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Is Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Worth Buying Again for Switch?

1692 ratings | 57933 views
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Text Comments (552)
Geo Joan (23 minutes ago)
I'll buy it, but not as a priority, i already completed it at 200% in wii u
NintendoTv (2 hours ago)
No lanky kong no buy!
Jack Gallacher (9 hours ago)
Never played this on the Wii u, and I am so hyped for this, I'm getting this on release date
MrMadness (10 hours ago)
should I go for Donkey kong or Mario odyssey, HELP 0.0
Gun Play Gaming (11 hours ago)
looks great but i still havent even beat the 3 snes games so not getting this unless it goes on sale... 29$ ish
TheDaybid (15 hours ago)
I played Switch for awhile with Zelda, Xenoblade, and Mario Odyssey. The last game I fully beat was Bayonetta 2. Unless Switch has Triple A titles that come out for it, I will most likely be on the PS4 playing God of War and the upcoming Dragon Quest XI.
Trollseeder (18 hours ago)
If you bought the WiiU version and have a good gaming PC, just install Cemu and play it on 4k with an xbox one/ps4 controller.
Jeff Shambaugh (20 hours ago)
Pick up Yooka Laylee instead for $40.
MonsterKat (20 hours ago)
I had sold my Wii u by this games release so I’m super excited.
Foxocommand o (21 hours ago)
See I got the game free from a club nintendo promotion and never beat it and my wii u was accidentally sold so I'll gladly get it again
The picture inside (21 hours ago)
it looks like a mobile game
Seekarr (1 day ago)
Meh, DKCTF is not really a mainline feeling game; more like the DK equivalent of NSMBU. That's not a bad thing, but I feel like a true mainline DKC game should reach for something more cutting edge, like DKC 1-3 and 64 did in their times.
iDanny064 (1 day ago)
EastCoast Podcast (1 day ago)
If you don't mind spending a full price for an old game you may already have. I suppose If you sold your wii u. I still have mine. If I want to play DKTF I'll play it. Is switch offering anything new? New levels? Anything? No they offer nothing. Except slightly better visuals and.....funky kong. That's cool I guess. No,way worth it. In my opinion. Nintendo pisses me off sometimes. This game should be discount. At least ten bucks.
Sentimentation (1 day ago)
I will say it's ridiculous that they're charging $60 for an originally $50 game released 4 years ago. That being said, I'm buying this day one, as this is potentially my favorite game made in the past 10 or so years. I don't think I've really felt so strongly positive about any other game made in that time frame. The sheer amount of depth and polish in all of the levels in the game, including how layered and carefully placed every enemy and obstacle are in almost every stage, is unparalleled by any other game ever made. The game manages to perfectly balance fun and challenge while not being unfair in most cases. The creativity is outstanding as well, though the fourth world in particular is definitely less interesting and varied than the others (besides Irate Eight). Overall, it's just an incredible game, worth $60 definitely for anyone who didn't play it the first time around, arguably worth that if you're like me and adore the game.
Jeike Magalang (1 day ago)
DKC 4: TR Is Already On Switch
Richard Hembree (2 days ago)
If you've never played this game, but enjoyed platformers like Rayman Legends, Mario Bros. Wii U, or Donkey Kong Country Returns, then this game is absolutely worth the $60. I was actually surprised it was $50 on the WiiU and even more surprised when they dropped it to $20. I feel like the amount of heart and soul that went into making this game was worth way more than that. That being said, I'm going to buy it for the Switch despite having it on WiiU because I really want to try Funky Mode.
MistZ - Gaming (2 days ago)
How many save files do you get?
Discord (2 days ago)
its a full retail price in my country for this game... literally the same price as Zelda BOTW and Mario Odessey. its a no buy, its just a plain rip off. its a port nintendo should be disgusted. not to mention the switch is overly priced along with those overly priced joycons. Nintendo is realllllly milking the cash cow on this one.
Ninetales Commander (2 days ago)
It's funny because I planned to get this game for Nintendo Wii U but something kept telling me not to. Now I am so happy I didn't.
Games Are Fun (2 days ago)
It’s an amazing game, but it doesn’t look any different. Will likely buy some amazing games on Switch I haven’t played before instead.
