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Steam Pulling Visual Novels For 'Pornographic Content' Regardless Of Actual Content

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Valve essentially betrayed a bunch of indie developers to Morality In Media, a group of lobbyists and liars. Fun!
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Rain Maker (6 days ago)
I'm not apart of the target audience, but this is objectively complete crap regardless.
Chi Pa Pa (9 days ago)
I played The Mutiny. The best route to go for is Nemui.
Baraka (11 days ago)
Valve just announced they wont play the morality police and publish any and all games that are legal under US law
Heuch Gack (19 days ago)
Valve thinks it's digging itself out of the shit, but doesn't realize eating the shit doesn't actually help.
Wesley Ackerman (20 days ago)
what's the game that all those character introductions are from?
KillerCornMuffin (27 days ago)
Just as a heads up to everyone, Mutiny!! has futa girls in it.
くんマフムード (1 month ago)
this is not morals, at all, this is absolute bullshit, going after people's personal lives and trying to control what they look at is infringement of human rights, pulling off censorship bullshit all of a sudden only because " why the fuck not " is unfair at best for both developers and consumers.
Kindlesmith80 (1 month ago)
People cannot do whatever they want with themselves, not fully legally anyway.
Debatra (1 month ago)
...So it was bad that they were going to do this, but now it's bad that they decided not to?
kilrasha77 (1 month ago)
I will never understand the need by suppress sexual content over violence. Why are nudity and sex worse than violence?
N0o0Bplayinggames (1 month ago)
Valve changed their mind Jim.
camXmile (1 month ago)
Morality and media are 2 words that belong together like sensible and maniac.
Archduke Crunch (1 month ago)
I'll just get all the games like Mutiny that have all my tiddies and asses on GOG or some other alternative and Steam and Valve can fuck entirely off. Not standing up for these developers is disgusting.
MW2366 (1 month ago)
Russian Steam, anyone?
J B (1 month ago)
Betraying gamers and developers, ignoring their right to make informed choices, under pressure from busybody lobbyists who are just lashing out at any expression of sexuality, wanting to control what media others can consume. I'm sickened, Valve. Sickened.
J B (1 month ago)
Just going to say it, I'll be ditching Steam and switching to GoG if these wankers keep it up. Steam, DITCH those cunts.
the lemon neko (1 month ago)
Morality in Media? more like STUPIDITY IN PEOPLE!!!
Shade's Insane Chamber (1 month ago)
If I may make a second comment after organizing my thoughts after a lengthy and heated conversation with friends, I think that this is more out of misguidance, not malice. Valve is making a pathetic attempt to get back into regulating their.... library. So, since it is the cheapest solution, they've chosen to observe the community and act based on what they deem to be shit. Unfortunately, assholes like MIM or whatever title they assign to their vile group, are cashing in on this opportunity. The smaller the group is the louder they become to compensate, and so like a frog filled with parasites that makes a louder mating call in the hope of attracting more hosts to infect, they have caught Valve's attention. Listening to the loudest group seems to be a good idea in theory, but on the internet its terrible in practice. Valve has not yet learned this. The only way to teach them this? Well, what talks louder than a parasitic frog called MIM? Money. Valve does something and then suddenly they lose a lot of users? They'll realize what they just did was wrong and will lose them money, and they'll scramble to retract it and make everything better for the users who actually play games. They'll learn that shitheads like MIM who abuse the "think of the children" mentality aren't the ones that they should appease. Think of it as potty-training a dog that's been in a shelter for so long its forgotten that its supposed to do its business outside.
Get the fuck off my hard drive you daft cunts. Anything with sex appeal is unacceptable and yet asset flips, gambling sites, and vile garbage frolic in your database. I will have no more of this bullshit.
Azure Tiger (1 month ago)
This could get some backlash. Quite a few of these risque games do get coverage and have good followings. Actually found out about some from Jesse Cox's channel. But I guess Steam/Valve would rather risk a major walkout/boycott than accept that people have different tastes in entertainment, letting people like what they like so long as they aren't hurting anyone. Of course, that would make sense, and we can't have that now, can we.
