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Minecraft Mobs: Creeper

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Let's explore Minecraft! We bring you detailed block-by-block information for our site http://www.minecraftwiki.net
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DonCrafts1 (8 months ago)
omg this was so long time ago
Bobby Stinklehoffer (1 year ago)
Good video! The Creeper fighting strategy in this video is the one I use! I hope I will get one fenced, and get a Skeleton to shoot it!
GreyWolfLeaderTW (1 year ago)
"Hey, why has it gotten dark all of a sudden? What was that rustling sound? Why are my intestines over there now?" ~Yahtzee
Rachael Piotte (1 year ago)
Fun fact: Creepers are not actually silent before they explode. If you listen very carefully, you can hear them walking around. Their footsteps sound like soft player footsteps. It's hard to catch, but useful to know in case you hear player-like footsteps near you. But really. This isn't a joke. You really can hear them if you try hard. You just have to be really quiet and listen closely. It's saved me a few times.
coockiejansie (1 year ago)
rip pbg
My technique for kiling creeper, could be useful: Just as stated in the video, a hit-and-run tactic is advisable for head to head combat, as well as bow and arrow at range. I normally run to the creeper fast to strike a sword hit, punching it again before it hits the ground with multi-clicking. This tosses the creeper far away and with fast running (for hasty running back), they are found out of range and will not explode. This way, striking twice per each assault, they die quickly. This technique requires fast running above all. Cheerios!
Neo Saturos (2 years ago)
Nowadays, however, you can also just put up your shield and back away. The shield will take a bit of damage from the explosion, but you and your armour should be unscathed.
Musicano (1 year ago)
However, NOWADAYS even shield won't save you from this beast
Jeremy Nalley (2 years ago)
Ugh. Creepers are soooooo annoying. I walked out of my house... "BOOM!" Creeper was out there. Creeper was hiding around a corner. I HATE Creepers!
Chronomatrix (2 years ago)
you forgot about the fact that when a skeleton kills a creeper, it drops a disc.
Sub Zero The Ice Ninga (3 years ago)
Creepers, most loved and most hated part of minecraft
Sam Wilk (3 years ago)
The iconic creeper is in the spotlight
Joseph Barnes (3 years ago)
In the Guinness World Records 2013 Gamer's Edition, The Creeper was listed in the Top 10 of the Top 50 Video Game Villains. #10 Creeper: Minecraft #9 Liquid Ocelot: Metal Gear Solid #8 Inky: PAC-MAN #7 The Borgias: Assassin's Creed 2 #6 Sephiroth: Final Fantasy 7 #5 Gary Oak: Pokémon Red/Blue #4 Ganon: The Legend of Zelda #3 The Joker: Batman: Arkham Asylum #2 GLaDOS: Portal #1 Bowser: Super Mario Bros.
thezombiecreeper (2 years ago)
I Think King Pig From Angry Birds Should Be On There
Crafterzbolt Minecraft (3 years ago)
+Joseph Barnes And he isn't even the main villain (who is either Enderdragon, Wither, or nobody)
RossOriginals (3 years ago)
Why don't you mention the fact you can get music discs from creepers by wearing down their health then having a skeleton shoot them? Three hits with a stone sword* will make them weak enough, then if you can lure them into the path of a skeleton's arrows, music discs will drop! Also, Notch stated that although the Creeper is based on the failed pig model, he imagined it to be made of leaves, thus the green colour. This suggests creepers are some kind of animate plant that spreads its seeds by exploding. *unenchanted, though I don't know why you'd enchant a stone sword
susMaster77 (3 years ago)
No armor = You're screwed, but there is nothing you can do for your dogs or horses sadly. :(
RossOriginals (3 years ago)
+King Tiger Ah, that's too bad. There needs to be enchantment for horse armour added in future updates then! Blast protection for our geegees please Dinnerbone.
susMaster77 (3 years ago)
+RossOriginals  The horse armor apparently does not help. Believe me, I learned that the hard way. Either it is that way, or it was a glitch.
RossOriginals (3 years ago)
Doesn't horse armour give them some protection? (the horses, obviously, not the dogs)
susMaster77 (3 years ago)
When you face a Creeper threatening damage to your house or whatever you built, water is your best friend. :)
VestedUTuber (3 years ago)
No mention of how you can set them off with a Flint and Steel?
VestedUTuber (3 years ago)
+Jon Gustafson In that case, these need to be updated.
