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13 Superb New Games Coming to Nintendo Switch in November

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thaSwerve (11 hours ago)
Speaking of Neo Geo when there's going to be a samurai shodown remake or use those characters in a fighting game like my guy Galford
Brandon Flores (1 day ago)
Ark survival evolved?
Mayra Loza (5 days ago)
Comment what new Nintendo switch games you are getting
drope laves (7 days ago)
I can't see how Civ could look like a RTS, being the starndard for 4x, but still. I'm glad you're looking forward to it, Civ5 is still my fav Civ game!
James Papier (8 days ago)
110% with you on the art style of WOFF. Could not look at that and enjoy it. Also I wonder if they've changed warframe during the port. Once you get past the initial opening levels it has a pretty steep skill and learning curve. Not sure how more casual oriented switch players will like it.
Robin Mattheussen (8 days ago)
Seriously? Am I the only one who thinks this is a pathetic list? Look, there's nothing wrong with ports, but I do have a problem with ports of games that have been out for quite some time. Games like Transistor, Machinarium, Diablo III, SNK Collection, Warframe are all quite old in video-game time. Nothing wrong with that, but I already have the games on this list I want for other systems. I'm not buying them again (plus additional Nintendo tax). Machinarium was released in 2009! It has been released on like, what, 10 platforms? If you were interested in the game, how have you still not bought it after 9 years? And shouldn't you wait for these games/ports to be released before calling them superb? The chances of Swap This being superb seem quite slim, don't you think? And we already know that, for example, World of Final Fantasy is a rather mediocre game (this "new" version is unlikely to change that). Battlezone is good, not great. Same for Moonlighter.
Kate Evans (8 days ago)
I agree with you with the Final Fantasy art style. I won’t be picking it up for that reason.
John Rohrer (8 days ago)
4:00 what is a "ruddy good go" ?
Kate Evans (8 days ago)
A bloody good go. It I’ll give it a damn good try.
Kate Evans (8 days ago)
It’s non swear for bloody. Like fricking instead of fucking, the sort of thing you’d do if you realised there was a child present.
Giga (9 days ago)
Warframe is actually really good and the microtransactions aren't necessary if you don't want them. It's also really pretty and a good time sink.
Logan Fairs (9 days ago)
Cole N (9 days ago)
You just made up a new word... “Zeldary” 😂
Ethroe B (9 days ago)
"But I like it and I don't care" And this is why I subscribe 😁❤
Steve (10 days ago)
i played Crystalis on gameboy color.... awesome game and I had a great time with it.
Mark Anderson (10 days ago)
Crystalis is one of the first action rpgs I ever played and loved
Mark Anderson (10 days ago)
I remember playing Civilization 1 in college
Mark Anderson (10 days ago)
hear that Flash Gordon song in Vanguard; nostalgic
Rafael Cancel (10 days ago)
You can't remove pikachu or evee i think so maybe you can get 5 pokemon
George Merriken (10 days ago)
Does anyone know if World of Final Fantasy Maxima is a entirely new game or just the same game as the original just with new mages.
Joshua Cross (10 days ago)
I love the hashtags
Gabriel Roque (10 days ago)
Unfortunately i cant buy any of these cuz im saving up for the 90$ version of Smash Ultimate
yoshimasterleader (10 days ago)
7:17 wait...How old are you?
Riley Bottesch (10 days ago)
By the way Alex, Bendy and the Ink Machine is also coming to Switch on November 22nd!
This guy’s boredom is contagious
Crystalis is ridiculously good and IIRC ridiculously hard. I grew up with it and the music still comes back to mind frequently. I never understood how this didn't wind up being a huge series.
Rev (11 days ago)
Grip sounds like a continuation of a classic PS1 game "Roll Cage"
J Smooth (11 days ago)
Warframe looks really cool!... Wonder if there’s an online mode!... 🤔
infectedA (11 days ago)
Crystalis is an amazing game.
Catherine Thompson98 (11 days ago)
Youtube on the 8th too. Maybe
Nick Anderson (11 days ago)
suggestion, please record videos in 30fps 60fps is slightly disorienting, mostly annoying.
Kuro Valentine (11 days ago)
Surprised to see no one in the comments mention this but you missed Katamari Damacy Reroll, November 30th, you would absolutely love this game. Looking forward with very high spirits.
Nebula Jumper (11 days ago)
I was going to buy Diablo 3 on the switch ... then Blizzcon happened ...