Azure Tiger (1 month ago)
I also see a lot of people making an argument I make a lot, which is that it's okay to have grotesque violence be readily available, but any form of nudity and sexuality and your in censor territory. And I have no problem with violent games, as I play quite a few myself. I'm just calling out the hypocrisy of the right wing moralizers. Don't give me grief either, I grew up in an eighties moral panic household, so I need to get it out of my system how effed in the head these people are sometimes.
DoctorShroom (1 month ago)
CastledCard (1 month ago)
As history will show, you can take anything but OUR PORN
Trace P. (1 month ago)
The funny thing, is you can download Wallpaper engine, and some of the "workshop items is literately hentai/porn
Jim dont defend garbage like Visual novels, they are nothing bt vector for weeb trash. Im glad valve is cracking down on weebs they are so cancerous on the platform. Now they just need to perma ban those cancerous weeb accounts and were golden
AXL Law (1 month ago)
Sadly, I would rather buy these anime visual novels than 99% of Steam Direct's garbage.
Joel Rosario (1 month ago)
Do not take the Hentai from the nerds! The fury will be swift. But really while you're at it take the asset flips down too. What a mess of a platform. And if you're upset about this you should evaluate your life, seriously.
Pojechany1994 (1 month ago)
I hope they get their shiiit together otherwise all my anime friends gonna move to GoG or somewhere else they already taking this chance to move out at least noone is gonna be black mailed. WHY the hell people cannot take example from Japan its okay there why they need to ban it now because they just not like it. ESPECIALY NOW THAT ANIME STARTED TO SOMEHOW ROOT WELL WITH STEAM. I was glad seeing soo many new releases being pushed in...
419fish (1 month ago)
Media has no mortality people have morality. If I think a game is immoral..... I won't play it. I have zero interest in deciding what content you consume. Let me enjoy what I like and you freely consume what you like....tenticles and all This group is gross, and I do consider myself a morally conservative Christian. They are such a bad represntation
Mekarus (1 month ago)
Wish you'd done a bit more research on this one, Jim. There's more to it than Morality in Media targeting Steam, and Steam taking the easy road; these are laws being passed through U.S. Congress, called FOSTA-SESTA. It's a foot in the door to censorship, claiming to target "sex trafficking" despite a number of anti-sex-trafficking groups, including the U.S. Department of Justice and sex trafficking survivor's groups, saying it will in fact just drive criminals underground, where they're harder to find. It changes culpability to make any sexual crimes that happen on a website the liability of the website's owners-- in other words, if someone on a craigslist personal sold a BJ somewhere prostitution was illegal, craigslist would be in trouble for it, rather than it being a matter of whoever decided to sell a BJ. Steam's U.S.-based, so they fall under these laws. My example of craigslist does, too, which is why they've closed the personal ads section. There have also been some user reports of other companies like Google refusing to host or deleting sex-work related data without warning, including porn videos and written documents. I have no doubt that Steam is following the trend of private companies scrambling to hide from this law, instead of fighting it.
Dox (1 month ago)
Games can have sexuality/nudity without being pornographic. But these "visual novels" really are just soft-core pornography for repressed weeaboos. With some exceptions, obviously. That said, Valve should *never* listen to "media watchdog groups" like this, and for this reason I think they should all be put back. That's a door they should not have opened.
GodOfOrphans (1 month ago)
Personally I never liked Steam even before the downward spiral began but this practice is unacceptable and I vote for an organized boycott of both Valve and paypal in response to this, companies need to be taught that censorship doesn't sell and will not be tolerated, otherwise it will never stop and will get progressively worse.
Darkzeroprojects (1 month ago)
Anyone in the mood to Switch to GOG ? Joke aside,I kind of had a feeling this would get this bad.
ChampionMarauder (1 month ago)
They should have teamed up with Anita Sarkeesian... that way they would have the media backing them.
David (1 month ago)
If they ban Muv-Luv Alternative I'm going to be pissed. I've waited several years to "play" it again (it is basically a 40-50h anime that you click through without choices) The original didn't work properly any more for me under Windows 10, so I had to buy it again on steam...
d k (1 month ago)
Steam has became Hollywood MPAA, Broken repetitive, stolen assets games about violence, but actually working games that show a boob, oh no, we cant have that!!!!! GTFO Steam, get quality control and stop fucking us over.
