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Theresa May’s Complete Brexit Betrayal

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Text Comments (2259)
Josh M (14 days ago)
Yep, a Remoaner punishing the UK for having the audacity to go against what she wants is exactly what this sounds like. Fuck, and I thought Obama shafted us; this bitch makes him look positively patriotic.
Maks Don (21 days ago)
Again this RATT! DON'T ESPECT SHE TO DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR UK! She will neve do it! I am telling that more than 2 years and I am right!
British Naturalist (28 days ago)
Brilliant. Have subscribed.
Freedom Fighter (1 month ago)
2nd Amendment looks pretty damn important now, doesn't it Europe?
Dave Coyle (1 month ago)
A no deal is on the cards so it is all moot !
Jake Putt (1 month ago)
"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!"
ZekeMagnum (1 month ago)
How many % of the population between 18-25 voted at all? Not only yes or no, but in total. Wasn't it very low?
Miles Jolly (1 month ago)
David Willis (2 months ago)
Nobody Nonperson (2 months ago)
Dwezz H (2 months ago)
They should ALL be shot! Politicians are the puppets of the giant corporations and we all know their AGENDA.
redskinjim (2 months ago)
liberals are so wonderfull and england is ruined by a bunch of pansy people
Dagobert Duck (2 months ago)
No one on the continent cares for Tiny Britain any more. You'll get what you asked for: no deal.
Loki (2 months ago)
I think we need to take a step back and calmly reassess the situation. We seem to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. First of all we need a pm and cabinet as per the people’s wishes. Secondly we need to release the mainstream press to start reporting the facts. Above all we need to redress the way that people like Tommy Robinson have been treated by the repressive tactics of the leftist liberal metropolitan elite. London is not our capital anymore, it is nothing more than a memorial to what Britain once was.
Why is police not arresting these people. And they are all supportive of this censorship and false arrests. I guess they won't learn unless same thing happen to their close ones.
john stroud (2 months ago)
She`s a mess, has to go, she`s an absolute REMAIN supporter. What about the British people, what a wash out
VauxhallViva1975 (2 months ago)
30 years ago, England though they had it bad with Thatcher. May is fuckin' worse. And I never thought I would find myself saying anything good about Thatcher, but....
SpookyBaba (2 months ago)
What a mentally fucked up individual, with a seriously hefty bank balance. Scumbag May... to the gallows you must go.
Luc Fauvarque (2 months ago)
This is horrifying! I support you guys 100%. The more she unveils *her version of the UK,* the more this looks like *Vichy France.*
John Brighton (2 months ago)
in a nutshell, the working class have come back for the taxation and benefits gordon brown took off them, and gave to his bank friends.
Kelly Starks (2 months ago)
The UK, though never having the kind of rights as in the US constitution, founded the concepts of civil rights and gov accountability much of the US constitution is built on. That with joining the EU they threw that out, threw out the idea of the people having rights vrs the ellettes (Magna Carta sound familure?) - would give up a democratic say in choosing their top leaders democratic say in who are their leaders. Effectively nearly becoming surfs again, was stunning. That having seen the devastation of this, the political leaders would over ride the people again, to leave the power in the hands "of their betters in Brussels" is beyond disgusting. Why did the US send folks over there to die to preserve your freedom, if you were just going to surrender it.
Kelly Starks (2 months ago)
The UK, though never having the kind of rights as in the US constitution, founded the concepts of civil rights and gov accountability much of the US constitution is built on. That with joining the EU they threw that out, threw out the idea of the people having rights vrs the ellettes (Magna Carta sound familure?) - would give up a democratic say in choosing their top leaders democratic say in who are their leaders. Effectively nearly becoming surfs again, was stunning. That having seen the devastation of this, the political leaders would over ride the people again, to leave the power in the hands "of their betters in Brussels" is beyond disgusting. Why did the US send folks over there to die to preserve your freedom, if you were just going to surrender it.
Joshua Lifetree (2 months ago)
She is a witch and a traitor!
Adam Childs (2 months ago)
I can't believe you leavers still exist it is going to be a horrendous
Spaz Coyle (2 months ago)
She has doomed herself !it's the worst of all deals ! I now hate her ,I hate her spineless weak position ,I just want out of the EU SHE IS FUCKING RUBBISH !
Pamela Turner (2 months ago)
Burn that bitches shoes.Then off with her head.Ain't got nothing in it anyway
john murray (3 months ago)
Time she was put out to grass,where it can do no more damage .
