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10 Best Nintendo Switch Games Of 2017

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Text Comments (403)
Pepps C (4 months ago)
We need fallout 4 on the switch or fallout 5
Uma Pessoa/A Person (4 months ago)
Mario 64: Power Stars Mario Sunshine: Sunshines Mario G1-2: Power Stars Mario Odyssey: Power Moons Next Mario Game: Power Suns
Matthew Candela (5 months ago)
WhatCulture says Mario Odyssey is one of the best Mario games, then puts Rocket League on top. I'm going to pretend I didn't watch this video
- TheSane1sGone - (5 months ago)
Mairo+rabbids sucks I own it I wish I didn't I thought it would be Odyssey but with guns but it is a fail
spirit (5 months ago)
Why the hell is rocket league on top of odyssey? What have u been smoking when u were making this top ten?
idrawnow (5 months ago)
Rocket league over Odyssey 🤔
PlayStation Gamer (6 months ago)
I have two switch games should I buy la noire plz tell me
Panoris Holiday (6 months ago)
i hope they bring ninja gaiden to the switch. let me know what y'all think about that
Student, Trin Tengamnuay (7 months ago)
when is fortnite coming on the switch
Pearl the rebel (7 months ago)
I can't wait to get Breath of the Wild
Ryan (7 months ago)
They put fucking fast racing rmx on this list but not ARMS, that's fucking dumb
Blake Ward (8 months ago)
Rocket League over Odyssey?!
Wu tang reGect163 (8 months ago)
Mario odessey is better than the zelda games and definitely better than rocket league
Fly To My Neighbor (8 months ago)
Ahhh, My Wallet
Gabriella Tengby (8 months ago)
Could he slow the fuck down?
unlyricallyrics (8 months ago)
I bought the Switch for the exclusives, same reason I bought my Xbone (haven't played it very much lately). Any game that comes out on the Switch and the PS4, I'm getting for the PS4. I do love Nintendo exclusives though like Mario and Zelda.
Mahnoor Nadeem (9 months ago)
What are best game to buy ??
ZOMG _ (9 months ago)
Splattoon 2 should be no.2
Måns Edvardsson (9 months ago)
Did he just pur rocket leage higher Than Mario odyssey
ewan hawthorne (9 months ago)
have to disagree,the switch is quite crap,mario odyssey isnt a good mario game,i got 300 moons and it felt like a chore,would never go near the game again,zelda botw is alright but i wouldn't class it as the best zelda game by a long shot,it's also NOT the best game of all time ffs,i have splatoon,zelda and mk8 on my wiiu and wouldn't even be interested in playing them over on switch apart from prolly mk8. as far as other games go,doom didn't impress me on switch,sonic forces is dreadful and let me down as a sonic fan,a shit load of crappy indie games and as few alright ones,skyrim runs like crap and looks weird on switch,frankly the switch doesn't have good games on it and the hardware is a bit weak as well and it's soo overpriced for what it offers and the price nintendo are asking for games i already own on my wiiu is crap as well for me the switch just sits here waiting on some real new fresh games to play on it,i hope i dont wait too long,xenoblade looks alright and might pick that up next but yar
Sponsi (9 months ago)
All those best games seem fucking... childish : /
Lumbot GAME (9 months ago)
my list 10:ARMS 9:Snipperclips 8:Xenoblade 2 7:Fire emblem warriors 6:Rocket league 5:Doom 4:Skyrim 3:Mario +Rabbids kingdom battle/ Sonic Forces 2:Super mario odyssey 1: Legend of zelda breath of the wild Honorable mentions: Fast RMX Sonic Mania [im not a 2d sonic fan because i suck at them] Super bomberman R
Zack Makris (9 months ago)
Man he loves rocket league
Vi S (9 months ago)
Stardew valley is epic and was the Switch's best selling game for 2017 :D
Joaco004 :p (9 months ago)
Rocket League on N2 was the reason of my dislike. Casul.
mohammed al saif (9 months ago)
Children games
Rogerio (9 months ago)
Golf Story is Amazing, it really is, it's funny, fun, diverse it's so charming and creative that it's been a long while since I have as much fun, it's as good if not better than many AAA games. If you want fun, get it.
rnorred1986 (9 months ago)
I have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2 & Doom so far. All excellent games, Doom is my favorite so far. Zelda BOTW & Mario Odyssey are great games from what I heard, but I'm all about the online multiplayer games.
