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Theresa May’s Complete Brexit Betrayal

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Text Comments (2357)
Redwolf Media1 (1 hour ago)
They mean to break British people and force them back into full cooperation or complete Civil unrest w/ starvation!
THE BEST OF THE GRAM (2 hours ago)
Pamela Pamela (7 hours ago)
It is crazy that you have to fight for your own country. You voted and STILL you aren't getting what the people want. This is pretty scary.
Wang Computers (8 hours ago)
I'm really shocked a woman selling out her own country? No way?
Andulvar (10 hours ago)
Only way things change is by the people forcing things to change. Stop asking your politicians to work for you, you're just there to line their pockets. They're just a new name for Nobles.
the crusader (12 hours ago)
Ukip all the way
sue pawlykiwskyj (13 hours ago)
She's just another nasty trough licking bitch she will sacrifice the tory party for money just like all those before her. I don't know how the bitch sleeps at night....
p yellard (14 hours ago)
The UK is hopelessly unprepared for a "hard Brexit". The Brexits have no plans and preparation for a "hard Brexit" and we cannot be prepared before the transition period ends.. If Brexits were not such traitors, happy to ruin the Country because of their irrational hatred of the EU, they would want at least a ten year transition period. By VOLUNTARILY aligning with the EU, that's essentially what May is doing. We can always "dis-align" when we have planned and prepared... But that would involve the Brexits coming up with a plan and they have none... All they have is a vague hope that we can negotiate better trade deals with the likes of China than the much larger EU. Really? What do we have to offer China than the EU dose not? By VOLUNTARILY being a member of the EU we have prospered for 43 years.. IF Brexits think we can do better by (say) VOLUNTARILY becoming members of NAFTA and obeying all NAFTA rules... Fine! But lets plan and prepare and not cut our nose off to spite the EU.
Michael Lane (22 hours ago)
brexit = wayout man !
lsynno (1 day ago)
I don't understand. How did anyone not see this coming?
Robert Anderson (1 day ago)
Put her in the London Dungeon for treason !!!!!!!!!! Asshole !!!!!!!!!
bob morris (1 day ago)
leave mean's leave so tell may if she ever what's to hold any office..ever!! to do a proper brexit!! good luck from the usa.....
Peter Stevenson (1 day ago)
ßhe need to grow some balls and do what the people voted for on her manifesto its like getting a peadophile to look after yours kids you just wouldnt do it
Vizz Z (1 day ago)
Donald states to Treason May to sue the EU...17.4 million British Citizens should sue Treason May..
LuciusEsox1 (1 day ago)
When anyone opens their mouth to tell you "we didn't know all the facts and this is not like a general election which is far more important" I say this. We vote in general elections and whatever the result, it stands, period, its the way democracy works. When we have another tory government voted in do the people who receive sanctions, get pulled off benefits, lose their homes, and in far too many cases take the "ultimate" way out get a second say on the vote... do they fuck. I fucking hate the way the slimies bolstered by more slimies in the EU are angling for vote after vote until they get a result that suits them. You hypocritical cowards. The damage that will be done to this country if the decision to leave is reversed... which means leave everything and regain our independence .. will cause the worst rift since the civil war. it goes against everything we stand for. Mother of parliaments, home of democracy... pfft. I tell you this the anti democrats WILL regret what they do if they achieve what they want... Mark my words.. They will :(
Mark Chaplin (1 day ago)
I don't care anymore. I'm moving to Thailand. My money will go much further there anyway. Our politicians in the UK are all spineless. It's a total betrayal.
daBImA (1 day ago)
Theresa the treasoner
John Lloyd Scharf (1 day ago)
*Isn't betraying the sovereignty of a nation the overthrow of that government? Isn't that treason? Isn't colluding with a nation's enemies treason? If you "move or stir" any foreigner to invade the United Kingdom or any other country belonging to the sovereign, is that not treason? Is it not the state of Parliament that they are committing treason against the people?*
Betty Owens (1 day ago)
Our president and first lady came under attack by UK. stinking Royal.....sure did..