Lion Giacomini (3 months ago)
as you were told at the start, this is what was always going to happen and comes as no suprise, the people will do absolutely nothing more than make some comments online lol
James Clark (3 months ago)
jakzine540 (3 months ago)
I figure the decision was a very simple one; British government is nervous about losing access to EU economic benefits. Money is usually the deciding factor of these things, and I have heard though may be totally wrong about the idea that a very large chunk of British economy is derived from international labor commuting; Englishmen/women working in the rest of the EU and EU citizens working in Britain. Anyone have any better ideas about this?
It Scheiss (3 months ago)
Yes, I too have wondered whether Theresa May may do a "Syriza" on the British people who voted for BREXIT. The Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) has been amongst the most critical amongst the British far-left, of Theresa May's Conservative governments for dragging its feet over implementing Brexit as voted for by the British people in the referendum. http://www.cpbml.org.uk/news/take-control-independent-britain http://www.cpbml.org.uk/news/treat-us-morocco-says-may Anyway, what do you think the British people can do if the Conservative government betrays their choice of Brexit ala Syriza did to the Greek people?
Peter JOHNSON (3 months ago)
may has aways been a remainer always has always will be. but if she doesn't​ turn around and take us out of the eu, then the conservatives will never have the trust of any person and may never get into power again. united independents will be the next force
e8iMm7KE999 (3 months ago)
Storm Breaker (3 months ago)
liberalism a form of sadomasochism ?
Raymond Doetjes (3 months ago)
May is a traitor! Here level of betrayal would in the past been met with a hanging!
zeus gary Moulton (3 months ago)
James O'Connor (3 months ago)
Love your technology vids mate but this one makes zero sense to me. Why would the EU prioritize our market of 60-70 million over their own market of 350 million? Their negotiating position has stayed exactly the same since day 1, it's readable online. Of course they are going to protect their own members interests the same way we are (attempting) to protect our own interests with Brexit. I hate May too but what is the ideal solution that wouldn't involve a hard border in Ireland? Wasn't a frictionless border a condition of the Good Friday agreement? Also the Brexit white paper published the day after MP's voted to trigger Brexit said " Whilst parliament has remained sovereign throughout our membership of the EU, it has not always felt like that." so the idea that we haven't been able to make our own laws is just..... fantasy.... what laws have we been unable to make that we wanted to? Confused...
Tony Randall (3 months ago)
Sick burn. Also, didn't Gaddafi want an African union? What was wrong about that to you know who?
Mylous Jakes (3 months ago)
TM looks bit jewish to me...
6k0y0un1an (3 months ago)
One would think that, after 2 years, people would've begun to grasp some of the tough realities of negotiating Brexit. That 1) there's no parliamentary majority for either a soft Brexit, a hard Brexit, or for May's compromise, 2) the only way of doing a hard Brexit without threatening the Good Friday Agreement is by effectively breaking up the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland stays inside the EU customs union and single market while Britain gets out), and 3) the EU will never accept Britain enjoying an EU benefit (access to parts of the single market) without some measure of obligations (payments into the EU budget, adherence to certain rules, etc). This leaves the UK with few tangible options: first, it could opt for breaking itself up (NI secedes, be it official or de-facto); second, it could carry on with the "clean break" Brexit, thus imperiling both the Good Friday Agreement and its own economy; and third, it could send the decision back to the voters. The third option could come in the form of an election. This is highly unlikely, though, for two reasons: one, Jeremy Corbyn maintains a lead in the polls over Theresa May, who probably will not want further humiliation on the back of the disappointing performance during the 2017 elections; and second, an election is unlikely to translate into a clear mandate as it relates to the way forward for Brexit negotiations. Therefore, the only satisfactory way of deriving a clear Brexit mandate from the people is through a referendum. Assuming Theresay May strikes a final Brexit deal with the European Union by the end of the year, the plebiscite could comprise of three options for voters: a no-deal Brexit, the negotiated deal, or the annulment of the Article 50 process. If no deal is struck by then (which is also quite possible), then voters could be asked to choose between no-deal or no-Brexit. There are several problems with such a scenario: for example, how do you decide which option is the 'winner' among 3 options? How do you frame the options? Is a no-deal Brexit an actual 'clean break'? These are all serious concerns, but the problem is that, for those who do not wish to see the U.K. broken up, who do not wish to endanger the peace in Northern Ireland, who do not wish to plunge British business and consumers into permanent uncertainty, a "people's vote" is the only realistic option left.
