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From Battle Pass To Battle Ass (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/Jimquisition-merch The Battle Pass is the new hotness in monetization thanks to Fortnite's popularization of it. Before "AAA" publishers can sink their fangs into the latest scheme, games like PUBG and Paladins have shown them how to do it. __ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimsterling Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimsterling0 Jim’s Big Ego (No Relation): http://bigego.com/ Bandcamp of the Sax Dragon - https://carlcatron.bandcamp.com Nathan Hanover - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-8L7n7l11PJM6FFcI6Ju8A
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Text Comments (2993)
OriHadar (8 days ago)
I've been watching Jim for several years now, and I still do not understand why sometimes he opens the video with self-praise. It's just pathetic
Atreuso (52 minutes ago)
It happens when Jim gets turned down by the man he would like to fuck with
Emperor Picard (1 day ago)
Some people just forget to thank God for him, Jim Fucking Sterling, Son.
Braid (2 days ago)
And I will be that guy who point out why sometimes you watch Zero Punctuation and agree without any thinking despite he has very extreme (bad) opinion when it comes to certain genre. It's also pathetic
sealedinterface (3 days ago)
Austin Carlson (3 days ago)
It's just his shtick. I guess you could still argue that it's pathetic, but it has never really been totally serious and it's a part of the 'flavor' of his channel. Personally I'm not a huge fan of the window dressing, but it's occasionally pretty amusing and even when it isn't, it's rarely especially intrusive. Agree or disagree, the meat here is the commentary / criticism / opinion, and you can (and probably should) separate that from the shtick window dressing like the self aggrandizement, the outrageous characters, and the costumes. (totally fine for those people who like that stuff, more power to you, but there's a lot more here than funny costumes)
Idunnoyouguessit (1 hour ago)
Yo Superstar Saga shilling music. Jim's taste in GBA RPG music is as great as his girth.
HappyAutopsy (2 hours ago)
I used to love Paladins, it was fair and good. After they deleted card unbound i gave it a second shot because i was a founder and i spent money on that shit. I got 100k vip point and they deleted that too and gave me 4 shitty chest.....ohh and my character customization also locked for 1 premade set....FUCK HI-REZ.... Never again. I stick with Warframe. Grindy but fair.
TheDarthZodoken (3 hours ago)
Didn't Paladins come out with the Battle Pass first?
Advertise Play (5 hours ago)
Sociopaths are the real problem. Everything craps out once you give in the sociopaths.
99bimmer (5 hours ago)
PUBG has become a waste of time for me now. Unlocking crates through progress means nothing cuz you gotta buy a fuckin key to open the motherfucker.
99bimmer (5 hours ago)
HAHAHAHAHAH, 'Well-lubed crucifix"
Raioni (9 hours ago)
lmao even Runescape followed suit
Mike Perez (13 hours ago)
Battle pass tracer booty edition
R Private Account (15 hours ago)
Triiblle aaayyyyyyyyeeeeee
Shinji Ikari (17 hours ago)
jim please allow autocaptions for these videos, i have auditory processing disorder and love your content but i can't watch without asistance from captions, and even autocaptions are very helpful
The !st Winner (18 hours ago)
Honestly, I don't know whether all that narcissistic, pseudo-arrogant self-praise, jibber jabber is sarcastic... (or whether it is even "pseudo") - but BY GOD, it's starting to *drag,* Jimmy! Thank God for *Me* huh, otherwise you wouldn't have known. ;]
Philipp Ludwig (19 hours ago)
I had fun playing PUBG for most of the time, and when i stopped playing because it annoyed me more and more while not providing anything fresh or fun, i sold enough of these lootboxes to get my money back (selling the lootboxes directly gives a lot more than opening them and selling the crap you get). So at last i got 29€ back when playing enough and when i reached that the game got boring anyway. So i moved on as if it was free to play. Also left a negative review. Because its buggy, looks bad, plays bad and is a horrible game quality wise.
jyppi (22 hours ago)
Oh Hi-Rez Studios, quickly keeping up with the current game industry trends by pushing copies of successful games so you can earn easy money and then abandon development of your old games (Global Agenda, Tribes).
