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Why NVIDIA Will Not Release New Cards For Awhile!

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Tech of Tomorrow (2 months ago)
There are probably a lot more reasons, but these are most likely some of them!
Lance Carter (2 months ago)
I totally agree with you. Same goes for processors. Also they have to let game and hardware (ram, monitor, motherboard) catch-up as well. All has to be planned carefully.
ptown77 (2 months ago)
True, but there were refreshes of Fermi (GTX 5xx) and Kepler (GTX 7xx), as well as the launch of the "real" Maxwell cards (GTX 9xx). The refreshes were actual launches with a vertical stack, even if they were just tuned up versions of what was already out there. Also some product shuffling, such as the GTX 680 becoming the GTX 770, with the flagship parts coming out as the 780/780 Ti. The only exciting new thing in the Pascal generation since its intro has been the 1080 Ti. So I'd say its been pretty quiet in the GPU industry.
V Sebastian (2 months ago)
Yo start to look good i forgot your name but am happy for you that you ve got healthy again ..quick question did you ever overclock a non K intel cpu? i have an i5 4690 the non K version
rob Rob (2 months ago)
I can't find a 1080ti for MSR pricing anywhere can you show me where I can find that
Yavor Kapitanov (2 months ago)
What about the cryptocurrency cards? Isn't AMD doing well there?
Joeben Buena (10 hours ago)
What about RTX 2080 then?
N Bk (4 days ago)
Lol for those people who believed NVIDIA's no new gpus in a very long time..😂😅 # Rtx 2080 is coming
Canberk Hancan (23 days ago)
Cryptofags is probably the biggest reason.
gameflux (23 days ago)
True !
Adham Alkhayat (26 days ago)
Nvidia is releasing 1180 30 august , take that .
Adham Alkhayat (15 days ago)
Luminesence just wait the conference 20th august . It ll be it.
Luminesence (16 days ago)
Adham Alkhayat Just a rumor
Yoan Dimitrov (1 month ago)
Very well explanation man. That's the actual truth.
Theugly Sirmadame (1 month ago)
Not blaming you for your misinformation... Your “contacts” took you for a ride and you were 100% WRONG!
MAGGOTKnees (1 month ago)
User Name (1 month ago)
Exactly one year ago before the whole miner ordeal, I bought an rx480 from Asus for 180 bucks new from Amazon. Performed like the 1060 at an amazing price. I did end up selling it though during the inflation for 380 bucks in a few hours on eBay!!! overall I highly recommend the rx480 or 580, just buy which ever card is cheaper (NO BLOWER FAN CARD).
The Mighty Zeus (1 month ago)
Maybe to get more people on board, releasing another card will lower the price of other cards putting better cards into the price range of more people.
The Mighty Zeus (1 month ago)
To add bit shit to punish a company for dominating another, i can understand it but still if one company is genuinely making a lot better cards why should they be restricted
0perativeX (1 month ago)
I'm thinking that connectivity is one of the reasons why Nvidia hasn't brought out the 11 series cards yet. I mean they're working on Big Format Gaming Displays that need to do 120hz @ 4k resolution and work with HDR and G-sync. Well guess what, HDMI 2.0/2.0b doesn't have the ability to do that. It can only do 60hz @4k. Displayport 1.4 also struggles to run HDR + 120hz @ 4k with a fully fledged color gamut. HDMI 2.1 and Displayport 1.5 are going to bring refresh rates and quality along by leaps and bounds. It'd make sense for nvidia to hang fire a little longer so that they can include those connections on their next set of video cards.
The Vibe (1 month ago)
Hopefully intel will release their cards and hopefully they won't suck. That awkward moment when you'll pair an amd cpu with Intel graphics
Sagun Manandhar (1 month ago)
Nazz (1 month ago)
your contacts were wrong. Early aug. new cards.
MotoK tips (1 month ago)
Nvidia is preparing for war. AMD is sadly so much behind that they can't catch up so quick. Dude, Nvidia has a really corrupt past, so you saying Nvidia isn't trying to kill AMD is stupid. Nvidia destroyed so many companies in it's past. The people buying Nvidia because its cool are to blame for AMD not doing well. You can't make chips with not enough money. I wouldn't count out AMD, just yet. Nvidia is already a monopoly.
