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Warframe Devs Shame 'AAA' Industry, Actually Ask Players What They Want

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Original video about Prime Unvaulting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vyy5PulC2RM Digital Extremes has its lovers and its detractors, but whatever you think, one has to be at least a little impressed at how open they are with their community. I challenged Digital Extremes to live up to its word and do right by its audience. Not only was that challenge met, it has shamed the "AAA" world... at least in my opinion.
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Steve McKnelly (1 hour ago)
DE is comin' for Bungie's head. Listening to the customers, Railjack, Fortuna... It's a good time to be playing Warframe.
Iyrsiiea (6 hours ago)
They actually did it. New Unvaulting has separate accessory packs.
Holly (1 day ago)
a f2p game like warframe (i yet not spend a single $ but i for sure will at some time) a game turned down by all the big companies and saved by players, the feedback is rly good
Ogger (1 day ago)
You can say, what you want but Warframe is paytowin! Because Fashionframe is endgame
TheRollback 23 (1 day ago)
You just got my like with that Cesaro & Sheamus reference, great video!!
DeiRaccoon (1 day ago)
I may absolutely abhor the ludicrous price of platinum; the fact that so many items including weapons are purchasable only with platinum; the fact that they dumbed down the trading system with a "sales tax" and item limits to prevent players from "trading too much platinum" (translation: prevent veterans or whales from helping out their rookie friends); the fact that you have to purchase slots for weapons, companions, and even Warframes with platinum otherwise it's tough shit and you either don't get the other frames you want or get rid of some you already own; and the fact that some of the issues that have been plaguing the game for a very long time are still present, and reports submitted to the game support team have only been answered with "We hope you continue to enjoy Warframe"... Despite all that, I can forgive Digital Extremes and I can even praise them at times for one simple reason. They're currently one of the very few (if not the only) developer and publisher studios that actually puts an effort into listening to the community and even do what they can to keep the community happy and in touch with the game's design. And a lot of the bullshit I mentioned has actually been cut down significantly from how it was at one point (still annoying nonetheless). If anyone is thinking about playing Warframe and follow DE for the first time or as a returning player, I say give it a go. It's free-to-play so no excuse for not playing it, and DE has proven that you can be an honest dev/publisher team and still come out on top and has definitely grown from what it once was.
Bruce Wayne (1 day ago)
tbh, the unvaulting pack is cheaper than a normal prime accessories...
Alexander Blackmore (4 days ago)
Just an update. They made good on their promise. They'll be releasing $20.00 prime accessories packages on the next Unvaulting.
IONIC_ARCHANGEL (4 days ago)
wow you just got so british there, 5:19
COBY RICE (5 days ago)
Warframe is the Progressive of video games and Rebecca is Flo
Pyrvo (6 days ago)
They didn’t need to do this they give so much to us that we feel spoiled but it shows how nice they are im going to buys these packs with a smile
This is why I'm willing to put up to DE's inability to do scaling correctly. The game has flaws but damn it it's been out for years and DE actually gives a shit about their game; their grindy, janky, enjoyable bastard of a game.
Marius Catalin (1 month ago)
oh boy im gonna receive A LOT OF HATE for this but you should know about a bullshit move the devs doo if someone hacks platinum and trades with you YOU CAN GET BANNED you should look at some steam reviews and you will see in full detail(the bad ones) but on short if you took hacked platinum and you spent it you will have negative plat in your account basically forcing you to play for the hacker's doing yu should do your research
Mido Elghawaby (1 month ago)
Is that Dynasty warrior 8 soundtrack playing in the background??