Gigawood (1 day ago)
Oh my god, the “19 retired loot boxes” thing in paladins sounds like an alternate reality nightmare of Warframe’s prime items system (both current and ‘vaulted’).
SuperKnalxz Grey (1 day ago)
Hmm, I didn't pay much attention to the gameplay until I saw Jim crouching literally everywhere, got into a fight and actually did well but got wounded ran out past a scar, and picked up two health packs despite already holding 3 and dropping is main rifle.
Menthols (1 day ago)
I haven't logged onto an actual multiplayer game in over 5 years now(not counting single player games with co-op). Maybe it's because I'm older and don't have the free time to be competitive, maybe it's because I'm absolutely disgusted with the tactics these greed filled dev's come up with to squeeze every last penny out of their fans, maybe it's a combination of the 2. All I know is ever since I stopped playing multiplayer games and stuck with single player games I have been far more satisfied with my gaming experiences and far less frustrated at game dev's. Open world RPG's like Witcher, Skyrim, Fallout, Nintendo still producing quality single player games on the Switch, Xenoblade 2, Mario, Zelda, or even charming indie titles like Shovel Knight, Stardew Valley, Enter the Gungeon. My point is that although there are so many greedy, malicious dev's producing trash games to fill their wallets, there are still so many great options available as long as people seek them out instead of following over-hyped trends. To some people it may seem like the downfall of gaming, but to the people smart enough to sift through the mountain of turds to find those golden nuggets, it's still a great time for gaming.
GECKman88 (1 day ago)
Fuck off twice. <3
ataridc (1 day ago)
This is why I've reverted back to primarily a single player gamer. It's not worth it for me to deal with all the hucksters
Hot Coffee (1 day ago)
Your wrong Jim. Dirt is useful. These companies are not.
Charles Van Noland (1 day ago)
"..you shitting fuck buckles"
Vivienne Koo (1 day ago)
Hearthstone already has a lot of battle pass ever since its release.
Offero 04 (1 day ago)
Cant wait to see your video on Aliens Colonial Marines and how shit Randy is XD
Viktor Wolf (2 days ago)
I usually agree with Jim, but I think he gave Paladins too much flak (but ended up skipping one of the things that should actually be criticised). The game is F2P and not P2W - you can get all gameplay affecting content (champions) for in-game currency and the grind isn't too bad. The starter champs are pretty good and there is also a free rotation. The daily login system is not RNG and pays out 3000 Gold and 40 Crystals (premium currency) every week. The Battle pass is less generous to free players and has fewer levels (and therefore unlocks) than Fortnite, but I don't think it's terrible and certainly not ruining the idea of battle passes in general. One thing to note is that Fortnite's Battle pass XP boosts only allows you to progress through the Battle pass faster, while the Paladins' Battle pass gives you an XP and gold boost, which allows you to unlock Champions faster if you go the F2P grind route. A lot of the cosmetics are directly purchasable, some even with in-game currency. A lot of them are exclusive to lootboxes, which, I agree with Jim, sucks. Even though it's unfortunate, it's not worse than most other F2P games. I don't find the offered packs overwhelming - the Champions pack gives you all current and future champs, Season pass gives you 3 Battle passes (buying them separately with discounted Crystals is apparently a better deal, which is a kinda dumb oversight; overall, there are no huge preorder incentives) and the Digital Deluxe edition just bundles the Season pass and Champions pack together. The Founder's pack was only available in beta and it unlocked all current and future champions AND their voice packs. The fact that you need to buy each Champion's voice pack for a pretty hefty amount of Crystals even if you bought the Champions with real money (either separately or through the Champions pack) is unclear, greedy and definitely worth criticising, since you still don't get the full experience even if you pay up. I guess the unclearness is why Jim didn't even notice it, I can't imagine any other reason why he wouldn't point it out. That said, I think Paladins is overall a pretty fair F2P game and definitely worth a try, even if you don't intend to spend a single dime.
