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Opening Four Random Yugioh Booster Packs TCG After Locals

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Hope you all enjoy the video! Also don't forget I have a Yugioh Facebook Group where you can trade, sell, and just chat about yugioh with everyone! Link is down below! https://www.facebook.com/groups/958450340843595/ I have also started up an Instagram account where you can follow me and see what packs I will do for openings beforehand and see other cool things I come across. Instagram: kiratwig2 Also check out the channel I've started with my girlfriend Marissa(Tsundere)! We do pack openings and blind bags of a lot of cool different stuff. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSwSNXuMrcUru0ECvX5xPXg
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Text Comments (8)
jared ricci (9 months ago)
What did u play??
Swaggy 091 (9 months ago)
0:47 black 'dragon' ritual xd
KasheMoneyRemix (9 months ago)
Stripping panther 😅
Ran Tao (9 months ago)
Can u do world chalice deck plz? Ban list came out and they banned Gofu an dandylion
Dre Gram (9 months ago)
I love your vids
Dre Gram (9 months ago)
I just started following u on Instagram
Dre Gram (9 months ago)
MightyMouse 1488 (9 months ago)
Nice cards see u on Skype soon

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