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Top 12 RPG Games NINTENDO SWITCH ( Upcoming 2018 & 2019 )

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Here 12 of Best New RPG games 2018 & 2019 will release for NINTENDO SWITCH. please SUBSCRIBE == https://bit.ly/2HoiVTy == to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts
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Text Comments (293)
skeevy McGee (8 days ago)
What on earth is supposed to make dark souls an RPG?
BdaMonkey (3 days ago)
+skeevy McGee Stats, in depth character building. It's a different kind of RPG than a lot of games on this video.
skeevy McGee (3 days ago)
+BdaMonkey how tho
BdaMonkey (3 days ago)
It is an RPG.
Shon Nonya (9 days ago)
looks like backing temtem was a good idea, cant wait for it
Sam Baker (22 days ago)
What game is in the thumbnail? Cheers
Mojojojo Guzman (24 days ago)
what i like about the switch is the wide screen view in every game.
Shawn Hector (25 days ago)
Asian games.
HSmarc (26 days ago)
Grandia 1 HD Remaster???
Em 13 (1 month ago)
When is FEZ coming to switch?
Tommy Allen (1 month ago)
Temtem isnt just the pokemon game we want, its the one we deserve. Epic online multiplayer
HalloFrame (1 month ago)
Gotta remake the list now that all this Final Fantasy stuff is coming
Umatsu Obossa (1 month ago)
TBH, I'm more likely to buy Tem Tem than Pokemon Let's Go. We wanted Pokemon to become more in depth, not stripped of features. Not gonna support the dumbing down of an already simplistic game.
やきそば海賊 (1 month ago)
Mr Niceguy (1 month ago)
8:16 I don’t feel so good...
GabrielMaster721 (1 month ago)
Not Inazuma Eleven Ares? Well, mankind as fucking autistic as always.
Fin Daily (1 month ago)
What is the name of the rpg that was clickbaited in the thumbnail? It interests me more than any of these did.
Jean Carlo Liriano (1 month ago)
OMG!! generation 8!!
999haunted (2 months ago)
Wow, Temtem is not being subtle at all!
Ac Ze (2 months ago)
Castlevania? Anyone? .... :(
Dig intheCrates (2 months ago)
Half of these are in Japanese lol. God Wars looks decent though.
Self Confidence (2 months ago)
How is Temtem not getting copyrighted lmao
Gallitorsgaming (2 months ago)
hmm not many of these have any interest to me the only one's i might be interested in would be monster hunter i have dark souls 1 pokemon lets go pikachu is one im getting for sure exploring kanto in 3d with pokemon following me is gonna be fun dont see why so many folks hate it with out looking at the game and also considering the game isent out yet but meh to each there own i guess
Anon Amos (2 months ago)
Temtem looks like the Pokemon game we always wanted but never got. Would buy
ellie_gouldfish (2 months ago)
Super Neptunia RPG anyone
ellie_gouldfish (2 months ago)
How is temtem even legal???
savio jefferson (2 months ago)
I was wondering it too
Lars franck christensen (2 months ago)
i like pokemon very much since i was 2 years old now im 23 and still like it so im sure i really gonna like temtem too RPG game genre is what i play mostly just like final fantasy and dragon quest
Kyle Mitchell (2 months ago)
People are going to throw their switch playing dark souls
Lonewolf3515 (2 months ago)
Cool games, but I don't speak Japanese haha. I had no idea what they were saying lmfao
Kovu (2 months ago)
TemTem? More like Pokemon Ripoff 2
Phatt Phucc Porcupien (2 months ago)
Just buy a mobile phone. Buy the new ROG phone or the latest IOS phone. This N.switch is bulky and plays the same damned mobile games!! Why would u need a fking N.switch just to play 15-20fps battlecats!!??
Lexyvil (2 months ago)
I'm surprised the new upcoming Fire Emblem's not on here...
DrugStar1136 (2 months ago)
Temtem made it guys!!!
S.a A (2 months ago)
I regret buying this device....
Jasmine LoveFlower (2 months ago)
I'll take it :-)
೫Luna Star7೫ (2 months ago)
Jellie (2 months ago)
Indivisible actually looks pretty freaking cool.
