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Top 15 Nintendo 3DS Platforming Games

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A collection of the 3DS best platformer adventures video games ever released. They’re the handheld console's top titles for high-flying, obstacle-avoiding action. Buy these games here and help support this channel via the Amazon affiliate links below: * Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World https://goo.gl/LWL8HZ * Cave Story 3D https://goo.gl/gPkWFt * Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D https://goo.gl/J2pFq0 * Shantae and the Pirate's Curse https://goo.gl/SLu2D3 * Kirby: Planet Robobot https://goo.gl/t8a11H * Super Mario 3D Land https://goo.gl/mzw39T whatoplay updates you with the latest, the most anticipated and the best PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS and Android video games today. Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover and Share your video game choices at https://whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ - https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay - https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay - https://instagram.com/whatoplay - https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/.
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Text Comments (150)
Hauteclere (3 days ago)
Anyone else played cave story on psp homebrew?
RetroNoticias (1 month ago)
10:28 HD?
Jolt X (3 months ago)
Im one of the few that actually like chibi robo zip lash, cant say Im surprised it didnt make it to the list XD and regarding kirby, triple deluxe is fantastic as well
wecameasandys (5 months ago)
Great video very informative just bought my first 3ds and currently have Pokemon moon,and paper Mario sticker star...there are so many good games on the 3ds it's so hard to pick your next game to buy.no matter what you pick,you feel like you are missing out on something
austin.lewis77 (7 months ago)
Why did he say super monkey ball HD?
master zombie (9 months ago)
kirby planet robobot multiplayer shovel knight multiplayer WTF is this
Cody Orvik (9 months ago)
Let’s face it though, the Wii U destroys the 3DS when it comes to platformers.
XxDoggyXx (9 months ago)
the 700s like
Diego (10 months ago)
I really like your videos, are awesome. If I may give you a suggestion it would be make a video with great games to play on local mode with the friends who have the 3ds. Thanks for everything!
low_quality_memes (1 year ago)
This channel has less originality than watchmojo. At least they have to come up with retarded lists to make, you just take lists that other people already made for you and add nothing to the equation.
P o P (1 year ago)
10:29 Super Monkey Ball HD?
Dieimis Assumpção (1 year ago)
Maravilhoso! Parabéns pelo vídeo!
Potatro tatro (1 year ago)
I came for Donkey Kong
lnsflare1 (2 months ago)
Potatro tatro And we don't judge you for that.
Daniel Bakken (1 year ago)
wheres new super mario bros 2???
Hein S (1 year ago)
if you're going to talk about top 16-20, so why not just start at TOP 20. Most of the time honorable mentions are just mentioned by game name. If you're going to take the time and talk about game 16-20, then those should just be included from #20 down.
juicebox jr. (1 year ago)
why the decimal numbers..? Just round them up or down depending what the decimal is. Especially when showed 8.06. Like, really?
Sberg (1 year ago)
je said super monkey ball hd not 3d
Big Smoke (1 year ago)
Oh shit its ourmine time
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Damn it, OurMine. Glad it's fixed now! Sorry about that!
Ryan (1 year ago)
9:34 when they show the wrong game that wasn't even on the 3ds..... I swear where do they even get their information or does anyone even proof check it?
Ryan (1 year ago)
whatoplay Swap force actually does have an official trailer tho...
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Sorry about that, but we are very careful with copyright claims. So we make sure we get the clips from their official sources.
Ray Bacz (1 year ago)
i'm sure it's a official launch trailer or something 'coz it's a multi-platform game.
Pfaff James (1 year ago)
What about super mario maker
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Super Mario Maker appeared with the Mario series at 11:37 with a PlayScore of *8.61*.
Ryan (1 year ago)
Pfaff James Crap on 3ds
AngelTribalWolf (1 year ago)
thanks #whatoplay for doing platformers on the 3DS, i love that genre so much and Great Video
wecameasandys (5 months ago)
Platformers have always been my favorite,to bad some of the best ones are owned by Sony like Spyro,crash bandicoot,ty the Tasmanian tiger,ratchet and clank,jak and daxter etc...not to say we are left in the cold just saying...I think my next platformer is going to be one of the two Rayman 3ds games...I'm so excited to play everything I can get my hands on I just bought my first 3ds 2 days ago...t
whatoplay (1 year ago)
No problem! :)
whatoplay (1 year ago)
You're welcome! :)
Brandon Payton-Coons (1 year ago)
super monkey ball HD
BT D (1 year ago)
Finally! Planet robobot gets some love!!
Emile Saydo (1 year ago)
kh 3d :'(
Emile Saydo (1 year ago)
ho shit you're right my bad
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Hey, it's not a Platformer. D:
魔悪 (1 year ago)
i think wathtoplay is better than IGN iam i the only one?
Kolossal Squid (1 year ago)
whatoplay I realy can't describe my feelings about how bad i miss Cave story 3d in your runners up. No offense.
Kolossal Squid (1 year ago)
whatoplay Keep going. Love your channel.
Vansh Lohia (1 year ago)
Ilyass Wolfy whatoplay is way better than IGN
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Aww, thanks! But we still have a long way to go, guys. :)
魔悪 (1 year ago)
+whatoplay sorry i don't mean to start an argument
MiDo Ni (1 year ago)
Great video only one thing. You called Sonic's rings "coins"
MiDo Ni (1 year ago)
whatoplay no worries just wanted to give a heads up :)
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Crap. I said that? Sorry. T T
zentgamer36 (1 year ago)
Surprisingly I don't have 3D Land, might as well pick it up
wecameasandys (5 months ago)
Thinking the same thing I almost picked it up today because it was only 17 bucks at game stop but I went with paper Mario instead
Brandon (1 year ago)
Malik Crim (1 year ago)
3d land is amazing. one of the best mario games.
zentgamer36 (1 year ago)
Danny Kazari I have 3D World and I love it, but the fact that you can take that and play it on the go is really awesome!!