Guppy (1 day ago)
Huge market, tiny market. Figure it out. You've been gebated, the writings were on the wall all that was needed was a functioning brain. Good luck in your soon to be third world economy while eu is laughing all the way to the bank. Sayonara suckers.
machoalright (1 day ago)
LOL ofcourse it is an betrayal. Unfortunally its all suits your master farage. He will be the next prime minister for sure. Because he never lied to you guys ever. And never Betrayal you ever. Oh how is that NHS return comming? you are saving so much money. Have fun spreading more lies. Also you trade one liar for another.
ian ball (1 day ago)
Brexit means leave.no deals . the people said leave .it means leave. the people voted leave and brussels has no say in it. its time ti get rid of this loony toon. the people will kick off. in march 2019. they have had way too much time and people will fight. ukip will take back control. for the people by the people. . under mining the will of the majority of people will not go down as these nuts get kicked out. vote of no confidence.
DoctorInk20 (1 day ago)
The Tories are headless chickens. Nobody actually expected this and now they're panicking. Theresa the Appeaser is truly in the ropes.
Phial Substance (1 day ago)
Everyone is jumping on the UKIP bandwagon lately, but tbh we should be way past the days where we need politicians to speak on our behalf. There's no reason we can't have a big online vote thing where every issue we face as a nation is posed to every person in the country and we all go through a process, creating a list of our options and alternatives and voting on the appropriate course of action. But that would be too much like democracy.
Derek Clarke (2 days ago)
We the general public who voted leave should encourage every body to stop buy goods and product made in Europe, Hit them where it hurts, The EU has dismantled this country bit by bit, The industries we've lost, our Ship Building, our Fishing, our Steel Works, our Coal Mines, etc; this country was once the Biggest and Best Ship Builders in the World. Get Out Of the EU and put the Great back in Britten...
Ralph Turner (2 days ago)
Marco Polo (2 days ago)
this is sickening
PickelJars ForHillary (2 days ago)
Treason May moved out by moving into the basement. That sure showed her parents!
Blue Streak (2 days ago)
In other words we will be flooded with migrants, then they will be given the vote. Democratic game over. VOTE UKIP
Oik Mijn Loly (1 day ago)
Blue Streak Well I live in belgium so I am allready fucked and I am going to be fucked literally by some rapefugees in the next 10 years.
Contalei (2 days ago)
Get rid of her now
Alan Wilson (2 days ago)
Jail her for treason 👎👎👎😣😣😣😣vote ukip 😀👍😀
Terry Read (2 days ago)
Transparent sharia May say no more 😡😈👿👹
Burnt Toast (2 days ago)
Complete Bollocks...not having it
Crunchy Taco (2 days ago)
If they don't revolt then it will send a message that the Oligarch can do what it pleases to the people. Destroy your faux leadership by decapitation.
dingojerk dingojerk (2 days ago)
you can leave you moron,the problem is that you want to leave the eu,have free trade with eu and control your border you fucking imbecil,on top of that you want to be the boss of eu countries.....
Wallywood Wally (2 days ago)
If you think Mrs May should be booted out, give me a "thumbs up!"
BuddyAckerman1 (2 days ago)
There is no such thing a Soft Brexit , there never was, Brexit was a vote to leave Europe. Period . Theresa May is attempting to Betray The People. There are 17,000.000 + Brexit voters They can, and must raise an army to stop and destroy her. It's the same duty that ever sent men to war. Everything else must come second.
Gary Jeffery (2 days ago)
The UK : "that wasn't the deal", Merkel/May : "I am altering the deal, pray I don't alter it any further"
Squek (2 days ago)
Fuck the union jack. Take your country back.
JK JK (2 days ago)
Im from Germany and Pro EU. But I also think Brexit should mean Brexit. Britain Wanted out so they should leave and not become somewhat of a puppet. Respect the referendum May!
Matthew Mitchell (2 days ago)
Sounds like May was bought off by the EU autocrats.
viking saxon (2 days ago)
// Britain Is Becoming A FLOPHOUSE Under Doppy Cow May. !!
PreDatoR1873 (2 days ago)
There cannot be a full Brexit without a secession of Northern Ireland. Anything else brings back the Troubles by voiding the Good Friday Agreement. May is trying to prevent that, plus an economic catastrophy by the Brexit of the international companies.Also the UK in the future has no favorable trade deals apart from the Commonwealth if they go full Brexit - because the US are ruled by a protectionist president, and the EU will hit the revenge button hard. I do LOLed at the comments - people are actually put any trust in UKIP, who are just a bunch of frauds like Farage.
roger Rumble (2 days ago)
When is the next British election?
