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Let's Play Dark Souls Episode 23: THE END (OR IS IT?)

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With only Black Dragon Kalameet and Manus Father of the Abyss standing between Johnny and Aoife and the final boss of Dark Souls, will this week be the week that they finally face down Gwyn, Lord of Cinder? Did they make any friends in their final week? What will the pair play next? How many songs will be featured in their very last hurrah? Only one way to find out. Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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John Thomson (14 days ago)
This series has been amazing. I started watching because I was debating playing dark souls myself. I don’t think I will as it seems like a game that i could only enjoy playing with someone. Someone to give support to get through the parts that are a grind. Also having watched you complete it I kind of feel like I have too. The fight with Sif, where at the end you both go quiet in anticipation that you are finally going to do it made me genuinely a bit emotional as it reminded me so much of playing games like this with friends at university. Something I never get to do now and really miss. Probably why I enjoy the content team Eurogamer puts out so much. Other highlights are, the songs (of course), the jokes (haha, spider lads) and Johnny’s never ending battle with gravity. Bring on Bloodborne.
Some GuysHere (1 month ago)
Butt Souls 2018. In game or in rectum.
JoxTraex (2 months ago)
I died when they mentioned what Link's name would be in french... "Lonk" classic. BAHAHAHAHA
Mr T (2 months ago)
RIP Sir Butts
Jake Cravens (3 months ago)
prometheus school of running away from things...
RogueIRL (3 months ago)
It was super fun watching you guys play this game in its entirety and listen to your commentary. Also, don't worry Johnny one day you'll conquer gravity.
Ryan Schmidt (3 months ago)
Final Stats: Vitality 26 Attunement 11 Endurance 32 Strength 35 Dexterity 27 Resistance 12 Intelligence 11 Faith 8 Soul Level 79
Madness1 (3 months ago)
You did it. Praise the S... no. Praise Sir Butts, her guardian controllers, and of course Sif, who is and forever will be a lovely girl.
Noa Valentine (3 months ago)
3:20... talking smack about Outside Xrta, LOVE IT!
Julian Zimianitis (3 months ago)
Johnny the Dragon-Slayer
Tore Nielsen (3 months ago)
Thank you very much! That was extremely fun.
Chris Campbell (4 months ago)
Gwyn, the Lord of Tinder. Swipes right and left all day; then he gets all grabby, which nobody likes.
Krimzon Hunt (4 months ago)
Master of Gravity, Johnny thank you. Master of most, Aoife thank you. FROM SOFTWARE, thank you. Thank you all for this series and helping us progress as players and musical artists. Thank you.
ReyDe Cangrejos (4 months ago)
Very well done for seeing it through, but no way in hell am I going to manage to stick out watching the Bloodborne play through, so good luck!!
g40rc378 (4 months ago)
Nice shirt, Johnny. "My eye is up here!"
Andy P. (4 months ago)
"Gaze upon the impressiveness of my Royal Wood! Place your hand along the shaft of the trees! Look how long and tall and thick they grow! Erections to the sky! Marvel at how lush and green everything is!"
D0nATr0n (4 months ago)
D0nATr0n (4 months ago)
Aoife, as a true lover of both OXBOX and OXTRA's content and indeed, their people - *I* feel qualified to say that it *WAS* a big shock that Luke was better at Dark Soul's than you - yourself, and Johnny are ruthless and savage in just general life approaches. Luke is not. His ability to utterly devastate the final boss in the manner in which he did leads me to believe THEY ARE ALL LIVING A LIE. THEY DON'T LIVE LIKE THAT JOHNNY. THEY DON'T. IT'S NOT POSSIBLE TO BE THAT EFFICIENT AND DEADLY IN COMBAT AND NOT HAVE SWEARY, DIRTY, INNUENDO-Y BONES IN YOUR BODY. ...they're all. Living. LIES. ....except Jane. Don't....please don't show any of that to Jane >.<
Andy P. (4 months ago)
I vote that you do a series involving shoving things up butts, including but not limited to the staff of Eurogamer.
tyhyin1 (4 months ago)
I just found out that a Sir Butts was royal physician to Henry VIII.
Jess Sealey (4 months ago)
going Manus a Manus eh... i'll show myself out
Slater Davis (4 months ago)
Love you guys that was amazing!!! Thanks for the ride, I joined this channel 4 weeks into your Dark Souls and I 100% plan to stay. also I know it's really early to suggest but are you considering dark souls 3 after bloodborne? I would very much enjoy a full year of souls-borne games from the two of you and DS3 is my favorite, plus Johnny has never played it.