Terroriffica (11 days ago)
Wish you guys would say if the games were eshop/physical release, or both!
Eds Tan (12 days ago)
More Power, More Subscribers NintendoLife liked all your Channel.!
Andrew Smither (12 days ago)
where some are 8-bit fatigued... I am chibi fatigued. I'm with ya man, can't stand it. It's why I can't play Nintendo's latest mobile game.
Fox McCloud (12 days ago)
Serious Question : Do you even play games?
superQuizzie (12 days ago)
Already pre ordered civ 6
algol291 (12 days ago)
'Mechinarium'' looks good and has a great premise, funny story, but the puzzles are way too obscure.
Cole Takahashi (12 days ago)
Do ever stop saying ruddy?
LarsniPlayz (12 days ago)
Brawlhalla is actually a really good game and its been free to play on steam for quite some time now. its very similar to the smash bros series which is the part i like about the game so i highly recommend trying it out as it is free to play anyways.
Yunus Said (12 days ago)
Paul Eric (13 days ago)
How many times can someone say "genuine" before they lose all credibility?
CanthusOfCandE (13 days ago)
Great video...I now need to go and listen to the DKC soundtrack for unrelated reasons.
Fredrik Sjölin (13 days ago)
I’m sorry to be a little sad, but where’s taiko no tatsujin? It released on november 2nd, and is a rythm game based on the traditional Japanese taiko drums, it’s really happy and colorful, and you should atleast give it a go. Thanks😄
I'zaaz Shaikjee (13 days ago)
Ark survival evolved
PRIVATE SECTOR 042 (13 days ago)
90% garbage. Well Nintendo what a surprise you always seem to let us down...
Jiatao Chen (13 days ago)
For a presenter of a game channel, the guy hasn't played transistor, Bastian, CIV... just saying
Javier Delgado (13 days ago)
I love that Mario Odyssey poster on your wall. Where did you get it?
Matthew Davies (13 days ago)
Would be good if they just covered physical releases & actual games rather than include indie titles too; a turn based puzzle game does not look like it's worthy of inclusion on this list
Vincent Reid (13 days ago)
Crystalis came out for the NES at the same time that the SNES came out so it never had a real chance. It is an awesome game and never had any real recognition because of it. I would buy the pack just for that game.
ZEDDOUBLEYOU (13 days ago)
is it me or is switch getting no good games bg ik
Game Chef (13 days ago)
So you hate the art style of 3d final fantasy which has obviously had a lot of work put into it, but you love all the games where the characters are made up of like 3 pixels
Game Chef (13 days ago)
Very very few of these games are superb to me.
flyingmonkeyofus (13 days ago)
the only games that should've made this list are transistor machinarium moonlighter battlezone
Dcp Desilva (12 days ago)
flyingmonkeyofus warframe is good xd
Rawr5649 (13 days ago)
Diablo 3 is an absolutely perfect port. Played it for almost 8 hours yesterday
Señora de Mendoza (13 days ago)
Asterix and Obelix XXL 2 Remastered on the 29th of November. A no brainer for me when it comes with figurines of Asterix, Obelix & Dogmatix.
Soccer Unbox TV (13 days ago)
These look like free downloads from the e shop
Douglas Roth (13 days ago)
Hello there ugly people it's Alex from Nintendo Life here
Always Wright (13 days ago)
Sometimes I forget Nintendo life is many people and when Alex says “our” I think he is talking about the voices in his head
Harvey Amess (13 days ago)
Luckily for warframe you can get the premium currency for free by trading stuff :///
Luke Berglie (14 days ago)
When’s the new F-Zero tho... Please...
MattTheMonster (14 days ago)
Chloe Mcholoe (14 days ago)
what has the switch come to... when candy crush is on a list of best games
The Memory Card (14 days ago)
The art style for FF Maxima doesn't bug me anywhere near as much as FF 15 pocket edition. That game looked atrocious.
Jon Idoncair (14 days ago)
Transistor, one of my fav indie titles of all time <3 Moonlighter, so the main character doesn't sleep at all huh Pikachu/Eevee isn't a spin-off its a remake of yellow version with PKMN GO mechanics. I'm happy for Warframe, yet another console it'll be coming to yay.
marukuanfuni (14 days ago)
so no chance of spyro, huh?
EMUDroid (14 days ago)
I just got a new phone an realised how bad the switch actually is in 2018
Huey (12 days ago)
big wang Could you elaborate on that
Saxofonias (14 days ago)
What about Monster Boy? Nov 6th?
