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The Game Quest, Volume 1 Chapter 6 - 'Bittersweet'

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Wood and Chris try their luck at winning video games and console in an intense bidding war! On this episode of, The Game Quest!! Subscribe for more! 'Like' This video! The Game Quest Postal Address - PO Box 1003 Morphett Vale SA 5162 Follow BeatEmUps on Twitter - @TheGameQuest On Facebook - facebook.com/BeatEmUps Instagram - @TheGameQuest 7BitGaming's New Website! - www.7bitgamingaustralia.wordpress.com/ 7BitGaming's Facebook! - www.facebook.com/7BitGamingAustralia "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." All clips and videos belong to their respective owners.
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Text Comments (168)
Mirrorwood Comics (1 year ago)
Yep, marked down as experience. I could see that auction house being way overpriced. Always fun to see that you still increased your collection, even just by a little bit.
paulownz (1 year ago)
ffs... just ffs... i mean, this --> "A lesson in Histroy, w/ Aaron Stapish... ffs. I'm am still holding my head.
watcherofthings (2 years ago)
tiger handhelds, why are these piece of shits even revlevent.......
Lord Thanos (2 years ago)
Kanye West ed. (i bout shit myself!) does that come with the EGOdrive?
Christopher Shafer (2 years ago)
auction houses suck dude its just people trying to be the biggest dick around herebuy outbidding stuff. I wouldnt pay those prices for any of that stuff. Best finds are in the wild!
z0m813 (3 years ago)
this is the shit that drives me crazy just like you said people driving up the prices and I live in Houston Texas and came across a $200 earthbound lol I lost my entire collection when I was younger somebody broke into my house and took everything I am trying to get my collection back and now I can't because of these goddamn prices and these assholes who want to drive up the prices
TheOneHamster (3 years ago)
Wow 35$ for a Playstation...You can get them for about 10€ here WITH games and controllers and all that stuff. Nobody´s giving a damn about them over here. I´m not even buying them anymore because I have like 5 of them collecting dust and you can´t even resell them or trade, because nobody wants them :D Ah and besides that: Great show! I´m doing a marathon right now watching all your episodes because I´m new to your channel. Well you got a new subscriber, I really enjoy your content! Good luck with the hunt and greeting from Germany!
Hell's Game Room (3 years ago)
damn i woulda got the Playstations they sell for 20 so 2 for 30 is decent
Bulls Talk (3 years ago)
A retro liberty sighting too?!
Ois Eucalypt (3 years ago)
This has honestly been my experience with auction houses here in Adelaide/SA as well.  Had better luck checking out small stores and garage sales in the smaller towns across the state.
Hal566 (3 years ago)
im really sorry but I don't care how rare tiger hand helds are, if they are rare. they ain't worth more than a couple of bucks.
Damian (4 years ago)
does anybody know the song name of the intro and outro?
segaofmyhouse (4 years ago)
This is why I never go to auction houses or any kind of auction,the only auctions where you are going to get a great deal is the police auctions. Can't blame you for trying though, it's an interesting atmosphere at an auction house at least.
thespiderman1032 (4 years ago)
It sucks that the auction house is ran by a bunch of crooks but anyways great episiode as always guys and gnarly Small Soldiers figures by the way.
DreamcasticChannel (4 years ago)
A $35 PS1?! Can I send you a box of PS1 consoles to sell at that auction house? Hahaha!
Ducky DoGaming (4 years ago)
Lol, the earthbound comment cracked me up. And now, thanks to Wood, I have no desire to cut my hair.
mrpalazzo26 (4 years ago)
Where's a good place to pick up a cheap ps1 console with a couple of games in Adelaide? I regret selling mine a couple of years ago and I wouldn't mind owning a ps2. Since I could never buy one when they first released.
MrDrunkReviews (4 years ago)
Yeah it was real swell, a real swell looking box
PudgeTalks (4 years ago)
"you win some you lose some" no you don't this is Australia. It's a constant cycle of loss and suffering.
electricadventures (4 years ago)
Holy crap, no wonder every thing on eBay in Oz has gone crazy if you have people bidding on stuff that hasn't even been tested and paying that much.
TheMelvor (4 years ago)
I had a sneaking suspicion that auction house was behind the increase in retro video game prices.  They need to be taught a lesson...