FrogFucious (2 days ago)
Yep I’m just another dude who bought most of the essentials on the Wii U but more power to the peeps that get to experience these awesome games.
Matthew Kelly (2 days ago)
I already got the game on the Wii U, I might not buy the game again since I don't have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe because I have the original game on the Wii U.
TheBoneHeadClan (3 days ago)
You sound like NomComms
Creepaface , (3 days ago)
*N E W F U N K Y M O D E*
Demon Bow (3 days ago)
Should have online
JP (3 days ago)
This 60fps or just the video?
James H (3 days ago)
Why is there an embargo on a game that has already been out for years?
BigAlvideos101 (4 days ago)
Well, if playing in Funky Mode- who runs the shop?
LuLu (4 days ago)
Wasn't it 720p on WiiU upscaled to 1080p?
John W (4 days ago)
I got the game on Wii U but I never played it. Not sure if I should sell or just make time to play it at home.
White Knight 5 (4 days ago)
I bought it on Wii U so no I'm not getting this on Switch unless it's super cheap. I see no point..
monkey mook (4 days ago)
please please please stop saying "Hello there lovely people, it's Alex from NintendoLife here.." at the start of every video. I have to mute every video before it starts so I don't have to hear it again, and that's if I can stand to click it. Please come up with 5 new greetings that you can mix n match or make a jingle!
Ryowhosakazaki (4 days ago)
My answer will be.... NO!
Skeletor (4 days ago)
If they sold it at $35 I would buy it in a heartbeat. $50? F that... Edit: omg it’s $60 Wow... 😂😂😂
Prince Sidion (4 days ago)
I got this on wii u, but never got past world 2
Cliffordlonghead (4 days ago)
Funky is like Knuckles from Donkey Kong
J Orchard (4 days ago)
I have just realised, this is Nintendo cashing in on not having a backward compatibility of any sort. If this console was a home console only, no doubt it would have been backward compatible with Wii U but not Wii! That hurts a little.
DAVID T (5 days ago)
What about he answers the question in the title? Too much to ask for I guess
Spangar (5 days ago)
Ha jokes on you I haven't even bought it on wii u
Connor Rawle (6 days ago)
This game looks incredible!
MaddestMike (6 days ago)
Has Alex ever been on DidYouKnowGaming? :D
Jon Rojas (6 days ago)
If you've never played the game you should absolutely buy it. However, I can't see myself purchasing the same title twice.
Daniel Moore (6 days ago)
You didn't answer the question you made in the title... Is it worth it if you already have it on Wii u. My son wanted to play it but we have a Wii u. Got it recently for the Wii u for £15. No way therefore is it worth paying £60 for. Unless you're crazy or a Nintendo fan boy/girl with more money than sense.
NintenCoaster (6 days ago)
I can't believe some Switch owners...who SKIPPED Wii U, would rather go through the trouble of looking for a $20-30 used Wii U JUST to play the $20 selects version. Wow...well, looks like this amazing game will fail...again. A damn shame.
Brian Perez (6 days ago)
So i have a question i heard dk 64 was the four edition to dk country and country returns is 5th and then this would be the 6th but idk. I think they say that because in dk 64 wrinkly kong dies and shes a ghost and she mentions something about the 3rd game. So idk or was that a lie Also i would really like to see a type of dk 64 / mario oddys. Donkey kong game again but with Kremlin’s tho and maybe the new people as well
Crack Crackers (6 days ago)
Might be just me but I thought Country Returns was WAY better Edit: On 3DS that is, didn't like the Wii controls for the game
Isaiah McIntire (7 days ago)
Why were the kong letters not colored in ?? Can you get the special level on funky mode? Someone pls answer .
The Pixel Gamer (7 days ago)
iownalx23 (7 days ago)
im not buying it because i suck at Returns. and i wont play funky mode.
Chris Hartman (7 days ago)
I’m buying it
Petey Inz (7 days ago)
Any amiibo support?
XXtheJUMPoffXX (7 days ago)
Not worth it
Siddif (7 days ago)
I never bought the game on Wii U despite having one so I will likely get this game on Switch. My only problem is I never got in to DKC:R after playing it. It just wasn’t the same feeling as the original trio.