Xorn Xenophon (2 days ago)
I think, the EU should let Britian have the hardest Brexit ever made. After Britain has either hit the proverbial brick-wall or ascended into brexit-heaven where milk and honey flow freely, everybody will be the wiser and the question of economic consequences will be settled for good...
LuckystrikeNQ (2 days ago)
Let UKIP replace the Tories.
LuckystrikeNQ (2 days ago)
Don't become a vassal like Norway became in 1994. Best of Luck Britain. Best regards from a Norwegian. We want freedom too.
Unstable Alpaca (2 days ago)
Britain won, why are we the ones apologizing for creating a better world.
Stephen Benjafield (2 days ago)
Sold out
Nathan Glazier (2 days ago)
No, it's not "brexit in name only" it's reverse brexit. We're giving up sovereignty well in advance of when we might have within the EU. we become much more subservient to the EU instead of actually having the ability to be part of the decision making in the past.
Ralf Rath (3 days ago)
A soft Brexit is not a Brexit! - Then in the intrest of all British people and their money: Better no Brexit! But a little bit Brexitg here and there - this is idiotic!
corman Lucian (3 days ago)
Dude when UK join EU stay the sick man off Europe the banking sistem make billions with EU uk dont produce shit is only services WORLD HATE UK dont put Europe on that list i dont see Que for UK making business only US ho have shit standatds off food and anything remember US make everything in China
karl South (3 days ago)
She’s a fuckwitt Intelligence of a spoon 🥄
Han Lockhart (3 days ago)
Said this was going to happen and it exactly has. Delay, delay, delay, delay, delay- never happens. Fucking pisses me off.
Pipito Paerata (3 days ago)
Softcocks fiddle while england capitulated. Not a bang but a whimper
fakefake539 (3 days ago)
BREXIT IS A BETRAYAL OF THE UK. The worst thing to happen to this country in a generation. BREXITEERS misled the public and now the truth is clear.
Kamen Kunchev (3 days ago)
Next time Brits blame the EU, they should look at their own politicians first.
Fat Albert (3 days ago)
Oh well, at least she's still got unlimited Muslim immigration to fall back on.
Kevy Elyod (3 days ago)
I think you misused the hotel California euphemism? Isn’t the HC about excess in some mega rich parts of the USA.? Just wondering, not trolling! 🇮🇪
Sam Woods (3 days ago)
May is the British Merkel
expat taffy (3 days ago)
The British government can never leave the EU while Germany holds the trump card of, Do as we say or we expose the peadophiles in your government.
Truth Seaker (3 days ago)
Theresa May is a zionist jew just as the international Bankers are who set up the UN and the EU. What did you expect, the will of the people to be obeyed by these Traitors LOL
Red Pillars (3 days ago)
NWO cunt !!! Just like Betty II.
squizza28 (3 days ago)
Someone should post up her Lancaster House speech ("Brexit means brexit") so everyone can see what she had promised, and has now turned her back on
stretch (3 days ago)
The nwo won't let us out, globalisation is set in stone. It'll take a revolution at the very least
Tom H (3 days ago)
This is going to split the right down the middle and hand the government to Corbyn.
TheCorporateRaider (3 days ago)
Can I remind all of you, she is the democratically elected leader of the UK. The British people voted for her. Show some respect.
Chris Carney (3 days ago)
Hahahahaha! Never.
Panis Angelicus (3 days ago)
Brexit is a joke and it will die. Death to Brexit and all the cunts who support it.
Jim Manngard (3 days ago)
Don't let her do this! You'll be screwed! Wake up!!!
Stouffer (3 days ago)
Fucking disgusting, May must be overthrown.
niks1na (3 days ago)
Hahahah, before join the EU UK is poor like Spain or even Greece. After 45 years you get rich again - BECAUSE of Europe, not because of you - and you decided to say: Hey, Europe - FUCK YOU. Why in 1973, when your ugly country with ugly women and awful climate is so poor Europe don't say to Britain - FUCK YOU ! Especially to ENLAND - FUCK YOU, ENGLAND, because Scotland and Northern Ireland are nations of smart people, and London too.
