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Why Many Gamers Are Mad About The Dark Souls Remaster

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The Dark Souls Debate: How Do You Price A Remaster? ➥Subscribe: http://Youtube.com/downwardthrust ➥Donate: http://Patreon.com/downwardthrust ➥Twitter: https://twitter.com/DownwardThrust 📬 dwt.mailbox@gmail.com (Send your questions for Q&A videos here) Thanks for watching! --------------------------------- Music: Dark Souls Firelink Shrine Remix - Kindle the Soul (Acoustic Version) https://alexroe.bandcamp.com/track/dark-souls-kindle-the-soul-acoustic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AnPTuWGFA4 Video Credits: Dark Souls: The Movie (Final Cut) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V07r7p4rf3I& The Beauty of Dark Souls (Paragon DS) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cS4iiEAM4I&
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Downward Thrust (6 months ago)
*Dark Souls Remaster - Should it be free if you own the game already?* Some good discussion happening here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/8ekqgx/fromsoftware_on_twitter_owners_of_the_pc_version/
Short answer - it shouldn't be free. It's another product. You still own your own copy, so why should you get another copy for free? It is a waste of cash though. Also, wouldn't it run worse on Switch?
N/A H (5 months ago)
I'd say the Switch version is worth the cost but everything else, not really
Sir apple (5 months ago)
"we're basically paying for a patch and I don't think that is unreasonable" ( 8:58 ) It is unreasonable a patch is there to FIX your game NOT to be sold as DLC it should NEVER be REASONABLE to ask your fans to pay for something that FIXES YOUR GAME!!! sorry if I was rude it was not my intention. : )
Excel (18 days ago)
Most expensive patch ever.
Killer Green Bean (20 days ago)
A remaster is a redone game so why everyone complaining that it isn’t different
Byron Jefferson (1 month ago)
Isn't the Remaster mainly for Console Gamers?
Luka Ryōka (2 months ago)
I regret buying the remastered.
bizmonkey007 (2 months ago)
There was no winning with a remaster. If they did a full graphics overall, fans would be upset. If they changed enemy placements like Scholar of the First Sin, fans would be upset. Hell, if they made backstabs more difficult, fans would be upset. It's just a lose-lose scenario.
TheSasGaming (3 months ago)
i wish could buy the original game on steam.....
Dr.PersonManSir (3 months ago)
I mean if sony is going to be a dick about crossplay for buisness then fromsoftware should be fine
An Abra (4 months ago)
No matter how hard i try i can never get into dark souls i cant see the appeal in it unless if your a masochist. dont get me wrong i like hard but fair games but it just doesn't seem fair. I get bored when i die because i just go all the way back to the last bonfire and i lose my souls so i need to fight the same boss over and over again with less and less resources each time and its just annoying. I dont feel this grandiose achievement when i beat the boss i need to. I just feel relieved because its over.
Ashura (4 months ago)
He forgot something : Remastert isnt like DSFix, they changed almost nothing about the original game and failed to fix most of the Bugs and flaws DSFix has fixed. The only thing they changed was the online connection thats it. Remastert isnt worthy to be even called a Patch, its just cash grabbing for those that play on PC
OmegaFart (4 months ago)
I want DS on pc, but this farce ain't worth 40 dollars. Especially when they fucked over everyone who owned the broken version.
Albert Gongora (4 months ago)
I felt like what they should have worked on just a little bit was just the leveling mechanics because look I'm sorry to say this it felt like you leveled up like a lot more faster than you should have liked it it felt like like it makes you feel like when you level up at a bonfire it makes the leveling feel like the math is completely off like it's a Princeton to have about 3,000 souls and it's say the cost to basically level up is 2000 soles and it's just like one set of Souls and that's it or like that's the cutoff you know you think you would be able to level up like one more extra stat I don't know maybe I'm a little off in the idea of how I'm looking at the leveling mechanics but that's just me
Kazumi Akiyama (4 months ago)
Maybe is too late to command. I don’t have the game so I will buy the remaster, because at that time I don’t have anything, no pc, no console, and I want to play the dark soul1, they release at switch? Oh yeah~!
Razzius Mephisto (5 months ago)
I am happy am able to play this on PS4 not old PS3 + 60fps i love it
Onizuka (5 months ago)
man fu** Bandai Namco , they and EA are just Fu**ers haha.