Marty V (2 months ago)
temtem or something:fry and leela... futurama much?
LucinaFan (3 months ago)
Disgea Guy sounds like Naruto
Kung-Fu Kenny (3 months ago)
Lot of these games look like they could be ran on DS...
Dat Nguyen (3 months ago)
can't wait for 4k dark souls on the switch. oh wait...
Lava Yuki (3 months ago)
If only the Switch had a Trophy/Achievement system like Playstation and Xbox I would have got it to have gotten it, which was what deters me. Have my eyes on Disgaea and Shining Resonance, although Pokemon lost my interest after from Sun/Moon.
Arzodover (3 months ago)
NO juego a DArk souls en switch ni por dinero
Jim Lucas (3 months ago)
Whys the thumbnail look deep fried?
DeadmanJBA (3 months ago)
Ten ten get the fk out of here with your Pokémon wannabe ass
DrugStar1136 (2 months ago)
Way better than pkmn and I'm a pokemon fan
skilarbabcock (3 months ago)
Dark souls remastered is 30fps on switch btw people. They didn't use a switch trailer.
Forest Dave Sanchez (3 months ago)
I hope camelot will make another golden sun
Ichimar486 (3 months ago)
TheMalitias (3 months ago)
Still no Dragon Quest X for the west. -.-
DrugStar1136 (2 months ago)
Serious??? Fuck my Japanese is still clunky
mei Yonosuke (3 months ago)
김개 (3 months ago)
Also with the Shining Resonance. I played a demo, and it WAS a shitty game.
Randomness 10150 (3 months ago)
김개 apparently the full game is better than the demo, but I share your sentiment.
김개 (3 months ago)
don't understand why the God Wars is on the list. It pretty looks like a shitty game.
Francisco Burgos (3 months ago)
Some look very good...
Evan Evans (3 months ago)
Gta5 or gta San Andreas please
ZEOmega91 ! (3 months ago)
Pokemon Let’s Go is too bad... Why is it here?
halimaw sa banga (3 months ago)
kids stuff..😪😪
Cheshire Megurine (3 months ago)
tem tem... what kind of pokemon is this?
Boo ComplexMind (3 months ago)
Temtem has managed to singlehandedly rip off pokemon yugioh and animal crossing all in one game also im excited for pokemon obviously, monster hunter and maybe dragon quest if i can still create my own characters
Hashib Sadik (3 months ago)
Where are those AAA games people are waiting for? Cuz that's the reason people've bought the switch.
Ahmed (3 months ago)
Write your faviourate in the comments below
Erumbitarbo (3 months ago)
so no tales of vesperia, fe, shin megami, or dragons quest 11
shadowhunter 198 (3 months ago)
This list is lacking A LOT of games...
Parasoul (3 months ago)
No pikmin 4.....
Ali Gülşan (3 months ago)
they are never going to make another game as good as botw arent they ? :(
Daniel Eastwood (3 months ago)
If your looking for another good game to spend time on for the moment, I recommend Xenoblade 2. It's a bit daring since the combat system is kinda advanced for new players, but definitely a top 3 Switch games. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is super fun. Smash is the main event this year.
Ali Gülşan (3 months ago)
Rigbone 64 yeah but if they were unbreakable you would use the same weapons and probably not use anyother weapon atleast thats what nintendo thought about it like that and personaly i dont have a problem with that but i can see why it gets frustirating for many people
Rigbone 64 (3 months ago)
Ali Gülşan challenging yeah but its also frustrating for me because some of the weapons are really cool like the lighting sword and flame sword but they break in every 20 hits are so... Wish they had like a non breakable mode or something Plus the master sword resetting time is like 11 mins long 😕
Ali Gülşan (3 months ago)
Rigbone 64 yeah thats part of the challange plus when you get further in the game you can find really durable weapons plus master sword doesnt break it just recharges
Rigbone 64 (3 months ago)
Ali Gülşan weapons breaking in 5 hits
Cynical (3 months ago)
Lol the Dark Souls trailer is taking about upscaled 4k visuals..... were on the switch ver lmao Temtem? wtf is that? if you try to fight pokemon on their home turf (unless thats a free online game) youre gonna have a bad time.
issaciams (3 months ago)
Some of these look like fun but man the Switch has some pretty dated graphics.