Movie Man Reviews (2 days ago)
The in game currency scheme (vbucks) is BS and designed to force gamers to pay a minimum amount of money even if they wouldn't have spent that amount originally. And no Epic games does NOT get a pass just bc they are changing that now. You don't get credit for something you should have done in the first place. Plus the prices for the cosmetic items are a rip off. And even when you are able to pay with real world money directly for the item you want I'm sure it will still be at a higher price than they're worth. The battle pass scheme is total BS and literally just there to milk more money from players. There is no legitimate reason for it to exist beyond that. And no it does not get a pass just bc you can pay for the intital one and then possibly buy future ones with credits earned in game, why not? Bc the fact remains that a good portion of the player base will not do so and in fact Epic Games is counting on that as this whole scheme is designed to get more money out of those kinds of players specifically. No Epic games is not "doing MTX the right way" or being "consumer friendly" at all. If they were they would have been offering their cosmetic items AT A FAIR AND REASONABLE PRICE for real world money directly from the very beginning. And there would be no Battle Pass BS at all. Instead it would be constant free content as they would be making a fair profit off the MTX alone allowing them to continue to support and sustain the game just fine. (Btw I didn't even get into the whole BS of them charging ppl for early access to the freaking Save the World mode or the scheme of rotating available items in the store or the "seasonal" or "limited time only" items that are specifically designed to pressure ppl into buying RIGHT NOW!)
SuperQBoi (2 days ago)
If a game comes november 2018 just change the date to nov '19 (game ain't going nowhere it'll still be down the road). Save a butt ton of money and frustration because all triple aaaaaa bug fix post release instead of after because why pay QC department (some even allow eager fan bois to pay them to do QC *coughEAcough* by granting 'early access'). congrats you ignored all their PR hype BS got the game at half or less the release price and have access to a stable game (unless we are still talking about pubg or a bethesda game...) with buttloads of user created content (mods) that blow that season pass money grab shit out of the water. oh yeah, mod support actively suppressed (which you'd know if you waited a yr like I said) for the game than a big fu, it's piracy time, not paying for your trite.
RevTn (2 days ago)
Won’t be long before these suck asses regret rolling over.
nem tudom (2 days ago)
11:15 OH THE IRONY. The main article is about Ubisoft pulling a ubisoft, while the side article is about Todd howard giving us what we want (PROPER SINGLEPLAYER GAMES)
YARE YARE DAZE (2 days ago)
EA: "This game will not be pay to win." * buys game only to find 30 different lootboxes and season passes* Me: Yare Yare Daze😑😑😑
Hozza (2 days ago)
gotta love the consensual penis.
Scuffy P (2 days ago)
Erm....if the Jimquisition is "ad free", how come I see advertising prior to all Jim's videos?
Imo Paladins battle pass and monitization is pretty good and doesn’t bother me But pubg is becoming everything gaming shouldn’t be We’re popular but died due to lack of innovation No attempt to right wrongs Suing the ones who do better Then milk the remaining community
Marvin The Martian (2 days ago)
Anyone else got the feeling 2018 will be year of the passes?
DemureBrony (2 days ago)
Runescape has already done this as well. Its called Runepass ....
Mr_HulaStache (3 days ago)
This is some inception level shit
Mystery Man (3 days ago)
you need a good battle royale? Totally accurate battle simulator. 4.99
Nick Clark (3 days ago)
At this point if a game has some sort of pass I'll just pass over playing the game.
Jacob Everts (3 days ago)
Thrano (3 days ago)
Is that guy in the beginning Enzo Amore? Nah, can't be. Too tall.