Jia KT (9 months ago)
I would have given this video a like but rocket league?
Erlend Moheim (9 months ago)
I had to set it 0,75 to understand what he said
Jay Christy (9 months ago)
Why'd he say Yoshi like that? 😂
BoomFlare (9 months ago)
Am i the only one that thinks this is the kind of video that you would see in a game stop xd
Awesome Angel (9 months ago)
Do i really need to buy zelda if I'm gonna buy the switch? I mean i don't like zelda at all, i bought the switch for other games.
James Carter (9 months ago)
market rear discussion suggestion seriously recovery efficient below desire.
B. S. (9 months ago)
Is "don't rain on my parade" that unusual where you come from? It doesn't sound weird at all to me but you made it out to be such a ridiculous line. What do they say in the original?
freakinduck (9 months ago)
After a while we will all realize that we miss the old Zelda formula. Breath of the Wild may end up going down as the game that killed the franchise
freakinduck (9 months ago)
Odyssey is pretty much Galaxy 3? Stop it
Kanenums (9 months ago)
Mario Odyssey is the best game I’ve ever played honestly it beats every title from PS4, XBox, and Nintendo themselves #FightMe
Game0nMan (9 months ago)
Binding of Isaac
We Found Cake (9 months ago)
Might have to play some of these on my channel :)
yesfredfred burger (9 months ago)
"Number 9: StarJew Valley"
Yasir Naeem (9 months ago)
I think MARIO CART 8 DELUXE ,SPLATOON2,and ARMS is better than ZELDA
famixrap (9 months ago)
nintendo has just the best games to play when you smoke weed^^
Shayne O'shaughnessy (9 months ago)
this video should have been called the only 10 games on switcg
Pelago _ (9 months ago)
Great script for this one guys.
Gunnar (9 months ago)
Can we get Adam Blampied back please!
Bennybo (9 months ago)
Then there’s Nintendo Labo
Davis609 (9 months ago)
Watch it make tons of money
Machete Lucius (9 months ago)
Brennan Mcvarnock Game of the century
JPB Animation (9 months ago)
And then the labo came out
Superpan21 (9 months ago)
List of games I want to see on the Nintendo Switch: *The Disney Afternoon Collection *Skullgirls 2nd Encore *Super Mario 3D World *a new Star Fox game *Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition *Injustice 2 *Marvel Ultimate Alliance *Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 *Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes *Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor *Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 *Watch_Dogs *The King of Fighters XIV *Mortal Kombat XL *MadWorld *Unreal Tournament Classic *Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game *Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch *Altered Beast *Streets of Rage
Where is pokken tournement srry if i spelled wrong
feebee (9 months ago)
Getting my switch tomorrow, im so excited :)
harter kern (9 months ago)
Wow, EVERY game looks completely outdated graphical wise. Everything in 3D is extremely low poly and the 2D stuff looks ridiculous lame and retro. What a turd the switch is . . .
Aienjell (9 months ago)
harter kern exactly, kid. It's just a games console. Why's it got you walking funny?
harter kern (9 months ago)
you Nintendo payed fanboys'n girls are pretty paranoid when it comes to critical statement about this turd of console. I don't really get it, i mean, it's just a games console but for you it's a wanking template and you have to insult every critics right away . . . Oh wait, that's what you got paid for! pathetic, but fits perfectly to Nintendo !
Aienjell (9 months ago)
Clearly. Don't let it get you down though, If you work on it I think you can develop a better attitude. Good luck, kid!!
PikaPlayzHD (9 months ago)
harter kern not really, lmao someone is clearly salty
Aienjell (9 months ago)
*hater kern
Chris Martinez (9 months ago)
Golf Story is awesome. Totally unexpected and fun.
Seth Hunt (9 months ago)
Fire Emblem Warriors was a blast, and Arms was better than expected too! Will Super Smash Bros. get an all DLC included release on the Switch?
LaniKani 68 (9 months ago)
Sub to my channel if you love Nintendo!
w3ghe (9 months ago)
Why does it feel like he doesn't like the switch?
