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Did Deep Space Nine Plagiarize Babylon 5?

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Text Comments (1416)
AussieBlokeGordo (2 days ago)
Yeah but come on Lyta was so much hotter than Leeta
Podkova (2 days ago)
Hell yes, but I like them both, though I didn't like DS9 at the time. Rather it grew on me on a second watching in the 2000s... but B5 is the (classic) Dr Who of the story. It's sfx budget was $4.50 & an Amiga, but my god the stories were good. As someone mentioned, it was more like Breaking Bad with it's long arc. I'd actually quite like to see it redone, assuming it could be done 25 years later without the PC bullshit that's so prevalent nowadays.
Chase Carter (9 days ago)
So I have to say DS9 is better. Maybe it’s the Trekkie in me saying that but it’s not only the best Star Trek show it’s just a good tv show all around. B5 is great don’t get me wrong but can’t compete with DS9
Frantic Noobs (10 days ago)
The big similarity that I noticed was the pilot of B5 had character using a 'Changling net' to make himself appear to be other people, DS9 of course had Odo, a 'Shapeshifter' who later discovered that his race refered to themselves as.... (wait for it).... "Changlings"
Mind Of Will (12 days ago)
Haven't seen b5 yet going to watch now even though I want a fan of ds9
Brian W (12 days ago)
I remember both fondly, my young 6 year old son and I would hop in my recliner and wait impatiently for each new episode to come on ;-) Never thought of the similarities b4, but they are remarkable, no doubt... We thoroughly enjoyed both series, but B5 takes it in my book if for no other reason... Laundo ;-)
Bill Campbell (12 days ago)
Yes, the shows were connected by theme and plots. Both shows did have separate side stories like what what happened to Garibaldi while on Mars. In the end, enjoyed them both, Star Trek a bit more on the basis that they used practical effects, ie actual filming models vs 90’s era CGI ships. Also, they kept the DS9 intact instead of blowing it up like they did to the B5 station (😥).
Jonathan Cast (12 days ago)
Repeatedly calling it a 'rip-off' when the similarities are such minor details, which aren't even fundamental to the show on DS9, and DS9 did so much both with the concepts and with original concepts, is really a disservice to DS9. If anything, this is really just an illustration of how absurdly over-broad copyright law has gotten - you can copyright vague ideas and story details (like space stations!) now, and sue anybody else who uses them. It needs to be reigned in so we get more creative expression as a result of copyright, not less.
Neil Day (13 days ago)
Here's another comparison - two characters at odds with each other: Londo & G'Kar (B5) and Quark & Odo (DS9)
Ben Wilson (13 days ago)
Both had episodes visiting the previous version of the shows space station. Babylon4 and Empok Nor
TheGreaterGood80 (13 days ago)
Dave, one of the biggest similarities you missed were the story arcs of the Cardassian-Bajoran conflict on DS9 and the Centauri-Narn conflict on B5. Both are about a once peaceful and spiritual people (Bajorans, Narns)being brutally enslaved by a corrupt and decadent race(Cardassians, Centauri). The main difference is that the occupation of Bajor was in the past whilst still being a prominent plot point, whereas the Centauri once again subjugated the Narns due to the machinations of the Shadows.
leeham991 (14 days ago)
DS9 fit in to and expanded and already amazing sci-fi universe. B5 is just standalone people in silly costumes.
Steve Pax (14 days ago)
no no no---They are completely different.
Empower Politics (17 days ago)
B5 was and still is the best sci-fi ever made. Yes, it has it's rough moments and we should completely ignore the spin-off movies and of course, the spin off show.... but bar none, B5 had the best plot, arc, characters, writing and acting. Londo and G'Kar? One of the best dramatic couples EVER.
Rocky Beats (18 days ago)
I like DS9, but I love Babylon 5! Hands down one of my favorite series of all time!!!
Gerbil Crusher (20 days ago)
They were both great shows i loved Ds9 for it's Star Trek roots but B5 was equally as good for its fantastic characters and deep story, Star Trek had great models and sets B5 at the time had cutting edge CGI . But as was said in the video we were the winners as we got two great shows.
Sam Vang (21 days ago)
Wow, I dont know why I never notice all those similarities in that way. I mean, I knew there were some things that were the same and I just thought "hey!" Lol, I also just thought all SciFy folks made their rounds and influenced each other slightly, never knew there was an actual conflict between the two. I love them both. Ds9 was a darker Trek show, and it brought with it the darker side of space life. B5 was even darker, and was more realistic about things that will never stop existing for humans, like currency, crime, political schemes, etc.... I cant take sides here, I love them both too much but this video did make me realize why there were some issues between the two fan bases and show runners.
