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Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja MUGEN UPDATE 2018 PC GAMEPLAY

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Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 MUGEN NEW UPDATE 2018 GAMEPLAY REVIEW PC DONT FORGET LIKE,SHARE VIDEO, and SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL LINK : http://www.mediafire.com/file/o0q3k7v0008z36h/Naruto+Shippuden+%28Subido+x+JeffHardy2014%29.rar
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Text Comments (81)
erickjhon nacuspag (1 month ago)
Hi like my vedeo wow amizing naruto
The Creeds (1 month ago)
What version of mugen is this??
Review Gaming HD (1 month ago)
I dont know im forget 😁, i think version 1.1
The Creeds (1 month ago)
Is this a mungen v1.1
Anjali Pandey (1 month ago)
Y My Characters Colour Is Different And My Special Keys Not Working?
The Creeds (1 month ago)
Hi review gaming I have played all naruto games like naruto road to boruto ,ultimate ninja storm 4 etc.. and I am now playing mungen and I find something that when I choose 2 G6 chars and play in team arcade it comes out only turns and not together.Thank You I keep ur good work up if u are going to make chars can u please make chojuro and kurotsuchi I love them Thank You Very Much👍
Review Gaming HD (1 month ago)
Maybr its a bug, next time i will update more charachter. But im not make a chars . I just share many character from someone :)
The Creeds (1 month ago)
Thank you you are a great game maker umm can u please tell me the movelist the game is great
Review Gaming HD (1 month ago)
Moveset: ============================================= - Player 1 Scroll Keys: W,S,A,D - Attack Keys: J,K,L - Player 2 Scroll Keys: ↑,↓,→,← - Attack Keys: Numpad 1, 2, 3 ============================================= - Combo 1: Player 1: J, Player 2: Numpad 1 - Combo 2: Player 1: K, Player 2: Numpad 2 - Combo 3: Player 1: L, Player 2: Numpad 3 ============================================= - Power Charge: Player 1: P, Player 2: Numpad 0 - Susanoo/Bijuu: Player 1: ↓ + P , Player 2: ↓ + Numpad 0 ============================================= - SPECIAL 1: Player 1: ↓→ + J , Player 2: ↓→ + Numpad 1 - SPECIAL 2: Player 1: ↓→ + K , Player 2: ↓→ + Numpad 2 - SPECIAL 3: Player 1: ↓→ + L , Player 2: ↓→ + Numpad 3 - SPEICAL 4: Player 1: ↓← + J , Player 2: ↓← + Numpad 1 - SPEICIAL 5: Player 1: ↓← + K , Player 2: ↓← + Numpad 2 - SPECIAL 6: Player 1: ↓← + L , Player 2: ↓← + Numpad 3 - Super SPECIAL 1: Player 1: ↓ + J , Player 2: ↓ + Numpad 1 - Super SPECIAL 2: Player 1: ↓ + K , Player 2: ↓ + Numpad 2 - Super SPECIAL 3: Player 1: ↓ + L , Player 2: ↓ + Numpad 3
The Creeds (1 month ago)
Hey I just downloaded now and it's working thank you very much
The Creeds (1 month ago)
Why is it not working the file is being damaged
Review Gaming HD (1 month ago)
Maybe when you download file is corrupted
M4TT YN (1 month ago)
tossed a like!
Ronan Gaming (2 months ago)
How to charge Chakra in PC pls what key in keyboard pls :(((((((( i dont know how plssss :((((((((((((((((((((
Review Gaming HD (2 months ago)
You can see in setting controller in option.
IFUT COMANDER (2 months ago)
pq a tela fica pequena assim nao tem graça
wilson moreira (15 days ago)
prescisa extrair?
boy diamond (2 months ago)
di apk kure bkn
boy diamond (2 months ago)
ni ada deskrisinya hk
Review Gaming HD (2 months ago)
Ada kl mau yg mugen bagus cek video yg naruto konoha legends
Ahmad Jaelani (2 months ago)
Kalo mau naruto mugen donload aj jump super start atau bleach vs naruto karakter 131 size 567 mb mantap grafik top
Blank (2 months ago)
Move Set Please
Review Gaming HD (2 months ago)
Check my new video . I put move set same mugen game dragon ball
Nabil Abdillah (3 months ago)
cara download sama install nya dong di jelaskan
Review Gaming HD (3 months ago)
Ini gak pake di install. Cuma tinggal download lalu di ekstrak file nya lalu mainkan
Ivan Fernando (3 months ago)
Seru nih
عمر خليفة (4 months ago)
I don't know haw to tank you
Isac Moreira (5 months ago)
Presisa extrair
Juanproxi (5 months ago)
How did the resolution change? please
Juanproxi (5 months ago)
Thank you man, are you big :)!!
