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How does a Steam Turbine Work ?

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Please support us at Patreon.com so that we can add one more member to the team and will be able to release 2 educational videos/month. https://www.patreon.com/LearnEngineering Nuclear and coal based thermal power plants together produce almost half of the world’s power. Steam turbines lie at the heart of these power plants. They convert thermal energy in the steam to mechanical energy. This video will explain the inner workings of the steam turbines and why they are constructed the way they are in a step by step logical manner.
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Learn Engineering (1 year ago)
Please support us at Patreon.com so that we can add one more member to the team and will be able to release 2 educational videos/month. https://www.patreon.com/LearnEngineering
1953emo (17 hours ago)
Hi, Learn Engineering, about two or three weeks ago I made Slovak subtitles for this video and they are not offered yet.
xinxin jia (1 month ago)
I can reform steam turbines.
prince tech (2 months ago)
Aman Singh (6 months ago)
Most informative channel on youtube, I am addicted to your jet engine and turbine videos, must for every engineering college and the way you explain , even schools can show them to kids
Ranjeet Srivastava (9 months ago)
Learn Engineeri
kush unplugged! (5 days ago)
Sir, thanks a ton for this, I promise to donate to your cause as soon as I get a job. Thanks again sir ❤️❤️
love you sir thanks
rida wadood (8 days ago)
by far this is the most effective video i have seen related to steam turbine...great work
Mikel Yu (13 days ago)
How did end here from videos about nuclear reactors?
Ashik Khan (17 days ago)
Superb explanation !! At last i have related all things much better !! guys,you are awesome 😀😀😀 !! totally speechless😶😶
ِ ِ (22 days ago)
Arabic ؟؟
test it (23 days ago)
turbine blade material used in aircraft can able to withstand 1800k
Sanjeev kc (24 days ago)
Thank you so much
Best one
Chaitanya Todkar (1 month ago)
Please add video showing the difference in between reaction and impulse turbine.
Lou Fazio (1 month ago)
Excellent. I find the scope of explanation very good, and not too basic.
xinxin jia (1 month ago)
I can reform steam turbines.
xinxin jia (1 month ago)
Navnath Kadam (1 month ago)
Hot steam ki vajah ham cold steam use nahi kar sakte kya ?
nobywils (1 month ago)
God sent! Thank you...
Gage Micale (2 months ago)
Great video a lot of help for college students!
bharathiraja d (2 months ago)
this is just a reaction turbine
IpJaeho SmileRICH (2 months ago)
Good contents of steam turbine in powerplant. Thanks ^^
serdal atikboğa (2 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAZtzPB519k&t=2s I work there is a very difficult and laborious process, this provides a simpler and cleaner energy.
serdal atikboğa (2 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZrKnhVyxgU&t=18s alternative home made clean energy
NAZIM JUBA2 (2 months ago)
Sparsh Garg (2 months ago)
It was really helpful Thanks a lot!!
Mohamed Mahmoud (2 months ago)
الرجاء الترجمه للمساعده والسهوله للفهم جزاكم الله خيرا
Aditya Prakash Maurya (2 months ago)
Sir please make a vedio of nuclear reactor in 3D
manohar sade (2 months ago)
Why the hp turbine is in smaller then lp turbine
Letters (2 months ago)
Does his voice not fade out when he used all of his voice clips?
Govind Devpuje (2 months ago)
very nice well teaching
N3PEC (2 months ago)
The part about the "speed" of the turbine varying is inaccurate!
shubham satone (2 months ago)
how axial thrust is reduced in high pressure and intermediate pressure turbine
shinukism shnuck (2 months ago)
what if the ugly humans compensate for their looks by earning more money? that will make the human race uglier, no?
Klaus Jürgen (2 months ago)
You vorgett something very important! Hwo much energy are lose at so callet NPP in the mining in the Enrichment and in the Reprocessing! Its a lai!
WRolandoQ (2 months ago)
Aryan Yousefi (3 months ago)
thanks a lot
technical Abhi (3 months ago)
Thank you learn engineering
Michael Ingling (3 months ago)
Can a tesla turbine be scaled up for the same purpose?
Bahamin Bazooyar (3 months ago)
suhail nazir (3 months ago)
You guys have saved my ass on more than one occasion!
Rupesh Bhalerao (3 months ago)
Hami Erkan (3 months ago)
*You share very good information.Thanks very much.* *Energy Systems Engineer - Hami Erkan , From TURKEY 🇹🇷*
Timo Neumann (3 months ago)
There is an important error in this video. 2:50 shows the entire low pressure turbine. But the animation is missing the first row of turbine guide vanes. In turbines you always need a stator in front of the rotor to give angular momentum to the flowing gas. The turbine blades will use the energy of this angular momentum and convert it to power according to eulers law. If the gas goes through the first turbine blade row withot that momentum, the first row cannot generate any power.