Luigifreakout123 (4 years ago)
Nice episode Wood. Dude the game & watch prices are ridiculous :/ those are like joke prices. Keep up the good work :D - Tyler
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
Yeah. Screw the YouTube rich guy.
Luigifreakout123 (4 years ago)
:D same but remember. We get free food and drinks but Aaron. He has to bring his own food.
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+Luigifreakout123 Thanks Tyler! Can't wait to hang out at PRGE!!
Jouius Kush (4 years ago)
think im the only french canadian guys watching you guys your fking awesome keep the good work (:
Hugo Chapdelaine (4 years ago)
No you're not!
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+Jouius Kush Thanks for supporting us! It means a lot!
Scottsquatch (4 years ago)
I liked the part when the guy moved the chair in front of Wood.
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+JHMDF I like the part where you comment on my channel.
WafflesInTheHouse (4 years ago)
Is that Retro Liberty dude Mexican or something? I swear, he always says That's So Racist on every fucking video I've seen him in. What PC bullshit.
Car Boot Collectors (4 years ago)
crazy prices there! Have you ever considered bringing the quest to the UK? Also I see you have a couple small soldiers figures - nice!
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+Car Boot Collectors Oh I have! and I want to! :)
uni-korn96 (4 years ago)
haha you look so disappointed at the end but man I love Aaron's history lessons
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+uni-korn96 Aaron is great!
Retro Revenge (4 years ago)
Damn you Australian auction house for jacking up the prices on games across the globe!!!
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+Retro Revenge DAMN THEM!!!! *shakes fist*
RMGB TV (4 years ago)
Nah mate, it's cheap! Good episode, hope you had fun even though you didn't come away with much.
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+RMGB TV 1 - PS2 Tuesdays, PSP Vault, etc. You got it! Thank you!
RetroPals (4 years ago)
Great great episode! You probably ended up with the smallest loot ever, but I enjoyed every minute of the episode. Good editing and going to an auction is also something I wanna try ever, so great to see you guys there. One of the best! Great job guys
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+RetroPals Thanks buddy! That means a lot :)
Damn that auction house sucked. I've had some success with the one close by me. And when retro gaming stuff goes that high, the we call it "stupid prices"
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+Dommercoolstuff Stupid indeed! Thanks Dom :)
TheeDziki (4 years ago)
Haha good vid because it is good to see the ups and downs and not just the highlights. Action houses put the prices out ahead of time as guidelines so that people pay what the auction house wants for them. These places are full of crooks and people that have no idea what they are buying most of the time. As soon as I saw that you guys were going to an auction house I yelled OHHHH NOOOO in my apartment....I knew it was bad news! Aarons teacher skit made me shit skittles with laughter. 
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+David Dziki If only you could of told us sooner!!!
vectorsan (4 years ago)
That's how you pick your nose with style! Cool Wood!
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+vectorsan heh heh :P
vectorsan (4 years ago)
Fuck that auction house! Lol
Michael G (4 years ago)
That was a good, and legitimate rant.
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+Michael G It went for a lot longer too haha
Really loved your 'Haul' segment at the end. Least you didn't need to clear table space :P
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+Leftover Culture Review I know right haha I finally got what I wanted :/
DeejaysGaming (4 years ago)
lol.. Nice episode.
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+SuperFrustratedGamer Thanks man!
Midwest Retro Gamers (4 years ago)
Buyer beware? Man I would be pissed! That history lesson I think I am now dumber for having to listen to it. lol jk Aaron Great Episode Woody! That Simon's Quest handheld is sexy!
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+Midwest Retro Gamers I was pretty pissed! I like these handhelds!
adbics1 (4 years ago)
Top episode as always, feel your pain living in the uk, finding anything older than ps1 costs a fortune :-(
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+adbics1 Even ps1's seem to cost a fortune haha
16BitBrothers (4 years ago)
Ha ha ! How did Aaron pull off that BS XD I can't believe how much some if that stuff went for guys ... That's snes is unbelievable !! If I ever go to Adelaide I ain't going there ! I may come to yours though ;-)
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+16BitBrothers Do it! Australia wants you ;D
TheNzgamefreak (4 years ago)
Remind me never to go to live auctions that is just silly prices :(, $150 for loose game and watches frig thats just stupid lol
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+TheNzgamefreak Tell me about it!
VGRetroQuest (4 years ago)
Oh, and I'm in the credits. Coolio!
