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How to change the Accept Button in New Panorama UI

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A quick tutorial how u can change the Accept button in the new csgo panorama ui Copy & Paste - YOUR MATCH IS READY
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HansEinar Fuglum (4 days ago)
Quick and to the point. All i look for in a tutorial. None of that: For this tutorial you will need: A brain, a heart, blood, energy....
David Baloney (6 days ago)
2.8k hours mg2 not that i have anything against that just putting it out there
paracidic apple (4 days ago)
scottis (5 days ago)
I played MM with friends really. Never cared too much about MM enough.
Tuxen (5 days ago)
So you were A+ but still never got global? pfff
scottis (5 days ago)
I have 2.6k hours, stopped playing for 2 years. was supreme and A+ on ESEA. Now I'm MGE. He could have stopped playing for a long time and is getting back into it. Don't be so quick to be an asshat!
Dave Davidson (6 days ago)
are you here to watch him play CS or to learn how to change the Text on the accept button?
Light (6 days ago)
nice humour ten out of 10 reich
Light (6 days ago)
btw if title was a tank from ww2 it will be ferdinand tank destroyer no one understands it besides me i have no friends

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