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From Battle Pass To Battle Ass (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/Jimquisition-merch The Battle Pass is the new hotness in monetization thanks to Fortnite's popularization of it. Before "AAA" publishers can sink their fangs into the latest scheme, games like PUBG and Paladins have shown them how to do it. __ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimsterling Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimsterling0 Jim’s Big Ego (No Relation): http://bigego.com/ Bandcamp of the Sax Dragon - https://carlcatron.bandcamp.com Nathan Hanover - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-8L7n7l11PJM6FFcI6Ju8A
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OriHadar (2 months ago)
I've been watching Jim for several years now, and I still do not understand why sometimes he opens the video with self-praise. It's just pathetic
LonelyWolfBlade (2 days ago)
Thank god for Jim Sterling
irllcd13 (5 days ago)
If you got to be Jim Sterling you would praise yourself too.
Keith Goh (7 days ago)
Clearly you do not appreciate the gift of Sterdust. Thank god for Jim Sterling.
neontetra1000 (11 days ago)
OriHadar Easy guys!, he might be “American”.
Mattiedamacdaddy (26 days ago)
watergod321 (1 day ago)
Several channels I watch do fortnight content, it has been so long since I had seen any pubg footage that it is actually jarring to look at.
joshua armstrong (1 day ago)
micro transactions and loot boxes turn a game into something thats an insult to games, its no longer a game, its a pay to win simulator, its a gambling simulator and there is no real game there, its terrible, why i stick to tried and true games, ones that dont require excess cash to be spent in order to enjoy them, yet we're constantly told to love loot boxes, to love micro transactions, simply because it makes them tank fulls of money and so we of course "must love them" or accept them, because the money, they want you to spend thousands of dollars on one or two games, and put yourself in debt, rob the poor to feed the rich, hence they only apologize to their shareholders, like i've said many times, we dont matter anymore, but since not only belgium, but finland now is looking to ban loot boxes, but stupid EA is resisting the law, feeling they're above the law, but much like celebrities, they all must answer to the law eventually, and EA will either back down, or be taken down, i hope they actually get shut down and blacklisted, no more EA, pathetic pansies that want us all to get stockholm syndrome or addicted to loot boxes, their resistance will only bring them down, no one can defy the law and win, and the law especially hates it when its mocked, told its only doing an "interpretation" of the law, when it IS the law, im sorry for the side track here, but i just know that EA may very well be shutdown due to its defiance, oh sure, they may try to keep going, but in the end, they'll fail, just like so many who have done likewise before them, the law won and they had to sulk off with their tail between their legs, i hope they do get shut down, for all the studios its shut down before them, i still feel vicseral was shut down unfairly, fuck EA, i hope they die, they, like much of the games industry, do not deserve the excess cash, they make more than enough, and yet greed, as usual, takes over and they want more and more and MORE, they don't care if they get caught, like EA, who wont submit to the law, i cant wait to see their deserved foot up the ass, i'll be waiting with a bag of popcorn, anyway...if its fee to play, pay to get ahead, pay to win, its no longer a game, its an insult to games, dont buy those types of games, send a clear NO to game companies, we know we hate that crap, we dont want it, so lets not support that bad habit that games industry seems to be fond of, we need to say NO more often, with our wallets, we wont give in to their demands of excess money, we wont pre order anything anymore, since even game companies dont know what will be in any given edition of each game, its all worthless, there's so much you can do with the excess money YOU have, that doesnt involve giving it to game companies, if you find a gambling mechanic in your game, like a slot machine, throw it out, or use it as a coaster for your drinks, for god sake, a lot of games just want you to pay to win anyway, effectively ceasing to be games, again, that is whats known as an insult to games, oh and if its player choice, then i choose NO micro transactions, NO loot boxes in any of my games, thanks, now piss off games industry, i made my choice, oh and i forgot NO pre ordering a damn thing, not only because i choose not to, but because i cant afford the TRUE edition you want me to pay for because its the actual complete game, but you dont want me buying your products, just well off or rich people, so what do i know >_> 60$ should be THE price for the full game, not up to 1,000$ they really DO see us as animals, not human beings, rich, middle class, and poor, or whales, dolphins and minnows, we are carved up like a turkey to see who has the moolah to toss their way, and who can only do the bare minimum, sigh, games are becoming NOT games and turning into a luxury that only the wealthy can afford, not realizing their biggest spenders arent just rich, they're average citizens
A Brittish Panfish (23 days ago)
9:24 hey it's quiette shy
Brian Singleton (23 days ago)
It's a bit sad that fortnite was originally something unique, but just started chasing trends when it didn't find success.