XXscrublordXXX (5 months ago)
Unplayable for keyboard players.
Timmy Girard (5 months ago)
Personally, I think it was worth it... Not only is it finally in 60 fps (I play on console, and as far as I know there's no way to fix that) I can finally play with my friends. Maybe it shouldn't have been $40, but still...
Sideshow Mo (5 months ago)
Nah, not getting it.
Fokn Shyt (5 months ago)
"This guy" lmao. You could´ve at least remember or look up his name before doin your vid. So lazy lmao
Chandler Lawson (5 months ago)
I bought it on Xbox really just to play it with my friends who didn’t play it in the past. The original version on Xbox really doesn’t hold up
The Antichrist (5 months ago)
"dx fix" ?? and "fixes it entirely"??? just downright untrue, do your research before trying to act like you know what your talking about
Soul (5 months ago)
the real question is thr pc port. is it garbage?
Ben The Shrubber (5 months ago)
as you say the main problem with this 'remaster' is that its not readily apparent that this is actually a proper remastering of the game and not just the fixed original. so if it was a full remaster like ds1 with the same level of detail and graphics/ engine as ds3 then people would be rushing to buy it, but as it is people dont know why they should buy it if they already have ds1 on pc since they likely have dsfix (from Durante) already
Sloan Cooper (5 months ago)
No the remaster also fixed gravelording and other aspects of gameplay. I have it on xbox and its legit. If ur too broke to pay $40 you should probably stop gaming
Kenshin Himura (5 months ago)
Hacker Souls Remastered.
Javsamca (5 months ago)
Of course it’s an strategy to sell the game, they had to remaster it and sell it on every console including the switch. They had to give it for free for people who already owns the game... greedy bastards
thefatt1988 (5 months ago)
This kind of practice should stop as it would turn this franchise into the next COD.
Ryu primeus (5 months ago)
I played a little of Dark Souls on the PlayStation 3 and i hated it because it felt way to hard BUT when i pick up Dark Souls 2 i started to like it and then i got to play Dark souls 3 and now thats my favorite of the dark souls games.
David Dobarganes (5 months ago)
I would have preferred a Demon Souls remaster
DARK the noble (5 months ago)
correction There was only one patch and it didn't fix anything it was to make it so you can play the game without gfwl as most pc gamers would never buy the game if that was required to play it. Bad pc ports happen all the time try playing call of duty black ops 3 your pc will burn even though it says on the store you meet the requirements. :D
Lord Grantham (5 months ago)
*They need to add more map area.* That's the one thing that would convince me to buy it again. I love Dark Souls. I'll stick to the old one though, if nothing worthwhile is added to Remastered.
Hippy Gumbo (5 months ago)
Is it because they are a bunch of whining...arrrgh-souls?
Lamb Wolf (5 months ago)
Skyrim remaster added new content, improved upon the graphics and clunky combat mechanics tremendously, allowed modding on consoles, and was entirely /free/ for anyone who owned the gamed. Not just 50% off or anything but entirely free. I love Dark souls but considering their version of the pc port was BROKEN and they are taking it off steam? It should be fuckin' free for anyone who owned it on pc.
D R (1 month ago)
Anyone who owned the game + Dlc.
Jim Canterak (5 months ago)
Because it's a shameless cashgrab? A mediocre patch that you have to pay (a lot too) for? Because the most pressing matters are not actually fixed?
John Lewis (5 months ago)
Looks the same as the old, WTF???
Michael Coakley (5 months ago)
Bet money its 59.99 on switch sadly
D R (1 month ago)
Nope. 40
StOpHaRdScOpIn (5 months ago)
Dark Souls: Prepare to patch edition
Ian P (5 months ago)
250 hours, lol, casual noob!