joshua armstrong (3 days ago)
we need new game publishers now, to show the old established ones how things are REALLY done, ubisoft is basically saying it doesnt want to make actual video games anymore, a terrifying announcement, like seriously, what the fuck! game publishers have been drifting away from us for a while now, and its getting worse, soon all that's going to be left is old releases to buy, because game publishers are fucking morons on meth, they cant see two feet past their own egos and short term get rich quick schemes, a shame really, its becoming more and more concerning and scary, new game publishers need to rise up, to take the old ones place, for those that wish to stop making games, so we dont lose games, plus the current ones dont listen to customers anymore, they swing their dicks around and ignore us, live services will crash and burn sooner or later, they abandoned destiny in favor of destiny 2, so i cant imagine any good coming from publishers with "live services" as their business model, its going to tank! this is why i keep to old releases, old reliable releases that dont disappoint me or demand i spend MORE cash than i have, just to enjoy it, and i would rather buy the actual classic consoles, not the ones they call "classic" consoles, the tiny dumb things, like the n64, its bigger than what i suspect they'll make it, hell, they did it to the snes and it turned out to be a terrible idea, no one liked it, so why bother with making the n64 similar to it, its gonna bomb, why not actually buy the REAL console and its cartridges, rather than the pathetic tiny "console" with limited games and probably be treated similarly in terms of availability, they intentionally gave stores as few "consoles" as possible to hopefully encourage people to go nuts and want to buy it even more than they usually spend on consoles, it flopped and the n64 one will too, what is with the games industry these days, short term schemes and short sighted goals, whats happened to them, things used to be fun, oh and the tiny "classic" console will probably have just as few games on it as their snes one did, and you'd need to do absurd things to get more and it just spirals out of control from there....things used to be fun =__= and when i take a step back, i realize just how much of a mess things really are, how the mighty have fallen, they wont make it, this whole "live services" thing will crash and burn and when it does, oh how bloody and messy it'll be, i just know it, from history, the get rich quick schemes employed by game publishers will not fair any better, pondzi schemes and ect., have never worked out in the end, they get called out for it and lose, what do you think happened with the modern battlefront 2, they back tracked with loot boxes and so on, its because like so many get rich quick schemes, it failed, as it always does, what game publishers are doing, is usually regarded with scorn and disgust, as it should, nothing they're doing is good or helpful, or even useful to anyone but them, they no longer want to serve us, the customer, they want tankers filled with money, and thats it, sad really, like i said, things used to be fun and we used to get along with the publishers so well, but thats all gone now, its all gone, they dont care anymore, slowly drifting away, wave after wave, feels like im drowning, and they dont care, drifting away from us
Hoopyy (3 days ago)
Boglin Boy instead of Boglin Boi? 0/10
giggity (3 days ago)
am just glad i dont like them games never liked the battle royal game style am more a single player.
SHREDDER2025 (3 days ago)
Call of duty battle pass: Get all these DLC weapons by playing the game and forking over some more money just so again you have a CHANCE at getting them because if you're too slow well, fuck you
Lightning0 (3 days ago)
Deoxyribonucleic acid
Storvius (3 days ago)
Season ass.
Storvius (3 days ago)
9:27 Holy hell its Quite Wait rocket league had a rocket pass?!? Thats ass.
Grimm's Streams (3 days ago)
'Free to play game implements a way to reward people for playing their game and charges a measly $10 for a couple of months worth of exclusive visual rewards in the hope of continuing to offer their game for free, but other companies are using a similar setup without being free so fuck fortnite for making this move' fuck off
Grimm's Streams (3 days ago)
Yes ok we know the AAA market is full of shit and shady practices ... WE KNOW! Why don't you start highlighting the alternatives, give more screen time to indie successes and promising studios/titles and make less of a show of shitting on AAA.
Mcardle (3 days ago)
The thing is once u buy a season pass u really dont need to spend money on it again, since u give u enough free vbucks in the 1-100, spent £10 a few seasons ago and never spent any money again
Paul Kerton (3 days ago)
Spare a thought for all of those who purchased TF2 who then went free to play, charge for keys to open their loot boxes and rewarded those paying players with an in game tin hat. Good old Valve.
Harry Armes (3 days ago)
PUBG started out great, promising its patches and frequent updates. As it went on they clearly started focusing on loot boxes and monetisation over content updates/patches, with us waiting months for a gun and a vehicle, it's ridiculous. Fuck Bluehole and PUBG Corp, all it's done is make me not want to play the game.