Rob N (9 months ago)
With Ben and Pete gone and Scott and his super fast talking on most of the videos now (seems to be less Jules also), I might have to unsub. :( Scott has got a bit better though.
El Beardo (9 months ago)
There were 10 games available on the Switch in 2017!?
El Beardo (9 months ago)
My mum said it was good
Matthew Matlock (9 months ago)
El Beardo shitty joke is shitty
Remy Kamermans (9 months ago)
I would put Mario above zelda, although zelda tried something new i cant say all changes worked for the best and this game shouldnt be rewarded just from trying something different. Its a good game but i think it was also a flawed and in many parts unpolished experience. I know 2 long time zelda fans that tried to play this game but both stopted playing after 10-20 hours, as its was not a really a zelda experience to them but more like Nintendo's take on skyrim.
Nathan Gomez (9 months ago)
Noticed Arms wasn't on the list. Scrolled down to the comments to find the Arms love. Didn't find it. Wtf. That game deserves way more recognition. What Nintendo did for the racing and shooting genres, they clearly did here again with the fighting genre. The motion controls alone (while optional) serve as another example of just how polished this game is. Smooth, fun, and accessible online gameplay, with a consistent stream of support in the form of free updates ala Splatoon. This is a damn good party game, with an exceedingly challenging ranked mode to keep you in, and boy, am I still in!
Talan Mortensen (6 months ago)
MarkXV I have to agree that Arms is pretty shit. It's very repetitive and it gets boring fast, all you do is constantly jump around a small stage and try and fail to punch your opponent. 😕
Preston Garton (6 months ago)
Nathan Gomez thank you
Nathan Gomez (9 months ago)
MarkXV raises a great point. Arms sucks. Shit. I had not considered the facts.
MarkXV (9 months ago)
Arms sucks, no need to mention such crap games in the video
Mr E (9 months ago)
How the fuck is rocket league higher than Mario Odyssey
Jack Cullen (9 months ago)
Vroom in the Night Sky
Rob Simpl (9 months ago)
Too many of these are already available elsewhere for me to justify buying a Switch. It needs a few more killer exclusives before I commit to another Nintendo console.
Rob Simpl (9 months ago)
To justify spending £300 on a new console? Yeah, it is.
Matthew Matlock (9 months ago)
Rob Simpl so 5 or less of these is too many?
NodMan (9 months ago)
*_Wait there is a 10 Best? I thought there was only 10 Nintendo Switch games in 2017.._*
Matthew Matlock (9 months ago)
NodMan Crappy joke is crappy.
Dom Fabio (9 months ago)
The Rocket League part sounded a lot like an advertisement.
dragonwind1982 (9 months ago)
Imo Xenoblade should not be in this list it has auto battles that alone makes it a pass in my book. If in java an rpg at least make it a turn based or action one where I got the button character attacks and upkeep hitting to keep attacking not auto battling. Btw I owned a Wii u thank you.
Matthew Matlock (9 months ago)
dragonwind1982 A lot of older RPGs had auto battle as well. And even then you can manually control the battles. Its on the list for being a fantastic RPG. Maybe don't be so narrow minded.
Todd zombie87 (9 months ago)
"The fact we got doom" but Doom wasnt good on Switch at launch.
Spikey Chris (9 months ago)
I strongly disagree with Rocket League being number 2 on this list as the Switch version controls like arse. The PS4 and PC versions both handle significantly better and although a pro controller is a bit better flying in the switch version is a nightmare compared to the PC and PS4 versions.
Eric Munoz (9 months ago)
MxSpoike (9 months ago)
Honestly I think Lego City: Undercover is a strong contender for this list as well.
Dionte' McBride (9 months ago)
Frotastic64 (9 months ago)
Rosalina wasn’t dlc in the Wii U version
Boomer (9 months ago)
I'm surprised you guys didn't find a way to sneak the insane trilogy in here somewhere
Dylan O'Connell (9 months ago)
Odyssey is the best game of the year
Franco Lopez (9 months ago)
What? No skyrim?