Grelzar (4 months ago)
Oof I binge watched all of this in a week, and I LOVED seeing their progress. This series was absolutely wonderful, thanks Johnny and Aoife!
Sarah (4 months ago)
I can't believe the journey's over. I can honestly say, I've never felt even a sliver of interest for dark souls. But with you guys and Ser Butts? It was an iconic journey, that I wouldn't have wanted to miss for the world. Thank you for making mondays worthwhile. Thanks for the songs, the memes, the laughs. We've all been changed and I boldly claim: for the better. Looking forward to what comes next, especially of it's bloodborne <3
Ulf Hazelcreek (4 months ago)
Looking forward to your continued adult gameyadventures, with soundtrack. Butts!
The Winking Bear (4 months ago)
In any souls game you make it so much harder if you are backing away from the boss 1 because the almost always have double your reach 2 because most of the time they have what I like to call blind spots where if you dodge either left or right (depending on the swing) you'll get out of the way and 3 because you can't time parrys if your changing the time when the actual attack hits your shield Fun fact this is why they nerfed shields in ds2 and almost got completely rid of them in blood borne because people would just hide behind them and turn the fights into battles of attrition
Marie-Lyne (4 months ago)
This has been a great series. Thanks for the all these hours of entertainement. Can't wait to see you play through Bloodborne!
TheGaymerGirl (4 months ago)
This series really made my spring semester. Watching this between classes or when I needed a break from homework. It was a great watch guys and I'm excited to see you guys play Bloodborne!......... . . . . . This is sexy sexy Kate Beckinsale signing off!
Kevin Burns (4 months ago)
This is why YouTube is awesome. You two.
laraontoast (4 months ago)
Tim Parker (4 months ago)
I feel a moment needs to be given to the true hero of this episode, nay the let's play; your appreciation please... for the pillar ;)
Eurogamer (4 months ago)
Ola Sarcasm (4 months ago)
Looking forward to Bloodborne
The Outsider (4 months ago)
Congratulations on completing DARK SOULS! What a ride. Sad to see the series end but excited to see something new. Prepare for sexual subtexts, swearing, signing, maybe a few "C" bombs and it is defiantly safe to say more butt stuff. ;)
Richard Soles (4 months ago)
Johnny just made up for every silly mistake he's made this entire series. Kalameet is no joke, my friend.
Manish Ghosh (4 months ago)
I never could put into words why Dark souls feels awesome to play. There are the cliche descriptions of _finally reaching the next bonfire with a sliver of health and no estus_ and the rush after beating a boss on the 30th try but those don't explain exactly why it was an awesome game for me yet a lot of people don't really like it. Until I read about something called 'Flow' (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow_(psychology) ) or colloquially called _'getting in the zone'._ To paraphrase the wiki, to get into the flow or zone, the activity must have *a)* a clear goal (it sounds odd that a game series so convoluted as DS has a clear goal, but at it's core DS is all about killing anything that moves, working your way through a level and killing the boss before doing all that again till the biggest baddie in the end, just like the side scrolling games of old); *b)* immediate feedback (get into the right position and you get a critical attack, mess up and you die. But you know what you did wrong and try to avoid it next time, the game rarely feels unfair. _Except those times the game engine screws us_ ); *c)* a balance between the perceived skill level of the player and perceived difficulty of the challenge (it's only fun when it's challenging and yet feels like we have a fair shot at it. If the game is just too hard and unplayable, it's not fun. If the game is far too easy, it's boring. Hence the saying that DS is not _hard_ but it is *punishing* .) I think DS games get _Flow_ right and that's why they feel amazing to play and that is why Johhny changed his mind about doing another soulslike playthrough. But I might be talking out of my ass, I never was a psychology student. But I'm fucking glad they want to play BB next, it's not just any game, Bloodborne is fucking art and Miyazaki's masterpiece along with Dark Souls. When games are eventually studied in universities as art, Bloodborne will be there in the curriculum. Please play BB guys.
John McGovern (4 months ago)
That Watson story at ~18 minutes! Such a good doggo. (P.S. I hope your partner is feeling better now)
Yeffaros (4 months ago)
Congrats on kicking ass, Well Done! And you did actually miss a boss, but he's really well hidden (Gwyndolin)
knasbollicus (4 months ago)
It has been great fun to follow you through the slightly hostile, inhospitable land of never ending buttocks and assholes. Love you guys and everything you do. This series has been especially fun to watch. Can't wait to see what tomfoolery you come up with next!