VGRetroQuest (4 years ago)
Hey Aaron +RetroLiberty , can we please just get a "History Lesson" series from you?!
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+VGRetroQuest He totally should!
Kyle@Gam3Broz (4 years ago)
Nice episode even if you didn't get what you hoped for. The bad luck this episode hopefully means good luck for the next one :D
Grimsie42 (4 years ago)
Man... This was a rough outing for you guys...  Also I think it's time you change the intro...  Chris is no longer just a cameraman.,..  
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
It will change after this season :3
Munk E. Punch (4 years ago)
I felt like cheering at Wood's rant lol, those jacked up prices were bogus!
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+DVSnmeSON Right??
brokenfronthead (4 years ago)
What an incredible deal whoever got the SNES
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+brokenfronthead They are sooo lucky. -_-
ajanta7 (4 years ago)
Oil up and hit the gym with me
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+ajanta7 Time and place.
cyde79 (4 years ago)
Why is the swearing censored? That sound is kind of annoying when you hear it multiple times in a row... I remembered that the show wasn't censored before. Otherwise good episode.
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+cyde79 The show has always been censored. We just never swear on camera. Having the go pro in the car catches us with our guard down and so I need to bleep out any swears. A lot of youngin's watch this show. Gotta set a good example. 
Adam Cordero (4 years ago)
Am I the only one who thought that this episode should've been titled 'Biddersweet'? ;3
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+bluefruit28 haha hey thats not bad!
TheNintendoDoctor (4 years ago)
$35 !!! What?! I have a stack of 10 I couldn't move for $35. Geeze someone wants dat cardboard really bad.
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+TheNintendoDoctor Yup.
mattonthewater (4 years ago)
Oh to be immortalised in a Game Quest episode.... Made my week, sir's. Well done, keep it up, and hopefully I'll see you in Texas.
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+mattonthewater Your welcome :)
joseph borja (4 years ago)
in guamanian the langue from guam chili means dick ............... lol 
AbolishTheRules (4 years ago)
So who the hell was bidding on all the other shit then? The people next to you just looked like old geezers.
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+EmeraldHazex117 we have no idea. Seriously.
Zeijl (4 years ago)
These are actually so good dude, love em!
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
+Alexander Van Zeyl Thanks! :D
Video Game Hunters (4 years ago)
Your videos become 100% more sexier when Aaron Stapish makes an appearance ;) haha nice pick up on the tiger handhelds!!
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
146% to be exact
DeanBetamberine (4 years ago)
well you know where to sell all your doubles then mate! Turn it around and play it to your advantage. You'll only hurt yourself but if you go far afield to source the stuff then come back and sell it to the suckers you'll have the cash to buy what you want and rub it in their faces!
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
We thought that haha could give them all our broken stuff and sell them  for max profit because they don't test them...  -_- just joking ofcourse..
DarkRocketGrunt (4 years ago)
This was awesome! It's 4:20 am LA time and I just killed this episode and the last slice of pizza! Good work guys, that auction house was insane though! And always good to see the sexy Aaron ;)
DarkRocketGrunt (4 years ago)
Seriously! Couldnt haveput it better myself ;)
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
He is too sexy for life.
x86.c0axial (4 years ago)
At 4:22 Barry Weiss from Storage Wars walks in. :)
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
ItzAdamC (4 years ago)
Wood, whats your favourite Falling in Reverse song? Mine has to be Raised by Wolves
ItzAdamC (4 years ago)
+BeatEmUps Nice! What about Bullet for my Valentine?
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
Pretty much the whole first album apart from a couple tracks. The second album sucks ass
FalconPan (4 years ago)
I got a PC Engine GT for 10 euros, a great-condition SNES with 2 controllers and a game for 25 and a Black Jack Game & Watch for 3 (and then another 13 euros for a new AC adapter for the SNES) a few days ago - and I wasn't even looking! I just stumbled onto them! And then you see that stuff going for HOW MUCH at that auction house?! Moral of the story: stick to flea markets and garage sales. Also antique stores or something. Never auction houses. But great episode, regardless of the minimal finds :D
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
We learnt our lesson. Never again.
Alexandra Grzywacz (4 years ago)
Chris's family is the cutest thing ever <3
Alexandra Grzywacz (4 years ago)
Good laugh? Good laugh?! They are my freaking life!