Ragnar Danneskjöld (21 days ago)
Yeah, the pre-destiny religious angle was a radical departure for Star Trek, and not consistent with Roddenberry's vision for the franchise. I'm not normally a fan of anything involving fate, or pre-destiny, which renders the entire journey moot, but B5 was a masterpiece in story-telling, and I loved it. DS9 was also great because it was based on the story-telling of B5. Plus it had Garrick.
Kor Taffel (21 days ago)
We got two great series. I don't mind.
Laser-boy (22 days ago)
I prefer to see this in a positive light. Instead of 1 great show, we got 2. And Straczynski has remained relevant up until now.
Glenn Ward (22 days ago)
Before I watch the video I am going to answer the question and explain why. The answer is absolutely! Yes they did and here is why. Look at every other Star Trek series. Pick 1, any 1 or all. It doesn't matter. Before DS9 or after DS9, none of them are anything like DS9. 1: Each series is set in ships exploring the galaxy. 2: None of the other series focus on religion. Yes there are some episodes that have religion in it. Think about those two things while you go back.and watch both DS9 and B5. Without B5 I doubt we would have ever had DS9, at least not in the way we have it now. By the way DS9 is a great show so I am not knocking it. But yes, they did copy B5.
Fred Miller (22 days ago)
Meh. Coincidental. Two shows about space stations are going to be somewhat similar. I grew up watching both and I didn't see the "heavy" influence you apparently did. DS9 was its own show, and imo, superior in most every way to Babylon 5. Of course the hardcore SciFi fanboys love B5 just because its fashionable to sh*t on Star Trek in their circle.
Yes. There, no one has to waste eight minutes now.
Project DJ (22 days ago)
I find it both strange and disheartening that there are people on this post trying to argue that DS9 was not a rip-off of B5. This was WELL established in the 90's. If a simple truth can be lost in a mere 20-25 years, what else will we not know in another 25? Now we must question all of recorded history, many of our "facts" are based on recountings from 50-400 years, some even 1000 years, later. Virtually every ancient historical written record is a fable built around a legend.
TREY RIVER (22 days ago)
Yes.. and poorly at that.
Chad Lieb (22 days ago)
Sheridan and Sisco both were baseball fans, and were survivors of a war with a seemingly unbeatable foe.
kaiowas12 (23 days ago)
Wasn't B5 basically Lord of the Rings in space.
kaiowas12 (17 days ago)
Empower Politics When I first heard the theory it was pre-internet for me, I think it was on a cult TV Teletext page which said something along the lines of to help understand B5 just think of LOTR.
Empower Politics (17 days ago)
Not even close.
Michael Hester (23 days ago)
Also that Federation vs Earth Alliance – surely that’s a rip off the other way around? The Federation goes back to Star Trek TOS in the 60s. If you look hard enough, you’ll find any fiction takes ideas from the past and then adds its own twist.
Michael Hester (23 days ago)
Who cares? The show was great so I don’t care where they got their ideas from.
rativiv crypto (23 days ago)
Babylon 5 was one of the greatest scifi shows ever made.
Darm0k (23 days ago)
TheSimpleThings (23 days ago)
Wow. I won't be able to see ds9 the same way again.
Brian Gervais (23 days ago)
im just happy we got the 2 best sci fi series. Also surprised i never noticed dukat on both shows
rand314 (23 days ago)
Karmagheden (23 days ago)
Short answer: No
Christopher Medina (23 days ago)
Don’t forget the comparison between the Centauri and the Narn vs the wait ds9 utilized the relationship in the cardassians and bajorans
DSC (23 days ago)
crichtonIASA (23 days ago)
Years ago I saw a massive list of "similarities" sadly that forum has long since vanished from the internet.