Review Gaming HD (5 months ago)
Edit file resolution in notepad
Jose Fernando Castillo (5 months ago)
Lưu Đanh (6 months ago)
How to enlarge the screen?
Amestie N'klo (6 months ago)
im like 0:38
Daniel (6 months ago)
This game looks so cool. I've played it before.
Apenas Eu (8 months ago)
Music characters?
rechard jason (8 months ago)
Gleison Santos (9 months ago)
What is the command list?
Review Gaming HD (9 months ago)
+Gleison Santos command list you can see my video naruto shippuden mugen new 2017 in deskripsi input command list
Hương Lê (10 months ago)
very good
M4t3us G4m3r (10 months ago)
what your places music dragon ball z
Leevon Dorius (11 months ago)
What is the name of that song while you were selecting the characters???
Leevon Dorius (11 months ago)
Muhammad Farraby i found the band and original song earlier today lol but thanks for the help
Muhammad Farraby (11 months ago)
Leevon Dorius i think thats dragon ball music
F 4 7 3 (1 year ago)
Review Gaming HD (1 year ago)
+SONYM thanks
stiven baez (1 year ago)
Marcel Marcel (1 year ago)
Movset nya mana?
Review Gaming HD (1 year ago)
+Marcel Marcel di deskripsi dudah dicantum kan silahkan baca di deskripsi
james carrillo (1 year ago)
How do I get past the opening scene with the music
Review Gaming HD (1 year ago)
+james carrillo setting in option
Moorf (1 year ago)
Rikiru (1 year ago)
thanks men good :D
Rikiru (1 year ago)
Men Clipboard tail: --------------------------------------------------- M.U.G.E.N ver 1.1.0 Beta 1 P1 (2013.08.11) status log --------------------------------------------------- Parsing command line... Command line: C:\Users\Juan\Desktop\Naruto Konoha Legends M.U.G.E.N\Naruto Konoha Legends M.U.G.E.N.exe Parse command line OK Initializing... Allocating game variables Reading configuration file...Setting language "en". OK Initializing timer...performance timer enabled...frequency 1623593...OK Initializing keyboard...configuring...OK Initializing input engine...OK Initializing sound...OK Initializing BGM... OK Initializing graphics...gameCoord 640x480...render mode 2_20...trying 640x480x32 mode 0x0...failed. help plis
Review Gaming HD (1 year ago)
+Rikiru :) yourewelcome
Bradley Benedict (1 year ago)
can u pls tell all the combo ?
Review Gaming HD (1 year ago)
i put moveset in deskripstion
640x480 its only this
how to make full screen please help ;-;
pecesito592460612948 (10 months ago)
Review Gaming HD (1 year ago)
+Roblox Game Introductions setting in notpad change rrsolution
Zinou Lacost (1 year ago)
هل توجد في الاندرويد
Zero Tx (1 year ago)
non :3
JuegosFullYT (1 year ago)
Review Gaming HD (1 year ago)
+Zinou Lacost english please
Hansen gunawan (1 year ago)
kalo yang ini link nya apa gan?
Review Gaming HD (1 year ago)
+Hansen gunawan dideskripsi ada link nya gan.
Dracula Wibowo (1 year ago)
Atau gak One piece
Dracula Wibowo (1 year ago)
Lagu Dragon ball
Review Gaming HD (1 year ago)
+ASSASIN'S CREED INDONESIA game bukan buatan saya . Saya cuma share dan review saja
Hunter (1 year ago)
The file is missing: System.sff
Hunter (1 year ago)
Deu error
Nguyễn Toàn (1 year ago)
how to ultimate jiustu
BRUNO FONSECA (1 year ago)
Good morning, this mugem has so many characters !? This last update does not require the previous version to work !? Congratulations on the work !!
Review Gaming HD (1 year ago)
+BRUNO FONSECA sorry the update still progress. The modder still progress it, this just update jutsu on some charachter. If the modder complite the update. I will update too
Bintang TV (1 year ago)
bang tonton vidio ku yang baru dan tolong share bang
Bintang TV (1 year ago)
aku udh subs chanel mu
Bintang TV (1 year ago)
naruto senki udh punya o iya subs chanel ku juga namanya dimas321 gambarnya seperti naruto jok lali subs
Bintang TV (1 year ago)
bang update game naruto mugen di android
Crescent Mugen (2 months ago)
Bintang TV cek channel ku broo,aku juga mugen maker dari indonesia :l
Review Gaming HD (1 year ago)
+Dimas321 Dimas123 mugen khusus pc msh blm ada utk android, kalau mau yg di android ada naruto senki

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