rDk2048 (2 months ago)
“Wut do u want?” oh ofc they would say that, a 600k youtuber, with a fanbase probably most of them not related to Warframe made a positive feedback video about them, it just sounded extremely desperate to welcome possible newcomers to the game, can’t they listen to veteran feedback? WTF IS THIS SHIT DE FK THE FK OFF
rDk2048 (2 months ago)
jim makes a video, few days after that, they listen to his feed back *NOTE* he is new to Warframe, meanwhile, veterans like myself r bloody asking DE to stop nerfing metas after formas, and ALOT of plat being dumped into the wep or frame so it can reach the full potential, also stop unnecessarily changing systems like the Star Chart 3.0, The Void Key System being replaced with the Relic System which made took all the fun from the farming and grinding for Prime Parts, and replaced it with a boring shit show that is the Relic System, just to please newcomers and whiners about how farming for such parts takes a lot of effort, the thing is, that’s the point of games, it’s not a job so u want it to be easier for u, get resources, parts etc easier, but feeling like u achieved something when u get the last part and start building the Prime wep, frame or sell it, this is not healthy for veterans, listening to players just cuz of their high standards and relevancy in the community and ignoring veterans, it’s very very low of DE, just like wut happened to Revxdev, he fairly criticized the game, partners and devs ignoring the EULA and TOS, giving feedback as a long time player, he got IP banned, good for u DE, keep forcing ur shit into our faces, I don’t think the community is going to keep up with this, and if they do, that sucks for them cuz they r showing DE that wut they’re doing is very ok
Annonymous Armadillo (2 months ago)
While the devs are certainly "nice", the game itself is a confusing, jarbled mess. It is absolutely impossible to figure out anything without at least reading 10+ guides written by other players online. I am in no way defending AAA publishers, they are fucking shit and DE certainly is miles better than them, but people are putting warframe on way too high of a pedestal, going so much as to worship it. Simply not having cash-grabby mechanics (and lets not forget warframe IS using an f2p model, so it does in fact still have a few parts that are pretty scummy) does not make a game great. Warframe may in general not be a scummy game, but it is not a great game either. It has design flaws and glitches galore, even after it has been out for 5+ years, that is absolutely dog poop and would not be accepted in most other decent games.
VoltocityGEL (2 months ago)
Been with warframe from the beginning- I've always been more of a fan of fantasy then sci-fi, but the devs and the quality and integrity of their work is what keeps me coming back for more, week after week.
chettonex (2 months ago)
Its worth mentioning that DE also has a team (I think 2~4 people) of Data Analysts that check out what is being used, whats popular, what do people trade, market stats and they always make they desisions based on their principles and supported by data. There is that case were DE implemented a Kavat color randomiser botton (for plat) and they actually removed it because one guy spent absurd amounts of money on it! Principles before greed.
Tabbarn (2 months ago)
Warframe does have a paywall but by the time you reach that wall you will know if you are willing to spend money on it. I played for 200+ hours before I spent any money on it and I didn't need to, I just wanted to.
ItsNightmar3 (3 months ago)
DE is the one and only Developer outthere and i really really wish hey would have a mmorpg on there belt as im danm burnout of warframe after 5 years harness every drop out of it... but none yet can yet say they did what DE did with f2p
Rain Art (3 months ago)
I played warframe for a few years , don't regret any money or time put into it. I'd still be playing but I have school and work. For a while warframe was the only thing I played over any other 3rd person game . I had really hoped that Destiny would have been a better version of this game but it failed.
NumbZkull (3 months ago)
I hope Warframe never dies.
Vincent Lam (3 months ago)
y33tboy (3 months ago)
XxUndeadXTacoXx (3 months ago)
DE are easily some of my favorite devs. I've been playing Warframe on and off since 2014, and they've always been pretty good at listening to the community, which I think is a major reason their game didn't fail like everyone thought it would.
Jason Stainkamp (3 months ago)
DE is the grey area between generous and soulless. Lmao.
Redsandjunkie (3 months ago)
DE: *does one slightly good thing to improve their incredibly flawed game* Everyone else: *Oh my god DE is such a great game developer I wish other devs were more like them*
윤학수 (3 months ago)
They're doing their own steam sale with a video of how they're gonna lower the price.It seems they're gonna be worshipped by their worshipers for a long time.As long as it's an open beta game and they're be able to afford server fee and make their investors happy.I don't know,maybe longer.
Dot Park (3 months ago)
I can’t play this game even though I wanna do….
ben9090210 (3 months ago)
Space mom is whiter than a ghost
ssh83 (3 months ago)
People who don't support the good guys don't get to complain that all the good guys died. Financially speaking, they're taking a HUGE risk on their revenue by doing this. Unless the number of buyers drastically increased to offset the decrease in price... they basically got punished for being nice. Hopefully their good will pays off.
MySplatterhouse (3 months ago)
There’s still no physical copy of this game!?!?
mr-ruiler (3 months ago)
MySplatterhouse why the fuck would you want that
Skull's Daily Life :3 (3 months ago)
man ya'll need 2 stop worshipping this man it was already gonna eventually be changed, stop acting like DE is EA they've changed many things before without needings ranta
Skull's Daily Life :3 (3 months ago)
wat te fuck is going on ere? destiny us better are u all bad? ueueueuueueueueueueurueueueueueueueueueueueueueueueueueueueueueueurueueueueueueueueueueueueueueueueu
Elias _ (3 months ago)
WarframeGuide (3 months ago)
*spoilers* I loved how in The Second Dream quest the origin of the Tenno was revealed to be children who are the sole survivors of an accident aboard the Orokin ship the Zariman Ten-Zero and The Lotus had been protecting them after being unable to bring herself to kill them after her trip through the Void rendered her sterile.
