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Prepare To Die (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/jimquisition-merch Git gud or go home! That's what a super hardcore Dark Souls fan will tell you. But is that fair? Dark Souls III, like all Dark Souls games, is being marketed on its difficulty, and the audience swallows that idea up. However, it's reductive and misguided as far as I'm concerned. And ain't no amount of hot wing contests will change that.
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Garviel Loken (1 month ago)
Never looked at it like that
Ludakriss (1 month ago)
Well done, sir. Truly. A very eloquent consideration and appraisal.
Brenan Conroy (2 months ago)
I know this is a few years since this video has been made, and you aren't likely to see this, Jim, but I wanted to write a soft response from a Souls fan who on more than a certain occasion has maybe uttered a "git gud" once or twice. You pretty much in the first 5 minutes of the video make the reasoning as to why the statement, although maybe a bit uncouth, is the reason why it's also fitting for the game. There's nothing about Dark Souls that's un-workable, nothing that's too difficult to work through, and nothing that doesn't eventually feel great when you finish it. Part of the fun of the game that I think From wants to keep going is the long slog of fixing certain things that you do slowly until you can accomplish the beating of the boss that kept you down for so long. "Git Gud" just got adopted because in the early days of the forums, there was no real way to best say all of that to someone who came in saying "how in the world can you do this, this is impossible I don't know what to do". Everyone has their own playstyle of the game, so it's not exactly easy to say "do this" because the way someone has been doing something might put your suggestion completely counter to what they'd be most helped by. It's really just efficient at times to say something equivalent to "get better" because that's what you have to do. Not learn a "one simple trick to getting past Nito", as that doesn't help you get through the game. I do not disagree people have become assholes about the statement, but I also really hate the overall bashing of "Dark Souls fans are assholes". most of us just really want people to have fun, to power through and persevere, and achieve the challenge. We want them to hone their skills, and make one sword jab or arrow shot more correct to get the bosses down, or in other words, git gud.
HaLaVerse (2 months ago)
“You beat the boss....BUT YOU DID IT IN THE WRONG ORDER!”
Dustin Johnson (2 months ago)
The problem I have with Dark Souls (no matter how much I enjoy it) is how badly two important concepts in the games conflict with each other to create either an enjoyable, tense experience for some, or a frustrating, convoluted experience for others. The game asks you to be prepared, take things slow, and consider your options to deal with potential threats. However, the game also keeps itself incredibly vague, goes to surprisingly lengths to confuse or mislead the player, and hides a lot of important information, thus conflicting with the "preparedness" part of becoming skilled with the game. It's a game that is imperfect because you either have to forsake any surprise or experimentation in order to understand important mechanics, quests, etc, or you need to completely isolate yourself and be willing to have the game punish you with unfixable or unavoidable situations. Either you know what is going to happen, do it correctly, and actually understand important concepts and mechanics to avoid serious frustration, or you go in completely blind and cannot ever be actually prepared (which the game asks you to be). These are both parts of the game that some people enjoy, but I feel the game doesn't quite reach perfection when it tries to have both. A spin-off series or spiritual successors may be able to pick a side and do it far better than Dark Souls can by trying to do both at the same. They're still great games, but for me at least it is a big turn-off when I am punished for not doing something I would never think to do without a guide, or when I have no way to understand mechanics because even the most dedicated parts of the community doesn't quite understand it themselves. It's conflicting design when you want players to be prepared and make decisions in the game, but willfully hide important information that might be essential to gameplay.
Kanako Maeda (3 months ago)
I want that Contra metal mix please.
Kanako Maeda (3 months ago)
This episode just got gudder and gudder.
varietywiarrior (3 months ago)
It really isn't that tough, tho. Just spec yourself correctly, pick one or two weapons and stick to them religiously, and learn how to roll or pick up a shield. Not that hard. Also Bloodborne fucking sucks ass 2/10.
Gene Parmesan (3 months ago)
VelkanKiador (3 months ago)
Include more chip in the show, there can never be enough chip XD
SunBroSquad (3 months ago)
Awesome! Praise the Sun! Estusflasken!
