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How This Lake in Northwest Asia Got Deadlier Than Chernobyl

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Kento Bento (14 days ago)
Crazy stuff happened in the Southern Ural Mountains. Anyone heard of these deadly lakes or nuclear accidents before? And let us know if you want us to continue with this storytime/illustration style! There is also a documentary on Netflix called 'City 40' that covers the lives of the subsequent generations living in Ozersk after the Mayak disasters - what they had to go through and what their lives are like now (at least the ones that are left). Check it out if you want to know more. Available Subtitles so far: ENGLISH, SPANISH, CROATIAN, MALAY, TURKISH, PORTUGUESE, POLISH (click 'CC') ★ Help us with subtitles in your language! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=SQCfOjhguO0
roboZ starrr (23 hours ago)
good breakdown & animation . . no mention of Dr Medvedev's book which was published late 70's ? ( read it back then ). . . all those grad students doing radiological analysis, year after year in ever widening region from Mayak, repeated studies, on plants/insects/animals . . . which helped further define the EURT region.
how come they don't fill the lake with clay because clay will absorb the radiation and make it safe again, and they can just fill the whole lake with clay to seal it off for good, but no one can live there for at least 100 years because of the soil contamination
Emmett Vandenbroek (11 days ago)
This is a good “zone” for a stalker
TheTruthIsGonnaHurt (12 days ago)
Kento Bento dat segway into Brilliant tho.. 😏
7Seven11Eleven Studios (22 days ago)
I thought it was in Japan 😅
Anti Decepticon (1 hour ago)
Tank Body Pillow (4 hours ago)
the second you said incineration, with quotes i instantly thought of radioactive material being burnt and went into the air.
The Playlist (11 hours ago)
Don’t let this video distract you from the fact that Mr. Krabs sold Spongebob’s soul for 62 cents
Yamaha R1 (13 hours ago)
this is soo sad fuck all governments
RIPX rxque (17 hours ago)
The most dangerous place on earth is still home to chernobyl. Deep in the floor under a core reactor theres a EXTREMELY radioactive liquad/substance called the elephant’s foot. This substance is extremely hot still and the most radioactive substance ever, how?.. the fucking nuclear core over heated and melted all the way down to the bottom of a car parking thingy idk 😐
Bank Robber (17 hours ago)
This all started because of greed and need for power 😔
Nephilibata (20 hours ago)
A movie needs to be made from this
Nathan Green (1 day ago)
Stupid villagers. Just use rad away.
Scrubbys Bitch (1 day ago)
Resident: I wonder why the water is glowing *Drinks it* *Dies of Radiation Poisoning*
Jonathan Camacho (1 day ago)
Was this a 14 min long ad for brilliant.org?
N. I. (1 day ago)
Patton was absolutely correct, we should have nuked Russia too in1945. They had no nukes and no defense against them. Just think how much nicer the world be right now if we did.
DjSquirrel33 (1 day ago)
Uggggg. The final stage was not when the bombs were dropped....that’s when the war in the pacific ended. We had just joined the war and had to fight hitler still....
- - (1 day ago)
4.4 EBq = 4,000,000,000,000,000,000 atomic reactions per second released. It takes a lot to kill you quickly, but much less to kill you slowly. I think if they took safety precautions and didn't rush, maybe we'd have nuclear energy by 2,200 AD. Now we're messing with AI and gene-sequencing which we understand even less and are equally dangerous. We gotta stop leaping all the time and start looking. 12 years till we pretty much screw the planet till we're gone, and no one seems to be interested in fixing the problem.
prototype219 (2 days ago)
Tht was one of the smoothest transactions to a sponsorship I’ve ever seen
photons rising (2 days ago)
OUR village
golden knight (2 days ago)
Dam thats alot of uranium radium and plutonium thats to much radioactive components
Little Crafted United (2 days ago)
That’s a lot of damage
Bo The Flash gaming (2 days ago)
How it's actually possible to be SO GOD DAMN FUCKING STUPID I fucking hate humanity
booognish (2 days ago)
3 mile island was a lot worse than reported by US media. We’re not so different than Soviet Russia when it comes to that.
max adams (2 days ago)
It's like an actual rapture city .. hypostims are replaced by genetic mutations .. Andrew Ryan could be Stalin 😂
Nicollo Malik Lavelle (2 days ago)
Do you have a gieger counter ? I got one at the shop !