Brandon B (2 months ago)
Tis why I have a GTX 980 paired with my R7 1700. . . Going to get the most bang for my buck one way or another :P
Syntax Logic (2 months ago)
Good thing I have a 1080SC.
Darko Bakula (2 months ago)
See Eric, the reason I'm subbed to you is because you know your stuff. You re a professsional. You do your research in a detailed, objective way. Which is why I'm not subbed to Linus. So yeah, don't say I said you were wrong about new nVidia cards. If I doubted you, I'd open my mouth AFTER I did my own research. But I know you 're right, it makes sense that nVidia is not dropping the new series. So yeah, watch what you sa, Eric.
Daniel J (2 months ago)
Some people are just allergic to the truth. Sad but true.
tbrayden3 (2 months ago)
Seems like the industry likes to time releases for “back to school” or holidays. Latest rumor is August 20th announcement at Hot Chips. Would expect to see GTX 1180 around then (unless memory supply/prices are a problem for Nvidia), which is not a “long time”. Even then, I like to wait for the Ti versions to be released, which will be a “long time” from now.
OCHAMA JOSEPH (2 months ago)
They have no competition
SewTubular (2 months ago)
AMD has 7nm GPUs coming out next year. What will nVidia do when they are struggling to get their 10nm GPU tech to work ? Currently almost all of the main gaming console systems are using AMD GPUs. That's a lot of GPUs being sold worldwide.
Azuma G (2 months ago)
This make sense 127%...!
Peter Lomax (2 months ago)
I heard Intel have gpu's in the pipeline so maybe that will accelerate the industry
Pyro Yoda (2 months ago)
Fuck... I was so keen on waiting....
Steve L (2 months ago)
The truth is... the game was rigged from the start. You either in on it or in denial.
John Connor (2 months ago)
Get mad at AMD? What? AMD doesn't have enough money to make both high end GPUs and CPUs. They're competing with Intel and Nvidia, who both make over $60 billion a year. AMD barely hit $5 billion last year. They're the underdog.
Mr11ESSE111 (2 months ago)
AMD biggest problem now are that their cards costs more then Nvidia ones
Mr11ESSE111 (2 months ago)
AMD cards are overpriced now and they dont produce them enough too
Davey Marquez (2 months ago)
Plan buy 1080 Ti that's all need
Meme Machine (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/U_J9DrduA6w?t=393 Yup you do not understand what a monopoly is. They would dominate the luxury market. But not the market as a whole. Stop making shit up when you do not understand what you are talking about. Unless Nvidia is gonna sell the 11xx cards at a price that matches the much lesser AMD cards. This still would not be a monopoly as Intel has over 50% of the GPU market share. If a company ruins its self, and the opponent takes dominace that may be a monopoly but there is fuck all the US government would do about it. https://cdn.wccftech.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/GPU-Market-Share-Q3-2017-NVIDIA-Intel-AMD.png (see I do your job better than you do) You claim to just be right, but are so so so wrong. The first half of the video was 100% correct, but man you just went on a downhill after that. (10s after) You just fucking explained what a free market is, Jesus Christ you actually do not understand any concepts of the free american market. Holy moley.
Meme Machine (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/U_J9DrduA6w?t=320 this is why people think you do not have a clue what you are talking about. That is literally the fucking opposite of a consumer protection law. Also. Totally made up until you can prove it is such a ridiculous law.
stunt94u (2 months ago)
So are we looking at a stalemate on new graphic cards' market?
XxSrelhowxX (2 months ago)
Kyle (2 months ago)
But do we really need more computing power, games look beautiful at 1080p with the newest generation anyways? Lol, most people want 60 hz 1080p and games aren't looking much better than 2 years ago. I feel like 10 years from now the computer hardware industry is going to plateau because the needs for more hardware won't be viable. Unless there's a massive shift to VR or other graphically demanding platforms. You can see this because sandy bridge CPU's are still viable in systems today, processors have only gotten better incrementally throughout the years vs. back in the early 2000's a CPU could go obsolete within' a few years. It's only a matter of time before the same happens to video cards, and I think it's starting now.