John Paul Ketola (25 days ago)
Good thing hollow knight is here for us all. A cheap full game wherein all new content is added for FREE. Team cherry are good guys.
rhaeven (26 days ago)
Haha, I love the "fuck off twice" rant. Me and my friends always just used to say "Fuck off. And when you get there, fuck off."
Zero .Karma (27 days ago)
Battle royale can go and eat all the dicks. Not a bag of dicks, not a hill of dicks, not a dick sandwich, ALL. OF. THE. DICKS, then it can go jump off a bridge.
Cupriferous Catalyst (28 days ago)
All this is just too overwhelming for me. I've stopped playing all multiplayer games that are still being actively updated, not because I feel like I'm being nickel and dimed as much as I feel out of the loop. With all the different loot boxes, microtransactions, season passes, premium currencies, etc. I can't keep track of how these games work anymore. It's like I'm expected to pick one game and play it for hours and hours every day for the rest of my life; how else am I supposed to learn how all these "reward systems" work?
Ruthless Savage Hatred (1 month ago)
Paladins is a pretty fun game though
Asblomma (1 month ago)
I wish more developers made a RMAH where they took a small cut of each transaction instead of this battlepass shenanigans
TigerKirby215 (1 month ago)
PuBG is the one-hit rap star of the video game industry. It got big something no one expected to become popular and then wasted all its money on booze and drugs. And now that people are doing what it did better it keeps complaining about how the industry has changed while desperately trying to do anything to claim its faim. All while still ruining itself with its crippling addiction to drugs and alcohol.
Jackson Kolodgy (1 month ago)
WhAt Do YoU tHiNk Of WaRfRaMe
D.J. JetTH1576 (1 month ago)
@8:13-8:18 The company that made PUBG pulled a PAYDAY 2 right there. The only other company that pulled a PAYDAY 2 is Tripwire Interactive. Every day when I log into Killing Floor 2(developed by Tripwire Interactive) after I complete a match, I would earn a USB(or crate). Unfortunately, I can't open that shit because I have to pay between $2.50 -$6.71 every time I get a crate(considering how I don't know what item I would get out of crate, I would have to gamble maybe about $25 or more to get something I want). On the PS4 version of the game, I just open a crate for $2.49(I think that's the exact price; otherwise I would estimate it as $3) with just a universal key. Still, the gambling aspect is still there. Only slightly simplified. Plus, Killing Floor 2 cost $30 for the base game (a additional $10 for the Deluxe Edition because Tripwire couldn't be bother to add shit from the Deluxe edition for free for the Steam version of the game because they add contents from the Deluxe Edition for free for the PlayStation 4 version of the game.). Both console players and Steam players of Killing Floor 2 are treated like cash cows but, in different ways. Console players would have to gamble a lot just to get the shit they want because the microtransactions were designed for the Steam version of the game, not the console versions of the game. The Steam players of Killing Floor 2 would have to buy skins and customization "cosmetics" just to be able to get a skin they want and be able to customize their character the way they want. The Steam players of Killing Floor 2 just have a specific range of buying options on the Steam Community Market. It's still not players' choice because the prices are out of the players' control. On June 12th 2018, Tripwire released a "Cosmetic" DLC Pack called the Mrs.Foster Character Pack(which features only 1 character and 6 skins that can only be used for that character). It cost $10. The same exact price to buy the Deluxe Edition upgrade for the Steam version of Killing Floor 2. What's really shady about that is that Tripwire never revealed the price of that DLC pack until June 12th(they showcased it as a proof of concept on April 20th, 2018, in the announcement it mentioned something of "DLC mercenary" which is a reference to the Mrs.Foster Pack). On top of that, they promised "other new free content" (including character packs because they added character packs for free in the past for the Steam version of Killing Floor 2) from the Zedconomy FAQ page. The Zedconomy FAQ page was made within a month or 2 after OVERKILL Software(the developers behind PAYDAY 2) have to go through a shitstorm over breaking a promise of "no microtransactions in PAYDAY 2, shame on you if you thought otherwise!". The worst part is that the Killing Floor 2 steam forums lit up on fire because someone discovered that the Mrs.Foster Pack cost $10. 