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
Haha they are a good laugh thats for sure
Gundamruss Gaming (4 years ago)
Big thumbs up very much enjoyed :) that pinball machine would have looked amazing in your collection!
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
I know.... it really would have.
GamingWithSwift (4 years ago)
Great episode guys, even if it was a little bittersweet. Been a fan for awhile, keep up the great work :).
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
Thank you buddy :)
MikePlayz (4 years ago)
Nice Ep Guys I waited a long time and it was worth it but then I also have a questing and anyone may answer where can I find an original Mega CD that doesn't cost 100-300 bucks
Atomicnick (4 years ago)
MikePlayz (4 years ago)
+BeatEmUps okay thanks I found one in my local retro store today in mint condition for 50 BUCKS! Insane I know
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
Garage sales or a market haha
TheRealMrWilson (4 years ago)
Terrible episode. Unsubscribing
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
Thanks for watching :)
ThePSXcollector (4 years ago)
Awesome ep as always guys:)  I see you have posted up Game Quests PO box address...........suss photos of myself are now on the way ;)
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
Send more.
FarEast Armadildo (4 years ago)
Oh boy! here we go a new video!
FarEast Armadildo (4 years ago)
+BeatEmUps YAAAAY!
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
Retroblogger (4 years ago)
Is it bad that I was looking forward to the stacking bit at the end knowing you left with that much stuff? Fun episode, and brings a bit of perspective to all the good luck you've had recently in other episodes. Collecting is as much about the misses as the hits.
Retroblogger (4 years ago)
+BeatEmUps and hey look on the bright side, it's money saved to be spent in the next episode. ;)
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
We don't always show the misses but this was an interesting one to say the least haha thanks man!
The Krebsinator (4 years ago)
yet again fantastic ep!! Btw Wood will we be seeing eps of your journey when you go to the US?
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
You know it :)
NDubs306 (4 years ago)
New Game Quest! YESSSS!
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
made4greatNES (4 years ago)
When are you posting the next game quest?
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
Hopefully asap! 
MerryWarner (4 years ago)
It pains and angers me to watch that auction.  100 dollar used  snes? Holy crap that event was rigged.  Never go back to that place guys.  Still great episode!  👍
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
110 -_- We wont! haha thank you buddy!
Super D D Super (4 years ago)
No lie arin has to do a video history series
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
He should.
Michiel de Vries (4 years ago)
Kind of a disappointing haul I guess, but hey, a new experience. The bit with Aaron was hilarious though. Yay for a new Game Quest!
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
Thanks man :)
Clint Girard (4 years ago)
3:57 why do those bottom 4 ds games say d2? or is the s just backward?
Clint Girard (4 years ago)
Ah man what an illusion lol!
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
a 'D' flipped on its top is still a 'D'. There are 2 games you can see in the frame (the two at the top of the stack) The rest are reflections. You can clearly see looking at the pink DS console that they are sat on a reflective surface. They are reflections.  
Clint Girard (4 years ago)
but if the "s" is backward then why isnt the "d?" plus the top ones are correct. lol.
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
Chris is right, it's a mirror. The actual shelf itself is a mirror and they are reflecting the stack of games
Clint Girard (4 years ago)
actually there are two on top that say ds
jpstyles85 (4 years ago)
Pensioner's are buying snes's and gameboy's bro.
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
It seems that way!
coyle102 (4 years ago)
XD they held me down and put chili on my lips 
Michael Wojcik (4 years ago)
Hurray! Thanks for the episode!
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
Your welcome!
64BitFanatic (4 years ago)
Wooo! A Dallas shout out, lol. Those Tiger games are pretty cool.
64BitFanatic (4 years ago)
+BeatEmUps Yup, it's like 10 minutes from my house, lol
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
You going to RetroPalooza??
GiantChihuahuaBrand (4 years ago)
Wait, the auction place is called SCAMmells? That's a red flag right there, chief.
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
ScamSMELLS, amirite?
PBJoey (4 years ago)
These video's are always the best! it's like watching TV when it was good. 
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
That means a lot man :)
Super D D Super (4 years ago)
oh noid
SuperDerek RPGs (4 years ago)
Excellent video, you win some and you lose some. Can't wait to see you bounce back from this, guys!
BeatEmUps (4 years ago)
Oh you know we will!

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