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Shayna Baszler on Ronda Rousey & WWE women's wrestling

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Mae Young Classic standout Shayna Baszler talks about how former UFC champ Ronda Rousey changed women's wrestling without being an actual wrestler. She also discusses how WWE has provided a bigger platform for women's wrestling.
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Text Comments (11)
1pilot2000 (2 months ago)
Shayna needs to be sent to the main roster of Raw or Smack Down! She's too talented for NXT!
Andrew Flood (7 months ago)
Julio Cantu (1 month ago)
Daniel Heavyweight Champion Cormier No she's not. She might be hot, but she's not ugly. She's a good looking woman. But she's also a little bit creepy looking.
57HarleyDavidson (1 month ago)
+Daniel Heavyweight Champion Cormier. Shayna Bazler isn't gross
Andrew Flood she's gross
xLttPx (3 months ago)
Are you fucking blind?
adu1991 (6 months ago)
+John Cena If I was unclear before, I'm saying that she does :)
Donnie Dawn (7 months ago)
don't get me wrong I love Ronda Rousey but I really think she have to take this seriously I think her friend takes it more seriously because of this is what she wants to really do and she's very impressive in the ring Shayna baszler Ronda Rousey have the bigger name the bigger draw for a person that hasn't really been in the ring I don't think Stephanie McMahon really counts she has to be fully committed to this new line of work and not just rely on her name always remember who she is but that person has kind of been depleted by Amanda Nunes I think Ronda Rousey has to remember the competitor she used to be when she just started MMA and learn stuff like a student

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