James Blackwell (3 days ago)
paladins is run by Hi-rez, just like Smite... Jim Sterling should check out some of the shit they pull in Smite, my god.
gblenemy (3 days ago)
Dota 2 's Battle Pass "was" awesome. (It's not anymore, because of Dota+) Stuff get to keep? fuck that! man Iam playing an online multiplayer game. One day I will either stop playing it or it will be dead. I am paying for Entertainment. This stuff get to keep shit, annoyes me seriously. It's like you expect to get a blueray of the movie, when you go to the cinema.
bloosh100 (3 days ago)
Monster Hunter is going to use Denuvo. Can you quickly talk about this at some point
ziggbot (3 days ago)
JIM. Every time I play this video that damn tabby bit spooks my cats! Shall I tell them you did it or your editor? Note: They hold grudges.
THE WAR MACHINE (3 days ago)
you mean a pass which you aren't guaranteed the things you pay for unless you play 1 billion hours or pay more money.
Furrnox (3 days ago)
Bluehole just wants to suck PUBG dry before it dies.
SerMattzio (4 days ago)
You know, my initial assessment of Jim when I saw him briefly mentioned in other videos was: "Who is this crazy nut dressing up like a Dr. Seuss character? Why on Earth do people follow him?" Well, I'm glad I ditched my ignorance and watched the videos, because for my money Jim is the most accurate, no-nonsense, on-point videogame pundit/journalist out there. I'm so glad to see someone so methodically and rationally calling out these greedy corporate money leeches for the obscene levels of patronising disdain they have towards the very fucking people that keep them in business. Corporate greed in gaming has reached such unrestrained levels that "triple A" games are turning into pallid, repetitive shitbuckets crammed with as many superfluous DLCs and microtransactions as possible with as little innovative content as possible. EA, Activision and Ubisoft would literally release the exact same game every year if they could, but with more microtransactions in each iteration. And I'm so glad Jim is here to call them on it. Forever*. (*Maybe, probably not).
MegaHyperFist Gaming (4 days ago)
Don’t forget capcom and sfv reducing fm and adding dlc after dlc and loot boxes sfv is one of the worst and never gets a mention.
lj drake (4 days ago)
Farhan Chaudhary (4 days ago)
Well shit I was actually thinking about getting Paladins on the switch. I played that game in Beta and it was really good wtf happened too it?
tasidar3 (4 days ago)
I bought the battlepass a few seasons ago, I havn't had to buy another one, since you can earn enough v bucks to buy the next seasons battlepass.
Marfarooni (4 days ago)
They have changed it now as well, so you can get some different styles for the harder challenges after the season and you can wait as long as you'd like
joe walsh (4 days ago)
If you play each week and do all the challenges you’ll earn enough vbucks to pay for the next seasons battle pass so it’s actually super good value
ViralForceMarketing (4 days ago)
long as there wee kids and tools buying there shit, also no goverment acutaly takeing the whole game business in an adult way they will alwas do this shit.
Matt T (4 days ago)
Slippery slope isn't necessarily a fallacy when you can look back at the past decade and see the slope we've already descended. Assuming no fundamental changes in the industry, I think it's fair to assume the trend will continue and we will continue down this same slippery slope we've been on for some time now. Talking about laws works in a similar way when you consider one ruling can be used as a precedent for a subsequent case, so on and so on into the future.
phillip hanna (4 days ago)
Hey man new fan and lovin it. Was wondering if you're gonna cover some more warframe with tennocon's big announcements anway keep up the great work
BiteSize Mander (4 days ago)
Jim mate, have you lose weight? You're looking great! Keep up the great work :)
Nøderak (4 days ago)
However the f*k that musician was needs to be shot
Jim Sterling thoughts on Warframe?
WEIRDxGRIM (4 days ago)
Realm Royal just released their battle pass, it's the same as Fortnight.
Pen Winter (4 days ago)
Doesn't Sony pull a giant "PUBG Season Pass" on us with the Plus Subscription? Unlike Xbox, you don't keep the free games unless you keep subbing. I will never sub to PS+ as long as they pull that shit.
Tyg Rahof (4 days ago)
Asset Allocation Associations.
kriskropd (4 days ago)
Everyone is Passing the Ass around.