Alix Gerzich (2 months ago)
1080TI is the best card they've ever made and probably the best on the market for last 2 years... They have no idea what to build to compete TI... They just have to develop something quick because AMD is pushing forward. It's the same situation what happened to Intel,they've been lying down for years and when AMD stroke they had no idea what to do,since AMD has developed 7nm technology and Intel struggles with 10nm for more than a year...
David Nonsuch (2 months ago)
i had to turn this off. jesus. what an attitude.
Hussin Almtearat (2 months ago)
Hhhhhhhhh you are the best elric
Khizar Muhammad (2 months ago)
Learnt something new today. Thanks buddy.
Jeffrey Hramika (2 months ago)
Atomizer74 (2 months ago)
From my perspective, I was skeptical when I watched your original video, I kind of believed what you said, but with all my being I was hoping you were wrong, obviously you weren't, but I assume that is where a lot of the naysayers were coming from, it isn't that they thought you were full of crap, it is just they were hoping you were full of crap. I get it though, AMD needs to up their game, and I really hope they do soon, as now with the 4k 144Hz GSync monitors out in the wild, we don't really have the hardware to take advantage of them, and even though my computer is over 5 years old now, I did upgrade it with a GTX 1060, it almost doesn't seem worth it to build a new computer at this point with a GTX 1080 Ti(or a Titan), but then if faster cards won't be around for another year at least, maybe it would be worth it. (The main reason I am looking at upgrading is for 4k and VR, as I already play games at 2k)
Dirk Jewitt (2 months ago)
Heres what I see AMD doing. Back when they were doing the Phenoms and FX processors, they made some pretty good graphics cards. Now that they have good processors, there graphics cards suck. Do you see a trend here? There is a place for AMD in the world, its with Apple and consoles.
Doomguy (2 months ago)
Honestly this has been a GREAT generation to be an nvidia owner. The longer an nvidia is the current generation, the longer it stays at the top of the performance charts.
Chicken batt (2 months ago)
no point commenting on this shit vid they get sent to the trash anyway. this guy is the worst nvidiot out there he truly is.
VK TechTV (2 months ago)
AMD tend to focus on consoles when it comes to gaming it seems, from the GPU side of things.
TheFlacker99 (Flak) (2 months ago)
Just came here to say I just bought a 1080 ti. Guess my judgment was good. =D
Fantasieelfe (2 months ago)
Seeing the bigger picture- keep it up Buddy.
matt (2 months ago)
Data mining frenzy has made nvidia millions anx millions why release new cards now ! Take in concideration folks like me bought a nvidia card 1070 ti oc edition then you hear of new cards coming out nvidia no of the backlash itvwould cause globally keep mining folks uts making nvidia billions 😉😆
3dkiller (2 months ago)
Där der (2 months ago)
well amd is just "bad" compared to nvidia.. sad but true I would love to use AMD, but hell nah, i want Performance and thats not what amd offers
Valik Toma (2 months ago)
I dont think its all that. Doubt the government is defending AMD, NVIDIA just wants to cash in on all of its old card stock, when its dry, they will release new cards then. As for AMD being kick off the map, also not gona happen. If if their cards and half as strong, selling them for quorter of the price will keep them very relevant. How big is the market share of 60 fps 4k? Not that big. Glad to see you are getting better though.
Rohit Ranjan (2 months ago)
Your video made real sense
1nicko29 (2 months ago)
how dare they doubted you! hope the card-hype will die off so people come to theyre sences. in times when 200dollar solutions are referred to as low-budget... its enough now!
justin hallett (2 months ago)
Tell it how it is. <3
Bater Janjatah (2 months ago)
Why Nvidia, why!!! why!!! Why don’t you work and produce a graphic card that will not be used for mining!!!!! But talking about a new GPU, AMD will stay on the map as a 100$ is a big amount in other countries not in mine but other countries!!!