Wesley Darnell (4 months ago)
The opening skit is great
Boom Shakalaka (4 months ago)
I'm sorry but Darkbeast Paarl is no slouch. He is only weak cause of his early game scaling. Loran Darkbeast (his Dungeon variant) which is scaled for endgame is the hardest boss in Bloodborne and possibly all of Soulsborne.
Caleb Harch (4 months ago)
What?!? you didn't beat every boss in the SoulsBorne series on your 1st try? Fucking git gud scrub,these games don't have an easy mode for a reason you filthy noob.
Avakrr (4 months ago)
If the “git gud” mentality deters you from playing a game, then you probably should grow up a little.
Avakrr (3 months ago)
Please do elaborate
Lord Muhehe (3 months ago)
What a ridiculously stupid thing to say...
Charlie Ricker (4 months ago)
It's not that dark souls is super hard, it's just that challenge is an integral part of the game design.
John (5 months ago)
The whole “git good” thing about Dark Souls turned me off from these types of games but this video has changed my attitude and now I actually WANT to git good. :)
As much as I insist on always using the hardest difficulty I understand why easy exists. I don't have children or a round the clock job, some people do. Hell, my room mate work 16 hours a day all week. If easy let's people like him who work endlessly on life, school or children play games and get somewhere than let them.
big smoke (5 months ago)
Yes jim you are correct that difficulty isnt ALL of the game the difficulty makes all of what you said possible, if it werent difficult and anybody could do it, you wouldnt feel accomplished when you beat lorian and lothric for the first time or finally took down fredes 3rd stage after dying 25 times before hand If anybody can play it and beat it, it isnt worth playing and beating
Lord Muhehe (3 months ago)
That's fucking nonsense. It's fucking irrelevant how many people can beat it or not. What matters is how difficult and rewarding it is for you, and you only.
Cinnamoncustard (6 months ago)
The beginning made me a bit horny.
Fraught Quill (6 months ago)
Jeez, did you beat the first boss first try? Damn... That took me like 15 tries.
Joseph Wilson (6 months ago)
Being pragmatic and reading your environment is getting gud
Urg 69 (6 months ago)
I don't understand why some people say that "if you can't "git gud" at Dark souls, you should not play it". I find it stupid, Dark souls is one of my favorite game series ever, and the more people plays it, the better no ? Personnaly I'ma all for an easy mode, if it helps new player get into the series :o
Kerolos Abdrabbo (7 months ago)
Jim we all know this. But it is fun to engage in the get gud madness.
wdasd assadw (7 months ago)
fair? ok just a couple of words bed of chaos
D R (3 months ago)
wdasd assadw 1 out of 100. And even then you can create a strategy for it.
Mitchell Horton (7 months ago)
Dude FROM had a reputation WAY before Demon Souls. Demon Souls was just the one that came out after the internet. I played the Kings Field games and when I heard about Demon/Dark Souls and they said FROM I was like "Oh, yeah. Sounds about right."
Mitchell Horton (7 months ago)
Literally the only games I bought on PS1.
Noob Question: 1:50 Why is the hellkite drake perched over the aqueduct leading to the fucking burg ready to eat you? Fuck Konami!
Nekrozys Ravenheart (7 months ago)
Jim, you nailed it. I made my sister try Dark Souls 1 for fun. She's more of the Cooking Mama, Prof. Layton and Animal Crossing kind of gamer but she liked the atmosphere and actually stuck to the game. Of course she died and died again, she even cried after losing 10.000 souls against the Taurus Demon but she didn't give up and she is now facing the final boss of the game. I'm super proud of her, not because she's good but because she outdid herself.
Michael Hanratty (7 months ago)
is it so wrong that the easiest way to find this video was to search prepare to die jim
bee pot (7 months ago)
"... A metric fuck ton at times"
Patrick Sylim (8 months ago)
I was actually surprised that when I tried DS3 I found it rather easy. Then I realized I was trained by Bloodborne, which was my first From game. Good video.
