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Xbox Game Pass vs PlayStation NOW

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Video game services on consoles are on the rise. Sony and Microsoft are competing in new and innovative ways - let's take a deeper look! Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (6 days ago)
Console gamer friends - do you use either of these services?
FaZe Sharp (4 hours ago)
Macho Supremo (9 hours ago)
John Grimm (15 hours ago)
Adam S (19 hours ago)
No. I'm too busy playing new, worthwhile games to subscribe to a streaming service.
Fuzzy_Belvedere (23 hours ago)
Yes, Game Pass, mainly for my kids, passed on PlayStation Now, but may subscribe when there is a sale on the annual rate ($99)
Slap My Nuts (1 hour ago)
I liked it better when PS Plus wasn’t needed to play online games you already payed for.
Jayson Chery (4 hours ago)
I’m a PlayStation main, for years now. Plus I don’t even have an Xbox, but how I see it, xbox game pass is a lot better then ps now.
Jay X (5 hours ago)
I can't believe he explained how twitch worked. Was that at all needed for this video?
moneybuas (9 hours ago)
2:30 in and you sound intellectually dishonest. How are you going to mention PSN+ coming with "Free games" but not Xbox's Game's for gold. I'll watch till the end of the video before I make my full verdict. Otherwise you are getting a dislike edit: reported your video for false information.
BLAQ JOKER (11 hours ago)
Both are GreatNess only problems I'm having is MANHUNT isn't playable on XBOX
OhMan ThatGuy (15 hours ago)
This makes for a goodnight watching fanboys battle in the comments. Just going to grab some popcorn, and continue reading.
Ψζ βξ (16 hours ago)
He forgot about the Vita ):
tanner hollander (18 hours ago)
No new console plzzz
Joshua Villa (18 hours ago)
I think you covered the wants of every gamer. I hope the executives at both companies are listening to you
Advanced And Thinking (19 hours ago)
Not interested in the video. Came here to say, Get a PC you NOOBs!!!!!
coocookaboom (20 hours ago)
Playstation now does let you play ps3/4 games on a PC though(streaming) and xbox game pass only lets you play a very small list of games that have a pc version, since it has to run on the hardware natively, suprised you didn't meantion this, as it is a HUGE plus for playstation now as a pc owner, infact i am going to get a playstation now subscription to play through red dead redemption before the 2nd game releases
META 19991 (20 hours ago)
I bought xbox game pass since day 1 and I don't regret it
amongst ourselves (22 hours ago)
we just need def jam and skate on ps now and we will be happy
Jonathan Simpson (22 hours ago)
I hate the "Netflix" style gaming because the latency makes a game unplayable for me. It would be better for all platforms to allow us to just download every single game instead of streaming it.
Rob B (23 hours ago)
Currently playing Silent Hill 3 for the 1st time since I was 11 thx to PS Now
TromboneLoki (23 hours ago)
I feel like it would have been worth mentioning that you can also now lease and xbox with gold and game pass and save money by doing it that way too.
VK89000 XaLo (23 hours ago)
I didn't like that thumbnail
Fuzzy_Belvedere (23 hours ago)
As a parent with teenagers that are into gaming, a subscription service is a nice option to cover their changing tastes in gaming. Looking forward to the streaming hardware rumored for the near future.
DigitaL AddictioN (23 hours ago)
Pc is better at almost everything but consoles are always everyone's favourite. Just be honest.
flamehade619 (1 day ago)
Why did I watch this, I use steam.
Han Solo (1 day ago)
Ps now is pretty shit but ps plus is amazing rn I have a ps4 btw
Xenobyte (1 day ago)
Game Pass wins easy
SixCrimsonScales (1 day ago)
This video isn't relevant to me, I don't play games on console and I never will.
Pie Puppy (1 day ago)
I don't like the ps4 but I love the ps1 and ps1 and don't forget the ps3 but I also love all xbox concles I currently have a xbox one s a ps3 a xbox 360 a ps1 a ps2 and a original xbox to me the concles have happy memories I love both concles
MyTrema (1 day ago)
Bad for the future we will own nothing
Fox Gabanna (1 day ago)
As a PS4 Pro and Xbox One X owner, the Xbox game pass is miles better than PS Now. Sony simply has to update it.