Beth Killin (4 months ago)
*pushes up invisible glasses* Um I think you'll find that the Khaleesi actually has no dragons. They're wyverns.
Archer8492 (4 months ago)
Congrats guys! Johnny, I admired your restraint on the OxTra stream, very admirable ;) Needless to say Aoife and Luke have very different fighting styles! I've really enjoyed this stream, it's become a Monday staple these last few months (around the same time I started watching Eurogamer in fact, so the two are synonymous in my mind). Bring on the Bloodborne! If possible I like Bloodborne even more than Dark Souls so I'm definitely looking forward to it :D A toast, to the future adventures of Dick Kickins as he battles blood, plague and the Old Ones in Yharnam!
Auspicious Asparagus (4 months ago)
Wow, what a journey! I genuinely felt a greater sense of catharsis when you guys beat the game than when I did. Bravo! Time to get a PS4 + Bloodbourne and play it through before you start the next Let's Play. Also, I'd pay _at least_ 70,000 souls for that album.
Astraldragon Gaming (4 months ago)
When is the Album coming out guys, you know what I am goin through all of the video and taking the audio and putting up the Eurogamer Album; Dark Souls edition :). Keep an eye out
Astraldragon Gaming (4 months ago)
Eurogamer (4 months ago)
Fernface (4 months ago)
Absolutely cracking series. Great work both of you - gave us a load of laughs.
Eurogamer (4 months ago)
Glad we did - thanks for watching! <3
Ben Horton (4 months ago)
I wish you both would’ve used all of those souls you had, it probably would’ve been nearly 200,000 souls. However, I don’t blame you both. Using multiple items at once was of the few things changed in the remastered edition.
Brock Sisson (4 months ago)
I'm glad to have finally caught up, been bingewatching these episodes for the past while. You two have such great chemistry. Leaving this comment before starting this final episode but i'd love to see you 2 play Until Dawn. Also, I hope Stardew Valley comes back this weekend, we need to see what's going on on Butts farm.
Paul Frary (4 months ago)
I recently went back and watched the first episode again and the difference in ability is incredible.
Jon Garrad (4 months ago)
EYYYYO! Good work, and no shame about the win. End of the day, Gwyn's dead and you're... also dead, but you know, voluntarily and such. The point is YOU BEAT HIM.
Nick Currie (4 months ago)
I audibly cheered when you finally killed him. What a ride. Thank you, Aoife and Johnny.
Eric Lough (4 months ago)
Does it matter how well you parry if you absolutely smashed Gwyn? Nope. Well done, Aoife!
Benny Kwaakwah (4 months ago)
*OK who the actual fuck disliked this video??*
Eric Lough (4 months ago)
I swear to god I literally did a fist pump when you killed that fucker Manus.
Eric Lough (4 months ago)
Manus in the anus... wait, never mind...
RedValkyrie 84 (4 months ago)
Technically she has 3 wyverns not dragons. Yes I went there
RedValkyrie 84 (4 months ago)
Sweet and innocent oxtra. I dont now how they live like that either
Manus Noble (4 months ago)
How the HELL did Johnny just do Kalameet like that? Wow! I applaud thee
bearhustler (4 months ago)
I never understood the pleasure of watching other people play games until this series, possibly because very few other games series come with such a fabulous live soundtrack so thanks guys.
aaron schipper (4 months ago)
Loved the series. Thanks Eurogamer. Can't wait for Bloodbourne.
Destoka Prince (4 months ago)
Oh! Oh! I have an idea for what weapon to use during Bloodborne! How about the Saw Spear? It's basic attacks are similar to the Saw Cleaver, but it's transformed attacks give you some nice mid-range horizontal slash attacks (compared to the Saw Cleaver's vertical attacks while transformed). So it's transformed state allows some decent crowd control. It also deals serrated damage in both forms, unlike the Saw Cleaver, and it gets an R2 thrust attack for some distance poking. I switched from the Cleaver to the Spear and honestly love it. Though, of course, that doesn't mean either of you will love it. Which is fine, this is just my suggestion. As always, it's best to try out a few different weapons and figure out which one you're both comfortable with. Anyway, it's been a great adventure watching you two go through Dark Souls. The laughs, the struggles, the joy, the laughs again. You two are great and I'm so very happy I found this channel.