2kool4myskool (3 months ago)
There won’t be many tears as UK leave the union they’ll just return to being the economic backwater they we’re in the 70’s before joining the EU. They pushed hard for globalisation and NWO social justice warriors for years and now they want to jump ship. They turned their country into the racial shit hole it is today long before joining the EU and it’s just going to continue, the EU is just handy scapegoat. I don’t care much for the new world order but I do agree it’s brought about a relative ‘peace’ in my lifetime, nationalism is great but it can also be a curse.
Geoff Evans (3 months ago)
VOTE JOIN AND VOTE FOR UKIP the only way to get our democracy back then decide (if you ever want to ) which party to choose .
Alvin Anis (3 months ago)
Lol Brexit was basically a scam this whole time
Pete A (3 months ago)
From the US here... sounds like the US building "The Wall" and agreeing to include ladders as part of the design.
Arel R (3 months ago)
"Welcome to the European Union Such a lovely place Such a lovely face Plenty of room at the European Union Any time of year You can find it here"
Xul (3 months ago)
So now TM is the problem? lol Maybe think about the consequences of a brexit first .. You could have realized that your tiny isle really isn't that important to have the EU fall over itself for you. All of your brexit "heros" left the sinking ship and now you blame your prime minister for not performing miracles? what a lazy excuse to not face the fact that Brexit was an intellectual stillbirth right from the start ... Tell me, when will those NHS millions come and how will that work? Oh and how will that Northern Ireland border patrol work? Well ... seems like all of you had a good plan ... ;) I could just watch from Germany while being amused .. but the problem is ... idiotic dicisions (and the sheep-like appraisal of them by the electorate) like that are nowadays common ... and I fear that idiots like Merkel, AfD and more and more right leaning Greens will get a similar clusterfuck done ... Apparently an open society is too much to ask ... o.O
Martyn Lewis (3 months ago)
Britain’s role in the world is diminishing soon we will be dito
Arthur Vickers (3 months ago)
Please educate me ? How is it possible for one previously unelected person--able to alter the democratic vote ? Of A countries /out Decision period?? Traitor-- past tense we hung them :Never Again can Britain lecture the world on the word DEMOCRACY:
Gameplay Planet (3 months ago)
Britan has become the UE slave!
Brian Anderson (3 months ago)
Our only hope is that May and hubby go exploring caves on their long walking holiday. Then we pray for rain. Lots of it.
Brian Anderson (3 months ago)
There are no women In Westminster. They are all Wimmin. Loose Wimmin.
cicero2 (3 months ago)
She's a Rothschilds puppet!
Betty Swallocks (3 months ago)
Remain campaigner May should never have been in charge of Brexit, she does fuck all except suck up to corrupt and bent EU officials. All these winging remainers, grow a fuckin spine and stand up for your country, whinging twats.
appsolute zero (3 months ago)
Cgp grey bloody predicted it.
Andrew MacDonald (3 months ago)
New word: Brexitexit. That is, you are exiting Brexit and staying in the EU.
danmar007 (3 months ago)
When did the UK gets its lobotomy?
cotdot66 (3 months ago)
May must go.
christopher hennessey (3 months ago)
Theresa is an ugly old hag as well.
Marco Polo (3 months ago)
before brexit was for staying but after a change, my mind as I can see how average people are lied to stay in this "European soviet union"
ThePereubu1710 (3 months ago)
what the fuck are you talking about?