Rex Sterling (8 months ago)
You fucking son of a bitch. I've never played a game in From Software's series but I've always heard about how "gud" they are. Now I stumble upon this old ass video just a few hours before my paycheck hits. I'm poor as shit Jim...stop fucking with my money.
Mazrim Taim (9 months ago)
... Skeletons don't have anuses.
Anthony Pravato (9 months ago)
“Cordially invited to lick my pussy” is such a well crafted phrase. Thank god for Jim Sterling
Keld (9 months ago)
Haa the hashtag makes it sound like fuck-o-naomi XD
PhilfreezeCH (9 months ago)
RED SEA GAMING (10 months ago)
No tutorial needed in these games you learn how to play these games by actually playing them. unlike Mario games or Zelda games where every 5 Seconds Navy comes out and tells you what's going on so stupid. Also obvious weak spots on Mario's bosses what the heck only an idiot could have missed those weak spots. Dark Souls at least is a challenge to figure out how to beat the boss. One of the many ways a boss fight is fun is how you beat them but some game companies are so scared of you not knowing how to do it that they make it obvious which makes you question your own intelligence.
VelkanKiador (10 months ago)
Be careful with the whip Jim, use it too much and Chip might get into it xP
NiIgaVusser (10 months ago)
{That thumbnail makes me so fucking hungry}
reincarN8ed (10 months ago)
That "git gud" mantra has been a personal barrier for me to get into the Souls games. The whole mentality of "Dark Souls is hard, and if you can't beat it then you don't belong in a Souls game!" has turned me off to the entire franchise. But after watching this and hearing Jim touch on the themes of hope in the game, I feel like giving it another chance.
wreck 1990 (1 year ago)
People who say Dark souls is easy never played part one. GOD DAMN INVISIBLE FLOORS!!!!!!!!
Issenthevampire (1 year ago)
You should still. Git gud :V
arenkai (1 year ago)
Dark Souls is in many aspects a metaphor of life despite the fact its atmosphere reeks of death and despair.
Onofrio Masina (1 year ago)
This is Jim fuckboy, right?
Well, Dark Souls itself is an exercise in Freudian castration anyway, so why wouldn't it's masochistic fanbase praise the benefits of self-destruction for the sake of success?
The ending killed me! XD
Blackwolf (1 year ago)
This video made me love the Souls series. Thanks Jim!
qbik911 (1 year ago)
You deserve more subs!
umbaupause (1 year ago)
So it's way more "git up" than "git gud"?
TropicalPriest (1 year ago)
I see why people like it. And, I can get into DS games for an hour or two at a time, but personally, I just find them so repetitive. And, I don't really like how it puts action so far above being an rpg. As a dungeon crawler, it really works. But, you have no real control over stuff like class creation, to me, it just gets stale. That's my two cents. Once again, I do see why people enjoy it, I'm just not amongst them.
Danielle Diendorf (1 year ago)
a perfect ending song
ZarPof (1 year ago)
I couldn't stand Darksouls 3. I bought it for the computer, it was a cheap port that they didn't even bother to remap the hints, they still said press RB or LB and other crap. On top of that it just revived me, stuck me in a grave yard, said fight a boss, die a lot. I had no idea who I was, why I came back, what the world was, had to spend 20 minutes in the keybindings menu trying to memorize the controls because the hints were for PS4 not the PC I was playing on. I returned the game. It failed to give me a reason to care or persevere. It failed to hook me, a new player trying to get into darksouls.
that one stormtrooper (1 year ago)
let's not forget the lore. that's what sets it appart for me. people keep saying " oh it's like dark souls" but in reality it's just shallow. based in challenge and nothing else. it loses that atmosphere and deep reason to continue
Erit of Eastcris (1 year ago)
But Dark Souls still doesn't need an easy mode, precisely because of the reasons you stated. There are tools at the player's disposal to make the game far easier already, it's just a matter of using them. Not every*thing* needs to be for every*one*. Or is this a case where "appealing to a wider audience" (*snrk*) is a good thing?
