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Inside Zelda Breath of the Wild - Champions and Divine Beasts

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This time Inside The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild we go deep into the Champions and the Divine Beasts! STORY SPOILERS AHEAD. 10,000 years ago, Calamity Ganon was no match for the Hero and Princess, but they could not have done it without the help of the Champions and their Divine Beasts. 100 years ago however, was a different story. Support the series on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Commonrealm Join our discord server: https://discord.gg/CatSP9U Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm!: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Music: "Trailer Theme" by Cleffernotes http://bit.ly/BreathSwitch Big shoutout goes to Music Proposition for creating the new intro theme for the channel and Inside Breath of the Wild: http://bit.ly/ZeldaUMusic
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Text Comments (302)
Zoras domain=⛆(my favourite) Rito village=🌪 The volcano=🌋 The desert=🏜
Sugar Tiramisu (8 months ago)
300th comment :p
Emma Verschoor (8 months ago)
“The fearless Daruk” hahhahahahha I’m dying If you don’t know what I mean play DLC 2
Mohan Grewal (1 year ago)
Glide Hooper (1 year ago)
I have a crazy theory about link. Everyone referred to him as the Hylian Champion just like the other champions but they all have divine beasts. So what if the guardians were built as links divine beasts cause they use similar technology as the other 4 and when you fight vah rudania he releases mini flying guardians like if you agree
Aiga Akaba (1 year ago)
Vah Naboris looks intimidating, and Rudania too.
medli is my favorite character is wind waker
GhoulDash97 (1 year ago)
I may be going out on a limb, but I think that Link spent most of his childhood with the Zorans.
Will link have his own divine beast when he is a champion
Latifa 14 (1 year ago)
i wish there a cc for since english native speaker is hard to follow
Gabriel Pereira (1 year ago)
2nd DLC: In the new story, a 5th DB is found and given to Link in order to join the other 4 and merge all together like a damn Megazord xD
Eden Lim (1 year ago)
great "ego" bow
Turtlee (1 year ago)
Death mountain! Please!
Turtlee (1 year ago)
If every royal daughter is named Zelda, why don't we ever see a Queen Zelda?
Yui Tasheko (27 days ago)
Turtlee Wasn't Twilight Princess's Zelda a queen? She was the one that had to give away Hyrule, not the king. And a king is never mentioned so she must be the queen.
Ramy Labidi (1 year ago)
did those sages pilot the divine beats 10000 years ago
tony king (1 year ago)
rivali created the technique and it had nothing to do with his archery skill
jackle (1 year ago)
Why does Jason Damrons voice sound so familiar.
Kafei (1 year ago)
Breath of the wild better be in the child timeline. I'm going to look at Nintendo and just slowly shake my head in disapointment if it isn't.
Kafei (1 year ago)
to think demise's curse made his reincarnation equal to or even more powerful than he originally was.
ToaCody (1 year ago)
I love that you covered the Champions in the order I've been tackling the Divine Beasts.
Octo (1 year ago)
zora's domain
Captain Olimar (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure Link died right there, I mean with our tech these days you can recover from near fatal wounds in less than a hundred years, and Link didn't seem to get brain damage so he probs ded m8. (Though recoverable from bran dmgs takes less than a hundrd yeers...)
Captain Olimar (1 year ago)
Mohan Grewal (1 year ago)
Let's take you somewhere safe.
Collin S (1 year ago)
Captain Olimar *Ravioli scoffs*
poke pal (1 year ago)
I'd like Zora's domain next.
Kiran Ahmad (1 year ago)
Zoras domain
jrscientist87 (1 year ago)
it's a real shame that the Deku tribe gets no love. They haven't played a significant role since Majora's Mask and the last time they had personality was in Minish Cap. It would be perfect if there was a 5th Divine Beast and it's champion a Deku! And the Faron rainforest or a swamp would be the perfect place for their settlement.
Epic Simii (1 year ago)
jrscientist87 Holy crap Dekus returning would make my dayx365
Stanley Lathan (1 year ago)
gerudo desert
Sith Lorde (1 year ago)
"The independent Urbosa" XDDD come on guys, that frase is so fucking used, no need to put the "strong and independent" speech before a woman´s name, no feminazi is watching don´t worry
Mohan Grewal (1 year ago)
The maternal-type Urbosa is better.