Deonte Jackson (5 months ago)
This isn't just for PC though. This updates all these things for console players who likely see the most benefit from it.
specialk412 (5 months ago)
to be honest i wouldnt mind paying 40$ For the switch version cause i get to play it anywhere
Lee Bonnar (5 months ago)
Ahhhh the joys of not being a PC gamer
Greg Boyd (5 months ago)
Hurrf blurrf blurrf, PC deserves best gaemz! Shut up
FANTAVISION (5 months ago)
Even BETHESDA of all companies gave their remaster of Skyrim for free to pc owners
Logic ftw (5 months ago)
they had to rebuild it from the ground, in order to fix Blighttown. Give them some credit
Anton Kiryanov (5 months ago)
even 20$ patch is too much, when you bought the game for ~2$
JT Smith (5 months ago)
im not mad, just dissapointed. my favorite all time game, playing it with the original graphics is nostalgic and perfect , you don't remaster a masterpiece. The fact fromsoft is trying to make this a cash cow is a big let down . The PC side of it is kinda moot, this is a series focused for console gaming and that's the reality, doesn't make it ok, but 9/10 games run better on PC get over it.
1234wowww (5 months ago)
Damn the dancer's song in the background
Azai Kyousuke (5 months ago)
For me as a fan of the souls games, I have to say, I will not be getting DSR simply, because of how it is presented. 20 bucks for what it offers is simply too much, it's not a remaster for me, it is a patch that we waited for 6 years and I will not be wasting money for a patch we should have gotten for free. However, for a new player, that maybe is looking for getting into souls series, not like they have a choice, but those people will at least not have to experience what we had to trudge through.
Andrew Almalhi (5 months ago)
I feel like it is a cash grab but i was never there for a dark souls release so ima get it
adam lane (5 months ago)
The remaster is a gigantic cash grab its sad
Len H (5 months ago)
People act like running a server comes free. Cough up the money and support the company.
Christian Garito (5 months ago)
As soon as you began crying about the neglect of the pc crowd I stopped lmao. It’s a console game from a console developer. You’re not entitled to anything because you spent more on your machine.
James Marino (5 months ago)
People who didn't have a PS3/Xbox 360 and only have PS4/XBox One would see this as their only chance to play DS1. Remember it's not only coming to Steam.
Aku (5 months ago)
I'm not paying for something THAT'S ALREADY FIXED......... =/ I truly am disgusted by this.
wafublah (5 months ago)
Agree, $40 is fine price for it. But for those who already spent $60 for the original, this should be free. As you said it's the version we should have gotten, we're not getting anything extra. We're just getting the right version, our initial version was broken.
Ivan Sp. (5 months ago)
I love Dark Souls but this is really lazy work. And it's not even a remaster. I would wait even 1 - 2 more years so they can make it look like DS3. That would be a remastered game
Zippykid11 (5 months ago)
I think people need to stop bitching about, " mah PC port, should've been patch.". Cool we get it but tbh the remastered version is supposed to be aimed more at console users than PC. If there's a mod on pc, use it and play cheaper. PS4 , Xbox, and switch don't do mods or have ds1 to mod. So we are technically getting a game and it's dlc with improvements from the initial release on last gen. Do I think forty is a bit steep for an old game? Yea I do, thirty is more reasonable but they made a jump to handheld and that uses more resources and money so it's justified to an extent.
bear (5 months ago)
oh so its only the pc folks that are pissed
I would buy a remaster from 5-10 years ago if the price is right
That is great for those who haven't played it... but.. maybe remastered should be at a lower price. Or you could just wait til it goes on sale
Henrizz (5 months ago)
20$ is ok price in my opinion.
1-UP (5 months ago)
There are still a lot of people on the PS3 version online I had a full session with 2 more players to help me take down Nito yesterday then after that I went on to play Bloodborne
Raymander (5 months ago)
My gripe is that they are REMASTERING Ds1 instead of REMAKING Demon's Souls, which is way more deserving of a revamp IMO
multitrackdriftu (5 months ago)
The PC version did get an update, actually. It gave you the option to forego Games for Windows Live before they removed it entirely. I remember because before this update, my save file corrupted three times.
mettalx1 (5 months ago)
The lightning is a complete miss imo. Everything reflects with this absurd "glossy" effect even on surfaces were it shouldn't be so. The new mini area and a new bonfire doesn't justify the price tag in any way, even 50% off and to add insult to injury they took off the original DS from steam so people don't get the original game on discount and practically have the SAME game with a mini patch, with better lightning... nice move ccc..
VejyMonsta (5 months ago)
This remaster is crap. They want to charge for this on PC? They should've given PC players a full graphical remake.