Rich Hutter (1 month ago)
They can be there I have no issue with that, just fuckin stop recommending me them. Wait, there is a setting? to not show gore or nudity? and filter tags? really? in the account section, just there.
Harper WOnions (1 month ago)
Now imagine if this had been first-person shooters... Oh no, wait that would never happen due to the dog companies having a stranglehold on the market...
Michael Van Sise (1 month ago)
Some of those visual novels do have 18+ versions out there, Steam just has the family friendly versions. In the case of the Nekopara games you can install patches on top of the Steam versions that turns them into the 18+ versions, which have really explicit hentai scenes. Not that I would have experience with such things. *cough* ;)
Ian (1 month ago)
VN's are Niche, but they are extremely important. These games can go for anywhere from 30-60 bucks on the high end, and have NEVER gone on sale. Why? Because the niche audience is willing to pay this amount. Removing just one major VN for having a sexual nature can scare all this money and devs away to a marketplace who is willing to host it.... Hey, like GOG! GOG just announced they are allowing VN's on their service. They are a big business, not so much in the US, but in Japan and China, they are crazy popular. Who knows? Once people start buying their VN's on GOG maybe they'll stick around and spend more money on other games. If they remove Huniepop or Huniecam and knowing how much sway they have over the NA VN market, this could cause a large fallout.
patdo777 (1 month ago)
Some visual novels are smart enough to skirt the censors by putting a non-adult version on steam and letting people download an ''adult patch'' on their site to unlock the adult content.
Shane Starrette (1 month ago)
It’s ok to see someone get disemboweled in a video game but God help you if you can see nip.
Kevin Li (1 month ago)
So does that mean games like Dead or Alive where scantily clad women fight each other is not okay? When is that going to get taken down?
Nicolas De Raedt (1 month ago)
What's wrong with a bit porno? Steam is full of absolutely gorey violence, but I guess that's ok? Guess this is 'Murica vs Europe
Dada Calischmu (1 month ago)
Oh, those poor weebs....
Warp Scanner (1 month ago)
I don't play these dumb memes, but really? Its more like: Those poor christian fascist morality police... Can't handle anime tits.
The One Man Clan (1 month ago)
It's good to see these steaming piles of crap being removed they are a wart on the platform
Warp Scanner (1 month ago)
OK, that's a fair complaint about how Steam handles it's storefront. The Tag system is generally pretty bleh.
The One Man Clan (1 month ago)
Warp Scanner they should get their own section I have my steam set to filter out anime content and I still get it not sure if it's valves fault or dock heads incorrectly tagging things. but anyway it really pisses me off that a good high quality game with lots of effort but it gets easily out sold and steam reviewed by anime tits and 0 effort :(
Warp Scanner (1 month ago)
They are sold in the game section because they are executable, rather than just a video. I mean, this is just a technical complaint, and is only a step removed from the whole "are walking simulators games?" debate. It doesn't matter, they should be allowed on Steam.
The One Man Clan (1 month ago)
Warp Scanner they are poot quality for a mobile game these games are pretty much diviantart images of anime girls with a few lines or poorly written dialogue at most, a visual novels not even a bloody game what's it doing on steam! (yes I do know steam has some video but these are sold in the game section rather then video.
Warp Scanner (1 month ago)
I don't play them, I think they look dumb but there are games of clearly far worse quality still on the platform, the reasoning of sexual content is the act of a censor, not quality control.
FolkerHQ (1 month ago)
or the OUYA :D
Slider1207 (1 month ago)
Get this: Showing graphic depictions of decapitation, disembowelment, dismemberment, and torture is okay... but seeing a boob is not. What the fuck is wrong with our society?
veracsthane (1 month ago)
why are you surprised you should know by now these retards are caving to the sjws and morality police everywhere. there is a reason basically every multi player game is failing and a handful of single player games are succeeding. we arent in a time of innovation or creation the retards are everywhere and society for some reason seems to want to keep them alive. edit in 7:00 bull shit and you know it they are jsut lazy and greedy like every other company at present. fuck you i dont care go away. all the sjws and morality police ever have to be told but since they are the social power houses for some bizarre reason they say it to us instead.