David Muhammad (3 months ago)
†Leonic 458 (3 months ago)
Dani Leopardeye (3 months ago)
TemTem? O.O 😀
Martial Harpist Matthew (3 months ago)
Dark souls and monster hunter.
MrValgard (3 months ago)
List? no? fak u
IanStocke (3 months ago)
Switch is going to have many RPGs like Super Neptunia RPG, Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Pillars of Eternity II and Tales of Vesperia coming out this year, in 2019 come The Caligula Effect: Overdose, Shin Megami Tensei V, Dragon Quest XI, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Yo-kai Watch 4, The Snack World: Trejarers Gold, Dragon Quest Builders 2 and probably many JRPG will be announced in the TGS.
Tdull1993 (3 months ago)
Square Enix will be doing a beta for Dragon Quest X. Most likely they are going to see how successful the game will be in Japan before they decide to release the game to the west. Dragon Quest X was originally an MMORPG and was only available on Japan and Korea servers. Fingers cross everyone that the game reaches to our shores.
BKT (3 months ago)
like octopath traveler isnt #1 lol no subscribe, red thumb
senpai sama (3 months ago)
this temtem game reminds me too much about pokemon. also, octopath traveler is so underrated that it didn't even appear in this list....
Food- azoid (3 months ago)
senpai sama Everything about TemTem SCREAMS Pokémon. Like seriously, an NPC noticing you and then coming up to you, and the battle intro is so Pokémon. And I agree, I got Octopath Traveler yesterday, and it's too good.
I guess as long as you get gear it's a RPG now.
Copyrightbreaker22 (3 months ago)
octopath traveler? Octopath Traveler? OCTOPATH TRAVELER?
kent O'Dea (3 months ago)
if that Tem Tem game was done with Pokemon it would actually be really good
Pie rce (3 months ago)
Yu gi oh + Pokemon = TemTem
ginsen haja (3 months ago)
pokemon fake
Jehb Broussard (3 months ago)
I wish the DQX director wasn't so Xenophobic and we got a NA/EU release, I would play it.
Seniku Moonjewel (3 months ago)
Ugh... I didn't buy my Switch to play 'paedophile' jrpgs and indies. We need some good normal rpg's on it. ASAP!
kaintkk (9 days ago)
yeah they are just action bashing game, come on, a real rpg is not that lol, give us final fantasy rpg, dragon warrior rpg and anything who are rpg like those :X
Kenny Michael Alanya (2 months ago)
I'm confused but Japanese is ANIME😡. And Games from Japanese are so thus so who cares🙂
Seniku Moonjewel (2 months ago)
Paedo's should die in the most slow and horrific way possible, they are not humans, they are vile, repugnant and depraived pieces of shit. I suggest you retract that disgusting comment.
DrugStar1136 (2 months ago)
So many other games on the switch you got to notice the pedo one, maybe you're a true pedo and just pointing it out!!
Seniku Moonjewel (3 months ago)
PlatinumG101 (3 months ago)
That Tentum game is what Pokémon should have came out with. Shit looks pretty cool.
Zulul Scout (3 months ago)
Best rpg list 2018 with no octopath?!
Νοῦς (3 months ago)
Zulul Scout pretty obvious game aye
Sidor Junior (3 months ago)
The World Ends With You?
Sidor Junior (3 months ago)
it was kinda sad that it wasn't mentioned here
Νοῦς (3 months ago)
Sidor Junior what about it?
Puny Pixel Privateer (3 months ago)
Ooooh Temtem looks goooood! I mean if we’re not getting a main series Pokémon game anytime soon....
Dexter Rutecki (9 days ago)
Let’s Go are core games...
Lauralaura (3 months ago)
Yeah it is core
Puny Pixel Privateer (3 months ago)
Lauralaura Sorry, I guess I should have said core Pokémon game, like the 2019 “Pokémon Switch” game.
Lauralaura (3 months ago)
Puny Pixel Privateer lets go eevee and pikachu is mainseries
Lars franck christensen (3 months ago)
temtem looks like pokemon
What’s the game in the thumbnail ?