Danette Morrison (3 months ago)
May is a moron a trator To thé West
Mtaalas (3 months ago)
The price for leaving EU without any deal would be a complete disaster for Britain and for the political parties and politicians promising strength and prosperity if they leave... that's why they can't do it just like that. The ones who made the vote possible didn't really want to leave, but to hold a vote to show that Britain wants to stay in EU to shut down the opposition. Opposite happened and the government was changed to ones who were campaigning for the leave. The issue is, that maybe those politicians (and voters as well) who wanted to leave and promoted that had little to no real understanding what it would really mean. (I doubt that politicians should be that clueless as to what it really means to be in the EU, but I digress.) I see at least two possibilities right away: Even brexit politicians didn't want Britain to leave *really*, since they knew how disastrous it would be. They just wanted to be populists to gain more political power, but to remain in the EU but to threaten EU with leaving so they could dictate more favorable terms for Britain. But since the vote went like it went, they found themselves in position where if they didn't start the exit process, they would be destroyed politically for going back on their word. Another possibility: They really wanted to leave, but thought that they can negotiate with EU on the terms because they thought that Britain was so important and strong that they can get all the benefits of being in the EU but not being in it. Now they realize that EU is stronger and more steadfast than they thought and that Britain as a country is _just_ 1/7th of the whole EU... EU together is bigger and stronger than Britain alone and wont be bullied in to concessions after they leave. They can't have the cake and eat it as well. so what they're facing is the realities of being naive and thinking that they are more important and bigger than they really are and that they gabled on something they have no readiness to go through if it came to pass... So yeah, I think it's going to go belly up, Britain will suffer for the consequences of their shortsightedness, the people will understand how important it is to be informed before casting a vote (maybe people start reading books again, hmm?) and there will be a change in government soon enough. Britain will stay in or rejoin EU and there will never ever be another vote for leaving after that disaster... by any country in the EU. Just my thoughts.
I Sensible Humanist 99 (3 months ago)
What sort of Irish man supports Brexit, to the detriment of the people of the north and all of Ireland as a whole. Ireland will not be the collateral damage of British political ineptitude and stupidity again. Brexit was an English vote. Break up the Union if you want the Brexit you desire. Scotland and NI especially will not follow you
Andy Baker (3 months ago)
would not trust MRS may to clean my toilet ,she is a pcs off shit
David Webster (3 months ago)
Here is a great logo for `T` shirts regarding Brexit - on the front it says... `I`m Out for In`, on the back it says... `I`m In for Out`. Who agrees?
Davey Duff (3 months ago)
may works for the bankers TRAITOR CRIMINAL!
Will Higgins (3 months ago)
Brexit was never going to go that well for the British people. It was going to raise the cost of good from Europe into the U.K., and it was discouraging workers from immigrating to the U.K.. All the crap about ‘the EU is Un-democratic is BS’. It’s elected leaders who make it up, and they would vote to get ride of some of the bureaucracy if they wanted to. All the Brexit hold outs are just upset that the EU isn’t collapsing.
Jeremy Delaughter (3 months ago)
Grab your eagles boys, lets go freedoming!
john kennedy (3 months ago)
WE NEED A LEADER NOT A DECEIVER, she is so bad for our country in fact even worse than those dunderheads brown/blair
Redwolf Media1 (3 months ago)
They mean to break British people and force them back into full cooperation or complete Civil unrest w/ starvation!
THE BEST OF THE GRAM (3 months ago)
Pamela Pamela (3 months ago)
It is crazy that you have to fight for your own country. You voted and STILL you aren't getting what the people want. This is pretty scary.
Wang Computers (3 months ago)
I'm really shocked a woman selling out her own country? No way?
Andulvar (3 months ago)
Only way things change is by the people forcing things to change. Stop asking your politicians to work for you, you're just there to line their pockets. They're just a new name for Nobles.
the crusader (3 months ago)
Ukip all the way
sue pawly (3 months ago)
She's just another nasty trough licking bitch she will sacrifice the tory party for money just like all those before her. I don't know how the bitch sleeps at night....
p yellard (3 months ago)
The UK is hopelessly unprepared for a "hard Brexit". The Brexits have no plans and preparation for a "hard Brexit" and we cannot be prepared before the transition period ends.. If Brexits were not such traitors, happy to ruin the Country because of their irrational hatred of the EU, they would want at least a ten year transition period. By VOLUNTARILY aligning with the EU, that's essentially what May is doing. We can always "dis-align" when we have planned and prepared... But that would involve the Brexits coming up with a plan and they have none... All they have is a vague hope that we can negotiate better trade deals with the likes of China than the much larger EU. Really? What do we have to offer China than the EU dose not? By VOLUNTARILY being a member of the EU we have prospered for 43 years.. IF Brexits think we can do better by (say) VOLUNTARILY becoming members of NAFTA and obeying all NAFTA rules... Fine! But lets plan and prepare and not cut our nose off to spite the EU.
Da Cappo (3 months ago)
brexit = wayout man !
lsynno (4 months ago)
I don't understand. How did anyone not see this coming?
