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Top 10 Nintendo Switch Game Predictions For E3 2018

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Top 10 Nintendo Switch (prediction) Games that should make an appearance on the this year's E3 Game Conference. Games: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~--~-~~-~~~-~~-~-- A new Pokemon Game Super Smash Bross Metroid 4 Fortnite Animal Crossing Fire Emblem Far Cry Yoshi 2018 Bayonetta 3 Need For speed game -~-~~-~~~-~~-~--~-~~-~~~-~~-~-- For more Nintendo Related News, Gameplay, Live Streams Subscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/axomofficial -~-~~-~~~-~~-~--~-~~-~~~-~~-~-- Follow us On: -~~-~--~-~~-~~~-~~-~-~~-~--~--~ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Axomchannel Instagram: https://instagram.com/axomchannel Facebook: https://facebook.com/Axomofficial ~~~-~~-~--~-~~-~~~-~~-~-~~-~ Official Merchandise Products : https://shop.spreadshirt.at/Axom ~~~-~~-~--~-~~-~~~-~~-~-~~-~ For Business / Collaboration Proposals Contact us through https://goo.gl/At2koA -~~-~--~-~~-~~~-~~-~-~~-~--~-~~-~--~-~ You can Help us Grow by Donating here? https://youtube.streamlabs.com/axomofficial -~-~~-~~~-~~-~--~-~~-~~~-~~-~--~-~~-~ Thanks
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Text Comments (174)
beast goet (1 day ago)
assassins creed games
Paulo Bogner (2 days ago)
Bin jetzt gehyptet auf Far Cry 3
Lao Dy (5 days ago)
How much for need for speed ?
NoC Noctrollex (23 days ago)
need for speed?isn't it payback? I don't think that will come true
NavaIMTutorial (24 days ago)
Damn.. *Pokemon* ..
Happy Pufick (26 days ago)
SlatyFish Weeb (1 month ago)
Well u got fortnite right
Kuni s (1 month ago)
Really? Old games for switch? Sad really sad
Sadnan idrak (1 month ago)
Will all this game will be released for physical game.....plz reply
BGL PROS (1 month ago)
carlos fonseca (1 month ago)
Nintendo switch needs more 2player shooting games make it happen Nintendo
legião retrogamer (1 month ago)
Far cry 3 or 5
WasteOfTime (1 month ago)
Still want a borderlands game
Sanja Kališnik (1 month ago)
Great...Far cry 3👍💪👏
Adán J C (1 month ago)
Bayonetta 😍😍😍
Ferado 11cz (1 month ago)
Will be fortnite free on switch?
Sauron (1 month ago)
Mario maker
Zuzana Oroszi (1 month ago)
Farcry 3
Haoyuan Yue (1 month ago)
Far cry 3? That is huge
Gonçalo Pereira (1 month ago)
Is Fortnite relly coming to switch!!!
MonkeyGamer09 (1 month ago)
It's funny I've seen ppl with more subscribers but with way less views lol, i enjoy your content😁
santgiard (1 month ago)
A love fornite
Jerome Garibay (1 month ago)
Does somebody knows the name of the remix?:oo
謝承翰 (1 month ago)
Need for speed!!! Come on E3
anko Mitarashi (1 month ago)
Sasuke's voice? 0:10
Mark Anderson (1 month ago)
Yay more old games, i need to get me a switch for $300 and a controller for another $70, then also sd cards due to no memory, and spend $400 to $500 to play old games portable, i call that a royal fucking in the ass...weee!!! To each their own😂
Burger doggo (1 month ago)
Farcry , borderlands , fortnite . 3 aaa games that deserve a spot on the Switch in my opinion
AliZocktHD (1 month ago)
Good predictation
JP SQUAD (1 month ago)
All I am waiting for is fortnite
raphael kardum (1 month ago)
When com fortnite
Marley-San (1 month ago)
smash bros 🔥🔥 pokemon 🔥🔥 fortnite 🔥🔥
Crispy (1 month ago)
I would kill for far cry and fallout on the switch...
mono Bakenko (1 month ago)
Shine Isa'hh (1 month ago)
What is fortnite
silly me (1 month ago)
I need animal crossing please Nintendo !!!!