Rusty Shackleford (2 months ago)
Pros use Quadro and not AMD. You can only edit 10-bit on a pro GPU. If you can't get that isht through your skulls, it explains why you don't work in the industry.
Lance Carter (2 months ago)
Bla bla bla bla hahahaha....love it!
Max Facts (2 months ago)
You're looking good Elric, glad to see back to fighting fiction with the Facts. To me AMD's cred is as dead as a Dino, Dodo and Disco, NOTHING AMD has pumped full of propaganda hyping promises EVER comes true, it's all marketing BS and control freak AMD's telling you how to benchmark in order fool the brainwashed AMDuped Suckers to infest all the tech sites/channels with blatant BS/FUD. I am expecting Nvidia's next performance per watt champion Volta based GDDR6 GPUs to be released late 4Q this year, I'm sure they ready to be released as needed but like you said why should Nvidia pee on its money making Pascal Parade. AMD's watt sucking Vega is totally dependant on low yield high cost HBM's efficiency because without HBM watt sucking Vega would suck even more watts so Vega's uArch is already max out on HBM, using GDDR6 will only make Vega suck more watts.
HolyMoly Times2 (2 months ago)
It all makes sense. Thank you for making this video. +1
John (2 months ago)
Hopefully AMD will have a Zen moment in the video card department and intel will get into the video card market and then we will all be happy 😊.
John (2 months ago)
I bought a card about a year and a half ago. I figure I am good for about two more years anyway. Peace
uxot (2 months ago)
Now come on AMD new ones that is stronger than the 1080ti..tired of nGreedia BS
AngryPunish3r (2 months ago)
Wow dude i did not know any of these things you said , great video ! That explains a lot ! Keep rocking dude and have a nice day ! <3
Dark Wulf (2 months ago)
This graphics card still ok for gaming why need anothers videos cards noobs ? just for spend money ? fuck off back to your PC and still playing ! yes i know i want 120fps in 4k , just save your money for this , give time to Nvidia for this! Exemple i'll be spend 1500$ in one gaming PC this year , after two year i want sold my PC for buy another one , for sold the PC easy i'll be around 600$ , i lost 900$ , why i lost this money ? is for Intel and now AMD every fuckyn year new cpu and for what ? for 10 or 15 fps extra in gaming! Just try to save your money for HOLLYDAYS (Vacations , Bitch , etc ) and enjoy your PC how much possible 4 , 5 years! I still enjoy my old GTX 680 and the FX8350 , or the I5 4590 GTX1050ti!
Adrian (2 months ago)
Good thing i bought gtx 1080 in november otherwise i would still be w8 for those now mythical 1180:D
Loose Goose (2 months ago)
that really sucks for my friends who REALLY wanna upgrade already :/ stupid Bitcoin crap that made all GPUs unaffordable... -_-
Maximilian PS (2 months ago)
We have to wait for AMD, when they will do some serious reverse engineering on nVIdia GPU, maybe we will start ear some serious rumors ;-) P.S. You looks great 👍
MiezeMatze666 (2 months ago)
So True! All of it. POINT!
mynameisharlan (2 months ago)
This guy's bias against AMD is so obvious it's laughable.
Craig Deeter (2 months ago)
I think you have a very valid point. However what I think is really holding up new GPUs is 7nm. Both Nvidia and AMD new GPUs are going to be 7nm, and until 7nm is ready for prime time there will be no new GPUs released.
satrofic (2 months ago)
nice reality check!!!!
Silent Gamer (2 months ago)
i think the rx 480 8gb when it was cheap is was the best amd card i have ever seen
tinoushgtr (2 months ago)
I'm perfectly fine with it. My 1080 is faster then any console so till this gen ends we don't need new gpus
Klaus Josefsen (2 months ago)
nvidia is wating for 7nm thats why we wont see new cards before 2019
Razvan Nagy (2 months ago)
very true with AMD, I used a Nvidia geforce of 128 MB to run Call of duty MW3 that had at minimum a video card of 1 GB, and that's a damn of a diffrence from 128 MB to 1 GB to run a game like Call of duty and also finishet. AMD couldn't go to such a precision.