mr-ruiler (3 months ago)
rayanator105 not relevant
MachinaMaxima (3 months ago)
Warframe is the best example of a modern Free To Play game because realistically there is no need to buy platinum or anything else because you can do literally everything in the game without it, also I love the transparency the devs have with us, always letting us know what’s going on, and just remember this is s Free To Play so in game purchases are what keep this game going yet they asked how much we’re willing to spend on one of these in game purchases, clearly DE are the best game devs around right now, they understand that player happiness is more important that money, because a happy player is more likely to buy the in game purchases, for example I bought £20 ($35ish) worth of platinum because DE deserved a little something back from me, and I personally hate micro transactions and in game purchases but, since the game is free and they’ve given us something more rich then any AAA game recently I’ll make sure they get something back off me. Love DE best games devs going right now.
kian champion (3 months ago)
one word , universal vacuum
Jakob Padberg (3 months ago)
Omaiwu ma shindeiru! NANI!
Raigalq2 (3 months ago)
0:12 nani!
C S L (3 months ago)
Fuck yeah Steve with the Igorrr shirt
PlayCator (3 months ago)
I actually just bought the Prime Accessories pack for the new Zephyr Prime release. So happy I didn't have to go all the way up to the top tier price range for stuff I plan to farm for. Thank god for Jim Sterling giving them the final push, and thank god for DE for listening!
CrazyCircles1 (3 months ago)
I wonder how he'll react to Riven mods. Cause that is - hands down - the worst part of Warframe for me.
mr-ruiler (3 months ago)
CrazyCircles1 agreed
Johan Funes (3 months ago)
Is free so they need money
Jody Resnanda (3 months ago)
Except it's not AAA, I personally rather pay monthly premium if it can reduce the grindiness for the game because simply I enjoy warframe a lot but I got no free time to fully dedicate myself into it so don't tell me to "git gud". Combat is satisfying but at MR 10 where I am now (around 200 hours) it gets boring and repetitive. Other problems with warframe that I noticed such as: 1) The leveling system that makes new players feel like they made little to no progress. 2) The lack of in game communication of how to do certain things in games which can easily be done by tutorials or guide pop-ups, yes, some are available in the codex but not all. 3) The lacking of access in the early game, one example is that players below MR 7 can't receive warframe blueprint from a trade and makes those new players who have the thirst of something new and a sense of progress stuck with 1 frame for a while. 4) The absence of proper trading system: player shop in the orbiter that the player can use to put their items and to lists all the items for sale by other players and making them able to directly buy the items from it would be a great addition, since offline players can still make sales from the items they sell making the game feels less grindy or least time consuming. Yeah, I think warframe is a good game, a hidden gem that not everyone knows it but I also think that it is overrated by its players which made warframe keeps its good and even the bad and stays the way it is right now. (Keep in mind, an online game has to find a balance in form of contents to appeal to older and newer players)
iviko (3 months ago)
Not to mention they frequently make livestreams on twitch and communicate directly with players and not only that, they giveaway the premium currency which you can get infinite amounts of for free just by trading, I love this game.
DE > Bungie
Exacilbur Umbra (3 months ago)
man stop bringing hate to the game
Gabriel C (3 months ago)
Dude... Not Nyx... Don't waste a forma on Nyx, *please*
Salted (4 months ago)
They sure do ask too much sometimes because fucking Banshee Nerf
Devogeleer Tim (4 months ago)
This is warframe !!!!!!!
Jared Moss (4 months ago)
I recently noticed the cosmetics only for prime purchase, and thought it was always there until now, great vid, and great game warframe is.
Capitan Plushi (4 months ago)
20$ for three cape
Velika (4 months ago)
This is just beautiful.
Ellie Gray (4 months ago)
Well damn. Maybe DE has improved in the 2 years or so since I've played. Warframe used to be really skeevy, doing everything it could to put as many arbitrary wait times as possible on every possible thing (except just grinding the RNG) and hiding behind an "IT'S STILL BETA YOU GUYS" chant from the obsessive fans (the phrase "eternal beta" was thrown around a lot). I had gotten pretty damn pissed at the number of times DE would release a new weapon or prime variant that made four others obsolete, while dozens of weapons just rotted in the "never used" pile because DE would rather have their work on designing the weapon go to waste over trying to FIX THINGS DURING THE BETA... But if they have maybe stopped doing that, maybe I'll play again. I don't count this as "listening" if it took two years, but the "asking" part is huge and they deserve credit for it. But part of me thinks it's still the same DE that is all style and no substance, focusing on shitting out new and shiny things instead of making what's there work. Can anyone respond and maybe tell me if they've changed?