Warp Scanner (1 month ago)
Its not SJW's, its old school puritanical censors. "Morality in media" is a traditionalist and conservative sounding name, that should be your clue.
TheOriginalGuzzz (1 month ago)
One thing that's good from this is the fact it brings attention to these VNs. Many of them are already announcing that they're games are also on other sites like GOG. In fact, I even found out about one website I never existed, Jastusa. So, thanks Valve, for helping to let me know about these other sites! I know where I'm going for my VN fix now.
We Need More Sharks (1 month ago)
I fucking called it, paypal's prude ass was really behind all this bullshit. Why do you hate sex so much you fucking capitalist cunts.
Warp Scanner (1 month ago)
Capitalists don't hate sex: capitalists are just more likely to bow to censor's to avoid bad PR. Its more like they are apathetic. With that said, Paypal does seem extra socially conservative than the typical company.
Phat BMW (1 month ago)
That’s a funny thing about society, we will accept the most violent movies and games. But when sex or nudity is involved, that’s when lawmakers and companies lose their shit. Unless it’s HBO ofcourse..
Z M (1 month ago)
Why doesn't Valve get rid of the terrible, buggy, glitchy games that are unplayable!?!?
Charles zi Britannia (1 month ago)
Cool. Please enjoy less money, Valve.
Fried Cassowary (1 month ago)
On the PayPal doesn't work with companies that do sexual content, that maybe their outfacing policy but PayPal works with a site called Epoch which is a site that exclusively handles the financial side of porn sites like Pornhub so they are hypocrites if they put pressure on Steam.
Svetlana Rodriguez (1 month ago)
So as adult, I can't play certain games on Steam cause of a bunch of religious assholes complained even though they haven't played any of the games? Fuck Steam,
Ross Kuehl-Martin (1 month ago)
Im so glad Sterling is raising arms against this corruption.
Hg Studios Animated (1 month ago)
If Valve goes through with this I'm done with the service, mostly out of moral obligation more than anything. You see it's not a platform holder's responsibility to censor materials, that is on the people consuming it. If you have a problem with Anime or Nudity, that's on you, and Steam does have tags to let you know it's IN the game. If Valve agrees to censor this then what's to stop me from putting together a lobbying team to get them to ban all games that have generic looking white blokes? Where does it end?
Kokuyous3ki (1 month ago)
Stuff like these games... can they even be called pornographic? No offense but celebrities dress more... revealing than these drawn or 3d characters. And those people are not censored. Hell, kids here dress way more.... ah wait, so this is what's they want? To blame it on the games again... ah. Yea, let's forget that parents should be parenting and stop their kids from falling pregnant before the age of ten. Win for parents? WHAT? Age restrictions are there for a reason and now we are at a point where they cut stuff CLEARLY not for children because children might see it? These lazy a** excuses for parents are one thing but letting them have their way is crazy. I'm seriously up for an "adult only" area on steam. I don't mind, if that's what it takes. To be honest I wouldn't mind if games had more social content, talking, actual rpg stuff and much less murder and killing. And way less pvp multiplayer only sh*t. I saw some pretty good Korean mmos that are actually way more focused on social interaction and they can be tremendously fun. Yes, sex might not be the best idea to show our kids but even hardcore porn seems way more healthy than violence if you ask me. Yea I know, nobody asked me. Nobody asked anyone actually - they just said that they want others to take the blame for their lack of parenting skills. I guess I'm just too much of a pve/coop player and would rather work together with others instead of murdering them. I know, what a sickening way of life...
Magisch (1 month ago)
Even if they were pornographic who the fuck cares there's an age restriction on them. What is this American TV where dismembering people in the most graphic detail is A-OK but show a lil nipple or god forbid a gay couple and suddenly you're out? WTF man
Azariachan (1 month ago)
I actually got an email about this. It was from someone called Dawn Hawkins and the subject was "Victory in Videogames!" - exclamation mark included. I have no fucking idea why I was sent this since I didn't even know they were trying to do this. Either way it's bullshit, there should be a special tag for porn and that's about it. Removing or censoring these games is stupid.