Vendal89 (4 months ago)
rush for dlc whirlgig saw or boomhammer - prob. not best but most entertaining weapons (although i find them to be very strong, beat orphan with those :D)
Cliff Evans (4 months ago)
Three things: 1) I am surprised it took you twenty minutes to get to the "royal wood" joke. "Majestic and infested with wolverines" made up for it. 2) It really was a nice touch, after all the trouble one black knight gave Johnny in the first couple of episodes, to see him swatting them away like distractions on the run up to the boss door in this episode. 3) I enjoy Oxbox/Oxtra, family-friendliness and all, but the gleefully profane approach you take, plus the easy chemistry and tangents into the musical and absurd are what made this Let's Play the first thing I'd watch Monday evenings when I got home from work. Thanks so much for hours of entertainment.
AndyB9 (4 months ago)
Watched this series periodically, mainly because I wanted to see a genuine new player having a go at this game. Really interesting choice of weapon; Probably the reason it took you so many retries to defeat certain bosses. If you are going to play again, I'd urge you to 2-hand your weapons. It plays very differently as you'd have to rely more on dodging. Maybe try NG+. I know I fell in love with this game on NG+3, cause this is when I had honed in on my skills and preferred play-style, thanks to better access to resources, which allows for easier experimentation...
zanychelly (4 months ago)
What to do with Artorias soul?! 1 - You could consume it, to gain a bunch of souls. 2 - infuse a 10+ Sword with it to get a soul weapon, like with any other boss souls in the game. For example, the weapon you guys play can be infused with Priscyla’s soul...
Drew Worth (4 months ago)
Johnny and Aoife, let me just thank you two for such an amazing series. It gave me the courage to finally start my own Dark Souls run (one Bell of Awakening down say whaaaat). It also provided endless entertainment, such as Johnny's many defeats at the hands of gravity and Aoife's savagery. And let us not forget the many Dark Souls songs ad libbed by the two of you. Raise a pint to Ser Butts, ladies and gents. In fact, have a double tickle.
TheFrogglin (4 months ago)
I do love you guys
OhVerNite (4 months ago)
Great gameplay. Entertaining as hell.
Hades Times (4 months ago)
I'm not trying to be that guy or anything. But Dark Souls is a rated M game, at least in the US. So shouldn't only people 17 or older be watching a Let's Play anyway. So family friendly seems to have gone out the window at the off. Is it that different in England? Just curious...
Chaoslord48 (4 months ago)
okay, first off, Aoifes Lena Lamont impersonation is spot on and I love it. Secondly; as much as I agree with the statement that she was an actress who was fully in charge of her career and was ahead of her time, it does not excuse her from forcing Kathy Selden into a binding contract where she has to dub Lamonts voice in movies while getting zero credit or compensation. That is just exploitation.
Giulian Vaz (4 months ago)
You two made my working hours more fun with this series, so, thanks! Always satisfying to see the transformation of players during DS, because it was the same with me. I remember doing a huge mess from the beginning until Undead Parish in my first playthrough, so i restarted and went up to nag a friend of mine expert in the game to get many information as possible, which caused no effect either. Delve straight in and feel the experience is what matters most in the end. I didn't knew shit and end up with a platinum trophy, which i polish once in a week in my imaginations.
Calum Beattie (4 months ago)
For Bloodborn weapons- it's not one you can start with, but Ludwigs Holy Blade (whose two forms are a one handed sword and a greatsword) is one that I really enjoyed using. It's a nice mix of swift light attacks and really heavy ones and it works really nice if you level both Strength and Dexterity.
INFERNODNB (3 months ago)
the two handed axe for a large portion is the best. but 100% ludwigs holy blade is the best weapon. no doubt.
G’night_Jugdish (4 months ago)
Next episode do a giveaway for who gets Jonny’s soul up their butt
hellozoetrope (4 months ago)
no, thank YOU guys! it’s been a truly wonderful time. also bloodborne, bloodborne, bloodborne! (i had never got the hype around the fromsoftware games. i actually own bloodborne but haven’t put much time into it because, meh, i died so much to the villagers round the bonfire at the start. and just gave up. but 23 eps of this have made feel all inspired and excited and i feel like i’ve now got a… well… feel for these types of games. so, yeah, i’m going to play along with you. ‘run away!’)
Adrian Salvatore (4 months ago)
I am really gonna miss this series, it has gotten me through some stressful times and had me excited every week, thank you guys for that. P.S. Can't wait for you're next series, I know with you two it'll be fantastic. P.P.S. I went and watched the oxextra stream and there are points in it, like with the maiden hood, that you can see Johnny squirming not to say anything which personally made it funnier.
