>right>A>B>start>up .. :D
Im Jimin (3 days ago)
There is new Contra called Contra Return.
Shivang Tyagi (3 days ago)
1988👍👍 ..... 2018👎
Den - Roblox And More (3 days ago)
contra returns in indonesia is in play store
vipul chaudhary (3 days ago)
contra foce was the best
Sharudin Ecah (3 days ago)
Untuk android...contra return dan satu lagi contra namanya ct online
Sharudin Ecah (3 days ago)
Contra online 3d
bang Awangs (4 days ago)
phantom810630 (4 days ago)
the old one's background music recalls my childhood memory so much
AGUS PRIANTO (4 days ago)
Nostalgila heehhe
Carlos Gonzalez (4 days ago)
wheres the ai that can pass this game without dying and without the konami code?
sun gamminey may (4 days ago)
Syamsul Bahri Othman (4 days ago)
And now... Contra : Return....
Metal Kolsto (5 days ago)
Almost own all contra games
Burning Skull (5 days ago)
Neo contra was the first console game i have ever played
Jay Gunter (5 days ago)
Seeing The Conjuring 2 on PS1 and then comparing it to Symphony of the Night it makes you sad all the amazing Sprite work we missed out on 32-bit side-scrollers that didn't need to be 3D but had to be because 3D was a new thing even if it looked like shit
Mouloud Hebouche (5 days ago)
Super grimé
A v Joaquín vega (5 days ago)
Buena evolución
A v Joaquín vega (5 days ago)
Contra fue uno de los mejores juegos en sus tiempos y poco evolucionado
Julius Alpacino (5 days ago)
ggwp my fav game..
me (6 days ago)
Am I the only one that thinks that blood and gore is completely unnecessary in Contra games??
Fuck contra ans vive god of war
Neko Medic (6 days ago)
10 minutes of awesome music and crazy action, then some boring gray and realistic gears of war shit without music and barely any action.
Ruben Torres (6 days ago)
Shattered Soldier was awesome IMO
3DMONEY DOLLOR (6 days ago)
Iddimu Akhkharu (6 days ago)
Evolved but that leg posture tho..haha..unchanged
Shubham Mhatre (7 days ago)
Good video
Sunil Kumar Bhagat (7 days ago)
Jesse Mitchell (7 days ago)
I have never heard of these other versions all I’ve ever heard of west contra and super contra on original nes
Conz 808 (7 days ago)
Back in 1990 I was like 6th grade there was this kid in my class that could finish the whole game with one quarter. He was like the first hard core gamer we new. From Thailand could barely speak English.
طرق و خدع (8 days ago)
لي لاعب جزء الاول لايك
Marc Clemence Gadian (8 days ago)
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, A, B = 30 lives.
ffasdfasf RTH (8 days ago)
2018 It like a warframe XD
Djay Sharma (9 days ago)
Why i like contra because it doesn't have any reload. But contra 2028 is complete disappointment
Pradeep Gm (9 days ago)
Kartik Oza (9 days ago)
Best virsion 1987 loved playing it
Damon game (9 days ago)
Gamer Pro 47 (9 days ago)
I have only played contra 1987 when i was about 5 years old
冖糑 (9 days ago)
WTF !?
Steven Harris (9 days ago)
when I was a teenager me and my friends enjoy this game
Jim Beam (9 days ago)
CANALI Rodriguez (9 days ago)
6:55 crazy looking boss.
asish tamang (9 days ago)
I waz crazy on contra and Mario!!!!!My old days time pass☺☺☺☺☺
metalsadman (9 days ago)
up up down down left right left right a b a b start
Spyro Guy (9 days ago)
Nice Video
MermaidMan (10 days ago)
I dont like this game.
Muhd Ridhwan (11 days ago)
Still love 1987 😭
Joonas Kumpula (11 days ago)
First contra, best contra
GrooveSan (11 days ago)
hard corps is the best
Jason Donahue (11 days ago)
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left , right BAAB
First time I played contra when I was 11....I think that was 1992 version in 2001
Rafael Alvarez (11 days ago)
I still have this game
Rafael Alvarez (11 days ago)
I always played when i was on the ten's
nirobytobias (11 days ago)
Contra 3 Alien Wars was the best one ever
Paakpoom Laokwang (11 days ago)
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Select Start
rubenkmkc (12 days ago)
Contra hard cops (1994) was the best, amazing game
Rebel Fleet Trooper (12 days ago)
Neo Contra was my fav
Harold Taylor (13 days ago)
Contra Hard Corps is the best!! I don't care what anyone says.
Макс Тар (13 days ago)
Контра завершилась на 16-ти битках... далее это УГ!!!
david lee (13 days ago)
android version so bad in your video chinese have the contra game for andorid from tencent
1987 the best one 😍😍😍
Contra Force is my favorite!
Somecooltoad (15 days ago)
what the hell is the 2018 version, gauntlet survival? really?
Alois Hitler (15 days ago)
Ne oynardık ama
歐添明 (15 days ago)
thank you you make this video!!!
Ddd Fff (15 days ago)
contra 1987 zombie survival bid
Cutlass Stallion (15 days ago)
Nice vid, but you forgot the arcade games from the 80s.
Hai Bui quy (15 days ago)
Grant evolurion
ktolwal (16 days ago)
oh man i was 13 , i used to complete all stages without a single player dying.....man good ol days...
Контра форс! Больше всех нравится.
Wow old memory, thnx bro
hadi s (16 days ago)
Contra 87 and force 91 still the best
Akhira Toriyama (16 days ago)
are those done by c++ or turbo C? what programming language?
el xero (16 days ago)
SNES really had a good sound processor
Flapjack Slashjack (16 days ago)
Modern contra looks like 3rd person black ops for some odd reason
حمان احمد (17 days ago)
the best one frest ... I remember win I kieds play every day 😢😢
Frank African (17 days ago)
Oh shit i feel so old, used to jam this after school in primary school
Phi Nghiêm (17 days ago)
i had just finished playing at 6/9
Ким Батур (17 days ago)
Ах, где мои 12 лет
FollowingChrist44 (18 days ago)
Contra 2028 just looks like another third person shooter. Not Contra.
Deepak Skohla (18 days ago)
1987 was the best.. 2018 game is maha bukwas
B. Saulius (18 days ago)
arcade music on ending picture sounds cool, 2018contra doesnt looklike kontra
Dusty Roads (19 days ago)
Up down up down left right left right abba...or something like that 😂
Soruraku Thirdteen (19 days ago)
Stick to 2D contra please, 3D isn't good for it.
Navneet Kothiwal (19 days ago)
Track name plz at the end of video
darwin lustado (19 days ago)
I was like WTF happened in 2018 If it's no 2D it's not a contra anymore
scuttle06 (19 days ago)
garena is releasing a new contra?
Godly (19 days ago)
Old times😌
Jann Lee (20 days ago)
90 kids has the best thing in life. We grow up with the old ones and enjoy to live with new tech as adult. Perfect life!
Fathir Don (20 days ago)
My child hood days
The Void (20 days ago)
Is it cool that i played the first game when i was 10 years since 2013
the real PewDiPie (20 days ago)
The contra that i've ever played is contra hard corps

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