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FREE Ballet Barre Lower Body Workout - Barlates Body Blitz 100 REP CHALLENGE Lower Body Barre

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Welcome to my 100 Rep Challenge Series. You will do 100 reps per exercise for a total of 10 exercises to give you a 1000 rep workout! So that there is no boredom factor there will be variations for each exercise so you won't be doing straight reps. The pace is fast to keep the heart rate up and there is little break between sets. With this 100 Rep Challenge lower body barre workout you will be performing all your favourite traditional standing and mat barre exercises. There will be some definite burning and shaking going on, but try to push through! If you want to intensify some of the exercises add ankle weights. Because I will be counting throughout the workout, there won't be as many form pointers as usual so if this is your first time doing some of these exercises please check out some of my other barre workouts first as form is king to really feel the burn! Fitness level: Intermediate Equipment: mat and chair Subscribe to my channel for heaps of FREE workouts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGmJMvoQfsmXgnnsmfF95PA Check out many other Barlates Body Blitz workouts and purchase the downloads or DVDs at: http://www.workoutdvdworld.com.au/workout-downloads/download-categories/ Follow me: Website: http://www.workoutdvdworld.com.au/ Face Book Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Work-out-DVD-world/180329732039233 Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/workoutdvdworld/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/barlates_body_blitz/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Workoutdvdfreak
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Text Comments (31)
Carolina P. (17 days ago)
Brittany Smith (3 months ago)
Will doing this 100 rep for lower body bulk my legs and thighs up or will it tone and slim my legs?
Carolina P. (17 days ago)
+Linda Wooldridge that is so true!
Linda Wooldridge (3 months ago)
Most of my workouts will make your legs leaner not bulkier
Carolina P. (3 months ago)
YUHUUUU!! I did this wonderful workout using a pair of 2,5 kg ankle weights. I feel strong.
Linda Wooldridge (3 months ago)
Sounds like your lower body got fried today! 😊
Emma (5 months ago)
Amazing. I did the whole workout without a break. Getting stronger with each of your workouts Linda. Thanks for all your work.
Linda Wooldridge (5 months ago)
You're welcome. Good job for getting all the way through!! 😀
Brooke G (9 months ago)
I did this today and really liked the combination of standing and mat!! Do you have any others that are a combination of mat and standing? You think that I would know by now, but I can't think clearly right now lol. I'm excited to try your new workout tomorrow...I didn't see it until I already worked out : )
Linda Wooldridge (9 months ago)
Hi Brooke, off the top of my head here are a few that have both mat and standing: the original Pilates Beginners workout, the barre advanced seat, resistance band sculpt, old school lower, some of the barre bootcamp workouts but can't remember which ones, total body cardio sculpt, total body compound moves, twisting abs, standing and kneeling abs, resistance band abs, resistance band upper body, resistance loop upper body, stretch sculpt lower, ballet thigh blast, the 2 pilates ring workouts that aren't mat only, barre and floor leg raises and barre body blast. :)
Carolina P. (1 year ago)
Carolina P. (1 year ago)
I did it and had to stop several times. But I loved it
Brooke G (2 years ago)
This is great!! I love how it targets the entire lower body in a quick and effective way : ) Thanks for your hard work
meenal shah (2 years ago)
I simply love your workouts ! Thank you 🙏🏻
beaniecool (2 years ago)
LOVE this workout!!!
jasmeet lamba (2 years ago)
Hi Linda .. Love your workouts :) I want to trim my love handle area .. Will this workout target the muffin top ?
Lorraine Azzinnari (2 years ago)
Hi Linda, this is another favorite!!!! i was surprised to open up to barlates and find a new workout, this is awesome, very challenging and very good! thank you!
Linda Wooldridge (2 years ago)
glad you enjoyed it. I have plenty more 100 rep challenges coming!
Amy F (2 years ago)
I have the stomach flu but cannot wait to do this as soon as I am better! You have helped shape my 44 year old body and I can't thank you enough :)
Its amazing! I do ur exersize from one month, and i am super happy. I see a results and i keep doing! Thank you!!!
Andrea Gaáli (2 years ago)
Dear Linda, I am so happy because I find you. In the last few months I doing your workouts every day. Some of them ...how can I say so hard and I really see the results. This is, I think will be killer, but I want to do. So now I am start to try:) I think this also will the one of my favorite . Thank you so much, you are the best:)
Andrea Gaáli (2 years ago)
As I thought, this was so hard, but very good and effective....just finished, but I want to do more, maybe some abs or arms workouts....amazing, as always, thanks again Linda :)
Linda Wooldridge (2 years ago)
Hi, I am so glad you found me too! I love lower body workouts so hopefully you enjoy this one. It is tough, but just take breaks whenever you need to :)
Daniea3 (2 years ago)
Whoa, this looks challenging. Probably will save it for my upcoming Leg day. Looks like it will call for some psoas ball/roller rolling & release beforehand! ; )
Linda Wooldridge (2 years ago)
Can you last 1000 for lower body? If you could do it easily then do two rounds for a total of 2000 reps! Happy Barlateing!
Amy F (2 years ago)
Ankle weights...LOL if I want to cry next time maybe !!! Easier is relative. As you have said, think about and engage the muscle in every movement...so every move is a challenge! I try to do that and it works :)
Linda Wooldridge (2 years ago)
Great, I am glad you enjoyed it. Some of the exercises are definitely easier than others so if you want to intensify even more next time then add some ankle weights to the floor exercises :)
Stacey CR (2 years ago)
Thanks for this new workout, Linda! It was great and actually seemed to fly by much quicker than I would have expected. I always say that a workout is not worth my time if doesn't challenge me...and this was certainly a challenge worth my time put in!
Linda Wooldridge (2 years ago)
Hi there, yes the 100 rep challenge has less variety than my other workouts, but that is the nature of the challenge. You have to keep doing the reps to wear out the muscle, if you change the exercise too much you will start using other muscle groups. I have a chest and back workout available as a download here: http://www.workoutdvdworld.com.au/welcome/upper-body-downloads/old-school-chest-and-back/ I will consider doing more in the future too :)
salanee (2 years ago)
ok, I made it twice, but I prefer bigger variety. Linda, I have very big ask: could you make workout strenghtening back? I found a lot of streaching it but non of this is seroisly advanced. They only begginer version. I am making a lot of ABS and I need to do the same to my back.

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