1 side said that pack is a complete ripoff while the other side it's perfectly fine(the same side that say its perfectly fine tried to silence and avoid criticism or just insult other users that disagree with them because they know they have a argument they can't win ). Also, the Mrs.Foster Character Pack is a microtransaction item. Which means, you are forced to buy the pack at $10. Regardless if a sale is going on on the Steam Store(or Playstation Store, XBOX LIVE Marketplace, etc.). Because the item is not coded to be labled as a add-on on the Steam store. It is coded as a microtransaction item that goes to your Steam inventory after you buy it. Tripwire did say they want to test the community's reaction but, they did it in such a greedy and suspenseful way. It's like they knew as if they reveal the price earlier(before June 12th 2018) , then no one would buy it. Except maybe 1 person who is a fanboy who doesn't see the problem in what Tripwire is doing. The worst part is that Tripwire will continue adding more "Cosmetic" Character DLC Packs that are at a gross asking price. Which will lead to more angerfests and salty meme posts(which can lead to a spike in Negative reviews) that a developer at Tripwire Interactive loves to ignore because they think it doesn't provide enough insightful feedback. Even though, they ignored, censored, and flat out permanently banned anyone who dares to give them in-depth feedback(not only in a customer perspective but, in a perspective of how game mechanics work) in the past. From Early Access to now. Some say it's not as bad as how I described it but, this is something I want to share. it seems that not a lot of people outside of the Killing Floor 2 community know about this. Maybe other companies introduced a microtransaction character pack before but, I know Tripwire is one of them. Note: Tripwire Interactive introduced microtransactions before Killing Floor 2 became a finished product(roughly a year before the game came out of Early Access). Killing Floor 2 still has bugs from -Server Side Memory Leak that can happen in solo and online co-op -Invisible projectile shots and poison mines -Configs resetting after every update -about 20% chance of the game not launching ^This is just scratching the surface All in all, Tripwire Interactive is trying to be the good guy in a bad man's game. References -The Reveal of the Mrs.Foster DLC Pack "Testing the community's reaction" https://steamcommunity.com/app/232090/discussions/6/3211505894133557629/ -The KF2 Steam Forums Lit Up On Fire on June 12th https://steamcommunity.com/app/232090/discussions/0/1694923613878148254/ -The Meme that Made Fun of the Mrs.Foster DLC "Cosmetic" Pack https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/914675609295354449/F2153E6545AD8EDB898C222C95E12CA2BB5CFA83/ -The Mrs.Foster Pack is labeled as a Cosmetic https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/921434607320140675/4850C09FB3DB574D4BDA7B763F7DA9EDFD0722DF/ -Killing Floor 2 Deluxe Edition only available on the Steam store page https://store.steampowered.com/app/232090/Killing_Floor_2/ https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0115-CUSA02134_00-KFGAME0000000001 -Killing Floor 2 ZEDConomy FAQ Page http://killingfloor2.com/Zedconomy/faq.html -Negative reviews did spike when Tripwire released microtransactions while the game was in Early Access. Just simply go to the Killing Floor 2 Store Page and set the specific time range of negative reviews to November 1st 2015. -Tripwire is wasting time doing quality of life changes to the Zedconomy feature https://steamcommunity.com/app/232090/discussions/6/2534848209919155903/ -An article mentioning Tripwire's Zedconomy https://techraptor.net/content/killing-floor-2-adding-zed-conomy-microtransactions
This Guys Pie (1 month ago)
How funny, i noticed Quite Shallow commented on your tweet on the "Event Pass", two cynical pricks who i both love.
robert (1 month ago)
I havent played any AAA games or any multiplayer shooter in years(the last one was battlefield 4 the methink. I mostly play old games or indie rpgs nowadays) seeing the industry news trough jimquisition is my only exposure to the AAA industry and its honestly relieving that i dont play those shit again. Meanwhile, there are alot of under exposed developers with amazing products that deserve more attention and money
The Soviet Owl (1 month ago)
Thank God for Jim Fucking Sterling Son
Shen Doodles (1 month ago)
I love the battlepass. It contains enough V-Bucks to buy the next one. The other items are on rotations, so they're never gone. Besides, you don't get advantages in it and they've opened the first three challenges to free players. It may be a monetization thing, but it's fun. It's my favorite F2P model so far, as long as it doesn't contain random bullshit. It just sucks that so many fee to pay games are using it for evil. I wrote this while watching the video, but it sums up my thoughts, even though some points were addressed by Jim. Just because he said them doesn't mean I can't resay them.
