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Hitman Contracts - Main Menu scene with soundtrack, HD sound, 720p 60fps [PERFECT LOOP]

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this is the Hitman Contracts main menu scene, perfectly synched and looped, so it repeats seamlessly, ideal to use as video wallpaper or to keep listening to it if you're a big fan. Thanks to Akane Tutszulor (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfvhVWTLB1zoVo-hnd87AUQ), who did the awesome mod that removes text from the main menu of the game
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Text Comments (89)
TheYLS (16 hours ago)
I just played Hitman 2 and wished they just did a remaster of Hitman Contracts.
TheYLS (15 hours ago)
+Thales Kruger Games now i am happy.
Thales Kruger Games (15 hours ago)
Akane Tutszulor is working on a remaster of this game, and me and some other folks (including Akane as well) are remaking the first 3 games in one single game that will encompass the whole storyline.
erbaX (9 days ago)
say wuut (9 days ago)
I feel my inner darkside approaching
Vic T (15 days ago)
After playing Hitman 2, I was disappointed with contracts, but this intro soundtrack is excellent!
Walter K. (15 days ago)
Ha He hu Hi he Ha
Dylan Goodboy (19 days ago)
My first hitman game
Deli baba (5 days ago)
me too.it was awesome experiment
It's from me (26 days ago)
1:24 1:42 2:24 3:18 4:21 4:51 📍
It's from me (26 days ago)
+Thales Kruger Games Looking for acess to Hitman :)
Thales Kruger Games (26 days ago)
Aishwarya Dasgupta (28 days ago)
Awesome job stuff of dreams internet is really where you find everything you want. Great job mates.
Thales Kruger Games (28 days ago)
Thanks man! Really appreciated.
Troy Achilles (1 month ago)
illuşna için döneceğim :D hiç ummadığı an da çok tatlı bir yok oluş acılı ve zevkli...
Hitman 2004
Hitman the best games👍👍👍👍
Raymond (3 months ago)
The sniper position. Lol
Juan Garcia jr Paul (3 months ago)
Hitman: Contracts PS2 XBOX PC I Love it
giri CA (4 months ago)
In which place is Agent 47 sitting ? Is it during one of hongkong missions?
Thales Kruger Games (3 months ago)
At the asylum, but it's from the last mission from Codename 47, not the asylum from Contracts
muzamil jegarkhon (4 months ago)
what a beautiful soundtrack i love jesper kyd
Guna selan (5 months ago)
sooo fucking great!!! my favret game in the series right after Hitman 2.... blood money was fun... but i had so much fun into tis in my old Lappy back in days.. omg!!! so nostalgic... n perfect looping theme!!!
TheAnimationEz (6 months ago)
my god this game is so underrated .
Absolution was a great change the game needed, I loved blood money and contracts the most but for some reason absolution makes me nostialgic and i wanna re play it....I loved the mechanics, AI response, Graphics , story (especially the nuns mission)...The mission were way too better than playing those plane kill-a-target only missions of rest of the games....However I do gotta admit the checkpoint system and map display sucked...totall 9.7 game for me! They should definetly make Absolution 2 with minor changes in gameplay...no wondwr why Absolution was their best seller!
Sidney Bell (2 months ago)
TheAnimationEz is this game hard
Vis gi CIA (3 months ago)
Emre Benek New hitman name is terrible . They should changed it, hitman 2 lol
Emre Benek (5 months ago)
New Hitman is overrated? It sold so little that it didn't even pay for what Square Enix paid for the production of the game, and Square Enix cut their agreement with IOI.
Thales Kruger Games (6 months ago)
Just as much as the new Hitman is overrated.
Saurav Sharma (7 months ago)
this is fuckin badass
Daniel Heusburgh (7 months ago)
Thanks, love.
Gabriel Filippe (7 months ago)
I respect u
Thales Kruger Games (7 months ago)
I appreciate your respect, and am grateful for it.
Žak Janković (7 months ago)
There is a body next to 47, you can see it when the lightning strikes.
VergilHilts (1 month ago)
Jesus, so many people don't even know the body's there. Lol.
Thales Kruger Games (4 months ago)
I am pretty sure there is, check this picture: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/615041013372008144/BA132028D2AA09513CBC9CF12EF971B533176D6E/ And if you fiddle with the game files, the texture used for that body in the menu is the same as the body in the first level with the white room.