Jetson George (4 days ago)
0:50 "Jim F'ing Sterling". Did you always self censor? I could have sworn it was "Jim Fucking Sterling, son."
Thomas Pierson (4 days ago)
A slippery slope argument is valid in the real world, because the real world has people. It's only an invalid argument in philosophy. If you don't believe it, do a search for "the cycle of addiction."
SkyTanic_GT (4 days ago)
To be fair you only need to buy the fortnite battle pass once as you can earn enough v-bucks from a battle pass to purchase the next one when it comes around.
kclubta mcleod (4 days ago)
Dammit 7:29 I was just passively listening while browsing Amazon and thought there was something seriously wrong with my cat!
huma474 (4 days ago)
Payday 2 dropped the keys for their loot boxes after Overkill went independent from Starbreeze, all newer crates after the break are able to be opened for free. Keys are only needed for the boxes that were awarded when they were still required (probably due to contractual reasons)
QisTopTier (5 days ago)
I loved the grimlins nes OST
TheTravelingDuchess (5 days ago)
I'm still mesmerizes by that opening. Consensual what now? Are we just going to speed past that like it didn't happen?
Sven F (5 days ago)
I'm so happy that I kept saying fuck you to all my friends bugging me for months to "get pubg". I don't know what people saw in that shoddily thrown together dumpster fire of burning assets...
Beginners! (5 days ago)
"it pulled a Payday 2" #rekt at Overkill Studios.
A Blank Space (5 days ago)
Holy shit. This battlepass shit was copied by Runescape. Yes Runescape is still alive And yes mmos are copying Fortnite
Tim Fox (5 days ago)
Can anyone tell me what/where the hell that picture at 1:40 is from?
Alex Martinovitch (5 days ago)
muh consensual peeeeeeeeeeeeeeenis
doc hendrix (5 days ago)
That was a great episode. Personally I love your rants about micro-transactions and the like. I don't get how people apparently grow tired of it?!
HowitzerMech (5 days ago)
Event passes that offer the ability to buy levels are essentially a “pack” of cosmetics that you can get a discount on if you complete the challenges. For example, in PUBG’s case the total cost of all items if you just buy levels is 40 USD. If you complete challenges that can drop to 10 USD. As someone who enjoys playing PUBG but hates loot boxes, the ability to effectively directly purchase 4 outfits was very welcome.
R3LAPZE (5 days ago)
I love PUBG but it's battle pass is terrible
tarrker (5 days ago)
Paladins is bad. The game itself isn't terrible but literally everything else about it is poorly designed. On top of that it's basically a very obvious rip off of Overwatch.
Aegis Tunesmith (5 days ago)
We can bitch and "expose" all we want about the blatant greed in the gaming industry, but nobody seems to want to talk about that someone, somehow, somewhere, is giving them ludicrous amounts of money so they can get away with it
Aegis Tunesmith (5 days ago)
5:38 Thought you could glaze over that reference ya cheeky wanker?
Movie Man Reviews (5 days ago)
There is a Rocket Pass for Rocket League??? I play that game all the time I haven't seen anything like that... I'm so confused...
Bippo Ernesti (5 days ago)
This is entirely irrelevant to the topic, but every time the horn at the very end of the song as the video fades out sounds like my cat when she's in heat and I have to check that she's not the one making that noise. Just thought you should know that.
Mekova (5 days ago)
10:45 Wow, the new Moira skin looks pretty dope! Wait, Seris existed before Moira? Ouf!
scott pearce (5 days ago)
Anyone know the sauce of picture at 1.40?
averagegilo (5 days ago)
"games to too expensive to maeaeaeake!"
sirjackthepleb master (5 days ago)
pubg is in a mindset that they have a monoply over the battleroyal genre when in realty they would be luckey to say there in an onlopy over the battleroyal genre
Trafalgar Law (5 days ago)
PUBG sucks dick. You unlock limited T-Shirts you can wear for 2 days. You are better off with buying an actual T-Shirt lmao
Koko (5 days ago)
Hadn't seen Paladins since release... They've really gotten unapologetic about ripping off Overwatch characters, huh? Not that they were any subtle back then.

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