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THE FLASH: SuperHero Kids Classics Compilation!

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THE FLASH: SuperHero Kids Classics Compilation! -SuperHeroKids Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2IwVPH5 | 🔔 Make sure to enable ALL push notifications! 🔔 Watch the newest SuperHeroKids videos: http://bit.ly/2KKuJxl In this SuperHeroKids Classics Compilation it's all about The Flash! We put together the top three Flash stories: The Flash vs Batman Go Kart, The Flash vs Iron Man Rocket Board, and The Flash Origins Story! In the first episode, Batman is determined to beat The Flash in a race! Batman tries all his gadgets and finally gets out his super cool Bat Go Kart! Batman is sure he will beat the Flash with his fast race car. Who will win the go kart battle? Watch to find out! In the next episode, The Flash is all set to beat Iron man in a race but Iron man shows up with his newest invention, the rocket board! When Flash loses, he teams up with Harley Quinn to game Ironman so he can win the next race! Will cheating help Flash win or will Flash loose his friend ironman when the games go too far? Watch to find out! And finally in the last episode, The Flash origins story begins with Little Barry Allen at the playground playing pokemon on his game boy and dreaming of running fast and free when the Bully, Scarlet, shows up and steals his game boy! Scarlet challenges Barry to a race but he is weak and short of breath, How will he beat Scarlet and get his game boy back? Meanwhile, Barry has a school project due that he needs to find a real scientist to help with. He finds Doctor Clariss and asks for help. What happens when lightning strikes and the doctor's science experiment goes awry? Watch to find out! Follow SuperHeroKids: Facebook: https://facebook.com/SuperHeroKids7 Instagram: https://instagram.com/superherokids7 Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuperHeroKids7 Snapchat: https://snapchat.com/add/superherokids Watch More SuperHeroKids: The Flash: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsvviTzdSKW_8xbDuhiiVcwRlfBzy8wzu Funny Skits: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsvviTzdSKW8TX5xKwNDfz3QRcCP_RIt0 Kid Deadpool: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsvviTzdSKW8r30xtIl6AvTLWUHfZvBii Latest Uploads: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsvviTzdSKW90gDvNUoIKb4Il3vpWAVHh Popular Videos: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsvviTzdSKW-mHgaxiTvTnN_jeNFBCwj4 About SuperHeroKids: A family team making movies together! Family Friendly, Epic action & comedy videos! Subscribe to be a SHK member and to get the next episode! Use the SuperHeroKids Theme Song as your ringtone search "SuperHeroKids Theme" on the iTunes Store app!
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SuperHeroKids (2 months ago)
Hey SHK’s! What’s your favorite classic SuperHeroKids video? The first “HeroForce” teaser trailer will post this Saturday! We are working hard on our original superhero series called “HeroForce” with our original superheroes and villain characters! Tune in Saturday morning!
SuperHeroKids Эх
Noor Alghanim (18 days ago)
Kenny Sellers (1 month ago)
SuperHeroKi. Mm
Kham Khou (1 month ago)
SuperHeroKids L
SuperHeroKids jbh
Rhiana Garonia (26 minutes ago)
Rhiana Garonia (27 minutes ago)
Huh?what is the purpose of lego?
Lucas Marcovitch (1 hour ago)
Hot trash all rite boooooooooooooooooooo9ooooooooooooooooooooooo9oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo9oooooooooooooooooooo
kazu tomu (8 hours ago)
your video is horable
morenaso1 (17 hours ago)
I don't know how I ended up on this page but this is hilarious
Richie Ponsford (18 hours ago)
Toys with Ivan (21 hours ago)
Yu Tendo (1 day ago)
Iron man i hate you you aren't nice your mean
Devin chat (1 day ago)
Girl has a " boob"
Oscar nolasco (1 day ago)
Who was that wipering
Oscar nolasco (1 day ago)
Not even you butman and follow me on instergram
Oscar nolasco (1 day ago)
This sucks
Oscar nolasco (1 day ago)
Your not the frican flash dummy
Kevin Couchman (1 day ago)
rick ross
19Iq (1 day ago)
10/10 acting skills :I
Michael Jackson1983 (1 day ago)
2:25 get up & run
Official blurry (1 day ago)
It's just blurry he's not fast
raphael pedersane (1 day ago)
tendi é nd
Yu Tendo (2 days ago)
I liked he parts when she failed
Tsm savage Goree (2 days ago)
Flash is a cry baby
Anıl'ın dünyası (2 days ago)
Dhdyi.fictnps dt
Victor Cajina (2 days ago)
Mine is Batman
Não é uma bósta
Tudo bem numa boa
Toys with Ivan (21 hours ago)
jackomack14 (1 day ago)
mundo da sarm Siqueira f
Nilda Ramos (2 days ago)
this is super duper dumb and boring we disliked this
john hanvidge (2 days ago)
2:51 it’s so funny
Raymond Montz (2 days ago)
who heard get up and run at 2:50
Dale Smith (2 days ago)
You meen batgirl??