Aronath Cordova (1 month ago)
bayoneta? isnt it already announced? // Below fot Nintendo Switch is mine.
yagami ryuk (1 month ago)
Fortnite fortnite pleaseeeeeeeeeee fortniteee💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣
Arvinzeres Ampogi (1 month ago)
Farcry 3 !!!!!!!!
YetiMacheteHD (1 month ago)
We won't get NFS unfortunately, because EA are stupid af.
Slooth Farm (1 month ago)
Animal Crossing would be great to see. 😁
Korel Turan (1 month ago)
The last game is fake
Korel Turan (1 month ago)
Ohhh fortnite for switch
Adriano142 Blabs (1 month ago)
need for speed and fortnite is what I want
DM Kilrath (1 month ago)
I think most of these are safe bets.
Mustafa Duman (1 month ago)
Fortnite is free ?
A RIS (1 month ago)
The pokemon trailers was a fan made
Ninjacat 512 (1 month ago)
I want pvz GW2 for Nintendo switch
Mada Mada (1 month ago)
If far cry 3 is coming to switch i'll be so happy that was like the most fun and good game I've ever played.
Mada Mada (1 month ago)
Jeeses99 wtf they are definately worse I have rl on ps4 and on switch and the difference sure is noticable why are you acting like a switch has as much power as a ps4?
Jeeses99 (1 month ago)
Mada Mada Cause they aren't worse. You're literally making bs up. Demanding games can run on the Switch. End of story
Mada Mada (1 month ago)
Jeeses99 but why are the graphics on rocket league so much worse on switch? It doesn't look like a very big game to run.
Jeeses99 (1 month ago)
Mada Mada The graphics wouldn't be that much lower. Just useless details with be gone that no one will notice when playing. Like they did in DOOM.
Mada Mada (1 month ago)
Jeeses99 Thats true but surely with lower graphics but i dont mind that. But still hope its far cry 3 and not 5 coming to the switch because if i want to play fc5 i rather play on my ps4
Dangelo Bustamove (1 month ago)
This nintendo direct sucked!!!!
Dangelo Bustamove (1 month ago)
Looks like you don't know good games I thought it was good
DJ Flies (1 month ago)
Why would they port Far Cry 3 and Fallout 3 when there's Far Cry 5 and Fallout 4?
Leonardø Guzman (1 month ago)
Ohh wow ! The Nintendo switch can run these games! X - X
Guitar Les Paul (1 month ago)
Far cry 3, ok I'm buying a switch now
83Mike17 (1 month ago)
My top 10 Nintendo Switch game predictions at the 2018 E3 are in this order ..... 1. An Indie Game 2. An Indie Game 3. An Indie Game 4. An Indie Game 5. Another Indie Game 6. A Sequel for a previously released Indie game. 7. An Indie Game 8. An Indie Game 9. Another Indie Game 10. And last but not least...A free Indie game to stream for a week with sign up for Nintendo's new pay to play service! Everyone can thank me later 👍
M7md Playz (1 month ago)
Fill those up with don't starve
Kame Hameha (1 month ago)
You are an idiot. They have done a good job separating indie announcements. That's what they have "Nindie" directs for.
Consupreme Plays (1 month ago)
83Mike17 don't forget the new Nintendo labo skateboard
Andrew G (1 month ago)
I'm calling a Diablo 3 port
Sulli (1 month ago)
Fortnite is definitely happening
Niko Mazure (1 month ago)
What need for speed is it Please ? playback ?
poster boy yt (1 month ago)
I want super smash fortnite and what ever the racing games name was
Los juegos que más quiero son Animal crossing, Luigi's mansions y Fortnite para este E3.