Benatos (4 months ago)
to be honest there's only a briefcase, and the location is a random wooden room. It doesn't look like an office at all. Turned up my brightness to the max and yeah, pretty sure there are no bodies.
Thales Kruger Games (4 months ago)
There is, it's in the dark and slightly behind the camera, so it can't be seen by the naked eye, unless you hack the brightness in the game and make it really bright.
Shantanu Singh (4 months ago)
there is no dead body here
Kshitij Tamrakar (1 month ago)
this scene symbolizes the conscience of 47, mostly into dark and the occasional lightning symbolizing his redeeming qualities like saving the hooker in lee hong assassination, saving agent smith or going to the church for forgiveness.
City Hunter (22 days ago)
+Ram Kumar Why would he take so much trouble to save Father Vittorio? "Emilio Vittorio was a mentor and friend of Agent 47 when he decided to discontinue life as a hitman and retired from the International Contract Agency in search for peace..."
Ram Kumar (5 months ago)
Kshitij Tamrakar Nah you just imagining that.
Whatshock (8 months ago)
Best Hitman ever!
Whatshock (8 months ago)
I recording Hitman on my chanel.
Thales Kruger Games (8 months ago)
I B (8 months ago)
the chair is too big or hitman is too small
Thales Kruger Games (8 months ago)
True, that chair is huge! damn, never noticed it before
Chris sims (9 months ago)
Such a great menu and theme. It really sets the tone of the game. I miss Jesper Kyd so much.
Robert R (13 hours ago)
I had to Google to make sure he's still alive.
Beavus And Bomber (9 months ago)
The onky game in the siries wich scared me even the song that comes one when you are detected scares me
AFRAZ shaik (9 months ago)
i too play this game but i dont get this music.csn you please tell me how to enable it
Thales Kruger Games (8 months ago)
Yeah, try getting the Good old Games version, that version has fixed a lot of bugs.
Ghost Ranger (8 months ago)
Don't pirate the game. There are some pirated versions that glitch up the music
Thales Kruger Games (9 months ago)
I'm not sure what's wrong with your game, it should play fine, try going to option and checking the Music Volume.
Jorge Barco (10 months ago)
omg it is so perfect <3
Thales Kruger Games (10 months ago)
Thanks man
Tuning4ever (10 months ago)
Mine is the 47 like to this video😉
Thales Kruger Games (10 months ago)
Thanks my friend!
Nobby (10 months ago)
Bitte mehr! Return to Castle Wolfenstein for ps2 Menue Loop!
Thales Kruger Games (10 months ago)
Those are nice menu scenes! I'd be glad to do it when i have some time.
Nobby (10 months ago)
Ressurection 1! Yes ...and when you have Time the Menue Loop from Ratchet and Clank 1 (You hear in the Menue a mechanical noise)
Thales Kruger Games (10 months ago)
I can do it but not in HD, since PS2 resolution is really low, maybe it could work in an emulator, but i'll have to do some tests first. But, do you mean the Operation Resurrection one?
WesternGun (11 months ago)
With thunder and HD! great.
Thales Kruger Games (11 months ago)
VoooodooDude (11 months ago)
Can you re-upload mod ?
Akane Tutszulor (10 months ago)
Zbigniew Bieguna Put in requests for things you really like. Hitman mods go to the next level.
Zbigniew Bieguna (10 months ago)
Wholesome Youtube, I love it (just like I love this game)
Thales Kruger Games (11 months ago)
No problem, just remember to backup the original files
VoooodooDude (11 months ago)
Thanks : )
Thales Kruger Games (11 months ago)
Here you go man: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xbtku8m9myba2vv/no%20menu%20text.rar Sorry for the delay
MachHigh 4 (11 months ago)
So dark I love it.
Nemo- (10 months ago)
Yeah, that music and that scene, are fantastic...
Thales Kruger Games (11 months ago)
YourGudBud Nel (1 year ago)
<3 :D
Akane Tutszulor (1 year ago)
Looks and sounds great, Thales!
Thales Kruger Games (1 year ago)
Thanks man! Remember, without you this wouldn't have come about

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