Meme Graveyard (2 months ago)
Enzo Scape no, it’s clearly Overwatch.
Mr Pot8o (2 months ago)
madog7 (2 months ago)
Actually I think it’s dragon quest 10 (online) and not 11
Antisocial Kid (2 months ago)
Dragon quest 11 i can tell by the artwork
Enzo Scape (3 months ago)
Well, actually its CS:GO.
Primordial Lionheart (3 months ago)
Tem Tem lmao, such a Pokémon rip off. Should I play it?
Eon (3 months ago)
I'd say yes. The devs communicate all the time on their discord and send out a lot of update emails to kickstarter backers that show what they're working on. They're pretty in-tune with their community
Lauralaura (3 months ago)
nah imo it looks bad but wait for reviews and then decide
Elijah McLeod (3 months ago)
Primordial Lionheart yeah
RedCronoJM (3 months ago)
Indivisible, its feels like a decade ago since i play the demo. I thought they cancelled it.
lewa3910 (3 months ago)
It only got bump backed a year. Prefer that to mass effect andromeding it
Elijah McLeod (3 months ago)
RedCronoJM Ikr
哥安 (3 months ago)
John Yim (3 months ago)
you forgot lets go eevee
Ebefren Revo (3 months ago)
Ys VIII, *Octopath Traveler* , Monster Hunter GU, Valkirya Chronlicles 4, SMT V, (Dragon Quest XI in 2020, maybe), Tales of Vesperia, Shining Resonance RF, Little Dragon Caffee, Pokemon Lets Go, Indivisible, Dragon Marked for Death... i have ALREADY ONE GAME PER MONTH FOR A YEAR. And many have to come (like the new Atelier game for example) Please send help and MONEY.
Randomness 10150 (3 months ago)
Ebefren Revo If you want another good RPG, I’d suggest The World Ends With You, comes out September 27th this year.
Νοῦς (3 months ago)
Ebefren Revo yes that's amazing I didn't know
Ebefren Revo (3 months ago)
Νοῦς They already announced the next one is in dvelop also for the Switch.
Νοῦς (3 months ago)
Ebefren Revo I'm on the exact same ship as you but the atelier game came out wtf are you talking about
Candice Brickhouse (3 months ago)
Interesting new Pokemon rip off on the switch....
Yassi (1 month ago)
I guess Stardew Valley is a rip-off of Harvest Moon/Rune Factory, yet nobody says it but cry about tem tem being a pokemon rip off
Candice Brickhouse (3 months ago)
SultanBaba1 It looks to work and function the same way as Pokemon but with different looking creatures all I'm saying is that Nintendo let something so similar to Pokemon on switch. Damn
SultanBaba1 (3 months ago)
if a game contents guns.. does that mean that its a Call of Duty rip off?
picsmics4 (3 months ago)
How the hell is Tem Tem getting away with this? Is the pokemon company just... gonna let this happen?
gorilla thewinston (1 month ago)
I feel like anyone can do it, just no one has because pokemon is tough competition for that style gaming
passive_annihilation (1 month ago)
Luckily for them Pokemon Co. doesn't have a patent on forcing animals to fight each other. Lol.
Yassi (1 month ago)
I mean you could say the same about Stardew Valley and any other game that copies the Harvest Moon/Story of Season/rune factory games. Yet I don't see anyone crying about SV being a rip-off. Tem Tem is allowed to do this, like mario978ify said, gramfreak/pokemon company doesn't own the genre as much as the harvest moon origianl creators and producers own the farming/raising animals/dating simulator genre. And unlike pokemon, tem tem is an mmo
Substidude _ (2 months ago)
Purple Dawn You have exactly the same oppinion as I do, and sadly theese rip ofs just keep coming as long as Pokemon is popular.
Vanafsos Sfigokolarios (2 months ago)
If anything looks like a rip off, that's pokémon let's go.