Solunaris (5 months ago)
On the point about them not trying to bring in a new audience, I respectfully disagree. Dark Souls 1 was for sure a hit; it rocketed From Software from a small studio to the juggernaut they are now but it sold less than Dark Souls 2 and 3. There are tons of people who have never played Dark Souls 1 who have played and loved Dark Souls 2 and 3. I feel like this "Remaster" is more aimed at that crowd with the side benefit of being able to sell it to people who already own the game. And yes, I already know the counter to this point is that anyone who loved 2 and 3 could have purchased 1 from the Steam Store so the "Remaster" doesn't actually have this audience I am claimed it does. That line of reasoning completely forgets about the huge console market; one where people haven't had a good way to buy Dark Souls 1 for about 5 years. Especially with the influx of new players on console that Dark Souls 3 brought there is a huge pool of potential customers who'll buy up anything Dark Souls related. Yes, this is a cash grab but no, it's not aimed at people who already have Dark Souls 1. It's primarily focused at people who haven't played Dark Souls 1 but played and enjoyed Dark Souls 2 and 3 with emphasis on console players.
N/A H (5 months ago)
Switch? Or Nintendo? I'd buy it for the switch for porability of Dark Souls.
Eric WR (5 months ago)
I think its sad that there is such an entitlement among these "outraged" gamers. The quickest and easiest way to say to these game companies we dont accept what you are doing is by not buying the damn thing. No need for the panties to get in a whirl, just dont buy the damn thing, end of story.
Marcelo Abans (5 months ago)
“This should be free, but is it worth $40. Yes.” Wut?! MBA folks, he said he has an MBA.
dominikhue (5 months ago)
Well they disabled the original version on steam now. so thats something...
BdaMonkey (5 months ago)
People seem to be forgetting that DSfix is not perfect. Props to Durante for his work, but the base game is so bad you can only do so much with it. It is still terribly optimised even with DSfix.
Doctor Doom (5 months ago)
Most people didn't even left the Undead Asylum and was stuck with the first boss.
Dre and Xsed (5 months ago)
To be honest im just happy that i will have all 3 dark souls and bloodborne on one console so im rly rly glad that they are doing remaster.
EQOAnostalgia (5 months ago)
I remember when remasters and remakes took like 15 years to happen... am i getting old? Seems like the Souls games are still a pretty newish IP when stacked against the rest of the titles out there. 2011, i was thinking more like 2013... up hill in the snow, both ways... *BARBARA! WHERES MY PILLS!?*
Votrox (5 months ago)
1Smoking Lizard (5 months ago)
Finish a game at 60% + DLC 15% + sequals/prequals/spinoff 20% + HD/Remake/Remaster 5% = Today's gaming industry marketing formula.
Thanatos Draga (5 months ago)
The Remaster isnt for reselling. U pc masterrace junkies are missing the fact that the remaster is for the console people. U even got the 50% discount cause ur pc community fixed the game ages ago. We dont have that. Plz consider all platforms before making such a vid. Good luck on the channel my dude, i mean no hate.
Z the Booza (5 months ago)
i feel like its mostly us pc games that are 'angry' about it, because unless you get it for console its really not much of a upgrade of any kind adding fuel to the whole 'consoles are holding back gaming'
Mah-koo Nation (5 months ago)
Well I mainly want it because I want to play it on my Switch and rage at work on my downtime lol
cheeseybat1 (5 months ago)
I think of it like this: imagine you order a cake for your friend's birthday, but when you go to pick up the cake it's burnt and there's no icing, (this may be hyperbolic, I haven't played DS to know how bad the port is) but instead of offering a refund or remaking it, they just give you a 50% discount on your next order, that just feels like a scam to me
lucas struna (5 months ago)
im not mad about $40 because 1.Skyrim was $60 2.I barely played this one so im excited
Alyssin Williams (5 months ago)
I didnt get past the first boss because the controls are garbage. unfortunately I was past the refund date on steam by the time I played it.
RipWitch (5 months ago)
Then just don't buy the remastered version if it's just the same thing as a free fix. If it is only fixing what a free fix already did in your eyes (I've seen some comments that says otherwise), then just ignore the remaster version.
president camacho (5 months ago)
i don't care, i'll still buy it if it means fromsoft will be that much closer to releasing a new armored core
JustinSeizure (5 months ago)
Will get it for MP and with discount, but it is kind of early for a remaster and for it to be cost 40. I think SotFS was way worse though.