Germ_the_Nobody (1 month ago)
Yes I play Paladins a lot lately and it's F2P model is disgusting. I bought the founders thing as well and it's just flat out not worth it.
Cid Highwind (1 month ago)
Fun fact. They have scrubbed the reviews on the game page. "There are no reviews for this product You can write your own review for this product to share your experience with the community. Use the area above the purchase buttons on this page to write your review."
Strazdas (1 month ago)
Youll find that a lot of the microtransaction bullshittery was actually spearheaded into the industry not by some tripple ayyy publishers but in fact by valve.
Sean Wilson (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who popped at the Enzo Amore song at the beginning?
Rosetta Foster (1 month ago)
The Sudden Superstar Saga music when the shirt advertisement was done caught me off guard.
Fluffy Bunny (1 month ago)
The battle pass system is a far better system than the lootbox system. Still not as good as just letting the players get their shit directly. But at least you know what you get just have to work for it. Unlike lootboxes that are basically glorified gambling machines fueled by rng and players compulsive buying habits.
勝雄 (1 month ago)
quiet... as thrust worthy as usual eh
Lucky Tiger (1 month ago)
Did he mention that the fortnite battle pass gives you enough v bucks and some extra to buy the the next battle pass indefinitely?
Joshua Southern (1 month ago)
At first I couldn't stand you mr. Sterling, but then I realized something. The reason you are who you are is because no one else has the balls to speak their mind as harshly and as honest as Jim sterling. Thank god for you
Reiner Rynolds (1 month ago)
Sometimes I wonder if devs play their own video games
Reiner Rynolds (1 month ago)
Man, Craig coming in with that hot ass news.
Reiner Rynolds (1 month ago)
Paladins is a shameless clone to begin with
Ken (1 month ago)
So basically you want free games but no form of monetisation at all ? Mmk. So this is one of those channels. Idk why YouTube recommend this one.
Hiten Ghavda (1 month ago)
I would like to say fortnite battle pass has got better for the free players they have lots of good Items which hey can unlock and it doesn’t take that long. I bought the season 4 pas and the vbucks I earned I bought season 5. The pubg event pass looks like a waste of money for 30 days and has some trial items too. You also have to grind
ChungLing Su (1 month ago)
gremlins 2 music
fonkymaster (1 month ago)
The Overwatch community is worthless.
Carlton Rudd (1 month ago)
C O N S E N S U A L https://www.myinstants.com/media/sounds/pingas-richard-89282878.mp3
Thicc Boii (1 month ago)
man you suck at fortnite lmao
McBenjieuk (1 month ago)
"Meely-mouthed-gooch-monkeys"? <Applause>
Megan McClain (1 month ago)
I would rather buy a replica of your hat. That is one awesome hat.
Kujoen (1 month ago)
I don't have time to watch this all atm. Does he ever mention you can buy the next season battlepass with the currency inside the current battlepass ?
Simon Jones (1 month ago)
i give Epic Games zero money i paid for the base game save the world when that launched and just for login in i get v bucks on that so i get all my battle passes for free and any character skins i want from the daily store. its way better to buy the base game for like 30 quid or 20 right now since its on sale and get an unlimited amount of v bucks just for login in than buying a battle pass every 3 months.
Corwin Keylon (1 month ago)
9:20 BAE SHY Didnt know yall knew eachother. Collab when XD
Runepass is the real ass, even compared to PUBG
TheMightyAjax! (1 month ago)
HAHAHA 15:36 had to replay that a good 15 times :'D!
PressA2Die (1 month ago)
BUY TRIPLE AAA from 2008. They are great.
Heliodor X (1 month ago)
Fuck me running with a well lubed crucifix if that ain't the prettiest pony in the pony parlour
bonecake (1 month ago)
We need a time-limited pre-order pass for season pass for battle pass for keys for loot boxes.
Bryan (1 month ago)
Didn't Dota 2 create this business model? The 'International Battlepass' has been happening yearly, and they also used to have passes for the majors, but they got rid of those at least. Shits addictive af though
ZechsMerquise73 (1 month ago)
If you're conscientious about how you spend the V-bucks each pass gives you, you only need to buy the battle pass once... So long as you play enough to unlock 80% of the V-bucks for each season. That said, 10 dollars for a ton of items and some distraction activities isn't a whole lot for a game that's good enough to be the "one game" a lot of people are playing this year.