Aircoll (4 months ago)
I've always thought that the blades positioned opposite of the other moves in the other direction.
Krishan Veer (4 months ago)
You guys are doing a commendable work..keep going.
lakhani anand (4 months ago)
superb video
sy yap (4 months ago)
very clear info, thank you very much
John Walters (5 months ago)
Subtitles are a very annoying distraction preventing full appreciation of the tutorials . The instructors' voices sound wierdley robot like and effect further loss of concentration .
Tim Rood (5 months ago)
Solid explanation. Thanks!
Robert Woodliff (5 months ago)
Great work . Thank you .
Christopher Nicodemus (5 months ago)
Thank you for posting, nice video, very useful for my research. Thanks again.
CAX Express (5 months ago)
Great video ! keep going your amazing work ! Thank you !
Tech Mech GO (5 months ago)
Nice video dear sir. Grow channel- #techmechgo
andr3iu (5 months ago)
In the "Boiler, How it works" video you said that presussure would ideally remain the same but it increases a bit because of friction and other stuff... But in this video you are saying that pressure is source of energy and I understand that pressure is desired....
harshitha V GOWDA (2 months ago)
+anl2468 in boiler there will be a continuous supply of powerd coal which get heated, in boiler it also connected with pump for supply of water
anl2468 (4 months ago)
You add a pump priot to the heating process to increase pressure
Joel Mwaura (5 months ago)
Great educational video.
Shantay Prueeissen (5 months ago)
My works too. Used Avasva handbooks and build it with no problems.
chandrasekar Sivakumar (6 months ago)
What is key phases in steam turbine?
chandrasekar Sivakumar (6 months ago)
Necessary of Labyrinth seals?
chandrasekar Sivakumar (6 months ago)
What is turbine sealing system?
chandrasekar Sivakumar (6 months ago)
Steam turbine first stage pressure low means what will happened inside or high means what will happened?
Spidy 9011 (6 months ago)
Nice video sir
Francisco Aldunate (6 months ago)
HAPTIC (6 months ago)
Gas Turbine Parts Supplier - https://www.haptic.ro/product-category/gas-turbine-parts/
syed taha AHMED (7 months ago)
Temperature is averagae kinetic energy of molecules.
Grant Bowker (7 months ago)
I would like to know the different power requirements needed for stream turbine, steam engine and gas turbine
Vaibhav Kalamkar (7 months ago)
Thank you. Keep doing the good work.
dipak karande (7 months ago)
nice video
احمد البنا (7 months ago)
عندي طريقه لتوليد الكهرباء أريد دعمكم
SurgeTheUrge (7 months ago)
How exactly is heat turned into velocity?
Daily life taste (8 months ago)
Abhimanyu Roat (8 months ago)
There's just so much detail in a video of such short duration, makes it a treat to watch. Our prof shows your channel's videos in class and god knows I have fallen in love with the content.
Roshan Mishra (8 months ago)
Hello Sir! 1.How do we decide whether we should be using impulse turbine or reaction turbine?2. The fixed blades shown in this video are attached to what?3. Do we attach nozzles in reaction turbines?? Thanks in advance sir!!!!!
manoj chahare (8 months ago)
Sir make a vidio on steam flow chart
see technical training power plant training videos at www.tectrapro.com
Nabre Labre (8 months ago)
I wouldn't have thought a steam turbine would have as many blades or stages as a jet engine
[O] MEMORIES (9 months ago)
being engineer i would like to appreciate and thanks to this video...
sultan abdalgfar (9 months ago)
you're the best
M Rehman Akram (9 months ago)
Sir please videos upload in urdu language .
Zulqarnain Ali (9 months ago)
excellent video, I am your 100% supporter... please add videos related to cooling system of a steam turbine. it should include control oil and lube oil cooling systems what is the difference between them. Also, upload video how to control turbine in an emergency situation ...bundle of thanks in anticipation
Pritam Singharoy (9 months ago)
Roshan Mishra (9 months ago)
Sir it was indeed an awesome video, but we expect u to explain the entire process right from boiler outlet to electricity generation for much vivid understanding. Thanks !👌
Don Gertan (9 months ago)
Thanks for this video. This helps me alot.
Edw S (9 months ago)
Flow governor (control valve ) functioning to adjust steam flow in to maintain turbine rotation remain constant .( refer to standard frequency of output).
torque395 (10 months ago)
So a steam turbine doesn't use steam exclusively? Its more like a superheated water turbine? (which means that there's got to be pressure also to increase the boiling point)
Ahnaf Sakib (10 months ago)
Very helpful ✌️
magneto was right (10 months ago)
my chemistry teacher made me watch this. yo this shit wack!
sandeep (10 months ago)
great work great explanation
Lelebest89 (10 months ago)
wich 3D design programs do you use to model mechanical parts?