Captain Olimar (1 year ago)
Natha (1 year ago)
"The feminazi's are out to get us-" I'M NOT PARANOID!
Jeremi Rossignol (1 year ago)
Zoras domain
spaghettiguy (1 year ago)
Death Mountain.
Epic Simii (1 year ago)
draie way (1 year ago)
hey just a question wouldn't the zora job be smelly considering that well they are fish ? and the gerudo tribe seems to be the strongest tribe
75skyloftmexican (1 year ago)
by claiming that the sheikah had to suffer a purge from the royal family, is an insult to impa of OoT and SS, even is said that the sheikahs of 10,000 years ago prepared themselves for the coming of calamity ganon, and that the yigah are those who got tired of pledge allegiance to the Goddesses. get you facts right in that part.
Christina Petrone (1 year ago)
Zora's Domain
Alsis World (1 year ago)
I have a 110$ to spend on games and accessories, what do you think i should buy?
Captain Olimar (1 year ago)
Sploon2, Arms,friends, ALIFE
Chunlun Donnie Lee (1 year ago)
7:52 is the scene cut from Link got kicked out of Gerudo town because he is a voe (male)...?
Jake Laramore (1 year ago)
Why do people think Link didn't die. I mean in order to be resurrected you have to be dead. If he wasn't dead it would be restoration
Drnimbus 1 (1 year ago)
Zora's domain
Kaya Mynatt (1 year ago)
Zora's domain ftw
Sarah Connor (1 year ago)
They tried hard, but Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask is still the best. This game is seriously lacking a music score.
Just Sayori. (1 year ago)
Zora's Domain!!!
Tommy G. (1 year ago)
Izzy Da Boss (1 year ago)
Death mountain all the way
Kyra Hogue (1 year ago)
Zora's Domain! I love that area. Though Rito Village is my absolute favorite. :)
Ice Bear (1 year ago)
Death mt 🌋
Kelson Bunn (1 year ago)
Death Mountain
Natali Botello (1 year ago)
zoras domain!!!!!
AwesomeGirl86 (1 year ago)
I really wish we had more character development of the champions! Maybe see a cutscene where they are struggling to fight the Ganon blights and seeing them losing. It would be cool if we saw more of Link's past to really get a sense of what kind of person he was. I also wish Link was more expressive in this game - especially the cutscenes. I mean, they kinda gave a reason why he doesn't express much and you find out in Zelda's diary, but that doesn't mean he has to look bland in certain cutscenes. I like the story, but I wish there were more story-related stuff to it.
Zhello (1 year ago)
AwesomeGirl86 Agreed!
Tomsk Bromley (1 year ago)
I would prefer a few more memories. Mainly focused on the champions rather than Zelda. I think Zelda's story arc is covered pretty well but the champions need a bit more development.
Sam Tesoro (1 year ago)
Seeing characters die with our own eyes isn't the Nintendo way...
Anna Ratcliff (1 year ago)
AwesomeGirl86 I'm still hoping that with the upcoming downloadable content you can have the option to revive them after beating the respective dungeon boss. It felt like when you met the champions, the cutscenes were rushed and you did not get a lot of backstop or personality for each champion. All we truly know about their personalities were that Mipha loves Link; Daruk's optimistic and strong; Revali's arrogant and a narcissistic rival to Link; Urbosa's fearless and independent. While this game is better than the previous ones, the champions were handled poorly because not only were their personalities bland, but also they are absent during the entire game because they are not seen except for cutscenes. Nintendo is redundant with how they handle the other important characters. When it comes to Sages, or in this case Champions, there's no way to interact with them after you defeat the dungeon they're associated with. For once, I want to see Nintendo make a Zelda game where you can interact with the other important characters anytime you wanted after you defeat the dungeon that they're associated with.