Danny Kazari (1 year ago)
Imo it's not too great, it's very "safe", 3D World on the Wii U definitely improved the gameplay by a lot
NueThunderKing (1 year ago)
You should do a PSP playlist, I've been seeking new games to play there. Anyway awesome recommendations though I'm sad that this gen we missed on Castlevania and Megaman entries on the 3DS.
Salyhin Chowdhury (1 year ago)
+whatoplay The PSP is no longer relevant like the DS
whatoplay (1 year ago)
We'd love to! But apparently we lack the necessary Gamer and Critic scores for most of the PSP games. :(
Salyhin Chowdhury (1 year ago)
don't you mean vita
Soviet Ninja (1 year ago)
Why is shovel knight $25 on the 3Ds. When it's $15 on the PS4 for the same game? Doesn't make any sense at all
Jinsei Cast (1 year ago)
+Mugiwara no Link That is why I said "some" not "all".
Salyhin Chowdhury (1 year ago)
Pokemon is still around £25 to £30 and Bravely Default is still £30 to £35
Jinsei Cast (1 year ago)
+Mugiwara no Link At the moment, not really. Digital sales have been a reoccurrence so far; quite often in fact. Some games are even on sale for 50% less. As for Nintendo games, some prices were permanently slashed due to being a "Nintendo Select". So they are definitely cheaper now.
zentgamer36 (1 year ago)
LOLMASSSS2442 There is more content on the 3DS version
LadronJD (1 year ago)
LOLMASSSS2442 because it's portable
Vocaloid Fun (1 year ago)
The Legend of Dark Witch is one I recommend people. It's good. The second one is better thsn the first one though.
Fist Of Justice (1 year ago)
What's so Special about Nintendo? I mean Ps4 and Xbox beats it hands down Lol
Fist Of Justice *Games are not about graphics* ... When will you be able to understand it? Sorry but if you think that way, you're ignorant. The Nintendo games are amazing and fun to play. Just because you think better graphics are crucial for a good game it doesn't mean Nintendo is garbage. Just because you don't see it out there too often it doesn't mean it sucks. The Super Nintendo was my first videogame, PlayStation 2 was my second, and now I have a 3DS and a PS3, and I love both Thank God I'm not like the nowadays kids who think good games are only shooting, gore, sexual content and awesome graphics. Grow up ;) Did you know that PlayStation wouldn't exist if Nintendo didn't?
Skullkid Majora (1 year ago)
Fist Of Justice If you are so worried about graphics you would not be playing Xbox or PlayStation. I play PC Xbox and Nintendo but Nintendo still has some of the best games.
Mega Scizor TCG (1 year ago)
Fist Of Justice graphics arebt the only thing
Fist Of Justice (1 year ago)
Jinsei Cast Yeah mate.It feels amazing to be part of a Game developing company but then I want to create my Own company which will take me years to fulfill this considering am broke right now.
Fist Of Justice (1 year ago)
Digital Dragon LMAOoo Mate You don't even know when to use past and present tense and you are correcting my Capitalization.I don't want to annoy you or anything but let's just forget the English lesson.
Justus O'Connor (1 year ago)
nice video 👍, HATE THE PUNS THO
whatoplay (1 year ago)
But...we love the puns. :'(
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Thank youuu and we're sorry for the terrible puns. xD
Alberto Guadalupe (1 year ago)
Where is Steamworld dig?
Red W (1 year ago)
Good. You are doing so good. Amazing channel. Thumb up !
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for that! :)
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Ploys.Maw (1 year ago)
I would've liked to see 'Legend of the Dark Witch,' get at least a mention, no matter. It's OST is pretty damn good.
Surprised mighty switch force didnt make it, it has to have at least a 7 or something
ProzBrozPlayz // PBP (1 year ago)
What's the play score of evoland (on iOS)?
WM Tube (1 year ago)
cool , addictive games
Caleb (1 year ago)
I remember playing super Mario 3D Land for hours a day when it came out
Rafinga (1 year ago)
first dislike :3
Rafinga (1 year ago)
sorry like 340 and sub
whatoplay (1 year ago)
sebastian diaz (1 year ago)
UwU <3
wuffy (1 year ago)
240p cancer
FMJAAT (1 year ago)
sonic collects.... coins?
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Sorry I said that! I meant rings!
Hayden Osborne (1 year ago)
Seeing BoxBoy and Gunman Clive get recognition made me so happy
@whattoplay- What gaming platforms does your PlayScore system contain reviews for?
whatoplay (1 year ago)
We have PlayScores for 11 different platforms: PC, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, 3DS, Wii U, and the Nintendo Switch, as well as the mobile's Android and iOS. :)
CaptainCotton (1 year ago)
awesome video!
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Red Ned (1 year ago)
When you were pouring the Bisquick were you trying to make Pancakes?
Spoicy.mp4 (1 year ago)
Rifqi Rupiah_012 (1 year ago)
why did you want to be first ?
Spoicy.mp4 (1 year ago)
Calm Fang dang it. always wanted to be first
Red Ned (1 year ago)
M0R3 SK1LLZ no you arent
Geshvin Gerald (1 year ago)
First comment first like :O

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