AlgaeNymph (1 month ago)
I wanna procott these games. Which ones are being targeted, Jim?
Santana Scott (1 month ago)
I am so damn sick of religious groups forcing their morals on other people like this. They could actually be working on stopping sex trafficking in real life or anything else actually helpful. It's the job of parents to control what their children consume, and steam has always had the option to hide sexually explicit material. So yeah MIM can fuck off. :/
Falney (1 month ago)
I don't see the problem in this specific instance. There are other platforms more suited to vn's and adult games. Plus those platforms don't tell every one you are a perv via their friends list.
Dradavar (1 month ago)
I swear to whatever heathen god I have to, if Valve gets between me and the Agony release I will go fucking berzerk.
Random Ashe (1 month ago)
Murder = acceptable, family fun, titties = monstrosity of nature that will corrupt our children, ban that shit immediately'
555hiddenlotus (1 month ago)
Does anyone else remember the Peaceholics or whatever that tried to boycott Rockstar like this?
Lazzil (1 month ago)
That's it, I'm done using Steam. I was willing to tolerate some of the other shit they've pulled as a company since I liked their service, but this put me over the edge. I will not stand for censorship, especially when it's aimed at a medium I feel very strongly for. To quote Geralt on this issue, "There better be one. Or you'll feel the invisible hand of the market smack you so hard you won't be able to sit down for a week."
Karol Kliestenec (1 month ago)
As always, covering good topics with good arguments. Good job! My concern is a bit out of space: where exactly is a the cutting line between pornography (I don't want my kids to see) and elegant erotic content (I don't mind my kids to look for / look at), also where is the age for the latter. (as the latter does not fit in the government/law-owned bucket)... I personally have not limits for those... too young kids do not care, and as soon they care, I don't mind.
BowlUndrFire (1 month ago)
Back when Steam was little more than a platform for TF2, this made sense. I was actually part of a team developing a VN at the time, we considered submitting it to something like Steam but the short answer was 'lol no that will never happen unless we at least make a complete NSFW version' Zoom over half a decade later to the present, and we're in an age where Steam has promotions for just about everything that could possibly fit on the service. VNs have clearly been a part of that for at least a few years, I can't get the flood of them off of my bloody Steam feed. But apparently Steam wants to just now realize it never wanted to be progressive in the first place? Guess it's back in its own stone age.
Cherry R (1 month ago)
burn down MIM tbh with the fuckers who are it inside
Steel4 (1 month ago)
Anime breasts are bad but extreme violence isn't according to these "Morality In Media" people? What?
Toast Burner (1 month ago)
The Bible is full of killing, so nothing wrong with a little bit of blood and decapitation.
iTA360 COM (1 month ago)
Sorry for my english language not good, i think Valve must add to Steam a filter in the "New Releases page" so people can not see "Visual Novel" or "Nudity" tagged games if they don't want, also valve must to enable people to have an unlimited quantity of words to filter (or at least 100) because right now is possible to filter only a little quantity of words (5 or like this) and this i really disagree top of that this filter work only in some place of the store (for example discovery etc.) but would be + useful in the new releases for me. For Example i like only Dynamic Adventure,Adventure,Action and FPS | i don't like Jrpg,horror,Anime,Visual Novel,mmorpg,sport\racing, games etc. but the valve store (same as the xbox,ps and nintendo store) sadly is full of that visual novel etc. games,and i'm so bored to see always all this games in the new releases but i can't filter it because the filter not work in the new releases page and also filter words is limited quantity not enough.
nobodys_winds (1 month ago)
the worst part is, the children are going to play these games, whether on accident or otherwise children don't give a damn about the ESRB
Marik Zilberman (1 month ago)
Well, GOG has released a blob of VN's now. Seems like there's a relation here...
SpaghettiandSauce (1 month ago)
Western culture is very weird in this respect - any amount of violence is ok, but naked human bodies are harmful. I blame feminism.
Toast Burner (1 month ago)
SpaghettiandSauce Feminism is typically very prosecution. The antisex crowd tend to be conservative Christians.