Noazzark (3 months ago)
Is the main selling point for switch just that you can bring it anywhere? I own it so I know thats a fun factor but Zelda seems like the only REAL game for switch that's got that true Nintendo feel. I know theres xenoblade and Kirby out there but its mostly indie stuff thats making up the marketplace, and most of those Indies aren't original anymore... I LOVE NINTENDO don't get me wrong, started with the super nes and been a loyal gamer ever since, but I need something FLESHY AND THICK that I can bite into... I don't think I can stomach more Indies that seek to entertain for short time periods Just keep looking at the horizon and games are being released for switch that are already on other systems... I can't and won't speak for anyone else out there but I need a game thats built for switch (and yes Pokemon but this hey pikachu/eevee is just a placeholder for the big on coming out who knows when) now let the hateful replies begin -.-
Randomness 10150 (3 months ago)
Noazzark I mean, you could try The World Ends With You. That game has A LOT of content, and is not an indie. There’s also Splatoon 2, Ys 8, Bayonetta, and more.
Barima Baah (3 months ago)
Fleshy and thick
Christopher Gantous (3 months ago)
what about mario since u aint mention that... also it takes time to get it own games. in mean time its adding as many games as possible from all sources
Lauralaura (3 months ago)
The console came out only a year ago I’m sure it’ll have more games soon just be patient
deepdarksecretful (3 months ago)
speculation goes that the system is built for possibly AR or VR. Prepare your money for when games of that nature come out ;)
Chris Korol (3 months ago)
I just want monster hunter for my switch and personally i preffer this style mh to mh world. And plz SNACK WORLD! I want that game bad.
Glover Sasby (3 months ago)
7 of the 12 look good.
villabong11 (3 months ago)
i came to see the thumbnail..
Josiah Collins (2 months ago)
Deathsnarf (3 months ago)
thumbnail is @ 9:16
Massimo G. (3 months ago)
Ciao Sto cercando persone con cui giocare online alla switch, uso Discord per chattare, spero vogliate unirvi, il link è questo App: https://discordapp.com/download Invito in chat: https://discord.gg/Md9H53B Sono stanco di giocare da solo online
Jacky HK (3 months ago)
I want Rune Factory
akumatobeaut (5 days ago)
It won't be 10 years I give it 2 tops,plus there is a game coming 2019 called relegend check it out it's runefactory inspired
akumatobeaut (20 days ago)
Not true that creator created his own company
9Tailsfan (2 months ago)
Pigpug Pigpug Well then you got lucky. The glitch I got was the ????? Monster name. Because of that I couldn't complete the kill 5 Dark Fairies quest. I couldn't even tame them. Lots of others had problems too.
Randomness 10150 (3 months ago)
Thankfully, even though the developer went bankrupt, the rights remained with the normal publishers, so there is actually a good chance we’ll see another RF sometime in the next 10 years. Also, I’ve only seen like 2 minor glitches in all my hundreds of hours with RF 4, what?
Νοῦς (3 months ago)
Good one but I think they are done brah hahaha so cool yet the game is out on the 3ds eshop hahaaha
Immu (3 months ago)
Temtem 2019 is earl access the game is official releasing on may 2020
Gareth Ang (3 months ago)
is darksoul remaster out? cant seem to find it at the nitendo e shop
Νοῦς (3 months ago)
Gareth Ang they are dumb and haven't released it yet that's why
Νοῦς (3 months ago)
CHRISTIAN R. It's summer now
CHRISTIAN R. (3 months ago)
Gareth Ang not yet, it’s supposed to be summer
AtomicEmrys (3 months ago)
When is dark souls actually coming to switch? Like c'mon already just release it
Derek J.R. (9 days ago)
the remaster killed both PC versions
Michael Pearson (2 months ago)
Νοῦς you can't just grab a game from the ps online store and instantly throw it in the switch like that lol
Νοῦς (3 months ago)
I know wtf they had a release date earlier and it's been on PS3 store for years just steal the download and upload it to the switch eshop it's that easy I don't know what's wrong with them
AtomicEmrys (3 months ago)
Steven is Kyle haha yeah it will be interesting to play it on handheld 😂
Steven Kyle Kodikara (3 months ago)
AtomicEmrys ikr I'm really looking forward to play it on the Switch,it'll be my first time playing a Darksoul Game.I mean Its already realized for other platforms too!!!😭
Magio (3 months ago)
1:52 music is actually from Demon's Souls
Νοῦς (3 months ago)
Melchiah stop

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