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10 NEW Nintendo Switch ESHOP SALE

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This video is about 10 NEW Nintendo Switch ESHOP SALE. ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ (NEW!) 14 MASSIVE Switch games ANNOUNCED in September 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB0tTa3o6dU -Follow Us - Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (87)
SwitchPlanet (13 days ago)
14 MASSIVE Switch games ANNOUNCED in September 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB0tTa3o6dU
This Verizon ad is fuckin dope
_____ хм8 (11 days ago)
Консоль нового поколения, а здесь пиксельные игры мдеее
I love puppies (11 days ago)
No wonder the switch is not selling units and Nintendo wants a new console so they can get more units out. Fix your fucking shitty mobile games and maybe people will buy a switch again
Diablo Clan (11 days ago)
Заголовок на российском???? О_о
Zak Garfield (11 days ago)
Shits and turds
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
What's the funky jazz theme used during the Farming Simulator scene?
Rockaman X Six (12 days ago)
Shitty games , shitty games , NO MORE SHITTY GAMES !!!! - AVGN
Dark Void (12 days ago)
Who'd even buy the farming simulator? Game lookin like some dick lmao That Knights of pen and paper game on the other hand seems worthwhile to check out
JAMES C (12 days ago)
Games on the switch is more fun on my phone. All the fun games in one place is great.
Walisson † (12 days ago)
Português, ai sim !
Cinnamon Bun (12 days ago)
eu has the best sales. demmit
Alex Klim (12 days ago)
when gta 5 on switch??
Giliver (12 days ago)
+Navraj Dhaliwal so GTA has grotesque body(demon murder) porn in it?(sure there's a torture scene, but let's forget about that) I can make retarded comparisons to, look at me mom!
Navraj Dhaliwal (12 days ago)
+Giliver So doom has strip clubs and sex in it?
Giliver (12 days ago)
+Navraj Dhaliwal The switch has DOOM.
Navraj Dhaliwal (12 days ago)
+Giliver Gta is to mature for u kids on switch
Giliver (12 days ago)
If the 360 and PS3 could run it (albeit dumbed down compared to current gen), I don't see why the switch couldn't. Or an HD remaster of some of the older ones would be amazing as well!
robotoda2000 (12 days ago)
What's the game in the thumbnail?
zac taylor (12 days ago)
robotoda2000 its joe deveres lone wolf
Midna78 (12 days ago)
Uhm, why is the topic in a bad german that makes no sense at all? :D
Midna78 (11 days ago)
Dem ist nichts hinzuzufügen.
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
Google spinnt englische Videos auch noch gegen unsere Willen übersetzen zu wollen!
Brandon Smith (12 days ago)
Been watching these videos now for awhile and gotta say, getting tired of the sick ass picture waiting for a really cool game and they all turn out to be some shitty game you could get on a phone.
Tim Browers (13 days ago)
No shortage of garbage games for the switch , more and more mobile ports .....thanks Nintendo 😐
JAMES C (12 days ago)
Yeah, Nintendo keeps selling and people keep buying. The sad part is that people think Nintendo makes games just for them. 14 million units sold and double the players. There are more indie players than entitled jerks. Don't feel bad. Your mom thinks you're special still.
Anas Bakhit (12 days ago)
+Alien Alibi it's Nintendo's decisions that these mobile ports is heavy raining on the switch, Nintendo is carrying 50% of this problem you know. they even stated a few months ago that they're bringing more mobile games to the switch eShop. basically they want these mobile gamers to buy and play their games on the switch instead.
Alien Alibi (12 days ago)
lol nothing to do with Nintendo, this is just other companies cementing their spot on the switch, it's not that different from what I see on Steam. A lot of garbage and some good games.
JevzGaming (13 days ago)
Throw your switch and buy android phone.
Islam Taha (13 days ago)
Poi explorer edition 14.99$ WTF!!!
Islam Taha (8 days ago)
But Iam really suprised because of the price,😮
matthew tricker (10 days ago)
matthew tricker (10 days ago)
I freaking love but I have the physical copy it's so good short but theirs still a lot to do in it like get all the medals you excally get something good as well :)
Islam Taha (13 days ago)
I like master of anima
Augustus Tecson (13 days ago)
please change your intro, it's annoying!!!!!!