Shawn Elliott (3 days ago)
Every single major nuclear accident was the result of incompetence. People are afraid of nuclear power when what they should be afraid of is other people.
daniellekingdjk3 (3 days ago)
this will happen again.Russia doesnt learn from these mistakes
daniellekingdjk3 (3 days ago)
so radiation,death lakes, nuke waste bombs and fallout.If russia wants to self harm why waste so much money doing it .Just steal a small nuke throw it at america and they will do the rest.How is anyone in russia alive with goverments like that
daniellekingdjk3 (3 days ago)
so not only did they pollute miles and miles of their own country but on top of that they made their underground nuke dumps into ticking nuclear time bombs.This makes chernobyl look like a bit of a cough on a school trip
daniellekingdjk3 (3 days ago)
russians .Never cared about radiation.Even when they knew what it would do they still didnt care.
Leo Foenerro (3 days ago)
what the fuck it turned into a commercial in the last minute?
daniellekingdjk3 (3 days ago)
there is a very radioactive desert in the US that may have caused John Waynes fatal bout of cancer.He filmed there and later fell ill with the big c.He is not the only cancer death connected to that area
daniellekingdjk3 (3 days ago)
wrong As well as the nuclear weapons used in world war two on Japan .America has used depleted uranium shells with its ordenance.Some dont count these but they are nukes just not full nukes
Christopher Nery (3 days ago)
The Jews obviously did it.
Chris Sleepsick (3 days ago)
Rick and morty from c-137? *cesium-137* Ah I see now.
wassuup (3 days ago)
Dont let this distract you from the fact that DJ akademiks is not a DJ
Fruit Punch Samurai (3 days ago)
fuck off with this "seamless" marketing, I don't givve a fuck about "brilliant"
the worst nuclear incident i knew of was hiroshima
danner253 (3 days ago)
I don't understand why this wasn't discussed. Chernobyl was small potatoes in comparison
888b-cool (3 days ago)
Say 11 year eyes wide open like etc
generic username (4 days ago)
ello blazers
Omega Legion (4 days ago)
Ryan Thomas (4 days ago)
Fuck humans suck donkey dick.
I make Edits (4 days ago)
I live in Kennewick Washington so Richland like 10 minutes away
Brandon Nakagaki (4 days ago)
cute radiation symbols <3
Ben Ventura (4 days ago)
Why does chelyabinsk sound familliar? Oh Da Sh*tty meteor
how come they are not intelligent enough to put clay into the lake and fill the lake to seal it off as the clay will absorb the radiation and make it safe again
ITSYASNIPER (4 days ago)
Fallout Kyshtym
ITSYASNIPER (4 days ago)
This sounds like a fallout game to me lol
santiago vindell (4 days ago)
Nothing bares more stupidly..than this.
Meme Man (4 days ago)
Poor cows
James Miller (4 days ago)
Zasto je naziv videa na hrvatskom?
xxxtistential crisis (5 days ago)
Well tbh he has no torso chest legs or arms so it's not the lakes fault. It's the guys fault because he got no body.
Toxic (5 days ago)
Slav stronger lol Suka Blyat
ok ok (5 days ago)
the man in the thumbnail has no body
Az 74 (5 days ago)
Ive watched so many videos about russian histroy and it seems like they dong give a damn what epthey do, they dont care who they kill, what they will do to the environment and they dont realy car about the future only present time. Russia is ignorant to be honest
Hammer ToeNail (5 days ago)
Hey, my name is Kento too
MrBeast Is Sexi af (5 days ago)
This is why you don’t pee in the pool
Coleman Adamson (5 days ago)
Thumbs down for the ham handed segue into advertising at the end.
Glowcrie (5 days ago)
That’s why we Koreans are way better than Japanese people.
keptcmack (5 days ago)
thats why you should build close cycle reactors stupid russians
Heitor Sales Rizzo (5 days ago)
Chernobyl poooraaaa
Ella Loi (5 days ago)
Did the children glow after playing in the water?
AmericanRelic2hear (5 days ago)
Advertisement video. Lame.
v1tell _ (5 days ago)
dylan scronce (5 days ago)
Soooo pretty much...russia is dumb as fk..and if not for the usa they wouldnt have nukes at all...i wish nukes were never even created
Tyler Winston (5 days ago)
Was this a 13 minute build up for a sponsor?
Roi (5 days ago)
0:12 I'm from Israel I thought this was real and I stopped the video just to realize I'm dumb
bitch ass (5 days ago)
russian mafia they now kill u
bitch ass (5 days ago)
7:48 fuck this just use these instead of bombs radioactive gas grendades
Morten Holst (5 days ago)
Is that the Samsung Tab S2 wallapper?