Brad Foust (1 year ago)
Zora's Domain
Link (1 year ago)
Death Mountain
Link (1 year ago)
I know XD
Max Leon (1 year ago)
Link A high hill, named "mountain" with the unique first name of "Death" appearing in multiple The Legend of Zelda games
Joshua N. Jeffrey (1 year ago)
Medly wasn't in that timeline tho.
kostas kyros (1 year ago)
death mountain
Steven Paul Doyle (1 year ago)
Zora's Domain
zathaniel (1 year ago)
Fantastic presentation - got a sub and I vote Goron. Keep up the good work.
Alessandro Kälin (1 year ago)
Zora's Domain, please :)
Hylian Cece (1 year ago)
Zora's Domain !!
Aedan_da_sauce_G.O.D (1 year ago)
Gerudo town
memebunny (1 year ago)
please do the video about Death Mountain!
Aaron Lane (1 year ago)
Cover Zora's Domain in the next episode.
DE235 (1 year ago)
zora's domain
StuffedTiger2001 (1 year ago)
Death mountain!
Broskinan (1 year ago)
hi(sorry for my bag English)
Demetries Rolle (1 year ago)
My vote is for Zora's Domain.
Penguin janssen (1 year ago)
zora's domain ftw
Margarito Trevino (1 year ago)
Zoras domain
Víctor Durán (1 year ago)
Zora's domain :)
King Nate (1 year ago)
oh my God hearing that opening music... I just realized how long I've watched this series, it was so fun watching this before the game came out. I've loved this series, thank you Commonwealth Realm.
FunnyAnimatorJimTV (1 year ago)
Great video as usual! And I vote Death Mountain!
COMLINK (1 year ago)
Death Mountain :)
ATalksToSelf (1 year ago)
Death Mountian
drageben (1 year ago)
Death mountain
Anahat Kelkar (1 year ago)
Death mountain would be interesting
Zynnia (1 year ago)
zoras domain
TRC eRgIc0 (1 year ago)
zoras domain
Engineer Kirby (1 year ago)
My vote is for Zora's domain next. Death mountain is fun to explore once you get the fireproof armor. However, Zora's domain is mostly climbing and swimming, both of which are slow and tedious, so I've avoided it
Clark Fadoir (1 year ago)
Zora's domain
MorufinKun (1 year ago)
I'd like to see about Zora's Domain next! 🐬🐟😁✌🏻🐟🐬
Markus Kosmo (1 year ago)
Death Mountain next!
Bob Observer (1 year ago)
I'd like to hear about Death Mountain next time simply because the Gorons and fiery areas of the mountain are something I've liked in the series, even if I've barely visited there in my play through of BotW.
Kwizii (1 year ago)
As I played the game I thought Vah Medoh could be a call back to Mido (of the koroks, yes I know, different tribe) but I guess you're right it is probably a callback to Medley.
Violet Rose (1 year ago)
Over the past few weeks, Breath of the Wild has quickly become one of my favorite games of all time. It's freedom, beautiful graphics, and fantastic world design far surpass any game I have played before. However, I do have a few problems that I fell could have made the game just a bit better if improved. Shrines: I had just a few problems with these buggers. For one, there should have been WAY less free ones. Just because you solve a small puzzle or do a little side quest before getting to it doesn't mean they should just flat out give you the reward. I think the only blessing shrines should have been the survival island, the dark island, and the Korok Trials, as those were legitimately challenging to get to and had enough interesting things going on to justify the free reward. Others just felt lazy. Secondly, I felt the combat trials were really repetitive, and there could have been a little more to mix it up. Maybe have some where you fight a full fledged guardian / flying guardian, or fight a unique guardian boss that requires the use of certain runes to beat (imagine one that ran on cycling water, where you had to plug it's water spouts to hit it in the eye, or one that had a propeller head that split from it's body, meaning you had to deal with an enemy shooting ranged attacks and an enemy using melee attacks, or guardian versions of overworld bosses like Stone Talus, Hinox, and Molduga). Or maybe have hordes of mini guardians coming at you at once. Speaking of mini guardians, I feel all of the enemies in the shrines eventually became way too easy. Perhaps they could have mixed things up with some slightly stronger enemies, like mini flying guardian or mini beasts. Overall, while the puzzles were fun, I think the rest of the shrines were kind of bland. Characters: I think the characters in this game were one of the bigger struggling points. Link and Zelda were at their best, but