Polaricebear 2015 (1 day ago)
Youtube Channel (1 day ago)
My internet is plenty fast to support PS NOW but that shit ain't available in my country (NZ) so there really is now backwards compatible option for me.
PsycoMutt (1 day ago)
Lol. No such thing as an XBOX exclusive if you have a PC. I almost bought an XBOX, but Microsoft puts the XBOX on Windows.PS4 Pro + PC = Master Race
not a fanboy (4 hours ago)
you are still giving xbox money so.....
1-Step Fury (1 day ago)
Wasn’t Xbox games gold already giving out free games since the ending of the 360? I Remeber getting free games on the 360.
The Needy Techie (1 day ago)
Cloud gaming is the future, the only required hardware on a console will be networking related and a good internet connection. Basically you could own a console for years and new versions of hardware will be updated in their data centers. We and console companies will benefit from this but game publishers will be suffering similar to music artists who get less money due music streaming as streaming does not pay well to creators.
Norick Burnette (1 day ago)
what are you even talking about i got the remastered gow and saints row on ps4..
Mateus Lira (1 day ago)
Pfff crackdown 3 he said
Any Name (1 day ago)
Cent 1: Why would I want to download those games in the first place? If I tried to get all 450 games from PSnow I´d need a lot of storage space - and they wouldn´t start instantly. More often than not I use PSnow to check out games I didn´t know before. Maybe I don´t want to waste time downloading and installing stuff. Cent 2: PC client. PSnow runs on my laptop or PC at work, in a hotel room or at a friends house. That is awesome. Just my 2 cents.
BargSlarg (1 day ago)
I love capitalism
daniel mccormack (1 day ago)
PlayStation plus:good Xbox live gold:crap PlayStation now:crap Xbox game pass:good
SawdEndymon 1312 (1 day ago)
I play Xbox for mainline games with Gamepass and Xbox Gold and PS4 for exclusives I can say without a doubt that Gamepass trumps PS+ and PSNow 100 fold
Tony Quiroz (2 days ago)
If Playstation Now goes down to 10 dollars a month im in 100 percent.
Vodka Slam (2 days ago)
PlayStation NOW still beats the shit out of Xbox Now. Because i can stream it on PS4, PC and on my Sony Phone (also connected my PS4 Controller to it). The Xbox One version its not portable. Plus all future xbox games will be released on PC ending exclusives for the xbox platform. Overall, the PlayStation Plus with the decreased price on PlayStation NOW is a steal for someone like me. If you miss the oldies and wanted to play other exclusives you have missed on PS3 and in the past. It's great...but be warned, you need a real great connection in order to play smoothly.
Vodka Slam (3 hours ago)
+not a fanboy true, but the "Game Pass" is only for select games they choose. The games i would want to play are not compatible. Which is why its better to just get an Xbox 360 an play them all or download the emulator which some modders are working on
not a fanboy (4 hours ago)
game pass is not the same as ps now xcloud is what you would like
David Gaming 2859 (2 days ago)
R.I.P. Paul Allen
Riven wood (2 days ago)
Before they do anything, the issue of HD space needs to be addressed. I bought a 1 TB Xbox One but Xbox takes up to half of that 1 TB for system updates after 1 year I am down to less than 2 GB left from that 1 TB. On PS4 they accounded if you use any type of external HD you will only get 500 GB that means if I bought a 2 TB EXHD PSN will only allow 500 GB extra this is so wrong. Right now, I am at the delete zone on both my systems buying a game play the game and delete the game from my system this is not what I want. Even on any pass I will still need to delete games played leveling me spending money for nothing but for 1 game play through again wrong.
TheJinashura (2 days ago)
OnLive tried this stuff and failed. Wonder if real console companies will do better.
Trigger Happy (2 days ago)
In Australia games on Xbox gold pass are only for a limited time, when they intro new titles that means some old ones will be leaving the service. Un fortunately we don't have ps now I wish we did as I have most of the games on gold pass and there's just not much variety.