J Ryan Johnson (24 days ago)
Not really. You're simply ignoring an even longer list of differences, between the two shows. The wormwhole was created for Star trek in the 3rd season of The Next Generation, before anyone dreamed of B5. One space station was built by Cardassian aliens(bajoran occupation backstory) while B5 was built by humanity. DS9 aired first and had an old west frontier motif(Odo-Sherriff). Sisko was loyal to the Federation, Sheridan was considered as rebel. The premise of "Earth Alliance" is also a direct rip off of the Navy-like "Starfleet" organization in Startrek. Babylon 5 involved ancient militaries. DS9 were all modern alien ships(Dominion). No doubt, if there were any similarities that arose between the two was simply because they began to compete with each other since both series were running concurrently as a matter of competition. Just like two stores across the street from one another, they began to behave in ways to "one-up" each other. It would also seem foolish for the guy to give Paramount Execs the Bible for a year and hope that he would not get ripped off. His loss. I watched both shows when they aired in the 1990's and liked them both. But DS9 has too many details that draw inspiration from previous Star Trek incarnations that pre-date even the ideas of B-5. For example, The rotating space dock in Star Trek III is flipped sideways and was used as a Babylon station. Shadows stole Klingon the cloaking device. Taping on a communication device before speaking(on hand instead of chest.) Remember Sisko has to raise a child as a single parent, Sinclair did not. Cardassian occupation of bajor ended in the 4th season of the Next Generation, The Centauri occupation of the Narn homeworld was first mentioned in the 1st Season of Babylon 5(years afterward). If you look at those points on your list specificly by which side had their air date first, you get more clarity. That's why B-5 didn't go to court and win. Outside of the obligatory framework of a sci-fi show set on a space station, the two have about as much total differences as there is between Star Trek vs. Star Wars. Space stations, intersellar organizations, political conflicts, psuedo spiritual plot points, good vs evil, etc. (Star Fury "rips off" X-wing fighter: give that one some thought also)
Michael Hartman (24 days ago)
It's not like DS9 COMPLETELY COPIED B5. I mean honestly imo B5 wasn't that great...neither was DS9 for that matter. We're talking abt 2 shows w similar concepts here. Your apt to get a few things alike.
suolasfilms (24 days ago)
I may be wrong but I'm sure I read somewhere that before Warners picked up B5, he tried shopping it to Paramount who gave the info given by JMS(the station, several year story arc, etc) to make a new ST series as TNG was beginning to wind down towards it's final season.
LT Tran (24 days ago)
Babylon 5 didnt have Cardassians, silly! How can DS9 plagiarize from that?
Fluky Morrow (24 days ago)
The two shows are not even from the same planet. The only thing they have remotely in common is a space station sitting next to a jumpgate/ wormhole and a lady named the same. Oh and energy weapons and space. Thats it
Peter Gunn (24 days ago)
B5 was a must watch, DS9 I could skip eps and not care.
Rekreated1 (24 days ago)
Highest form of flattery.
ian (24 days ago)
Ds9 was the most boring of the star treks, B5 was awesome.
Ivrish con-Abarth (24 days ago)
To me (and my brother) Babylon 5 is the best series. I consume sci-fi and actual science, mostly "space" science, ridiculous amounts. I read, I watch and even create some. I´ve lost count how many times I´ve watched B5 through, and every time I find something new, different perspective and every time something inspiring. Anyway, if DS9 did copy B5, wouldn´t it be sort of good thing for the quality of DS9? :) More seriously, if they did that, where´s the penalty?
choclytgremlins (24 days ago)
I've seen both shows. DS9 is good, my second favorite Trek series after the original. Babylon 5 is transcendent.
Neigh Slayer (24 days ago)
DS9 wasn't the only one. Mass Effect pulled heavily from Babylon 5 as well. -Citadel/B5 -Mass Relays/ Jump gates -Earth Alliance x2 -Back from the dead: Shepard/ Sheridan -Evil human group: Cerberus/ Psi-corps -With evil leaders: Illusive man/ Bester -Evil group sympathizers who switch sides: Miranda/ Talia -Enemies turned allies: Turians/ Minabri -Oppressed race: Krogan/ Narn -Telepaths/Biotics -Ancient enemy: Reapers/ Shadows -Who have evil allies: Collectors/ Drakh -Hybrid tech ships: Normandy/ Excalibur
knut olson (24 days ago)
B5 is one of the best Sci-Fi show thats been made ever,beside The new Expanse serie :)
90 Lancaster (25 days ago)
Both shows are good - but even when B5 is less that stella it's not usually boring - Deep Space Nice can be and often was quite dull. Subtextually sometimes Ds9 did something better - even if it wasn't a major theme - it did show up the underclass nature of non-federations members and the elitist attitude of the Federation to them quite well. Where as B5 just hand waved he non-alligned worlds away as if it wasn't terribly interested in them beyond a certain point - they didn't even flesh most of their alien races out at all - heck some of them were barely even named on screen sometimes for years - and only had a name in front of them in the council chamber. So Ds9 starts way to slow - the Bajorans are tedious and it ends (at season 6) OK then it has an unnecessary final season ; so like B5 really starts OK - gets better then has a sort of spinning it's wheels final season. B5 deserves to be more of a "Deepspace Franchise" though I want more cool B5 stuff - but Warner are pretty disinterested in doing much with it - so it seems. Though I do continue to throw hints at Eaglemoss to make some specials.