Robert Anderson (4 months ago)
Put her in the London Dungeon for treason !!!!!!!!!! Asshole !!!!!!!!!
bob morris (4 months ago)
leave mean's leave so tell may if she ever what's to hold any office..ever!! to do a proper brexit!! good luck from the usa.....
Peter Stevenson (4 months ago)
ßhe need to grow some balls and do what the people voted for on her manifesto its like getting a peadophile to look after yours kids you just wouldnt do it
Vizz Z (4 months ago)
Donald states to Treason May to sue the EU...17.4 million British Citizens should sue Treason May..
LuciusEsox1 (4 months ago)
When anyone opens their mouth to tell you "we didn't know all the facts and this is not like a general election which is far more important" I say this. We vote in general elections and whatever the result, it stands, period, its the way democracy works. When we have another tory government voted in do the people who receive sanctions, get pulled off benefits, lose their homes, and in far too many cases take the "ultimate" way out get a second say on the vote... do they fuck. I fucking hate the way the slimies bolstered by more slimies in the EU are angling for vote after vote until they get a result that suits them. You hypocritical cowards. The damage that will be done to this country if the decision to leave is reversed... which means leave everything and regain our independence .. will cause the worst rift since the civil war. it goes against everything we stand for. Mother of parliaments, home of democracy... pfft. I tell you this the anti democrats WILL regret what they do if they achieve what they want... Mark my words.. They will :(
Mark Chaplin (4 months ago)
I don't care anymore. I'm moving to Thailand. My money will go much further there anyway. Our politicians in the UK are all spineless. It's a total betrayal.
daBImA (4 months ago)
Theresa the treasoner
John Lloyd Scharf (4 months ago)
*Isn't betraying the sovereignty of a nation the overthrow of that government? Isn't that treason? Isn't colluding with a nation's enemies treason? If you "move or stir" any foreigner to invade the United Kingdom or any other country belonging to the sovereign, is that not treason? Is it not the state of Parliament that they are committing treason against the people?*
Betty Owens (4 months ago)
Our president and first lady came under attack by UK. stinking Royal.....sure did..
Guppy (4 months ago)
Huge market, tiny market. Figure it out. You've been gebated, the writings were on the wall all that was needed was a functioning brain. Good luck in your soon to be third world economy while eu is laughing all the way to the bank. Sayonara suckers.
machoalright (4 months ago)
LOL ofcourse it is an betrayal. Unfortunally its all suits your master farage. He will be the next prime minister for sure. Because he never lied to you guys ever. And never Betrayal you ever. Oh how is that NHS return comming? you are saving so much money. Have fun spreading more lies. Also you trade one liar for another.
ian ball (4 months ago)
Brexit means leave.no deals . the people said leave .it means leave. the people voted leave and brussels has no say in it. its time ti get rid of this loony toon. the people will kick off. in march 2019. they have had way too much time and people will fight. ukip will take back control. for the people by the people. . under mining the will of the majority of people will not go down as these nuts get kicked out. vote of no confidence.
DoctorInk20 (4 months ago)
The Tories are headless chickens. Nobody actually expected this and now they're panicking. Theresa the Appeaser is truly in the ropes.
Phial Substance (4 months ago)
Everyone is jumping on the UKIP bandwagon lately, but tbh we should be way past the days where we need politicians to speak on our behalf. There's no reason we can't have a big online vote thing where every issue we face as a nation is posed to every person in the country and we all go through a process, creating a list of our options and alternatives and voting on the appropriate course of action. But that would be too much like democracy.
Derek Clarke (4 months ago)
We the general public who voted leave should encourage every body to stop buy goods and product made in Europe, Hit them where it hurts, The EU has dismantled this country bit by bit, The industries we've lost, our Ship Building, our Fishing, our Steel Works, our Coal Mines, etc; this country was once the Biggest and Best Ship Builders in the World. Get Out Of the EU and put the Great back in Britten...
Ralph Turner (4 months ago)
franknhonest (3 months ago)
Marco Polo (4 months ago)
this is sickening
PickelJars ForHillary (4 months ago)
Treason May moved out by moving into the basement. That sure showed her parents!
Blue Streak (4 months ago)
In other words we will be flooded with migrants, then they will be given the vote. Democratic game over. VOTE UKIP
Oik Mijn Loly (4 months ago)
Blue Streak Well I live in belgium so I am allready fucked and I am going to be fucked literally by some rapefugees in the next 10 years.
Contalei (4 months ago)
Get rid of her now

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