Why can’t Sony and Microsoft join together they could make some serious money
not a fanboy (2 days ago)
because that would be less competition competition breeds innovation
Jacob Knight (2 days ago)
Xbox buries GayStation all the way!
SimplyDerrick (2 days ago)
Lol Crackdown 3... *sigh* It hurts so much..
David Nunez (2 days ago)
Ur channel is cancer
David Nunez (1 day ago)
not a fanboy to leave a dislike cuz im toxic lol
not a fanboy (2 days ago)
so why are you here '
BladeDaRazor (2 days ago)
Who has Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks?
TheArKtec (2 days ago)
Having a physical copy of the game will always be the best way.
Mark Broadhurst (2 days ago)
No mention of OnLive? Good job we need to forget that.
Angery Monkers (2 days ago)
What is the original photo in the thumbnail from?
The Tinker (2 days ago)
> is it gonna be something that can play everything from all of their previous consoles. tbh, I think this is easier for MS because of Win10 + UWP in the Xboxes.
Nadz Project (2 days ago)
and next generation game will fill with loot box and xp boost microtransactions
Mikey C (2 days ago)
Gamepass costs a third less than the shitty PS Now service.
Tyger (2 days ago)
I love and always have loved Sony. I prefer PlayStation over Xbone buy I will say, without a doubt, xbox game pass is ten times better than ps now. Ps now in its current state is not worth the $$$.
Daniel Pryde (2 days ago)
I refuse to pay into either of them. I firmly believe games are like books. It's something you own and can replay whenever, or return to years latter and revisit it if you please.
NightSniper (2 days ago)
Sony may have a no backwards compatability and PS Now but we have better exclusives and VR so suck it 😋
GSHYNE87 (2 days ago)
I own xbox one s & PS4 I gotta say xbox game pass is better than playstation now, fanboys not wanted 😎
fungus dabogeyman (2 days ago)
You know what they say about nuclear war, cockroaches will be on the other side. Well, when servers stop running or tech companies stop caring on a whim, people with tapes, carts cd's etc will still be smiling. While all of this is great and i love the direction xbox is going, we will all be beholden to their t&c's and the risk off games being pulled at will. Digital content whilst being convenient, has huge pitfalls attached.
esketit (2 days ago)
i hate having to pay just so i can play online. Why not just offer free multiplayer gameplay to people like me and not include the games.
RockstarrClarke (2 days ago)
Xbox is garbage. Spider-Man, God of war, horizon zero dawn, early cod dlc .... all for PS4. Xbox offer outdated games for nostalgia.
RockstarrClarke (2 days ago)
I was providing a simple example of the best reasons for me .... so... what’s your point ?
Evensong (2 days ago)
Jeeze, you ran out of exclusives so fast that you had to list limited time-exclusive DLC. lmao
Travis Curran (3 days ago)
Xbox ftw.. Again
Λυris (3 days ago)
*I bet my 15€ and 37 cents that PS5 will be a disappointment **_considering what Sony is doing right now._*
squidtism (3 days ago)
Xbox Games pass is hella way better. PS Now would be fantastic if the games didn’t have shitty input lag.
Slade Wilson (3 days ago)
Xbox gamepass Is better, and thts a fact.
HausXstylz l (3 days ago)
We've had our ups and downs but I still love you guys
Anthony Luna (3 days ago)
ima ps4pro owner, I love playstation but do wish i could play left 4 dead time to time
Got to play on wired connection if you play multiplayer.
Angelus Marcarita (3 days ago)
Since everything becomes DLC and DLC of DLC, PC wins
Nash Lancer (3 days ago)
Game pass is so much better.
Traveling Gamer (3 days ago)
I so much enjoy the writing how balanced it is
Frank Coto (3 days ago)
Xbox Game Pass is better, period.
Mr Syaf Bakar (3 days ago)
I don't like subscriptions. I don't want to pay for things I do not want. I like one time payment of one product. At least that really means owning it "forever". That said, I hope future consoles will not have this as their main feature but leave it as an option. I do not mind paying more to own one game rather than subscribing to play a lot of games (then get cut off from them if you stop paying). Also, I like selling used games. That way I get some money back. So really, I could be paying as much as subscriptions for one game that I do play than have a library of games that I don't play.