Innocent Murderer (5 days ago)
I'm a new subscriber, you really have an interesting and informative videos! I love it! Thank you for sharing this information to us. Very helpful! 💚
troll face (6 days ago)
Nothing is more deadly than chernobyl's radiation
Stephen Peroche (6 days ago)
When somebody say Soviet union "Soviet anthem starts"
I Don't Know (6 days ago)
America was so cruel killing all those innocent people
Walker Debbs (6 days ago)
Just a huge ad for a website. Gg
jake hensley (6 days ago)
In Russia, pussy grabs you.
YbuBaKa (6 days ago)
The good example of ridiculous lies about Soviet Union. "Missing people", mass executions, terrible GULAG and so on. Nuclear tests were held in all nuclear weapon countries. And the worst incidents took place not in USSR, but in Pacific Ocean.
Duncan Disorderly (7 days ago)
The Russians more or less dried up the Aral Sea in around 40 years. Although it's called a sea in its name, it was actually an extremely large lake. If memory serves me well, it was once the 4th largest lake in the world. Googled. I'm correct. lol Russia's record on monumentally fucking up our planet has never been exemplary.
Themessage Man (7 days ago)
My teacher was just reading about this on the title is sadako
Moonshield23 (7 days ago)
Governments don't value human life.
Gabrielle Lingatong (7 days ago)
One thing i can say about russia. “Ew”
jutubaeh (7 days ago)
L´´ache nevva G´v´t ^ ^
Josh Impey (7 days ago)
dat sly ad drop
Hellsing Ghrey (8 days ago)
Just signed up at Brilliant.org/kentobento. Thanks! Question: Your vids are high quality, interesting and slightly addictive. What makes you work so masterfully at creating these works of art?
Matthew Manzano (8 days ago)
12:20 you said the food was fresh, then you said it was poisoned. WHICH ONE
Wolfen Von Schitz (8 days ago)
Best advertising for a worthy website ever seen. Creative!
stijn arns (8 days ago)
This will probably get lost in the comments still I have to say, congratz with how much work you put in the videos. I love the content. This diserves a lot more subs. Kind regards, from Belgium.
Chinmay patki (8 days ago)
Russia is always going to be secretive,🙄
dubstep ninja (8 days ago)
The beginning sounds like an alien conspiracy
Hans-Georg Lundahl (8 days ago)
Btw, would you happen to know, the second Kyshtym disaster, after drying out and the stormwind, what date was it? If you said so, on the video, I happened to miss it.
Hans-Georg Lundahl (8 days ago)
Suppose, for arguments sake, atomic bombs had existed in an otherwise somewhat technologically backward culture. Not ideal in safety (for bombers), but still. Suppose someone had heard a rumour of this and had come up with "hey, let's use this for space travel" - also in an otherwise technologically backward culture. If he had gone ahead, what would the chances be, he would have caused sth as bad as or worse than Kyshtym disaster?
Hans-Georg Lundahl (8 days ago)
Look at ASCII values. Omit "lake" and just take names. Use capitals. None of the lakes gives either 666 or 616, nor the mean of the first two, but of all three, it is 616 1/3. K 75 070 05 0723 + Y 89 150 14 0548 = Z 90 240 14 1271 / 2 = Y 89 320 23 0635.5 L 76 390 29 T 84 470 33 A 65 530 38 S 83 610 41 H 72 680 43 723 I 73 070 03 0723 + R 82 150 05 0548 + T 84 230 09 0580 = Y 89 310 18 1847 / 3 = A 65 370 23 0616.333 S 83 450 26 H 72 520 28 548 K 75 070 05 A 65 130 10 R 82 210 12 A 65 270 17 C 67 330 24 H 72 400 26 A 65 460 31 Y 89 540 40 580
abbz4u (9 days ago)
This storytelling style is the best
domo konichiwa (9 days ago)
ur dish always looks interesting to watch~ well served keep it up
Yenrz1345 (9 days ago)
Leave it to Soviet Russia to screw everything up in every single way possible. Every. Single. Way
sahiel5 (9 days ago)
comunists in a nutshell
Namu Cuddles (9 days ago)
dammit i hate the smooth transition of the ad
Zach Douglass (9 days ago)
So the CIA is english so we knew about it so get le rekted by epic games 😌
theKing ofCrows (9 days ago)
So what your telling me is that the ural motorcycles are named after a mountain range. You learn something new every day'
pickelsvx (4 days ago)
Just like how the company they 'borrowed" designs from was named after a province in Germany
OliOliOxenFree (10 days ago)
So can we like, blame global warming on them?
Fire Nation Files (10 days ago)
Such a smooth transition…
IceCubetz (10 days ago)

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