Richard Bentley (2 months ago)
still all for amd cause not a fan of nvidia and tbh they don't have to but giving some tech to AMD would be great main reason why amd can compete with intel is due to that tech for hyper threading being lifted or w/e i havent done research but it seems like thats how amd has hyper threading now so give it time nvidia will have to do like intel eventually.
Aniket Minz (2 months ago)
What do you think how much time is it left for the video cards to get out??
Jon R. Pejtersen (2 months ago)
Exactly Eric! I have had the same feeling that no new GPU's will be released in 2018. Nvidia just used resources to Make a huge new bunch of their current Pascal GPU's and they sell these like hot cakes. (Their board members must LOVE cryptominers!) Why would they launch new GPU's that would hurt the sales on their current line they just built. It cost a lot of resources to built/release new GPU's. Why do it when it's not nescesary? AMD sells a lot of their Higher end card like RX 580 and Vega as well. Many will purchase these for Mining, but AMD (of course) don't care about that. A sell is a sell. Who cares what the buyer use it for?? RX Vega 64 LC is actually getting close to GTX 1080 Ti regarding gaming. But this card is really hard to get a hold on for resonable money. And it uses more power (but can be tweaked for lower power).
enemy boat (2 months ago)
also it s so funny , everyone wants AMD to be competitive only to then buY NVIDIA at lower price . so i HOPE AMD never COMPETES against NVIDIA ever again , so nvidiots can spend 2000 euro on a gtx xx60
enemy boat (2 months ago)
you got your facts wrong . AMD market share is 33% ,
Pentium (2 months ago)
anyone who bought a 1080 ti at launch must be laughing. i bought a 980 ti 4 months before 1080 came out
Márcio Monteiro (2 months ago)
Fuk of Nvidia and AMD no one cares whith consumers...
:) So basically AMD is holding Nvidia back and Nvidia is adoring that cos she's making a bunch of money with two years old a technology.
Sunny Senpai (2 months ago)
Thank you for this video, cleared up a lot of doubts in my mind.
Kanaril (2 months ago)
i have a xfx RX 480, so is stiil a good time to go for a GTX 1070?
PlayStationRIHSKY (2 months ago)
i just got my Asus laptop with GTX1070 8GB so its okey :D
gutspillage (2 months ago)
It is just that some people automatically get a sharp pain in the butt if they hear common sense that takes them out of their imaginative comfort zone. Then they start insulting others and being aggressive. Think nVidia would not do a release if the fabled Vega from AMD was a success? AMD failed hard on graphics that couldn't beat the 1year old competition. But it's not like AMD was like "hey guys let's fail this". So yeah with no competition there is stagnation.
Theo Buunermond (2 months ago)
I've bought a RX580 (8gb) last year for a price lower than a 1060 (6gb). I had a freesync screen already. I still believe it was a good deal.
John Doe (2 months ago)
The PC market is fucking disgusting right now. 1080ti prices have jumped back up to dick sucking prices.
Ultra (2 months ago)
I hope not now... cuz I just got a 1080ti
Brad K (2 months ago)
Please! we all know Nvida have the money and the sweat shop driver teams VS AMD... Id never support the green team! Im a happy Vega owner and it plays all my games at ultimate settings @ over 60 fps so don't tell me Nvidia rules..
ball Bag (2 months ago)
Lol Jenson was smiling when he told the reporter that... Haha
Mohit Negi (2 months ago)
Nvidia needs competition
AeroFix94 (2 months ago)
2 Years already?? jeez... Been using my GTX 970 since launch and man, thats 4 years ago and still rocking at 1080p :) i have to say that the GTX 900 series kicks some major ass. 4 Years old and still is rock solid gpus.
Chin Foh Hee (2 months ago)
We all here love the Geforce GTX card, but at the same time hate NVIDIA.
Xeno Altrax (2 months ago)
I'm afraid you'll realize you're mistaken by the time August comes around.
Bruce Liu (2 months ago)
I wonder if severs can take it.
CM Dell (2 months ago)
You are so right, AMD is all fucking hype. Every generation. Their peasant fanboys never learn.

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