Ryan McWilliams (4 months ago)
Mmmm Ganone
Rowan Church (4 months ago)
When you are too busy looking at Johnny and Aoife's recent Twitter posts, and miss the boss kill. Time to rewind.
Down Under The Sun (4 months ago)
I could watch you two play anything. I've laughed so hard during every episode and I believe you are the embodiment of fun. Whatever game you go on to next, know that I'll always make sure to tune in and support this superb content you guys continue to make. Stay awesome Aoife and Johnny. :)
Sean Preston (4 months ago)
The on screen dynamic is absolutely perfect between you two. Every Late to the Party I've watched has me in stitches. This has been a great series and I look forward to more in the future. Thanks you two!!! <3
Spencer Rugg (4 months ago)
The Kirkhammer can be bought right after you beat the first boss in Bloodborne so it is a possible early weapon. Your parry attacks scale with the Skill stat so the can is great for that. YAY Bloodborne!! a game I can have tips for!
Jordan Manners (4 months ago)
Threaded cane is best! And it sucks that you probably won't like the chalices because I loved them, especially Isz
Martin Wolters (4 months ago)
Congrats both of you. Could Johnny please continue his Chiodini's Kitchen show now? I miss it.
James Chamblee (4 months ago)
I love this. I’m all for you two playing blood borne. Though I would like to see you guys play dark souls 3 eventually
Bobby Sullivan (4 months ago)
This is my first time watching you guys and it was so good I had to like, subscribe, and comment. The end bit with Gwyn had me dying.
Eurogamer (4 months ago)
Mike S (4 months ago)
Please play Bloodborne, that would be amazing. Definitely sword cane
Corey Harrison (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for doing this guys! This was a great way to relive that longggg trek through the first Dark Souls, without having the frustration myself. I just got done revisiting Bloodborne, so I can't wait to see all of the areas you guys struggle with (Looking at you Rom) and the ones you just completely trounce. Thanks again guys! Love the channel!
Mike S (4 months ago)
This series has been amazing, thanks so much (also love you guys have been making the noises of the aliens from “Mars Attack’s”)
Michael Patterson (4 months ago)
I want more adventures of Spectral Hans!
Umar Irshad (4 months ago)
Yaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!! Bloodborne. Yaaasssss
kyle mccoll (4 months ago)
Luigis mansion playthrough
DrMeowKitz (4 months ago)
GG you two! Can't wait for the Bloodborne run!
sonofkabisch (4 months ago)
I like how Grimlock is featured prominently on your back shelf
Dark Jackel (4 months ago)
Thanks for all your amusing deaths...I mean, all your hard work! 😄
Anthony Collinson (4 months ago)
Well done, guys! That was an incredible experience to watch. You may have not been the most skillful, but that only made it more fun to watch. It was really great to see you guys genuinely enjoying yourselves, finding your own entertainment in the tough boss fights and supporting each other. Thank you for letting us enjoy this journey with you.
LaterKater (4 months ago)
Someone commented on Outside Xtra that they should steal Johnny from Eurogamer. I was like, have you seen literally any Eurogamer videos? 😂
Fyr (4 months ago)
Awesome playthrough guys, can't wait for Bloodborne
E Mark Moore (4 months ago)
Really enjoyed this series, you two. Many thanks, and here’s to many more Let’s Plays.
narutohuga1458 (4 months ago)
The screech thing Kalameet does applies a debuff that makes you take double damage
yuukicyan (4 months ago)
The legendary adventures of Aoife and Johnny will continue through Bloodborne...a-hem... YAAAAAAASS! Thank you!
Santosh Bawjee (4 months ago)
Well Done guys <3 between you and Luke I've been inspired to give the remastered edition a try. Please pray for me
Jonathan Bailey (4 months ago)
I'm so sad this is over
Tibi_Lares (4 months ago)
Ah Johnny Gravityni strikes again one last time. It's been a pleasure to watch you two play Dark Souls (so I don't have to). Btw your buddy Gough is blind (or at the very least his sight is impaired) and he's one of the Four Knights of Gwyn (alongside Ornstein, Artorias and Lord's Blade Ciaran aka the one you gave Artorias' Soul)
Tibi_Lares (4 months ago)
Also while I probably would enjoy watching you two play Bloodborne I'm afraid I won't watch it because I want to play it first myself (although you two are the reason that got me over to giving it a try, so cheers to you).
David Stewart (4 months ago)
So how did Johnny's friend stag do go? Or did they watch the England V Sweden game instead?
Eddy Thomas (4 months ago)
love you guys well done

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