Bridget Boyarsky (25 days ago)
I grew up on B5 and mom's on a DS9 kick via Netflix. I like B5 a whole lot more because of how intertwined all of the plot threads in the story are. It's a full tapestry. Another similarity: Overly-paranoid security officers, quirky head doctors, though Trek has a history of that.
PapaDeltaYankee (25 days ago)
Um, I think some facts are missing here. Pretty sure Babylon 5 was pitched as Deep Space 5 and originally a Star Trek series thus technically making it an already protected intellectual property. Now it sucks when you have a production company take your idea and leave you behind, but if it's based off an already established property, there's nothing you can do. Technically fan fiction can be annexed by whomever owns the original license...
mangalores-x_x (25 days ago)
No, you cannot plagiarize creative concepts, only actual design and art assets. Telling a story about a crew on a space station is generic, if DS9 had looked like Babylon5 and each character were a carbon copy of the other show, or dialogue were copied, then you would have something to talk about. From costumes, to set design, to characters this is however not the case. The underlying story arcs are also different, again, just some evil empire is not protectable, if the DS9 bad guys would have been shadow like entities with black ships you might have a slight point. That‘s a basic aspect of this area of copyright law. You only can protect the concrete art assets, not the abstract concepts.
MedoryK (25 days ago)
Yes, this is ancient history.
AbnormalReflex (25 days ago)
What convinced me was that B5's bible originally had a shape-shifter security officer that was dropped...but adopted by DS9. Full disclosure, I love both shows to death.
Spartan155 (25 days ago)
Personally I think all in all DS9 was better, but that was likely due to the franchise it was a part of. Babylon 5 did excellent for starting its own universe.
Sith1122 (25 days ago)
Both series originally featured a shapeshifter character. If memory serves, it was the Odo charter that caused Straczynski to sue.Becuase he then had to change elements in his story and use "occasional characters using various illusory and camouflage mechanisms."
Pedro Rosario (25 days ago)
Great episode ...wow.... Good in depth analysis. I'm huge DS9 fan and yes I did enjoy B5 alot. The similarities are beyond ridiculous. Damn....
TRADER GLEN (25 days ago)
Babylon 5 is a much better show!
Gregory Sturtz (25 days ago)
Dukat was a Cardassian on DS9 and a Minbari on B5. Coincidence? Not bloody likely. Patricia pointed out the duplication of the name Lita as well.
eddiegaltek (25 days ago)
I found DS9 mind numbingly dull; I stopped watching half-way through the second season.
You can stop watching this video at 1:10 because that is 100% gospel up to there and proves Paramount took JMS's idea and altered it. End of story.
Cathal Nolan (25 days ago)
Paramount shouldn't have taken so many plot points from Straczynski but I can't complain as they are two of my absolute favourites and have watched both of them many times. Just goes to show what can be done with a good idea
Izhalezan (25 days ago)
Having recently gotten nostalgic and rewatched the entirety of B5 I can say it's the far better show, Netflix has DS9 but it's barely holding my interest and I'm only watching it every now and then plus I've definitely skipped a few episodes on purpose.
Matt Weiner (25 days ago)
Hey all, to those that did not watch B5, yes its a must. If i recall correctly there were also 5 tv movies that supplement the series. Please take the time to enjoy it. On a personal note, while I did recognize the similarities I didn't realize the time line of events so i never put 2 and 2 together, thank you for that, and for some of the other items i didn't pick up on.
Justanotherconsumer (25 days ago)
B5 changed television drama in that it was a major non-episodic show that had a clear beginning and a clear end (season 4, sadly) and where watching the episodes in order actually started to matter. Not the first show to do it, but definitely a major influence. DS9, at least from what I saw of the early seasons, was the same episodic format as TNG. B5’s first season also had some episodic-ness to it as well. I didn’t care for DS9. Too clean, too bright. Maybe that got better with later episodes, but they borrowed way too much of the visual style from TNG for my taste, and it just felt like TNG-on-a-colander rather than a new show. Sisko was kinda dull, a Sidney Poitier (notorious for playing characters that were a little too perfect) of a captain. Sinclair’s “why put me in charge?” and Sheridan’s “What the hell were you thinking appointing me to this job?” made them both more interesting in their roles.