Koopa Library (7 days ago)
I never got this on the wii u so i might get it for the switch
sebastian lacuesta (7 days ago)
this game is so good that when I sold my wii U, I ceept the game just to have it on the shelves
Meister_Yoda (7 days ago)
Donkey Kong Country returns was much better than tropical freeze
Joonas Jussila (2 days ago)
Meister_Yoda Why?
David Ramos (7 days ago)
I would get it only bc I never played it for the Wii u but god damn 60 bucks for this? Idk Nintendo..
Nendonintendo (7 days ago)
I'll probably get it on WiiU anyway, since it's way cheaper.
Znakemaster (7 days ago)
I made this side by side comparison to educate you: https://imgur.com/gallery/sX7YfUy Full RGB is not meant to be used with a tv, but rather with a pc monitor. If you set it on a tv, yes you will see that colors will "pop", but it will crush blacks and oversaturate colors into ranges that they were made to be shown in. Notice how much information is lost among the coins and columns in the background. Do yourself a favor. Set that switch to limited where it belongs and recalibrate your tv if you feel the colors are lacking. You're welcome.
dennis neo (7 days ago)
Now this is the look I like for games. I HATE modern first person shooters. Awful, drab colours, greys, and browns. This is how a game should look. Rich, bright colours, with cartoony graphics.
Jaimee Roberts (7 days ago)
The Switch wont last if it doesn’t start pushing out better titles. The fact that RE Revelations 2 became available says alot for a 5 year old game. They need to embrace all gamers and not exclude M rated titles. Also I am just now seeing nintendo is just shovel-ware since the wii, with scarce good titles. Porting over and re-releasing games. How about some other game franchises?
Questionable Logic (4 days ago)
Jaimee Roberts Gotta get that low effort Wii U port money ya feel me
Lorraine Stone (7 days ago)
This Game Really Really Sucked. Donkey Kong Country Again, only let's ADD SOME ICE Characters just rehash rehash rehash. Can't we go back to Donkey Kongs Roots, i.e. Mario vs. Donkey Kong (w/Barrels and Hammers).
Joonas Jussila (2 days ago)
Lorraine Stone Also going back to Donkey Kong's roots is rehashing so what's your point?
Joonas Jussila (2 days ago)
Lorraine Stone So game sucked because it wasn't Mario vs. Donkey Kong? Dumbest logic ever.
BoltStrike (7 days ago)
I didn't even want it the first time, I sure as hell don't want it the second time. Isn't it about time DK did something new and not just a level pack with the same old mechanics we've seen for 20 years?
Joonas Jussila (2 days ago)
BoltStrike It's not level pack if you don't know.
Joonas Jussila (2 days ago)
BoltStrike Oh, you again complaining about platformers and their mechanics. I'll give tip for you: Go to make a good platformer with new and unique mechanics yourself because platformer mechanics are so "stagnated".
HeavyMetalSonicRM (7 days ago)
I don't get how this can be 1080/60, but Star Allies is 900/30.
HeavyMetalSonicRM (7 days ago)
It's 100% worth it just to play it in 1080p. It will be excellent on my 65" OLED. 720p on a large 4K screen is unbearable.
Areguil (7 days ago)
Good ol Nintendo making people rebuy their games...
TheTSA57 (7 days ago)
Since the video didn't actually directly answer the question in the title... No. It's not.
roermy (8 days ago)
Definitely worth it
Akyol (8 days ago)
I didn't have a wii u so I couldn't play this game. Do you think it is worth buying for switch?
EdgySpanishJedi (8 days ago)
Loved Returns on the 3DS and Wii. This is definitely a must-buy!
JCS (8 days ago)
Mehhh, at $60 it's not worth rebuying it, at $40 maybe...
DAVITLES (8 days ago)
Here's a hint for all of you. No.
Matthew Lee (8 days ago)
I never got a Wii U, therfore I've never bought this game before. But I have a Switch now so yeah I think it's worth buying
James Habgood (8 days ago)
I had this on the Wii U and have pre ordered it for the Switch. It’s such a good game!
John Grey (8 days ago)
5:38 what if you don't have a surfboard (because i don't have one)
Robert Garza (8 days ago)
Dude you gotta change that hello lovely people shit its getting old bro
Pasi. (8 days ago)
Yes you should.
referral madness (8 days ago)
If you have this on the wiiu then don't buy it on the switch otherwise buy it.