Fox Die (1 year ago)
With Soulsborne it's so damn crazy when you finally beat a boss that's beat the shit outta you multiple times(Laurence has been the hardest for me outta the whole...My first time fighting him took 100+tries before finally deciding he was too damn tough for me on NG+6, killed him my first go on a NG) they're automatically so much easier after you finally beat them and it just shows how much of a mental game they play with you by giving you that "Awe fuck this, just fucken look at this thing!" feeling when you first encounter it but once you beat it that boss will hardly ever give you any trouble the next time you fight it, Darkeater Midir is a perfect example for this.
Void Red (1 year ago)
Thank god I wasn't the only one who thought the series was actually incredibly hopeful underneath all the despair and sadness. I've thought this for quite some time and it's awesome Jim sees it like I do.
Dimension Gamer (1 year ago)
get gud you will after playing dark souls enough
Dahdog11 (1 year ago)
Pretty sure git gud is more of a meme than a super serious statement.
John (1 year ago)
Why do you think that Battle toads is badly designed? (well, the single player at least)
Hazel Capulus (1 year ago)
I think one of the things that made me want to stop playing DS3 the most was, when I proudly proclaimed to a friend that I'd beaten Iudex Gundyr on my first try, and Vordt on only my second, he said 'well ds3 is the easiest one because you can roll spam, and the hitboxes are better, so it's not THAT hard'. Shit like that pisses me off. Dark Souls fans can be some of the most arrogant, I've found. If you did better than them, or if you beat an """easy""" boss, it's because the game made it easy for you. Buuut they can also be really creative and friendly, so it's really a mixed bag for newcomers.
Yer Da (1 year ago)
I agree - Dark Souls is so well made and most importantly FUN - it's not some 'hardest game ever for the sake of being hard' type game.
Baodrin (1 year ago)
Once again Chip's pure sexual magnetism steals the show
Denie erham (1 year ago)
am i the only one who play dark souls for the amazing level design and the lore ?😝🤗
hyperboreanGames (1 year ago)
Oh Jim rented whip from his wife that she uses when she hang out with black guys (with Jim's knowledge ofc)
is the intro song created by u? i really like it
I don't upload (1 year ago)
The Zweihander is mainly a strength weapon Jim.............
D YellowMadness (1 year ago)
That Contra clip started with just a close-up of a stationary door & I could already tell it looked like shit. Companies need to stop assuming every 2D franchise will look better if they make it 3D. It didn't work for Mario, Sonic, Pokemon, Megaman, old Final Fantasy games, or Bionic Commando & it doesn't work for Contra.
Reminds me of how i finally managed to beat ADoM. I had like 100+ dead characters before i figured out that you need to take it slow and be pragmatic, and that attitude worked like a charm.
The WheneverIWantShow (1 year ago)
Bottom Glass Cinema (1 year ago)
Basically, the tag line should be 'Whatever kills you makes you stronger' rather than 'Prepare to die.'
HYDRO (1 year ago)
dark souls is a hard game but a fun challenging game and if it was too easy it'll be boring too easily. That's the beauty of dark souls is it pushes your gaming skills to the extreme to where you finally do get good at it.
NJHS92 (1 year ago)
give me an easy mode in dark souls and ill buy it, until then no, i hate to die
Cameron Lewis (1 year ago)
hah the praise the sun bit at the end xD I agree totally with this, I've always said that this same like any other RPG fucks you up when you don't prepare.
iseeundeadpeople9 (1 year ago)
''Prepare to die'' applies to the opponents almost as much as it applies to the player. I think it's slogan should be ''Everything dies''.
TheZaius (1 year ago)
The description for Dark Souls in this video make me think of Zelda 2, which I beat. Makes me want to try the series just to see how gud I am.
Xhumed (1 year ago)
I think my wife has that flogger...
Raging Raving (1 year ago)
makes sense, the series despite being hard, is still about learning from your mistakes both from the player and the character you play as in the story and overcoming threats that would destroy you if you only had one chance to fight them, but due to essentially being immortal, you can learn their moves and overcome them, the whole "whoaa this game is HARD AS HELL yeaaaahhh" mentality is pretty dumb (although to be fair it did get me and im sure many others into the games by the reviews stating it hard, but fair) its all about carrying on despite making mistakes, quite like life really.