Lodewijk Vrije (10 months ago)
i think our best bet for renewable energy will be Fusion, you take a metal of pretty much any kind turn it into a liquid as hot as you can get it. and then you start to compress it, until it gets real real hot (millions of degrees C) it is now called plasma (we can make this it is possible, we are just struggling suspending the plasma so that it doesn't burn down the power plant) the best thing about Fusion is is that if you put in 1, you get 100 back (its insanely efficient) and because it works on the principal of turning metals into plasma, we already have enough fuel stored up for decades, in the form of nuclear power plant waste. of course this still requires a steam generator to convert the heat into electricity.plasma just burn so hot, that you could probably run a multitude of steam generators of one plasma source. vacuum compressing metal isn't the only way of creating plasma btw, another way which is being researched is with high powered lasers, the downside of course being that you need a small power plant to create your plasma with the type of lasers involved.
Lodewijk Vrije (10 months ago)
if you are interested in making plasma or what it looks like, you can make a very basic form of plasma right at home! all though i do not recommend doing it inside, and i do recommend keeping a save distance from your little project. you will need a microwave of at least 750 watts, 3 metal bottle caps of the same size, and a piece of wood, like a match stick, or kebab skewer. and a normal tall drinking class. and a small piece of silly putty, or similar substance put the microwave outside, and put the 3 bottle caps in it in a triangle formation. put the silly putty in the middle of the triangle, and stick the match or skewer in it sticking straight up. the glass should now be able to stand upside down on the 3 bottle caps, with the match stick or skewer inside the glass. this is what you want, take the glass out, set your microwave in normal microwaving mode. and set the timer for 2 minutes. now light the match stick or kebab skewer, gently place the glass over the match and standing on the 3 bottle caps. close the door, and take distance. almost instantly green, and red lightning bolts will surge on the inside of the glass, and it makes a Wierd un describable noise too. you have now created a rudimentary form of plasma. now wait out the 2 minutes from a save distance, when you come back you see just how hot that plasma has burned, as in 2 minutes it should reach temperatures between the 1400-1500 degree C mark, that is well within the melting point of glass, which you will see. if your microwave survives 2 minutes that is. if your microwave survived i would let it sit for an hour or more, as glass cools down relatively slowly. but then when you take the glass out, and feel the surface of it. you can see it had started to melt, sometimes it gets even hot enough to make drips of glass that cooled down again while they were running down the glass.
antigen4 (10 months ago)
firefox is bullshit
Sam (10 months ago)
@Learn Engineering , I have a question I haven't been able to find the answer to in my books or online. -I noticed in the video, during the explanation of steam via 2nd law of thermodynamics, the narrator mentioned how the higher temperature of the steam leads to *"higher efficiency of the power plant"* (with respect to the turbines' temperature limit). -My question is: Does that statement of 'efficiency' take into account the amount of coal (or other fuel source) added to increase the temperature vs the power output of the generator? OR is it Only in regards to the temperature of the steam vs power output (not taking account of heat source)? Great video nonetheless! -Sam
H-GAMER (10 months ago)
awesome video thanks a lot
Outplayed (10 months ago)
Where is heat/energy output
SRINIVASRAO SANAM (10 months ago)
why will a fluid move in case of a steam turbain
milson castro (10 months ago)
Faltó lo más importante el condensador y recuperación de condensados .
Praveen Soni (10 months ago)
Sir please make a video related with whirling of shafts and and how it could be avoided.....
Ismayil Ismayilov (11 months ago)
:D oha herkesten beklerdim ama hadiseden beklemezdim ifşasını yayınlamışlar bakın http://bivogugasajij.tk/?youtubev__V_d_
HH (11 months ago)
In a turbine the stator comes first
jockellis (10 months ago)
HH Just the opposite. Rotor 0 or 1 is first then the statue.
Bharathi Saravanan (11 months ago)
thank you so much for this video sir but can't understand some words when you speak continuously once again thank you so much sir
Tolga Tuna (11 months ago)
thank you so much for turkısh language :) :)))))
damon sturgill (11 months ago)
what a terrible speaking voice ....
Kulan Chandrasekaran (2 months ago)
damon sturgill This video has one of the most clear narrations, perfect English pronunciation and syntax, with correct volume of speech, and appropriate intonation. It features one of the best voices of any YouTube technical videos.
shubham sharma (11 months ago)
Will you please add the video describing all three governing of steam turbine . I have to learn them before my exams

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