Micah Cease (8 days ago)
I would buy it again but...$60.
Ben Loohole (8 days ago)
Funky mode equals Kirby mode, nice touch Nintendo, good for lazy gamers and kids but what's the point having a rumble feature if it's not used to it's full potential in this game. DKC: Tropical Freeze is a good platformer but for a full price game will people rush out and buy it, I don't so, when there are other good full price games available on the Switch. Looks like Nintendo are trying to cash in selling DKC: Tropical Freeze at full price.
Nintendium Armour (8 days ago)
Best platformer of all time. But I won't be buying again at that price.
Stroop wafel (8 days ago)
Does Nintendo pay you for this?
Genxtasy 99 (8 days ago)
Hell no. Bought it on Wii U which I still have hooked up. I don't play on the go. But that's just me
Dibb The Squib (8 days ago)
I played this game until I got to world 3, and now I bearly remember the game, should I buy it again?
AM Real (8 days ago)
Get good not funky lol
The Lone Warrior (8 days ago)
Are there extra levels or can you not talk about that?
Questionable Logic (4 days ago)
The Lone Warrior The only new thing in the game is funky mode. Everything else is the same.
TheLonelyGoomba (8 days ago)
I'll say it once, and I'll say it again. Charging $60 for a game that launched 4 years ago at $50 leaves a bad taste in my mouth. That and the game was permanently reduced to $20 for Nintendo selects. So you are essentially paying an extra $40 for not owning a Wii U.
Discord (14 hours ago)
Stup ID, exactly that it was released on an older generation platform...... u literally answered ur own question. Wii U $19.99, Switch $59.99 and they are exactly identical games. as said before funky mode added to the game doesnt warrent a full retail price its a $29.99 best.
Stup ID (14 hours ago)
Discord Ok that I used the word remake was a mistake, but that doesn't change the point I was trying to make. What does it matter whether the Game was already released for a different platform or not?
Discord (15 hours ago)
Stup ID, but donkey kong isnt a remake its nothing more then a port.... with funky mode it still doesnt warrant a full retail price tag, just like every other wii u port. hell look at some of its snes and nes games on eshop for the switch... majority of them are $8.... sorry but they are nothing more then $3 games. this is Nintendo milking the cash cow and recouping their wii u failure.
Stup ID (17 hours ago)
Triss Merigold I think you're missing the point... The fact that it's a remake doesn't make it worth more or less. It's quality that does. And this Game holds up perfectly today...
Discord (2 days ago)
inlovewithi, wrong GTA V is still the same price today as its the hottest game of all time generated billions of dollars for rockstar. the game still sells like hot cakes and it still gets constant updates and DLC. Donkey Kong's failure doesnt dictate its full price, it should be reduced in pricing, its a $35 dollar game max and wont be getting new free DLC unlike GTA5, and GTA5 is a multiplayer game with many many game mode features as well as single player, Donkey Kong does not.
Sonicice 24 (8 days ago)
I might pick this up
Danny Alvarez (8 days ago)
I love donkey kong country. But selling the game for full price again with one new character? No thanks...
John McCloskey (8 days ago)
Funky kong for smash 5
George Ashley (8 days ago)
I never had it on my Wii U so it's a must have for me :)
James Keith Tampus (8 days ago)
Not worth it.
luisfernandolt (8 days ago)
I’ll wait until there’s a sale. I already passed it on Wii U and I do wanna double dip but I’ll just wait for a sale. There’s no hurry for me to replay it.
Soph H (8 days ago)
Well I never owned a wii u so yea, I'm buying it
Yumsushi Da Best (8 days ago)
Can't buy it 'again' if you haven't brought the original
Zac Golus (8 days ago)
Never bought it on Wii U so it’s a definite purchase for meeeeee
Ninten dude789 (8 days ago)
Should I buy it again? Never owned the game since my Wii U was only a Smash machine. I'll definitely pick it up!
CordOso (8 days ago)
Never played it so I’m pretty excited
Mokhtar Elbachir (8 days ago)
>80$ in Canada. Yeah. No.

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