Alessio Cece (12 days ago)
+aight bitfish 😂❤️
aight bitfish (12 days ago)
I sometimes switch back to the start of the video for the sole purpose of hearing the intro music another time
Alessio Cece (12 days ago)
+GuyRification thats Not funny fucktard
GuyRification (12 days ago)
It gives me PTSD every time.
aight bitfish (12 days ago)
It's fucking awesome imo
하심심해 (13 days ago)
일좀 해라 한닌 이런 씨바라기 10개중에 한국어가 적게는 0에서 많아봐야 3개인데 기기 한글화도 안 해주고...ㅠㅠ
Jay Lucien (13 days ago)
Thank you Switch Planet. 1979 RBF is downloading right now. Thats a helluva deal.
Sr DeSilva (13 days ago)
nine parchment is so good that i have the PC version and repurchased it on the switch. needless to say i logged in more time on the switch than the pc, even though the PC version is 4k/60 on my pc. switch version feels and plays better to me.
Darth Karnivorus (9 days ago)
Thats exactly what i done with dragonball FighterZ. Had it on pc which i can play max settings and barely played it, now i have it on switch and cant stop playing it
얼박살 (13 days ago)
시벌 해외유튜버도 한글화 해주는 판국에 닌텐도 이새기들은..
love beetlejuice (11 days ago)
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㄹㅇ
하심심해 (13 days ago)
+beyourself 그래도 해 준다는거 아닐까요? 이건 번역기로라도 돌리는데 게임은 그냥 내지도 않으니깐...
beyourself (13 days ago)
이거 그냥 모든나라언어들로 자동번역되는것같음. 밑에보면 다른나라사람인데 wtf is that translation 이러는거보면 다른나라언어로도 번역되는듯
Benjamin Schneider (13 days ago)
wtf this translation....
Alessio Cece (12 days ago)
+nowonmetube ach du Idiot bist auch noch Deutscher!! 😂 Du lässt hier die letzten Wochen einen Blödsinn ab....oder verwechsels ich dich?! Ne, aber dein Username....hast dein Profilbild gewechselt...
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
Google spinnt! Jetzt auch noch gegen meinen Willen englische Videos zu übersetzen!
Alessio Cece (12 days ago)
Google Algorithmus halt....🤷‍♂️
chaos control (13 days ago)
Ill wait for the new switch to come out in 2019
matthew tricker (10 days ago)
The good thing is that Nintendo will bring more promotion and good standards and they'll get more money to get more switch games for the future
matthew tricker (10 days ago)
Yeah no I'm leaving getting the new switch I love my original switch so much doesn't really need to be upgraded it's good enough
Teezy Kash (13 days ago)
So you’re gonna wait later next year to play the new Smash Bros you really tripping
Orpheus (13 days ago)
There won't be that much of a difference. Look at the DS line, they update it every 2 years or so.
Wicked Minish (13 days ago)
I personally don't think it'll be a mini but maybe a small upgrade, But the possibility of a more handheldonly device is possible, maybe it's cheaper
Felipe Reyes Gutierrez (13 days ago)
Nine parchments so underrated!
Jamie Prescott (11 days ago)
Its not that great
Dark Void (12 days ago)
Played the demo for less than 2 mins then promptly deleted it. Couldn't stand the limited movement/bird's eye view
Matuscara (12 days ago)
really bad game imo
- 1mpr3ss1on - (13 days ago)
What is this gay translation? Wie schlecht ist die bitte? 🇩🇪 haha
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
Wo denn??
GuyRification (12 days ago)
Are you saying Germany is gay? Careful now, one thing history has taught us is not to piss off the German.
Midna78 (12 days ago)
Ich musste auch lachen
- 1mpr3ss1on - (13 days ago)
+Crud3lis richtig grauenvoll..
Crud3lis (13 days ago)
Google Übersetzer
BigTeddy26 (13 days ago)
That last game looked really interesting. You just know some stuff was about to go down. (Nine Parchments I already bought a while ago. Still worth buying.)
Alessio Cece (12 days ago)
+Jonathan Ober interesting!! ☺️👍
Jonathan Ober (12 days ago)
1979 is really good. The story unfolds in an interesting way. I myself had little understanding of the history of the events and found it informative and interesting to play through. It felt like a TellTale game in some ways.
Trevy Wattimury (13 days ago)
Another android games, shit
Jose ortiz (13 days ago)
Saludos desde Nicaragua 🇳🇮👍🏻
Mike Wxlf (13 days ago)
Might buy riptide
Matuscara (12 days ago)
i.t. s.u.c.k.s b.u.t. g.o. a.h.e.a.d
Craig Morgan (13 days ago)
Mike Wxlf it’s actually a pretty good game
Abd Elmoumen Dilmi (13 days ago)
1 *-*
Dennis van Tol (13 days ago)
Oh i love those videos
Bobby8451 (13 days ago)
Ahman, I wanted first comment. Lol

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