Konsta H (3 days ago)
lavish ahmed (3 days ago)
Wrong flash can bt iron man
FAZBEAR FREDDY (3 days ago)
Yolanda Costa (3 days ago)
DustyGames ROBLOX (3 days ago)
Batman is a boy and he has a deep voice and flash is stupid
XD car remote is a roku remote LOL
Ismael Abushosha (3 days ago)
Jakaden Timmins (3 days ago)
By by Batman you hit the tree and I heard that guy he said get up and run
Jarrod Friddle (3 days ago)
Alexander Falla (3 days ago)
faizan Muhammad (3 days ago)
Buttmann 😂😂😂 omg
leda carrero (4 days ago)
Joi Terrell (4 days ago)
I seriously heard someone say get up and run behind the camera
MAXIMUM EFFORT (4 days ago)
12:17 reverse flash is born
Eduardo Teotonio (4 days ago)
Your skid fha
Nature, WWE and More! (4 days ago)
Tell Harley Quinn she is hot!
reza ganteng maulana (5 days ago)
Anıl'ın dünyası (5 days ago)
Shannon Mcpeak (5 days ago)
2:03 BAT BOARD!! why is it rainbow? I LIKE RAINBOW!!
max super (5 days ago)
хуйня какаета
Sage Mitcheson (5 days ago)
11:10 he was behind the back seat
Sage Mitcheson (5 days ago)
Sage Mitcheson (5 days ago)
XD get up and run
Sarah Archer (5 days ago)
they love the flash me to
Elias Luna (1 day ago)
I dont
Diego Rios (5 days ago)
Carrie Marohl (5 days ago)
The flash beats a go cart but can’t beat a hover board
damisia hardy (5 days ago)
Bitten Muffin (5 days ago)
the flash is the fastest man alive so i think he would beat iron man in a race
Cookie Gamer (5 days ago)
0:23 and 0:24 hi buttman
Juana Lolo (5 days ago)
Maksud Sahikhu (5 days ago)
theatman (6 days ago)
So god
adamشي adamشيس (6 days ago)
KSMK 55555555555
Tigan Cumberland (6 days ago)
Mine is last
Tigan Cumberland (6 days ago)
Make a dedective donut compilation
حمودي gogo (6 days ago)
Taka Fong (6 days ago)
Супергерои тут! А я задумывался куда они делись)
Jaden Sheppard (6 days ago)
Is that batman a girl
German Gavidia (6 days ago)
Sharky Lyzuer (6 days ago)
Lol I remember watching this when u was 10 even if in 11 XD
Juana Lolo (6 days ago)
Bryleighe Watts (6 days ago)
But man is really funny good idea hey no one can ever be the flash💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🤑🤑🤑
Patrick Welch (6 days ago)
Patrick Welch (6 days ago)
Patrick Welch (6 days ago)
Andrea Hernandez (6 days ago)
Khaled Seifedine (6 days ago)
Charlita Johnson (6 days ago)
Wait u acully whatch the flash i do and whatch supergirl but no like the animated on I whatch adults do it I whatch flash super girl and arrrow
LRgamer 123 (7 days ago)
That guy that said get up and run hahaha
fahri şahin (7 days ago)
Father your die
John Gombeski (7 days ago)
make them deadpool please
Waylith (7 days ago)
0:24 lmao xD
Traci Webster (1 day ago)
Kid Squire (7 days ago)
Who’s been giving these 7 year olds drugs?
Abdul Qayyum (7 days ago)
Greg Smith (7 days ago)
I love your videos
Rene Pena (7 days ago)
Kids. Sophia
MineMaster101 (7 days ago)
joshua culver (7 days ago)
project zorgo is watching
Monica Mawimawi (7 days ago)
It doesn't matter when you lose or win
Mason Malinowski (7 days ago)
iron man has a hover bord
Marion Gee (7 days ago)
go flash
Maria Delahoya (7 days ago)
Majkuz (7 days ago)
can some1 kill me
Demetreous Yancy (8 days ago)
Hey the girl is really mean
Collin Ferguson (8 days ago)
Butt man rleee

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