Jon Gustafson (3 years ago)
This was before that update.
not all creepers are silent.some take fall damage or touch lava while trying to sneak on you which gives them away
VicariousReality7 (3 years ago)
Hah, i never kill them, just let them explode
FreeRangeRayquaza (3 years ago)
Toby Thanks For The Videos Of Mob Exploration Because It Helps For Minecraft Beginners Thank You And Subed If You Hear This And Thank You ! And Please Post About Guardian Mob And Endermite Mob !
FreeRangeRayquaza (3 years ago)
I'm not six I am 14 for gods sake!
lambda30 (3 years ago)
stop capitalising every single fucking word to sound mature for fucks sake you six year old
Amian Ignatius (3 years ago)
Why's everyone so insistent they are silent? I frequently hear them walking around through two thick walls.
Lisa Cranston (4 years ago)
i love your videos!
kelpo (4 years ago)
666 videos.
Jake Ferrison (4 years ago)
IF Element Creepers Installed. You use lighning Creeper. it's easy get Charge creeper and mob change Easily.
BananaEmpire (4 years ago)
The Creeper is so cute when in top hat.Someone should do a update when creepers have top hats.I would love to see one in the game.
Ilija Ristic (4 years ago)
Me: What a sunny day! Creeper sneaks behind: NOT ANYMORE!  *BOOM*
Ron Andrei (1 year ago)
Ilija Ristic My reaction: Me: Ah What a sunny day. Creeper: NOT TODAY SSSSSSS Me: Punches him and digs a hole. *Creeper falls into the hole* Me: That's Better.
Naruku2121 (4 years ago)
I had the worst creeper encounter ever.  All I did was walk and a Creeper Spawned through me and exploded killing me instantly xD.
RustyisGreat5 (3 years ago)
that's weird
Aqua the Yoshi (4 years ago)
thavidu78 (4 years ago)
The only time these blokes give me a problem is when I'm unaware of their presence, all I have to really do when faced with one is slap him and back up, usually they blow up on their own.
ıllıaυraтιcıllı (4 years ago)
Creepah has Ailurophobia – fear of cats
jak795 (4 years ago)
Creepers are cool.
MineMacOfficial (4 years ago)
go check out that vid
AGiLE-EaGLE1994 (5 years ago)
When Notch fails, he fails hardcore.
Luke Pigwalker (5 years ago)
Creepers also work as renewable player-led walking explosives. This is useful when you do not want to waste TNT, by wasting time for finding creepers.
KnuxMaster 368 (5 years ago)
I love creepers!
Yousuf Haq (5 years ago)
My Favorite Hostile Mob Is The Creeper
When I saw the creeper for my first time I thought it was a walking cactus.
Jeevan Dhillon (5 years ago)
He didn't cover supercharged creepers... :/
ezra baletro (5 years ago)
cave spiders, spiders, and creepers r cute
Teo K (5 years ago)
WHAT I DO TO KILL A CREEPER:i'm killing them with bow and arrow,shooting from the roof of my house.
Entomoth (5 years ago)
Oh yeah? I LOVE creepers. I don't really know why..
A C (5 years ago)
The creeper is my favorite Mob
Crunchy, like dry leaves
Luke Pigwalker (5 years ago)
Creep creep
julien atwell (5 years ago)
Wow! When Notch fails, he fails HARD!
ButterCowgirlPlaysMC (5 years ago)
just imagine a pig/creeper *slurp*
Ossama Abou-zied (5 years ago)
that's called being ambushed and you develop a paranoia because of that in the game which might actually save your life a few times
barry Clyne (5 years ago)
pig creepers
Tetragon 213 (5 years ago)
What about Spider Jockeys?
Manny Mannycan (5 years ago)
u copied curse networks wait until my momma finds out
Farok Buker (5 years ago)
Creepers are so annoying Sometimes I didn't know that there's creepers behind me then suddenly it just exploded
Ethan Severy (5 years ago)
Thumbs down!
Brendon Hogan (5 years ago)
Cave spiders are so easy though....
Louis Smith (5 years ago)
your alife saver have just started playing and found difficulty with them so thank you :D
abdulaziz saad (5 years ago)
they said it in another video
Daniel Aventerier (5 years ago)
Creepers.... :L
Joedain L (5 years ago)
Cave Spiders are horrid!
kevin dery (5 years ago)
for when a video of a charged creeper ? :P
mitchell2617 (5 years ago)
He says that in the skeleton video dude.