Fate Juggernaut (3 days ago)
Click bait
eurosonly (3 days ago)
Sony ain't gonna do more because their console is selling itself with all the fanboys drooling over it. That's why their services such ass this generation and their creativity is dull.
eurosonly (3 days ago)
Microsoft is killin it this generation with services. Take notes Sony.
Toad The Chode (3 days ago)
I think they’re both bad and this could be dangerous to the physical games industry
Halla442 211 (3 days ago)
Gamepass is the netflix for gaming.. And yeah, gamepass is numbah 1
Elter 120 (3 days ago)
Xbox game pass is way better than JDM games
Benjamin Schaefer (3 days ago)
How do they make money from that?
Bloodshot Mars52 (3 days ago)
PS4 *Pro* -Play free games without an online subscription -Talk to your friends without an subscription *CONS* -Can't play PS plus free games once subscription ends. This is all I know for PS4. I don't know about Xbox. I know there is more for the PS4 but don't what they are.
SexyWalrus9000 (3 days ago)
I'm telling you, my tombstone is going to say _In loving memory of SexyWalrus9000_ _1999 - Crackdown 3 release date_
Nasty Daddy Daddy (3 days ago)
The only thing i dont like about xbox is that you NEED xbox-live to play F2P games...so they are not free if you wanne play online
Albert Roberts (3 days ago)
If Microsoft doesn't charge for streaming anywhere service and makes it a "feature" if you buy a digital game. This generation will quickly change over. Especially if you don't need the console to play the game all you need is Xbox Live and a cellphone/tablet/pc. The barrier of entry will be too low to play and it'll mark one of the first nails in the coffin of owning a console.
IKMNification (3 days ago)
Even as a Playstation gamer, I have to thank Microsoft for their focus on multigen Backwards Compatibility to stay competitive, it only increases the likelihood of Sony including PSone/PS2/PS3/PS4 Backwards Compatibility for PS5 as it is no doubt where Microsoft is focusing.
haylaz_yumuk Youtube (3 days ago)
Ps+ free games had: Destiny 2, God of War 3, Rocket League, Mafia 3, Dead by Daylight, Friday the 13th, Little Big Planet 3 etc.
haylaz_yumuk Youtube (3 days ago)
Shitbox is better cuz it only has ONE good exclusive game but ps4 has amazing exclusive games than shitbox
P K (3 days ago)
This console war is pointless! In ten years people won't even remember these things because it'll get replaced by a new, better console.
Tati Ali (3 days ago)
I'm all for Game pass. My only critism is for these companies to subtracts the *_must pay for online play_* (you know, how it was before it came to this gen...) and leave it as to what i'm paying for.... The library of games... Not for online connectivity.. I already pay Comcast enough for that..
Adam K (3 days ago)
xbox game pas wayyy better and I have both
Francisco Garay (3 days ago)
I just dont like Xbox. I also dont use streaming because it is slow. Xboxs game pass sounds so much better but didn't Sony do this?
Adam Neff (3 days ago)
Its going to suck in one major way, no ownership. You pay for the game but its never yours.
sharat gupta (3 days ago)
Netflix of video games = DOOM of video games
Aaliyah White (3 days ago)
Why is this even a video. No one cares were all gamers with preferences sooo!!!!!
kokooos deathmolish (3 days ago)
Personally I don;t want to have anything to do with this "Netflix of video games" I for one am not the dude who want's to have 999999 games for the sake of it. If i need a game i buy it and enjoy it. Only ever bother with like 5% of the psn plus games (yes I am a playstation fanboy since way back when).
Kyle Dimetri (3 days ago)
Lol i dont/didn't use any. I sold my xbox for ps4. Dont get me wrong i would say xbox has the better service IMO. I just prefer a physical copy of my games and oh exclusives
g1mmecoffee and games (3 days ago)
Crackdown 3 Forever starting Duke Nukem
LEE90s (4 days ago)
so I am new to ps now can ps3 stream ps4 games?
not a fanboy (3 days ago)
no it doesnt work that way
OnlyKronix (4 days ago)
XGP > Ps Now

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