Portending Honor (26 days ago)
B5 feels too much like a sitcom without the laugh track for me to take it seriously.
Derek Power (26 days ago)
Section 31 and Psi Corps
Tigglet (26 days ago)
you might see me in the background of some of the later episodes. my character was one of the peacock hair people (my own long hair) tall white guy in a light tan outfit. i should stand out a bit almost all other costumes were dark
Paul Burrows (26 days ago)
I love both shows but, they sure did.
NZWolf2 (26 days ago)
Babylon 5. Sci-fi for the intellectual.
Dennis X (26 days ago)
I don't think the on the ground writers of DS9 went out to steal ideas from B5, but whomever it was who worked on the DS9 series bible was obviously drawing heavily from their time reading/working with the B5 bible. If it were a purposeful plagiarism by the writing room, I'm confident the lawsuit would have been a much bigger deal.
Christian St Martin (26 days ago)
Who are you, what do you want
Master Uxi (26 days ago)
Recall the rumor that B5 was pitched as a Star Trek prequel, Babel (seen in TOS) and the war building to would have been the Roman War. Minbari religious caste would be Vulcans. Warrior caste, Romulans. Instead of Vorlons, was the Medusans (also seen in TOS). Idea being that Sinclair would have been linked with Surak instead of Valen. Etc.
Tom H. (26 days ago)
While I'm not going to claim you're wrong, I'd argue that some of the points you picked for comparison were extremely weak. So Babylon 5 has a number at the end of it, and so does Deep Space Nine. So does Deep Space K7, the station from The Trouble with Tribbles. Sure, DS9 lacks a letter in front of it, but there are a number of other Deep Space stations with only a single number in Star Trek canon. Located near an intergalactic gateway? While there are some similarities in theory, jump gates were a virtual requirement to FTL in B5, wormholes were established as far back as Star Trek the motion(less) picture (and maybe even further than that, but that's the earliest I remember). Stable wormholes are exceedingly rare in Star Trek, which is one of the reasons it was such a huge deal requiring the station to defend it, while the people in B5 manufactures jump gates. It certainly HELPS getting around, but there are vast differences between the two. Finally, comparing the Federation running DS9 while Earth Force runs B5 sounds silly because it was a Star Trek show. Unless you wanted to throw it up as a Klingon station who else was going to be in command?
eddiegaltek (23 days ago)
It doesn't matter if you think some of the points are weak; its the the core that matters. The Forbidden Planet is a "Rip Off" of Shackspear's The Tempest; even though all the names are different, and one is set in the far future and the other in the past, one a ship comes to rescue a group of people in the other a ship is wrecked, in one the father dies in the other he doesn't, in one the planet is destroyed in the other the island isn't. There are more differences but no-one would say that the Forbidden Planet is not a "Rip Off" of The Tempest.
Tom H. (25 days ago)
eddiegaltek I'm not even saying the assertion is wrong though. I'm saying some of his points are really, really weak. That can weaken the entire argument as a whole.
eddiegaltek (25 days ago)
Your arguments smack of desperation!
Deek Laird (26 days ago)
Yes it did
General Pedrowsky (26 days ago)
B5 is good but I can't see how people can possibly think it was better than Ds9. I mean, there are NO episodes on B5 that get close to something like "Far Beyond the Stars" or "In a Pale Moonlight".
Geoff brosamer (26 days ago)
Thank you for being subjective. I love both shows, but I agree. DS9 ripped off B5. B5 is my favorite sci fi program ever.
Catzilla (26 days ago)
If DS9 was plagiarizing B5's war arc then they did a terrible job of it. Building up an enemy as a threat takes time. In B5, the Shadows started appearing in season 1. In DS9, the writers crow-barred the Breen into the show in the very last season, having them go from a virtually unknown race to this galactic threat that could take out the combined fleets of the Federation, Romulans and Klingons. That's terrible development. The Tholians would have been a much better choice.
Bernardo Mendes (26 days ago)
Round House (26 days ago)
To the contrary, you can make the argument the B5 copied Star Trek, Star Trek started all this shit
eddiegaltek (25 days ago)
Star Trek (tos) was about a space-ship Babylon 5 was a space-station; there is no similarity.