2020 vizzion (1 month ago)
Ozan TUTULMAZ (1 month ago)
Far cry 3 omg
Clash with James 1 (1 month ago)
I would like to see mybe a Shadow of War on Switch but Probably won't happen
ChiefTV (1 month ago)
If BO4 is going to be on the switch, i swear I’m going to fall out of my chair
Eren (1 month ago)
Who knows maybe they'll even give us mother 3
Parker Wilstead (1 month ago)
No fallout:(
shadows of nitro (1 month ago)
Need for speed? Cool!
AmaneChan (1 month ago)
Give me Nier Automata. I would gladly buy it again.
José Miguel RR (1 month ago)
"Bayoneta". Bye.
Noob Zockt (1 month ago)
Far cry 3 was crasy by Xbox 360
Julien van der waal (1 month ago)
I really hope cancernite isn’t coming to switch. Rest of the list are nice predictions though. Except for animal crossing, already a fair amount of info that that is not coming any time soon
Fynn (1 month ago)
Super Smash BroSS?
josiah joaquin (1 month ago)
Fortnite plz 😭😭😭😭😭
chaos control (1 month ago)
Kingdom hearts final mix 1.5+2.5
Morris 420 (1 month ago)
Hey Axom, this channel just showed up in my inbox and i just wanted to say i really enjoyed the vid and i subscribed :)
David Vazquez (1 month ago)
Me too!
Axom (1 month ago)
Awesome to hear thanks and welcome
fightnight14 (1 month ago)
I need some FPS games on the Switch!
fightnight14 (1 month ago)
DuckRotation Cut the indie games. Wolfenstrein is not out yet and only Doom is decent but I want a modern shooter.
DuckRotation (1 month ago)
Doom? Wolfenstein 2? Immortal Redneck? Hollow? Payday 2? Pixark? Pollygod? Morphies Law? SWAP Fire Season? Chromagun? Morphite?
UhJayy (1 month ago)
Epicgames hardly ever let downs their fans. Having a superhero prediction from fans and then actually brining superheroes. No doubts for fortnite
Tony Valdovinos (1 month ago)
I swear if they add fortnite ill switch to swirchnite instead of ps4 Here comes haters...
Varthan Malakian (1 month ago)
la mitad de tu top (me refiero a los juegos exclusivos de Nintendo) no pueden ser predicciones por qué es más que obvio que Nintendo sacará un juego de ellos siempre para cada consola nueva que saqué. Es como decir que va a salir una nueva consola s Nintendo y predigo que va a salir un juego de Mario. así de obvio son tus predicciones de los juegos exclusivos de Nintendo.
Anim3 4 Life (1 month ago)
Bayonetta 3 was announced at the game awards that is not a prediction lol its pretty obvious it will be on e3
Chase The Great Palmer (1 month ago)
Wow, actual games :D not those stoopid mf play store games
Saturn Productions (1 month ago)
Hopefully Return to Arkham switch
Saturn Productions (1 month ago)
David Brisson totally!
David Brisson (1 month ago)
a trilogy would be sick
The gaming Saiyan (1 month ago)
Tbh I don’t like fire emblem it not my cup of tea
Nintendo Aiko (1 month ago)
Wow your video edit is ON FLEEK! I wish I could edit my video’s like you 😭😭
Axom (1 month ago)
Thanks, you will get there 👍
Igor Medeiros (1 month ago)
pokemon far cry 3 need for speed and fortnite
David Vazquez (1 month ago)
Do not read my profile picture Have you Seen Mario Odyssey
Jeeses99 (1 month ago)
Do not read my profile picture If you think the graphics wouldn't be good enough and it wouldn't run well you're simply retarded and know nothing about the system. It's as simple as that. Not my fault you want to deny facts
Jeeses99 Far cry 5 aint happening. It would be too difficult to port it on switch. The system can run it, but the performance and the graphics would be HORRIBLE. And no, i'm not a switch hater or anything. I own a nintendo switch but i'm just stating what's probably true. I played far cry 5 on pc. One of the things i love about that game is its beautiful. And if i see it look and perform horrible on another system, i would freak out.