Cromakoth (1 month ago)
Can we stop using Payday as the lootbox scapegoat now? They removed that system almost 2 years ago.
FroggyMosh (1 month ago)
5:07 And that fish is doing a funny dance. I'm sorry Jim. I try, I really do, but I can't hear you over that fish doing a funny dance.
FroggyMosh (1 month ago)
4:31 I'm sorry. That fish-astronaut is throwing popcorn at it's face. It's adorable.
Realistic cardboard (1 month ago)
Rocket league has a battle pass I didn’t know that and I play it a lot
LOOLGam1ng (1 month ago)
Personal Choice. No one is being forced to purchase anything. its all up to each person playing the game if they buy in game items or not. it is rather sad how some people cant understand something that simple.
LOOLGam1ng (1 month ago)
Uhm Ok? you might want to read my message again and then think about your answer how stupid it was. Oh yeah companys like people that say you dont have to buy anything at all for their games and its all each persons choice. they dont and CANT force anyone to buy a DLC or Cosmetic items for their games . just dont play any games that have DLC or In game store for items if it bother you so much then you have less to cry about . Thinking before you speak is very important that way you dont have to look stupid
Nobody Special (1 month ago)
LOOLGam1ng You're the kind of person greedy companies like.
Earthboundmike (1 month ago)
I like Fortnites battle pass. I play the game a lot though.
TheBestUsername (1 month ago)
Life's good, when you're a T.V. that looks like an apple on prom night.
ben t (1 month ago)
Brilliant AND superb
xiRobbo7ix _ (1 month ago)
Cant wait for cod to have a battlepass, season pass preorder bonuses and loot boxes. Jim will have a field day
xiRobbo7ix _ (1 month ago)
Fortnite is good, I have every battlepass maxed from one £8 purchase plus gives tonnes o! Premium currency to help you
KidArk (2 months ago)
Jim I've literally never spent a dollar on overwatch and I have almost every skin. I'm not saying you cant dislike the lot boxes but I've really not been scorned by it . They give maps and chars for free its literally just skins
varietywiarrior (2 months ago)
Paladins is fine I guess, but I'd recommend saving money for Overwatch instead.
ArcAngelofJustice (2 months ago)
Jim says "slippery slope arguments aren't a problem in the game industry," but I think it would be more apt to say that "slippery slope arguments aren't a problem when the slippery slope has clear precedent." We've already slid down the slippery slope. Microtransactions were the top of the slope, and this is how far we've come since then. And publishers are continually waiting for people to stop being outraged by their newest horrible business model to introduce some new way to make microtransactions even worse.
Average Joe (2 months ago)
I don’t mind Fortnite’s monetization. As you mention they do not sell you a chance at what you want, it actually lets you buy the exact item you want. It is quite expensive though, my only complaint.
Kax (2 months ago)
Well Fortnite atleast gives you enough(even more) V-bucks to buy it again next season, so basically it's 1 time payment and theoretically you can get it for "free" forever
Pfelcon (2 months ago)
I absolutely love your brutal honesty, also where do you get these remarkable adjectives that literally have me choking on my own laughter
Idunnoyouguessit (2 months ago)
Yo Superstar Saga shilling music. Jim's taste in GBA RPG music is as great as his girth.
HappyAutopsy (2 months ago)
I used to love Paladins, it was fair and good. After they deleted card unbound i gave it a second shot because i was a founder and i spent money on that shit. I got 100k vip point and they deleted that too and gave me 4 shitty chest.....ohh and my character customization also locked for 1 premade set....FUCK HI-REZ.... Never again. I stick with Warframe. Grindy but fair.
TheDarthZodoken (2 months ago)
Didn't Paladins come out with the Battle Pass first?
Advertise Play (2 months ago)
Sociopaths are the real problem. Everything craps out once you give in the sociopaths.
99bimmer (2 months ago)
PUBG has become a waste of time for me now. Unlocking crates through progress means nothing cuz you gotta buy a fuckin key to open the motherfucker.