Jens K (5 months ago)
There are several things in the remaster, that was not in DSFix. 6 players, use many items at a time, multiplayer password. Also if you own the original, you get half off. It should be free for owners of the original imo.
Pyr0chasm (5 months ago)
It's like Skyrim all over again, release a barely better version for a higher price and take the original off the market. Pretty bummed about this one.
Ph.D Dylan (5 months ago)
Pity. They should have "remastered" Demon souls instead. And make it port to Xbox and PC
Pyro Knight (5 months ago)
I never bought it...so for a new player this remake is a god-send to start playing a game, instead of one that's almost dead (Dark Souls 3)
Epyrian (5 months ago)
The Remastered is disappointing because I was hoping it would be a graphical remastering, too. Also, it would have been nice if the fighting style from DS3 (rolling diagonally) would also be added. I've only played DS3, but I've heard that you can't roll diagonally in DS1. I'll still get it, because I loved DS3 so much (still haven't finished it, and I have over 400 hours on it--I love alts!), that I'll try DS1, too.
Stephen Vance (5 months ago)
So if I'm looking into this the right way, the only ones complaining are cancerous pc gamers?
Adrian Faivre (5 months ago)
I think that without nintendo switch e wouldn't have this darksoul remaster. I mean the switch came out and have good sales and boom we got a darksoul remaster who can be play on switch. I see you nintendo hidding in the dark. Seriously i'm the only one seeing the connection ?
Jack Stepan (5 months ago)
So many bullshit in this video, it's incredible xD Making players angry by spreading lies. Nice concept mate.
Stoffan2000 (5 months ago)
What They should have Done is improve the animations and add cloth physics. Sold.
spartandud3 (5 months ago)
If it had cross platform multiplayer I'd probably buy it. But at the moment it's definitely a wait for sale before I even consider paying. I'm not against paying for remasters if there is a pretty big difference between it and the original. Crash Bandicoot, Halo and Uncharted are really good examples. But has some very VERY minor changes that really should've been offered for free to Steam users or digitally downloaded on consoles if not just an update. Now if it had the same graphical improvements of Dark Souls 3 I'd be more supportive. I mean, hell, the Skyrim remaster was free. Now I do get that the improvements are a little better than the mods that fix the issues but that's hardly a good selling point, "We're only a little bit better than modders who do it for free." If it was much cheaper such as $10 for owners of the original I think I could get behind that. It would still seem a little scummy but with that low price it could seem as more of an upgrade.
Calle Nilsson (5 months ago)
Make it a 75% discount and I might be interested, but I cant help feeling let down. It looks just the same AFAIS.
Zatiel.D LaBrie (5 months ago)
If you really loved the experience you would at least not forget the peak areas of the game, those that leave impact, for instance; Undead Asylum, Firelink Shrine, Blighttown, Anor Londo, The Abyss, Kiln of the First Flame. I can mention those just from the top of my head, but if I put a bit of effort into it I can mention them all by memory. You truly don't only play DS, you live it... Without PvP in my case because my internet sucks dicks profesionally <_<
jdmj707 (5 months ago)
I never expect the voice I’m listening to to be a hot guy. Catches me off guard every time
IHaveAToaster (5 months ago)
Bought it for pve and good ol memories.
Andrew Smith (5 months ago)
i think if you are right and it is just a "functional" patch and they dont update anything such a graphics or new contents AT ALL i agree it should be free. don't try and make us pay for an old game game just to make it run. but if they do like the master chief collection and update all the graphics then yes i think we should have to pay for that. p.s. if you own this game and it runs well and they aren't adding anything WHY WOULD YOU BUY IT. if you want to support them great go for it but then don't complain cause you know what you are paying for. i feel like this isnt for you guys that have the game already its for new players how found dark souls from this last game or even from blood born and never got a chance to play the first one.
Confused Knight (5 months ago)
I think 40 dollars for new players is fair. Because you get the upgraded version. And the DLCs. But 20 dollars for owning the game is to much. Maybe 5 or 10 dollars. And also depending if you own the DLC or not depends on the price. I said if you own the game and dlc then make it 5 dollars. But have the game and not the dlc then make it 10 dollars. That's all I think about it.

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