Micromation (1 month ago)
Overly prude motherfuckers trying to ruin world for everyone else.
Flutters (1 month ago)
This is not okay. If their entire premise is "think of the children" (of this one "morality" group), who knows what else they might want Steam to get rid of? I don't play visual novels that often, and most of those I do play don't contain any pornographic content, but I still think it can have a place in gaming. You know, with an 18+ label and a tag of "pornographic content". If you find your kid playing a pornographic game, or a violent game and you don't agree with it, you should lecture your kid about it, not force the provider to push all those things out.
Namoth (1 month ago)
Supprice...some visual novels got adult content..well deaaaaaaaaar Valve dont whine over that I EVEN! if I see a gameon your ..store..I go and cheek if its on gog first before I even CONSIDER if the dev is desservign enough of my cash for it to indirectly feed steam in the process... ffs!....as he says they buckle to some lune fake sjw's about shite on stuff like this..but ensureing things on THER storefront at least got a exe file ?..pff
Namoth (1 month ago)
''Valve head quters 09:36 2018 may the 5th'' dude 1'' HEY! dudes? you know how ouer main storefronts products is deependent on creative or visual and imersive work ye ? I..got a GREAT IDEA! dude 2'' umhh..ye SURE what is it ? a bit bussy saying nothing with a shitload of words here to hide how we arent doing anything to garantie Quality yet rake in cash as if we was a old fashioned physical store doing that. dude1'' Ye I know! but hey I got a GREAT IDEA! you know how thers some other little rebel storefronts doing that to earn customers attention ? dude 2'' ye fucking losers they shouldet thats just not good maffia eh I mean bussnies practises dude1'' ye i know RIGHT! so I thought if we cencur a heap of the visual work for no real reason it makes those american sjw's happy with uss and speak nice in ther echo chambers of ussand we piss of a few small studio devs thats producing things the big ones dont understand or want to touch ANNNNNNND we also mannage to make ouer service even LEES! usefull compared to G.O.G AND! we even might get a tiny good grace from the backwards religious people! yeyeyeYE!? great idea AM I RIGHT! dude 2'' fuck MAN! your right..I mean wtf are they gona do ? plebs dont ahve any say in what they should enjoy to pay for right ? and fuck that hole Cencur whining so much simpler if we could do just like EA or activision and copy paste shit or force em to buy season passes to get the chiks 'or dudes' in skimpy clothing! Now imagen this with some 80's or 90's ishy music blasting in the background a mailbox that havent been opend since 83 so they dont know the game industrie went belly up one time when shiting to hard in peoples faces and.... and small mounten of ...sugar... on the table infront of them both each with a nice fashionable little white..mustash
sir bread (1 month ago)
Im not interested on the games but this is cencorship at its worst.
Narowe (1 month ago)
I find it funny that Youtube pretty much had a monopoly on user created content (excluding the livestreams from far off Twitchvania) and Steam had a monopoly on the PC digital games market (yeah stuff like GOG exists but steam is the big daddy) and yet an amalgamation of spineless complacency and self-destructive greed have turned their users against them. Sure we still use your shit but give us a decent alternative and you're gonna be left in the dirt.
The Village Idiot (1 month ago)
Gabe Newel wants to keep all the waifus for himself. On a more serious note though, it might be time to start moving away from steam, Guess I'm going back to big box PC games.
Emily Anarres (1 month ago)
Hey So This watchdog group They act like they're against sexual exploitation But drawing some anime tits and having a woman get paid to come in and moan and giggle into a mic is about as exploitive as a gumball machine. So they're just puritanical jackoffs.
Hunter Wellman (1 month ago)
As long as Nekojishi is left alone I don't care about the others
Mr Jinks (1 month ago)
DDLC better not have been removed
jahahahaha (1 month ago)
VN porn doesn't offend me. The absolute garbage games Valve allows on steam offends me greatly.
CaligulaClone (1 month ago)
Thank god all this weeaboo trash is getting removed from steam.