Jeeses99 (1 month ago)
Far Cry 5** Only idiots think new gen games can't run on the Switch
TheZookProject (1 month ago)
Nope pokemon confirmed for November with trailer
David Perez (1 month ago)
Far cry 5 or 4 on Switch
Mad Luigi (1 month ago)
Eternal Darkness 2
golgo 13 (1 month ago)
I hope Metroid is different then game cube something different it looked like the game cube versión
golgo 13 (1 month ago)
I'm hoping they ditch the animal crossing mobile version and get with the program
Joash Sanchez (1 month ago)
Nah, not only far cry 3, far cry 5 too. Plus also battlefield 5 or a battlefield 1 port.
DuckRotation (1 month ago)
Well if you consider that they literally haven't even ported the Dunia or Frostbite engine to the switch I don't know how EASILY you 12 year old losers think that would work. You remember that they employ hundreds of people on these projects. Nothing is getting done easily. Take your bad usage of the English language and enroll back in middle school.
Joash Sanchez (1 month ago)
Jeeses99 I know.
Jeeses99 (1 month ago)
Careful you'll probably get a bunch of retards who don't think those games would run on the Switch when they easily would
Hansiger Obba (1 month ago)
Far Cry 3 WAT ? why not 4
Ruse Nikolovski (1 month ago)
can you not use confirmed or almost confirmed in predictions? like pls!
Crimz (1 month ago)
What was the song at the beginning? Also, if Nintendo puts Far Cry on the Switch I will eat a entire hat
willshealy (1 month ago)
Why would you ever buy a Nintendo switch lol
Jeeses99 (1 month ago)
Cause it's by far the best new gen console. If you think the ps4 or xbox one are better you're delusional
Freddy Jason (1 month ago)
PoGoTips&Tricks because it’s the most powerful handheld system out, if you don’t like handheld gaming then it’s not for you but if you love handheld gaming like me then it’s the greatest system ever
HB Moto (1 month ago)
PoGoTips&Tricks i said the same thing cause im a pc guy, played my cousins switch, bought one the next day, this shit is so much fun
I would be happy for all these games but I'm trying to deal with a reject
SirKage (1 month ago)
Jennifer Sandiford-Rochester reject?
Alvin Rhesa (1 month ago)
How about dragon ball fighter Z?
Joefrenne S (1 month ago)
I feel like that’s paper yoshi’s island.
MarckAnthony Diaz (1 month ago)
Yes fortnight definitely has to be on the Nintendo switch
Reyshan ;3 (1 month ago)
MarckAnthony Diaz Fortnight? :v
DrDisRespect (1 month ago)
Joshua Nicholas (1 month ago)
I want to know more information about Pokémon and Smash bros
Joshua Nicholas (1 month ago)
So am I
Joefrenne S (1 month ago)
Joshua Nicholas okay 🙂 i feel so hyped this year for e3.
Joshua Nicholas (1 month ago)
E3 is very close man we will get the information
Joefrenne S (1 month ago)
Joshua Nicholas me too
Marcus Darbouze (1 month ago)
Wait if the prediction is true for need for speed and far cry ill buy it
Ozan TUTULMAZ (1 month ago)
Me too
BLOBLE TV (1 month ago)
Jamal Mahroof cause Far cry 3 Uhr Community likes most.
Jamal Mahroof (1 month ago)
Why would they port far cry 3 and not a newer one though?
Marcus Darbouze (1 month ago)
Merlin nahhhh i much more fan of far cry and need for speed
Merlin (1 month ago)
dude, just buy metroid
lone wolf (1 month ago)
I love fortnite

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