99bimmer (2 months ago)
HAHAHAHAHAH, 'Well-lubed crucifix"
Raioni (2 months ago)
lmao even Runescape followed suit
Mike Perez (2 months ago)
Battle pass tracer booty edition
R Private Account (2 months ago)
Triiblle aaayyyyyyyyeeeeee
Shinji Ikari (2 months ago)
jim please allow autocaptions for these videos, i have auditory processing disorder and love your content but i can't watch without asistance from captions, and even autocaptions are very helpful
The !st Winner (2 months ago)
Honestly, I don't know whether all that narcissistic, pseudo-arrogant self-praise, jibber jabber is sarcastic... (or whether it is even "pseudo") - but BY GOD, it's starting to *drag,* Jimmy! Thank God for *Me* huh, otherwise you wouldn't have known. ;]
Philipp Ludwig (2 months ago)
I had fun playing PUBG for most of the time, and when i stopped playing because it annoyed me more and more while not providing anything fresh or fun, i sold enough of these lootboxes to get my money back (selling the lootboxes directly gives a lot more than opening them and selling the crap you get). So at last i got 29€ back when playing enough and when i reached that the game got boring anyway. So i moved on as if it was free to play. Also left a negative review. Because its buggy, looks bad, plays bad and is a horrible game quality wise.
jyppi (2 months ago)
Oh Hi-Rez Studios, quickly keeping up with the current game industry trends by pushing copies of successful games so you can earn easy money and then abandon development of your old games (Global Agenda, Tribes).
Gigawood (2 months ago)
Oh my god, the “19 retired loot boxes” thing in paladins sounds like an alternate reality nightmare of Warframe’s prime items system (both current and ‘vaulted’).
SuperKnalxz Grey (2 months ago)
Hmm, I didn't pay much attention to the gameplay until I saw Jim crouching literally everywhere, got into a fight and actually did well but got wounded ran out past a scar, and picked up two health packs despite already holding 3 and dropping is main rifle.
Menthols (2 months ago)
I haven't logged onto an actual multiplayer game in over 5 years now(not counting single player games with co-op). Maybe it's because I'm older and don't have the free time to be competitive, maybe it's because I'm absolutely disgusted with the tactics these greed filled dev's come up with to squeeze every last penny out of their fans, maybe it's a combination of the 2. All I know is ever since I stopped playing multiplayer games and stuck with single player games I have been far more satisfied with my gaming experiences and far less frustrated at game dev's. Open world RPG's like Witcher, Skyrim, Fallout, Nintendo still producing quality single player games on the Switch, Xenoblade 2, Mario, Zelda, or even charming indie titles like Shovel Knight, Stardew Valley, Enter the Gungeon. My point is that although there are so many greedy, malicious dev's producing trash games to fill their wallets, there are still so many great options available as long as people seek them out instead of following over-hyped trends. To some people it may seem like the downfall of gaming, but to the people smart enough to sift through the mountain of turds to find those golden nuggets, it's still a great time for gaming.
Nobody Special (1 month ago)
Menthols Nice. I recently bought Enter The Gungeon, and I'm having a great time with it.
GECKman88 (2 months ago)
Fuck off twice. <3
ataridc (2 months ago)
This is why I've reverted back to primarily a single player gamer. It's not worth it for me to deal with all the hucksters
Hot Coffee (2 months ago)
Your wrong Jim. Dirt is useful. These companies are not.
Charles Van Noland (2 months ago)
"..you shitting fuck buckles"
Vivienne Koo (2 months ago)
Hearthstone already has a lot of battle pass ever since its release.
Offero 04 (2 months ago)
Cant wait to see your video on Aliens Colonial Marines and how shit Randy is XD
Viktor Wolf (2 months ago)
I usually agree with Jim, but I think he gave Paladins too much flak (but ended up skipping one of the things that should actually be criticised). The game is F2P and not P2W - you can get all gameplay affecting content (champions) for in-game currency and the grind isn't too bad. The starter champs are pretty good and there is also a free rotation. The daily login system is not RNG and pays out 3000 Gold and 40 Crystals (premium currency) every week. The Battle pass is less generous to free players and has fewer levels (and therefore unlocks) than Fortnite, but I don't think it's terrible and certainly not ruining the idea of battle passes in general. One thing to note is that Fortnite's Battle pass XP boosts only allows you to progress through the Battle pass faster, while the Paladins' Battle pass gives you an XP and gold boost, which allows you to unlock Champions faster if you go the F2P grind route. A lot of the cosmetics are directly purchasable, some even with in-game currency. A lot of them are exclusive to lootboxes, which, I agree with Jim, sucks. Even though it's unfortunate, it's not worse than most other F2P games. I don't find the offered packs overwhelming - the Champions pack gives you all current and future champs, Season pass gives you 3 Battle passes (buying them separately with discounted Crystals is apparently a better deal, which is a kinda dumb oversight; overall, there are no huge preorder incentives) and the Digital Deluxe edition just bundles the Season pass and Champions pack together. The Founder's pack was only available in beta and it unlocked all current and future champions AND their voice packs. The fact that you need to buy each Champion's voice pack for a pretty hefty amount of Crystals even if you bought the Champions with real money (either separately or through the Champions pack) is unclear, greedy and definitely worth criticising, since you still don't get the full experience even if you pay up. I guess the unclearness is why Jim didn't even notice it, I can't imagine any other reason why he wouldn't point it out. That said, I think Paladins is overall a pretty fair F2P game and definitely worth a try, even if you don't intend to spend a single dime.