BlackEliteStudio (1 month ago)
Ok so now everyone cares about shit games when a while ago we were talking about how to remove them from steam. Pathetic.
teeonezee (1 month ago)
In other words, Fuck Valve. I never buy games anymore anyways, I consider this the 2nd biggest video game crash in history.
teeonezee (1 month ago)
Religion in itself is a collar and leash for humanity. Here, human, come get the treat. Good human. *pets human on the head*
The lost Byte (1 month ago)
As a german, I do not understand your silly americans extreme approach on nudity while compleat acceptence of violence. Here, it is the other way arround. (That means, if we do not allready get the version censored for american standarts...)
TranscenGopher (1 month ago)
So, they removed games which _suggest_ a naked female nipple is being displayed to someone (not the player, since that's censored), but Genital Jousting, a game about literal dicks with buttholes sliming around and into each other, is perfectly fine and allowed?
Jed Grahek (1 month ago)
We need to protect America's youth from the idea that sexual activity is dependent on positive social interactions. Only crude, exploitative sexual content is acceptable.
ThePipeMonk (1 month ago)
Why is steam fellating a nonsense group?
Warp Scanner (1 month ago)
Jim Sterling mentions in this very video that they *might* of complained to Paypal, who in turn would have told Steam they were getting complaints and that they'd sever ties unless they "fixed it".
Arrow Head (1 month ago)
Ninety percent of this comment section is filled with hentai profile pictures screaming "MUH TIDDIES" because they don't realize that maybe porn being kicked off a game platform is a good thing.
HeavyMetal Gamer (1 month ago)
i think its about time steam just slaps an adult section some where
Arrow Head (1 month ago)
Getting rid of visual novels is good. Stop complaining, please.
Warp Scanner (1 month ago)
I don't buy them or play them myself, but why does it matter what other folks buy and play in their own free time?
18266609 (1 month ago)
Can't stand religious assholes who want the world to conform to their twisted ways of thinking.
Dennis Taylor (1 month ago)
More Fucking #Metoo bullshit.
Dennis Taylor (1 month ago)
Warp Scanner Read the article that Jim showed in the video.
Warp Scanner (1 month ago)
What the fuck are you talking about? This has nothing to do with #Metoo ...
Steam was never the "to be place", to begin with! Valve in a nutshell is a massive $hitshow! Its a multi *BILLION* dollar company, and if they act at all. They act so slow, even a Sloth can have 20 naptimes in-between until something actually happens. They also take *ZERO RESPONSIBILITY* for anything! They take all your money. They take a huge junk of money away from everyone making business with them. From games, movies, DLC, MTX everything! And Valve returns nothing! No customer support at all! If a game does not work, your loss. Game Curation, was half arsenly put into the hands of shills and other stupid Youtubers as well, instead of doing it right! Big Picture Mode is still in early alpha, a buggy mess, ugly, not fully functional. Still not fully Gamepad supportable. Or even locking some out. All in all just utter trash! 4K UI scaling for the launcher still trash. There is nothing good at Steam. Just another god awful DRM platform to steal your money and to hold your purchase hostage! And fat POS Gaben has a net value of *over 5.5 BILLION $* that would be $11B for Valve itself. Yet ZERO responsibility! Not from Valve, not from Gaben!! Look at this story here. Is it positive, or is it negative for the consumer and/or for the small developers? In both cases is negative. Its bad Valve news again. Nothing positive to report from this company aka anti consumer money grabbing Machinery as usual! Its disgusting!!
Almightysloth (1 month ago)
Never understood the appeal of those anime visual novels/games that are higly sexualised like why not go to an actual website if you want porn. I have noticed these games are increasing on steam.
PC MasterRace (1 month ago)
Good get this garbage off steam. Spend an hour at least every week going through recommended lists just click not interested on as much litteral garbage as i can to give the algorithm a better idea of what to recommend and what not to. I've been doing this for over a year and STILL trash like this all i see. Its all thats on the home page, its all thats recommended, its all that the curators talk about, its that comes up when i do vague searches. I don't think steam has shown me a real game in over 2 years. I don't think steam has even shown me a game made by more than a 3 man team in over 2 years. At a minimum, 60 percent of steams library needs to be purged. Starting with crap like this.
Tricky Cheat (1 month ago)
PC MasterRace agreed

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