Cazaam (5 years ago)
and a creeper...
Goranoful (5 years ago)
Wasn't this added later?
Fennecai (5 years ago)
and then you keep on falling till you end up in a rave... *plays 'distrance- aspiration'"
TheA120100 (5 years ago)
you fall in a cave...
Cazaam (5 years ago)
I hate it when i'm mining...
Agent Paradox (5 years ago)
It was meant to be a model probably like half man. half pig but Notch got it wrong, hence the birth of the creeper.
jazepso (5 years ago)
Why am I thinking that Creepers are cute? Because they're nothing compared to cave spiders.
toby im your biggest fan ever
AlexanderRM1000 (5 years ago)
I want to hear more about the pig model- was it just the shape of the Creeper based on that? I first heard that (in the trivia while autosaving, at least on the XBox version) I thought it meant there was a coding bug in which pigs exploded, and Notch decided to make a mob like that and redesigned them. I've been wondering how that bug worked.
AlexanderRM1000 (5 years ago)
...your entire comment just boils down to exactly what Evannick1 said. If you get a skeleton to kill a creeper it drops a random music disc.
Oliver Yang (5 years ago)
Jakub Gesla (5 years ago)
a better way of explaining that is if you make a skeleton kill a creeper than the creeper will have a chance of dropping a random music disk it can be you're favorite or it can be a shitty one like 11 not saying that's it actually shitty I just don't like it cause it's creepy
D8W2P4 (5 years ago)
Same way Team Fortress on Quake developed the Spy class an error or oversight in coding.
thedude7700 (5 years ago)
yeah i know, but thats like tooo fail, how can he accindently make a pig model look like that?
D8W2P4 (5 years ago)
What part of "based on a FAILED pig model" don't you understand?
thedude7700 (5 years ago)
how was the creeper supposed to look like a pig?
Cade Sturm (5 years ago)
69 likes. *Snickers*
Santa22 (5 years ago)
you forgot supercharged creepers
SharKing (5 years ago)
0:41 XD
Chance (5 years ago)
This is about Creepers, Not Skeletons
SSapphira Draconian (5 years ago)
0:15-0:20 and thus the creeper was born
Dominik Krzysztofik (5 years ago)
@ognqspe i agree one of my top 10 and dude! im loving this game even more beware you might get addicted => bit.ly/YZBI91?=iuaoy
sasaki999pro (5 years ago)
Personally I wish the creepers skins would change based on the biomes they spawned it, they always struck me as having a camo theme so it would be cool (and even more threatening) if they had skins that helped them blend in, sand, stone, snow etc.
stickgamesfan (5 years ago)
biglambie (5 years ago)
VanillAdachi (5 years ago)
Pig And Creeper Are Bro's
VanillAdachi (5 years ago)
It's Been like 7 months since I started to watch these vids but this was my first one ever
TheArceusftw (5 years ago)
you forgot to mention that when a creeper gets struck by lightning it becomes a charged creeper making the explosion more deadly
Lars Maassen (5 years ago)
this is where suicide terorists come from
Lord Vivec (5 years ago)
AAAAHHH FINALLY... now I know how to get those goddamn creepers down, before they explode... I was never able to get gunpowder because of that
Barry Ritchey (5 years ago)
What the video does not mention though is if you shoot creepers with your bow, they don't explode :D
Aramarella (5 years ago)
I didn't expect a creeper wearing a top hat. Still awesome though. XD
MrWilliamionsea (5 years ago)
Creepers are famous!
startreking (5 years ago)
Tristan Stephens (5 years ago)
last time the creeper was in my minecraft house and killed me i hate you creeper
David Pezzack (5 years ago)
that'sssssssssssssssssssss a nice video you have there
klare (5 years ago)
i killed my first creeper the other day! :D
Christian Russell (5 years ago)
you've made minecraft wiki :D
MrMaiio123 (5 years ago)
"habit of exploding"
CaitSeith (5 years ago)
Don't "duck and cover". It's better to "turn and run"
Jaridavin (5 years ago)
Nope. I've seen more
ericph9 (5 years ago)
MachineKing32 (6 years ago)
Creepers drop records when killed by skeletons.
MOStein (6 years ago)
the creeper...was supposed to be a pig?!?! WTF

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