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ZX Spectrum Vega - Games List

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Video of the list of games available in the ZX Spectrum Vega. It comes in two sets, one for arcade and the other adventure. For adventure games, there is a virtual keyboard so you can "type in" instructions. Any games which is not included in the list, can be added via a Micro SD card and simply insert it at the front of the unit. So games like Ant Attack, Jetset Willy, Renegade, etc. can be added.
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Martin K Dodd Channel (9 months ago)
On one hand it's great that retro gaming gear is being reissued for today's market and not forgotten but on the other hand I can't really see the point in releasing this. I mean if you own a laptop then just get a free ZX emulator and visit world of the spectrum or load in cassette games into the emulator.
bullshitdetective1 (10 months ago)
no jet set willy!!!! no sale
Craig Kelly (8 months ago)
bullshitdetective1 Specterum world.org
bullshitdetective1 (8 months ago)
ok and where do you get these games from?
Craig Kelly (8 months ago)
bullshitdetective1 Vaga has a micro SD Card slot to load more games
Twirlyhead (1 year ago)
Most of my favourite games are not there.
Vortex Spinner (1 year ago)
No "Tau Ceti". Still, it's enough to keep you occupied for a few weeks.
Alex Mitrofanov (1 year ago)
Музыка весьма приглянулась. Надо будет выдрать её конечно на рингтон поставить.
SuperJustinChannel (2 years ago)
It doesn't have Motos...
Bertram Raven (2 years ago)
No "Raid Over Moscow" or Raid (over several made up places in Wales) Okay, it was a terrible game but it really should be there ;-)
Ed (3 years ago)
I love the Spectrum but I think 100 quid for this is a bit steep.
shaun lees (3 years ago)
No chuckle egg or dizzy. I won't be buying it.wow what a huge disappointment
Dr. Z (3 years ago)
+shaun lees You can add more games via an SD card, plus the music is nice.
How do we download and add games? Is there a specific site to download from or can anyone recommend a site? My Vega is due next week.
+Pickplacer1 Thanks very much!
Pickplacer1 (3 years ago)
Best place is the World Of Spectrum website. Best to choose games which are Kempston joystick compatible. The games built in to the Vega are adapted for the unit.
Bit gutted at no Wriggler/Quazatron/Chuckie Egg/Booty
Richard Langford (3 years ago)
Wasn't expecting the Ultimate games to be in there!
pcuser80 (5 months ago)
Me too @ 3:53 Knight Lore @ 3:41 Jetpac @ 7:02 Underwurlde
Paul Pollington (3 years ago)
I noticed no Ant Attack, mind you all these games can be included onto the external SDcard if required and by yourselves.
jeemstoybox (3 years ago)
Would have thought they would have the list up on the Vega site, seems a lot of 99p games there with few I recognize from my Speccy days.

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