Strazdas (4 months ago)
These devs sounds like cool folk and they certainly put the big industry to shame. Now if only their game wasnt such a boring repetetive grind :(. I tried to get into warframe, played for something like 20 hours, but god damnit is it same 4 levels redressed over and over again with mindless slaughter grinding being the best option to play the game.
Guywholikes goodmusic (4 months ago)
Unless it's universal vacuum. Then DE couldn't give less of a fuck about what players want.
Fran Lovel Šimić (4 months ago)
Got back to Warframe and holy shit the game is huuuuuuuuge. Loving it! DE is amazing and I am proud of them!
Fran Lovel Šimić (4 months ago)
He has an Igorrr shirt fuck yes
Max Challie (4 months ago)
I have loved Warframe for years and respected DE. I have seen the journey they went through to make their dreams happen. What they did to arcanes today, has fully broken my trust and confidence in DE. I refuse to give them another dollar no matter how cool a cosmetic looks. It's sad, i loved Warframe. But in a game that is always online and changes can be made at any time, it seems even the most trustworthy developers - cannot be trusted
Eric Garcia (4 months ago)
Love Warframe and DE is the best! 3.5khrs and I never get tired.
Uni Factory (4 months ago)
Rebbecca : NANI?!
Trevor Stanford (4 months ago)
Who else wants them to make a nidus prime
Pete Detrick (4 months ago)
Huh, those devs seem cool.
Yaseen Noor (4 months ago)
This video was so golden
Takeshi Blue (4 months ago)
I've been specifically complaining about this for the past three years
UnhingedBecauseLucid (4 months ago)
I'd play Warframe every now and then.... but I just can't stand the AI assistant's lame attempt at humor and the egregiously contrived complexity pretending to be legitimately ingenious and original customization 'depth'.
300-I.Q. Prower (4 months ago)
216 wankers are anti morality. Because if you have a problem with this video you clearly work for some fucking AAA Developer who has bought and sold your morals.
Pradatoru (4 months ago)
What do I want ? *Umbra ffs*
Cephalon IO (4 months ago)
Dev stream is my best show nowday becouse Thailand tv succcck too bad i need to wait for 2 week for one
Naomi Sentzke (4 months ago)
Targis prime armor and my life would be complete
James Bartlett (4 months ago)
Extremely happy that you're having fun with Warframe Jim. I've been playing for a little over 4 years or so and not once have I ever felt pressured to pay for a prime access even though I have paid for a few of them because I wanted to support the developers and get rewarded with a few interesting cosmetic goodies. I actually missed this devstream and I am extremely excited about what they're doing. Thank you for keeping extremely high standards of what good game companies should be.
Aleksandra Zaryanova (4 months ago)
Ok anyone else think that girls jacket was apart of her hair.
Coada Catalin (4 months ago)
These guys and CDPR are simply awesome. You can FEEL the passion and hard work that they put into their games and their general attitude towards the players makes us want to support them.
Tyrannis Pax (4 months ago)
Having played for 2 years, I think the main issues with DE and Warframe come from when they're being a bit stubborn about certain things, or when they're a bit slow to improve things. On the last point they have been getting better, but there are still problems in the first one. I still prefer them over other game developers though, as many that I used to like have just devolved into cash-grab, plebian content factories. The only other company I can think of that listens so closely is Jagex.
My Gaming Corner (4 months ago)
nice one JIM !!! keep up the good work :)
MyShreddedSanity (4 months ago)
I don't even like the game, but I respect this.
Xenokrates Oskuraz (4 months ago)
212 Bungie employee's disliked this video.
Broneteer Gaming (4 months ago)
DE deserves a lot of credit for all that they do honestly. It's rare to see a dev so focused on delivering a good product and trusting that fans of what they make will be willing to support them. I've been playing warframe since late 2013 and haven't been disappointed yet. The vast majority of problems the game has had bug wise have been fixed shortly after they were discovered, exceedingly overpowered or underpowered things in the game have been tuned, and new features have been added, all for the low low price of free. That's called commitment and devotion to what you love and DE is the only group I've seen have that level of loyalty to their creation.
Wired Rabbit (4 months ago)
Keep playing Warframe Jim, your helping make it better for us all. Maybe some day you can help us get universal vacuum.