Tärpätti Tuopponen (3 days ago)
Rest of EU should put UK on full blockade. You can beg help from Red Cross when the isolation hits. The rest 27 can get along with themselves but the one won’t get along with those 27. Who loses more? The 27 who blockade one or the one who gets blockaded by 27?
Hristo Hristov (3 days ago)
My god, only when i'm listening to you i'm about to puke.. you're a pure idiot, waste of energy. Jesus Christ.
Hristo Hristov (3 days ago)
Idiots like you only whine, but can't propose anything other than a nuclear option. Moron.
Morpheus (3 days ago)
No such thing as soft Brexit!
mark piper (3 days ago)
She has to go I’ve seen more backbone in a chivers jelly Absolute embarrassment to the 17.4 million people who voted leave
Andy Thurlow (3 days ago)
May's premier campaign was staged and Boris Johnson's campaign was sabotaged by Michael Give, don't you think? Why would Give withdraw his support from Boris and run for the premiership himself knowing that he had absolutely no chance of winning, taking support from Boris and therefore ruining Boris's chance? What have the establishment got over Give and Theresa May?
Vapor 101 (3 days ago)
It's quite obvious the U.K. government leaders don't want Brexit given their treatment over leaving the EU as if leaving were akin to negotiating turning launch keys on a ballistic missile submarine. The reality is more similar to a bad dinner date. Simply get up from the table and leave, don't worry about paying the cheque that's the EU's concern, just get up, go and say FU to the EU!
Michael Rudge (3 days ago)
Such a shame. Boris, Fox and Davis had done amazing work and had put forward so many great proposals over the last 2 years. So many I can’t remember a single one right now...
Dean Waller (3 days ago)
Lmao, cry us a fucking river brexitards
piers hartley (3 days ago)
How does 37% of voters = the majority of the population exactly?
Joe Smith (3 days ago)
she want's to step down, she is getting payed bye them wankers in the EU, she wants to stand down and let Rees Mogg or Nigel Farage do the job, it's time someone stood up for the people who voted to leave.
Paul Mifsud (3 days ago)
Mr Gaudy (3 days ago)
If Britain exits from Brexit would that be Brexit^2?
Rick Sanchez (3 days ago)
I think the people in charge are just trying to do what's BEST for the country. Brexit doesn't exactly mean stability. I'd rather have stability and some sort of sovereign mashup than completely isolated, can't do business with other countries and lose our economy...
Just B. Cause (3 days ago)
Appeasement May be easy but Tomorrow may not.
Robin GSNR (3 days ago)
May does not get it we the people ordered the government to leave the EU in a referendum LEAVE MEANS LEAVE if you dont understand English find another job and let those that can read get on with it
Sphragizo (3 days ago)
Mayday Mayday....!
John Ascough (3 days ago)
Orange means ORANGE! This guy needs to learn a modest amount of economic theory. Still, I imagine Muroch's rags might have it right, considering the best deal is to stay, and all good lemmings must jump. Please remember that 10% of the population has an IQ around 83 and two-thirds can't get as high as 115. I guess this sounds smart to a significant proportion of the populace.
miki mako (3 days ago)
your country has no friends ! think about !
james warbrick (3 days ago)
when push comes to shove, that is when the shit will hit the fan, and some will get hurt as usual
Vorgoth (3 days ago)
This is why you don't give up your guns... Tyrannical authoritarians wont simply let you "vote" them away. IDK why anyone thought that was even an option.
Dominic Fastbender (3 days ago)
Theresa May has damaged the Conservative Party beyond recovery by lying and cheating 70% of her own party members. I know I will never vote for this lying scum ever again. Why even publish a manifesto. It is almost unimaginable that TM could be a worse PM than she was Home Secretary, yet, by some miracle she is even more incompetent in her present role. She managed to find someone even less appropriate than she was to be her present Home Secretary. Absolutely beyond belief. We shot Lord Haw Haw after the war. Lets hope we can get her up against the wall before she manages to get this through. Anyone with an ounce of integrity would have resigned having destroyed their own party along with the country. Not this lying witch.
* Sons of Light (3 days ago)
The Zionist have been planning this all along. They control Britain and the eu. Eu is doomed to fail and Britain is already a failed dystopia
Mathieu van Leeuwen (3 days ago)
What the f*ck did you expect...