Movie Man Reviews (2 months ago)
The in game currency scheme (vbucks) is BS and designed to force gamers to pay a minimum amount of money even if they wouldn't have spent that amount originally. And no Epic games does NOT get a pass just bc they are changing that now. You don't get credit for something you should have done in the first place. Plus the prices for the cosmetic items are a rip off. And even when you are able to pay with real world money directly for the item you want I'm sure it will still be at a higher price than they're worth. The battle pass scheme is total BS and literally just there to milk more money from players. There is no legitimate reason for it to exist beyond that. And no it does not get a pass just bc you can pay for the intital one and then possibly buy future ones with credits earned in game, why not? Bc the fact remains that a good portion of the player base will not do so and in fact Epic Games is counting on that as this whole scheme is designed to get more money out of those kinds of players specifically. No Epic games is not "doing MTX the right way" or being "consumer friendly" at all. If they were they would have been offering their cosmetic items AT A FAIR AND REASONABLE PRICE for real world money directly from the very beginning. And there would be no Battle Pass BS at all. Instead it would be constant free content as they would be making a fair profit off the MTX alone allowing them to continue to support and sustain the game just fine. (Btw I didn't even get into the whole BS of them charging ppl for early access to the freaking Save the World mode or the scheme of rotating available items in the store or the "seasonal" or "limited time only" items that are specifically designed to pressure ppl into buying RIGHT NOW!)
SuperQBoi (2 months ago)
If a game comes november 2018 just change the date to nov '19 (game ain't going nowhere it'll still be down the road). Save a butt ton of money and frustration because all triple aaaaaa bug fix post release instead of after because why pay QC department (some even allow eager fan bois to pay them to do QC *coughEAcough* by granting 'early access'). congrats you ignored all their PR hype BS got the game at half or less the release price and have access to a stable game (unless we are still talking about pubg or a bethesda game...) with buttloads of user created content (mods) that blow that season pass money grab shit out of the water. oh yeah, mod support actively suppressed (which you'd know if you waited a yr like I said) for the game than a big fu, it's piracy time, not paying for your trite.
RevTn (2 months ago)
Won’t be long before these suck asses regret rolling over.
nem tudom (2 months ago)
11:15 OH THE IRONY. The main article is about Ubisoft pulling a ubisoft, while the side article is about Todd howard giving us what we want (PROPER SINGLEPLAYER GAMES)
YARE YARE DAZE (2 months ago)
EA: "This game will not be pay to win." * buys game only to find 30 different lootboxes and season passes* Me: Yare Yare Daze😑😑😑
Hozza (2 months ago)
gotta love the consensual penis.
Scuffy P (2 months ago)
Erm....if the Jimquisition is "ad free", how come I see advertising prior to all Jim's videos?
Hybridchicken04 Gaming (2 months ago)
Imo Paladins battle pass and monitization is pretty good and doesn’t bother me But pubg is becoming everything gaming shouldn’t be We’re popular but died due to lack of innovation No attempt to right wrongs Suing the ones who do better Then milk the remaining community
Marvin The Martian (2 months ago)
Anyone else got the feeling 2018 will be year of the passes?
DemureBrony (2 months ago)
Runescape has already done this as well. Its called Runepass ....
Mr_HulaStache (2 months ago)
This is some inception level shit
Mystery Man (2 months ago)
you need a good battle royale? Totally accurate battle simulator. 4.99
Nick Clark (2 months ago)
At this point if a game has some sort of pass I'll just pass over playing the game.

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