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10 LATEST Nintendo Switch ESHOP SALE

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This video is about 10 LATEST Nintendo Switch ESHOP SALE. ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ (NEW!) Top 12 NEW Upcoming HORROR games on Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3mpqaJBRbI -Follow Us - Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (56)
SwitchPlanet (12 days ago)
14 MASSIVE Switch games ANNOUNCED in September 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB0tTa3o6dU
AJ Lucas (12 days ago)
Why is it in French ?
Mark Rafferty (12 days ago)
Why no eshop UK Price's
Aziz Alreyahi (3 days ago)
Every month they make sales!? Or every day
UpNorth80 (7 days ago)
Will golf story ever go on sale again? I missed the one last June.
trazzath78 (10 days ago)
Raging Justice - awwwww yeah.
matthew tricker (10 days ago)
I really wanna get Earthlock I played the demo and I love it!! :) it's very fun and plays so well! But other than that most of the games that are on sale arnt the best but does anyone know when outlast will be on sale again thanks ^^
Julian Bradley (11 days ago)
Quick,everybody! There’s a sale on the e-store! You can pay for some shit games that are cheaper or free on other platforms and you won’t play them anyway cos they’re shit.
Sunk3n8 * (11 days ago)
Didn’t see anything that looked like the thumbnail 🤔😠
J. Louis (11 days ago)
These games are lame! It like watching an ad for cheap mobile games or throwback games for Atari or something. All this money I paid for a switch and the majority of games I could have played on my phone.
just here (11 days ago)
doomed breakfast (11 days ago)
Less trash, more smash! ...
Aram CreandoPKMN (11 days ago)
Please please PLEASE stop releasing mobile phone games on such a great console just stop omg
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
Worms is worth it 👍🏼
miseli (12 days ago)
switch have a very great spec to run a game like zelda botw but why this kind of game...?
Da Fonse (10 days ago)
Games like Zelda takes time to make, the switch is only a bit of a year old, it needs Indies to give people a reason to use their switch until Nintendo and other companies can finish and polish their games in order to release them.
foxy l (12 days ago)
Wow escapist 2? Yeees
Joel Parker (12 days ago)
What game is the thumbnail?
칼라뚜 (12 days ago)
Arkham Doge (12 days ago)
What the fuck is up with all these pixel art style metroidvanias
mandarinduck (12 days ago)
Kudos for accurate thumbnail
Ricky Bobby123 (12 days ago)
If anyone sees hello neighbour on sale for 99.9% discount, then I would highly recommend it.
Nour Al Dean (12 days ago)
Mecha storm looks so good
Mike Dayton (11 days ago)
It does look decent but all the reviews I’ve read are pretty bad
Rockaman X Six (12 days ago)
more garbage coming to Switch . . .
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
No you idiot. It's stuff that's already ON the Switch, just on sale now!
Rockaman X Six (12 days ago)
more thrash . . . more 💩
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
Speak for yourself
IMPOSSIBRU (12 days ago)
Fuck off
Redz Gaming (12 days ago)
Why is the title on really bad german? Sale mean Verlauf yeah but in this situation it means „Angebote“
Kimmo Göttsche (12 days ago)
Nice Worms 😁🤙
Link 23 (12 days ago)
Guts and Glory is just a daily life of every American ever
The Vegan Punk (12 days ago)
more junk on sale!
Emmanuel Angelo Roque (12 days ago)
Where cai i get the intro sound track? Pls help
Emmanuel Angelo Roque hey did you find out where the soundtrack came from ? I’m interested too
sujan sitaula (12 days ago)
Again all bullshit nitendo mobile games..switch sucks..
Sam P (12 days ago)
I want a horro game because the last horror game I played was outlast 1
Sam P (11 days ago)
nowonmetube I already watched gameplay of it and didn't like the ending but thanks for the recommendation
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
How about... Outlast 2?
Sam P (12 days ago)
OG BamBam GO damn... yea I'll buy that, just wondering how you were saying there's different modes, is it all still different types of fighting or are there mini games like marioparty
OG BamBam GO (12 days ago)
Sam P can’t really say since I have only played smash 64 and smash melee and those games don’t have online multiplayer because they are so old lol (1999 and 2001 games) I think it’ll be fun to play either way because this smash game that comes out in December has so much content It has every character and stage from all the previous smash games (64, melee, brawl, 3DS, and Wii U) plus it comes with new content of its own This game could literally cost $120 with all the content it has and people would still buy it lol but luckily it’s only $60
Sam P (12 days ago)
OG BamBam GO I've never play super smash bros do you need friends or is it fun playing online with ransoms because none of my friends have a switch
Matuscara (12 days ago)
The escapist is a good mobile game. The rest suck.
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
You suck. Worms is cool!
Matuscara (12 days ago)
Craig Morgan (12 days ago)
Raging justice and Overcook is the two best games
Zachary (12 days ago)
Guess what? 3rd (Sorry)
Adrian JSon (12 days ago)
Shame on you guys
Steven Davies (12 days ago)
Guess what I'm 154th (Sorry)
madcatztroyTV (12 days ago)
Oh whats that? The garbage truck!
Matuscara (12 days ago)
madcatztroyTV the escapist is a good mobile game
Matuscara (12 days ago)
madcatztroyTV LOL
Weegee God (12 days ago)

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