Mexie Mex (26 days ago)
B5 > DS9
eddiegaltek (25 days ago)
I think you mean >>>>>
L W (26 days ago)
justachannel (26 days ago)
I couldn't watch _Babylon 5_ for very long.
Arvid (26 days ago)
I like DS9 better because of their racially diverse cast but Babylon 5 always felt more like an original and was way better written and directed than DS9. If only they had featured some more black, brown, asian people, it would have been perfect.
dafoomie (26 days ago)
B5 had a changeling character written but this was changed to a "changeling net" device in the pilot for budgetary reasons. Sisko and Sinclair were both traumatized by battles to save Earth where the defenders were annihilated.
crimson bolt (26 days ago)
I love both so not a problem.
Xenovista (26 days ago)
Steven McGrath (26 days ago)
B5 One of the best TV sifi ever, "a richly textured science fiction epic".
stMystic (26 days ago)
The show (DS9) owes its success to its producers, writers, cast, and the inherited Star Trek history. The fact that J. Michael disputes the origin of DS9 to being his own work on B5 is inconsequential as Star Trek took its own road with the idea, built upon groundwork laid down by Gene Roddenberry and came out with a show that is completely different and separate. The story line in DS9 that people point to as being stolen from B5 is such a small part of DS9 and not why I watch and love the show.
eddiegaltek (23 days ago)
You can't steal from the genre you are a part of, it's like saying High Noon stole from the Western genre because it has elements of cowboy films in it. The fact that they settled out of court with JMS kind-of shoots the rest of you argument in the foot.
stMystic (25 days ago)
eddiegaltek That’s true of every story. There’s nothing new under the sun. The basic premise of many a tale is taken from somewhere else. B5 has many elements stolen from SciFi that came before it. Its how you use those elements to tell your tail. DS9 and B5 have many similarities, yet each show tells their own tail, using the elements in drastically different ways.
eddiegaltek (25 days ago)
The basic premise and story arc of the entire show was stolen; that's hardly inconsequential.
Tee Cee (26 days ago)
I recently tried to watch B5 but it seems more campy than I can handle. I've seen a lot of comments saying the first season wasn't very good so I'll try to power through it to get to S2.
KILRtv (26 days ago)
I'm not disagreeing with the similarities, and I do like both shows with B5 being my favorite. However, Sinclair was commander of the station first, and there is no similarity to Sisko. You could say both were victims to a war in their past, but I think that's stretching it a bit. I don't believe DS9 was a copy, but B5 was certainly an inspiration to the show -- and that's not a bad thing. Besides, Quark was definitely a unique character. Nothing on B5 that I can compare to. Maybe Londo, but again I think that's a stretch. Sisko also had his son, and I really loved the father & son moments in the series.
Hyenamonkey (27 days ago)
I didn't even need to watch the video. The answer is yes.
Adolf Eichmann (27 days ago)
I think plagiarise isn’t nearly a strong enough word to describe it. B5 was blatantly ripped off and fucked sideways by DS9! The parallels are uncanny to be simply put down to coincidence. While I like the STAR TREK franchise, I lost a bit of respect for it when I watched DS9 and realised what the writers had done. B5 is vastly superior to STAR TREK. It’s what I would call ‘realistic’ sci-fi. Now while I know science fiction is all about imagining that the impossible can become the possible, STAR TREK really did take the piss and had a total disregard for science. Warp speed!!!!!Transporters!!! Phasers!!!! What utter nonsense. It was also very human centric. B5 had believable science and mankind was not at the centre of the universe.
Tadas Rimkus (27 days ago)
would like to get a continuation for Babylon 5 with all the trend now reviving old series etc., would be great
Han Lockhart (27 days ago)
Many of us figured out Deepspace 9 was copied off Babylon 5. However the extent of it is way more than I realised. This is one reason why I hate submitting work- If they say "No, we don`t like it!" You`re never really sure if they just copied your work (but disguised it).
Oliver Hopkins (27 days ago)
When both shows were firing on all cylinders it was brilliant. In fact it was just a great time to be a Sci-Fi fan in general.
Sean H (27 days ago)
Babylon 5 will always be my favorite, by no small margin. But I don't really see the shows as similar at all.
James Rose (27 days ago)
DS9 was made after J M Strazinski pitched the idea of B5

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