the champions and champion decendents could have had a bit more development. With the champions, perhaps there could have been more memories involving them. One in the beginning where you see an object that reminds you of them, one that they bestow upon you that shows you how they fell to the dungeon's boss, and one that you can get through a side quest with the aid of the champion decendents where it shows their most treasured moment with Link. And for the champion decendents, there should have been a bit more of a struggle to get to the dungeons with more time to flesh them out. Maybe they could aid you throughout the dungeon like in WindWaker's Wind and Earth temples. And obviously they could he fleshed out through the side quest you do to get the treasured memories. The last character I believe could have been improved is Ganon. Maybe he could have at least a little dialouge, or a bit more lore. He just kinda felt like an evil dude you had to kill. Maybe a few memories could have shown you that he used to be more normal until he became corrupt and disfigured. Maybe there could have been a better explenation for the various Ganon's you fight in the dungeons. And speaking of dungeons... Dungeons: Ok, I love the dungeon design in this game, but I feel a few things could have been improved on. For one, there should have been some more challenging enemies as mentioned earlier. Pretty much all of them can be taken down in one to five hits. Second, I felt they were rather short. I mean, if you get stuck they can take a while, but the bird dungeon was obsurdly easy (then again, it was the last one I did). And the bosses were probably the most flawed element of the game. They had little movement and very predictable attack patterns. Heck, if you have the Master Sword, you can take them all down about as easily as a Talus. If not more easily. Perhaps if they were quicker, we're less like butter at the hands of the Master Sword, and had better arenas (freaking Thunderblight), then they could have been fantastic. But as they are, they range from ok to laughable.
Link Noir (1 year ago)
Zoras Domain!
Midna78 (1 year ago)
Desth Mountain please.
KuraiNoOni (1 year ago)
I'd personally prefer a video on the Zora's Domain over Death Mountain.
Toschi worlds (1 year ago)
Zoras Domain
SniK (1 year ago)
Zora'z domain please :3
Wow Hyrule Castle(Outside)!
Wow Hyrule Castle(Outside)a
Tf Love (1 year ago)
plz explain how ganondorf became calamity ganon
Go D. Ussop (1 year ago)
The fierce deity What's the difference between Ganon and Ganondorf
Jam Fuchigole (1 year ago)
Sorry I haven't been following you lately, I've been busy you know... playing the game. your videos are still great.
Nik (1 year ago)
Jam Fuchigole . Me too lol. I was busy aswell with the game..
joel hierro (1 year ago)
Death mountain
Awsesome Tech (1 year ago)
Just brilliant! The story is our connection and you, like no other, expound.
Tim B (1 year ago)
death mountain next please
Delta kai09 (1 year ago)
It could have been cool if they let one Chosen person like the gerudo lady(sorry I don't remember there names) to survive and then they like hate link casue while all the other died he survived I think I would have been cool
Delta kai09 (1 year ago)
Kwizii but I mean like the gerudo hate u or something like that cause the gerudo champion survived and came back to the village and then the gerudo hated the hylians cause of that cause link "let" the other champions die and he survived
Kwizii (1 year ago)
Delta kai09 Well that's half what happens in Zora's domain. Most Zora's give you the cold shoulder or downright hate you because you survived and let their champion Mipha die
Memento Mori (1 year ago)
Zora's Domain for sure.
Oni .Senpai (1 year ago)
Death mountain
Laxup 17 (1 year ago)
Talk about Death Mountain
Zachary Erickson (1 year ago)
Prince Sidon is fabulous. Yeah Revali is pretty cocky. Why isn't there an Earthblight Ganon?
Weeaboo Destroyer (1 year ago)
Before the game came out, I thought the one in Vah Naboris would be Earthblight Ganon
Zachary Erickson (1 year ago)
Lithouse Studios (1 year ago)
Zora's domain
Assis Sur Ma Chaise (1 year ago)
How come Vah Medoh is supposedly named after Medli if she did not exist in the same timeline?
Sonic Gamer Pro (1 year ago)
Maybe it's just a simple cameo
Ultimate Free (1 year ago)
Death Mountain

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