JinJohn Gaming (14 days ago)
Damn, this dude doesn’t know about or play anything apparently.
ProWB (5 days ago)
he's clueless about a lot of good games he haven't heard at all...
JinJohn Gaming (8 days ago)
+Kate Evans I'm starting to think he doesn't own any gaming system. :P
Kate Evans (8 days ago)
I’m starting to think he doesn’t actually own a switch...
Talking Hat Studios (13 days ago)
LMFAO very true
Norcymadar (14 days ago)
what is with you and saying 'ruddy ruddy marvelous'?
TNTBlower Littel (14 days ago)
10:13 wait civilization+Pokemon?
TNTBlower Littel (14 days ago)
10:30 WHAT?
Overbound Game Studio (14 days ago)
Hearing a few youtube videos mention pixel art fatigue makes my very comfortable in my decisions to make my next game HD art.
Marcos Chioli (14 days ago)
I need Toki :3
Ariana Dove (14 days ago)
I absolutely agree about FF game. I am a HUGE FF fan, but the squat characters will keep me away. Breaks the 4th wall with beautiful character design, then these toy characters added in. SAD :(
Bobby M (14 days ago)
So happy World of Final Fantasy got into this list, looking forward to it!! I don't mind the art, but get where you're coming from.
Dimentive (14 days ago)
Transistor is awesome! I played it on PC a few years ago, and I’ll definitely pick it up again on the Switch!
David N (14 days ago)
Pokemon Let's go is the only one on my list for this month. It should keep me busy enough until Smash comes next month.
claxcyr (14 days ago)
You were kinda babbling a bit nonsensical in this one there buddy. Go home, you're drunk. Leave the car keys!
Ali Aiman (14 days ago)
Personally, i am not gonna buy Pokemon Lets Go. Gonna wait for Pokemon RPG. After watching and hearing about Pokemon Lets Go, i just dont like it even more.
Kenny Mcormick (14 days ago)
TheGoodNewsGamer (14 days ago)
Yup Alex, chibi sucks.
Dangansona (14 days ago)
"I know people are getting pixel art-style fatigue" THANK YOU FOR ACKNOWLEING IT!
alfasilverblade (14 days ago)
I cant even preorder World of Final Fantasy Maxima on Gamestop cause the game is not on their computer. Wtf is wrong with gamestop.
Liam L (14 days ago)
lol i played brawlhalla on pc 2 years ago. im actually happy to play it before smash :D
xRROD (14 days ago)
Liam L (14 days ago)
Where did you get those awesome pictures in the background?!
River Rambler (14 days ago)
No Monster Boy??
TheLMBLucas (14 days ago)
Warframe is not p2w and not p2...have anything... but it is p2 keep everything. The amount of things you can keep if you don't pay is extremely limited. The prices are not bad tho and the game is amazing! You can also farm and sell stuff to other players for the premium currency, but well, that means that someone is already using real money, right?
T1mberwoulf (14 days ago)
Hi Alex, I Love your Videos and your Reviews. Thanks for that. But I have a question: I Love that Mario Picture in the background. That would perfectly fit into my gamingroom. But where can i buy it? Is there an Online Shop for stuff like that?
logicalfundy (14 days ago)
Sounds like you've got plenty of games to play this November. And if you loved Transistor and loved Diablo 3, definitely try Bastion.
TheNCSmaster (14 days ago)
12 superb games and Pokémon Let's Go
Pink Shades (14 days ago)
Holy crap, I completely forgot about Pokemon Stadium and it all makes sense now. Pokemon Let's Go is just a modern incarnation of exactly that! If you think about it, the game is sorta like a hybrid of Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Yellow... You know what else is a hybrid? Mind = blown.
Annette Jensen (14 days ago)
Kazuya Ryu (14 days ago)
ps4 or switch ? which should i buy..its so confusing
L4ss3 (14 days ago)
how does everyone forget ark!!!!
Kat Pow (14 days ago)
Havent bought games in 3 months
One Straight (14 days ago)
Stop calling me lovely pea you whore! K, carry on 🙂
Shane B. (14 days ago)
This dude's a fanboy. Suddenly excited for Pokemon? Fk outta here sheep.
Hemank Singh (14 days ago)
Soooo at 9:07 the thing that sold you to buy let's go was Pokemon go integration???
Carlos Cordero (15 days ago)
You forgot smash ultimate is Nov 2

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