Blood Doll (4 months ago)
FUck acessories. what i want is for them to stop making every fucking warframe obsolete. I CANT FUCKING AFFORD 79.99 right now and i have TONS of warframes collected from me being a god damn FOUNDER and SUPPORTING them throughout my years of playing (since early fucking beta) and i can't even play with ANY of them right now because they're all USELESS TRASH.
Juanito Manuelito (4 months ago)
I think these syandanas (Misa Prime, Pyra Prime) are only worth about $7. I think about what is bundled in a Prime Unvaulting and break it down, so let’s take the Ice Pack which is $39.99 for example Frost Prime: $19.99 Sicarus Prime: $4.99 Reaper Prime: $2.99 Misa Prime: $6.99 Glyph: Free 400 Plat: $4.99 (normally $19.99 ish) Unless this is just stupid assumptions and there’s actually a way to know how much things are worth, it’s just stupid assumptions
Edragyz (4 months ago)
I dont want an accessories pack, i want the ability to buy my accessories seperately from other shit, idgaf about discounted p, idgaf about boosters, idgaf about ANY other items, i spent 40 for that misa syandana
Azure The Gamer Kobold (4 months ago)
not to shock you Jim but this is pretty bog standard for DE, they ask for community input all the time, and often take that input and might tweak it some but always seem to listen to a point. Now if we could just fix there 3-4 week Customer Service wait times... i mean jeebus blizz fixed my account in 24 hours it took DE 3 weeks to even get back and tell me the issue..
KLOK KAOS (4 months ago)
subscribed for this video, first time watcher
Rendom Stranger (4 months ago)
Even if this is just pr bullshit, and that is a big if, this is how you do pr. No tiptoeing. No vague promises. Just straight up saying that they are listening to the community and showing that they are actually listening to the community. Yes, people will feel betrayed if they don't keep their promises. But it's not like people haven't figured out yet how to poke hole in pr talk. This type of pr at least gives people confidence in a developer. Even in a worst case scenario, people at least will be inclined to give them a second chance if they keep listening.
Jerichow (4 months ago)
Needed some Platinum for this weekend, and could have gotten the $20 pack of 370 Plat, but opted for the $40 one with 400 Plat and the Frost Prime pack with it simply because I always believed in giving a game what I thought it was worth - and from the 200+ hours I have in Warframe right now, it's worth it.
Florp (4 months ago)
That moment when a game you don't like continues to look awesome, but you just don't like it.
MrEvan1932 (4 months ago)
Yeah like the time they made damage 2.5 and completely ignored all the player feedback about how unbalanced the new damage system was because they felt their decision was the best decision
NorwegianViking Son (4 months ago)
i have to admit that warframe is one of the VERY few free to plurgh games that i've put money in to. it gets really boring after a while, and the missions become grindtastic. but, it's sort of fun in the early levels.
jernfuglen (4 months ago)
Tripple aay! Player tiois!
Dustin Z (5 months ago)
I love warframe
Mitrik Gaduk (5 months ago)
Strangely if EA asked you how much would you like to pay for them to fuck you up the ass everyone would probably lose their ever loving shit. I love how this is some how progressive. You want something? Well you can't earn it. How about you tell us how much you want to pay instead? Is it progression if a cannibal uses a fork? This sounds incredibly disgusting when you think about it without considering how much an almost "indie darling" like following they have. I mean don't they make enough money from all the microtransactions? They have more in warframe than in like nearly almost every ea game today and yet you'd support this Mr. I hate the AAA game industry but because this is free it's okay.
Mitrik Gaduk (5 months ago)
Hope you love those Timers Jim, can't stand mobile game garbage in a supposed "AAA" free-to-play game when so many others haven't.
Arian Adam Ott (5 months ago)
I've spemt over thousand hours on Warframe, and it was the best game I've spent my time in, the comunity is the best out there and the developers genuinely care about their player base and this thing is just making me believe that more and more.
Timothy Huff (5 months ago)
Warframes devs are not "big enough" to attempt to implement Microtransactions. Given time, I'm sure they'd follow the same practices. But, at least for now we are safe from it from them specifically.
Specter (5 months ago)
Their Canadians. They do everything better than Americans.
NightwingX012 (5 months ago)
I'm tempted to buy plat purely to support the devs. I never felt like I was forced into buying anything with my money and I've enjoyed Warframe up to this point more than most AAA games. DE has put so much into this game and I want to help it grow even more.
Exprepho (5 months ago)
Targis Prime Armor.......

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