Slib Stálsǫngr (1 year ago)
I've always thought a better slogan for the Souls games would be "Prepare to Rise". (plus, I mean, penis jokes)
Adam Howell (1 year ago)
Which dark souls should be my first? Not that I have the free time right now.
MLGderpsquad (1 year ago)
Dark Souls 2 had a different director. I consider it unfair. The rest are fucktastic!
Ethan Hoffart (1 year ago)
I saw that split second of you dodging Raim and my nipples were instantly hard.
MrCorvusC (1 year ago)
Instructions are unclear. Accidentally invaded Bulgaria.
Olaf Von Hambergler (1 year ago)
I agree with Jim 110%. But dank memes must not die.
Olaf Von Hambergler (1 year ago)
I realize now 'Git Gud' though a good meme, is not a true Dank Meme, and I apologize for sinning against kek. Please forgive me.
Ora Saikatsu (1 year ago)
I always thought of the Souls series as games not having arbitrary difficulty, but specifically designed to be hard. I always like games in which you can beat the entire game (hard or not) without needing to power up/level up as long as the player is good enough. Dark Souls is like that, kind of. I mean, you'd have to spend an incredibly long time hacking away at later bosses in the games, but it seems doable, maybe. Of course it isn't perfect, because the Souls games can have dodgy hit detection, causing you to be hit when your character's frame is touched by the very tip of an enemies attack or encountering an enemy player (especially when you have shit internet connection like me), and falling down into bottomless pits because of knock-back from attacks or a jump that wasn't frame perfect.
Kayla Klimas (1 year ago)
A bit late but yeah it's definitely possible to do level 1 runs of Dark Souls. There's a few videos of guys going it.
Rob Campion (1 year ago)
When I played Dark Souls 1 and 2 I found them more dickish that hard
Fizalex (1 year ago)
That intro was fucking hilarious, Thank god for Jim.
MicShazam (1 year ago)
Almost any game could be said to encourage trying again though. If any game I play seems like a well constructed game to me, I'll of course take solace in the knowledge that I can beat it if I try harder. It's not unique to the souls games at all. Also, it should be obvious to anyone who actually plays a broad range of games that there are shitloads of difficult games out there, many of them much tougher than the Souls games. Which doesn't mean those games aren't hard, but they're not exactly the peak of that scale either.
Doi Bantikov (1 year ago)
Sometimes I come back to this video just to hear Jim sing at the end.
The Blazing Sloth (1 year ago)
wait a minute..... is that the Ornstein and Smaugh boss fight music in the intro?
Amante (1 year ago)
Get patient.
Dry B0nes (1 year ago)
Jim is more abusive to Chip then konami is to its employees
Paul Copeland (1 year ago)
that opening was wonderful!
Sean Bodah (1 year ago)
I remember how ominous this game series was made by its fans. Looking back, it's kind of hilarious that some of dark souls biggest fans are the reason many gamers choose not to play it. I personally love this series and I think its not only where survival horror lives, its also where the rpg genre lives.
TheCorniestLemur (1 year ago)
It's a sad day when we should be grateful for a game from one of Konami's big franchises that isn't Pachinko. #FucKonami
slenderMax (1 year ago)
I have to say, I think this is still the best Jimquisition to date.
Black dragon Kalameet (1 year ago)
why would you invest in dex if you wanted to use the zweihander?
Honestly I never got farther than the bridge with the dragon cuz I got bored.
MicShazam (1 year ago)
I got all the way to the Duke's Archives (half-way ish). _Then_ I got bored.
The whole git gud thing is a bit like the pc master race thing; it started out as joke and then some insecure people decided it be good as a mantle piece to pound their chest to so they could inflat their egos.
James O'Neill (1 year ago)
so you have to adjust to the games one way to play? this is bs you can't put a trap down in a beginner area and blame the player for falling for something they didn't know it existed
HSeaW (1 year ago)
This video clearly shows the love Jim for the Dark Souls series :)

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