Stewart Reid (3 days ago)
May will soon be a Baroness or some other honour & very well looked after for the rest of her life, for the Betrayal of the British People over her Soft Brexit. What the people voted for, this was not the requirement of the "True Brits". This woman is despicable!
Guy Lemay (3 days ago)
Theresa May is the latest fruitcake coming out of Zionism unleashed on the World stage - wake up people!
Expedition:Cycle (3 days ago)
I disagree considerably with much of the pro-hard brexit stance. I think May is doing her best (however poorly) to prevent hard brexiteer politicians from commandeering the process and cutting off our nose to spite the face. From my perspective, hard brexit is an overly-simplistic ideology with very little in the way of falsifiable factual support, and no appetite for any form of compromise. One could certainly say the same of some in the pro-EU camp, but as the brexiteers are the one making the stance to change the staus quo, the burden of proof lies upon them to demonstrate compelling evidence for the change. It is simply not a sufficiently risk-averse strategy to plan such a huge move on a wing and a prayer as is being done currently by the hard brexiteers Firstly, leave voters went against the majority of independent scientific and financial analysis that suggested the UK would be and will be significantly worse off out of the EU. The leave campaign was the more the anti-intellectual position to take (such as Gove's 'I think the public have had quite enough of experts'), and from what I have seen, based in no small part on misplaced resentment of the EU as a one-dimensional scapegoat of all the UK's ills. Not to mention the leave campaigns' industrial rule-breaking of spending limits, which really ought to render the referendum null anyway. Secondly the referendum was on whether the UK should leave the EU...that's all. That is no mandate for a hard brexit, no mandate for a soft one either. The phrasing of the referendum clearly left the particulars of leaving the EU entirely up to to MPs, and anyone who insists that the referendum result obligated the government to perform a 'no deal' hard brexit was overplaying their hand and misunderstanding - perhaps deliberately - the referendum's phrasing. Thirdly, there was never a detailed plan for brexit, and even now at this late stage, a whitepaper has only just been released. Instead of detailing a realistic exit plan, the leave campaign fed us a saccharine Christmas list of everything we could possibly want, and insisted the EU would simply give it to us. This is shoddy planning in the extreme. If I walk up to my boss and suggest we should completely transform our way of working, he will ask to see a detailed plan of this paradigm shift and a cost benefit analysis before we even think about abandoning the current methodology. If my answer is ' I dunno, we'll wing it but I promise it'll be better than how we're doing things now' i'll get laughed out of his office. And yet this was essentially the position taken up by the leave campaign. It is simply self-delusion to compare the exact mechanisms, legislation and trade agreements of the reality of our relationship with the EU, to the roulette-spin utopian imaginings of the leave campaign. The correct way of going about this would have been to present a lucid hard brexit strategy outlining realistic new trade agreements with countries outside the EU, their benefits weighed against realistic setup-up cost and time delays, then present this as the official alternative to being in the EU, and have a referendum between both. It is important to note that Brussels would always be left 'pulling the stings' regardless of remaining or having a hard Brexit, due to the fact that in trading significantly with the EU at least for the foreseeable future, our legislation would have to align with theirs. The brexiteers' lack of self-awareness over their own fault in all this mess is pretty staggering. However, through all of this process, I have remained most disappointed with the remain supporters.The attitude of remain supporters was undeniably condescending, insulting, and patronizing in much the same way as the left wingers were during the US election. The remain campaigns' left wingers' habit of tarring people with the xenophobia brush simply poisoned people against them and lost them that slim margin. The left had better learn it's lesson, but i'm not sure it will. Looking forward, seeing as we are leaving EU for better or worse, what's everyone's thoughts of going the whole hog and turning the UK into a mega tax haven. Monaco 2.0, and yachts for everyone.
GMG (3 days ago)
You still talk about Brexit, like there will be a GB left. Brexeteers should only talk about (little) England. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. The Scott's don't want to go. The Irish don't want to go.. Great Britain is done....... And who wants to (make a) deal with little England 🤣🤣🤣 I know you English pricks keep forgetting that.
jim S (3 days ago)
You might want to get this through your thick skull we voted as a whole country not separate country's. And as for little England and how England is done did you see that in your crystal ball or are just full of shit. .
Vanitas (3 days ago)
Death to the Thalmor.
Clayton King (3 days ago)
Long live the Arcadians.

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