Niko Jurkovic (9 months ago)
Pre watch-If Arms is on here I’m gonna laugh my ass off
Niko Jurkovic (9 months ago)
Hahaha splatoon fuck this game, it’s a mini game turned into a whole game
Ghilran Finn (9 months ago)
I love the video and all the WhatCulture.com content. I'm not hating at all, But at 3:35 when he said "diving amongst liquid clouds" I almost fell out of my chair. Thats actually so funny to me. You mean water? Yes, yes I think you do, given that that is both what people dive in, and what clouds are made of.
SethC12 (9 months ago)
Is it worth getting a Switch if I have an Xbox One?
tnemec07 (9 months ago)
the Switch is a good console. the graphics may not be as good as the competition but the quality of games so far is really good.
harter kern (9 months ago)
this is a no-brainer: OF COURSE NOT!
newageBoundhippie (9 months ago)
Fast RMX only serves to make me want an actual F-Zero....I don't doubt it's a great game but it's just not F-Zero. I'd also like to throw out mentions for ARMS, Fire Emblem Warriors and Disgaea 5 Complete.
Virus 123 (9 months ago)
I will agree that Xenoblade Chronicles 2's voice acting could have been better. I still love the game and I think that's just part of its charm. It is funny to hear Rex say some of his lines during battle with the accent.
Elijah Jameson (9 months ago)
What about arms
ANinjaDucky (9 months ago)
There are only like 10 games for the switch
Matthew Matlock (9 months ago)
ANinjaDucky short about 490 games there bud. At least.
Randomark3087 (9 months ago)
2018 is gonna be a great year for the Switch!
Fizz Please (9 months ago)
Wish these lists would be "top 10 games that aren't Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild".
PikaPlayzHD (9 months ago)
why? Great games deserve to be mentioned
Gazza (9 months ago)
imo i feel sonic mania is top 10
Luis Gonzalez (9 months ago)
Mario all the way
Brolaire Of the sun (9 months ago)
Wait Mario + rabbids but not shovel knight
Stuart O BRIEN (9 months ago)
Stop letting Scott do videos
Gideon (9 months ago)
I played RE Revelation (the first one) today on my switch for the first time and the game is awesome
jono walker (9 months ago)
All shite #nintendont #idiotfanbase
Matthew Matlock (9 months ago)
#IdioticHater #ButthurtJackass
Bart S (9 months ago)
ugh...please fucking stop making video's with you in it. you are no fucking fun to listen to. You talk to fucking faaaaaast!!!!!
Shadoma (9 months ago)
No mention of ARMS? I am disappointed.
J.D. (9 months ago)
Too many of these games are ports you can play elsewhere on a better platform. (Unless you want the mobile aspect) One other note, Xenoblade has more charm than the last 6 FF titles.
Matthew Matlock (9 months ago)
And as far as BoTW and Stardew Valley, being on Wii U and PC respectively is not really a 'better platform'.
Matthew Matlock (9 months ago)
J.D. uh pretty sure Fast RMX, Mario Odyssey and Mario + Rabbids are exclusive.
MC-Gamer (9 months ago)
Really says something about how many games the console has when re-releases of other games have to be put on this list just so the list doesn't overlap with "10 Worst Nintendo Switch Games of 2017"
MC-Gamer (9 months ago)
To try and regain the market after the failure of the Wii U (a gimmicky system with few exclusives) by bringing out a new console (a gimmicky system with few exclusives)? What is the point? Cos unless it's to give gamers two new games for the low low cost of £400, I evidently am misunderstanding it.
PikaPlayzHD (9 months ago)
MC-Gamer you clearly misunderstand the point of the system
MC-Gamer (9 months ago)
Actually, the re-releases on those other consoles came almost entirely after the first year was out. Comparatively, the Switch launched with Zelda, and has since only really added Mario Odyssey, while trying to play catch-up for the fact their consoles haven't been able to run Bethesda games from 6 years ago. Will it be worth the money by the end of the cycle when the price has come down and there are more exclusives? Yes. Is it worth £300 now to play 2 games? No. When it's idea of adding more games have run on other consoles and PC for the last half-decade, it is not worth it to anyone but the most hardcore Nintendo fans. I've bought consoles for a couple of exclusives before, but they cost considerably less than the Switch. At the minute it's a £400 Zelda and Mario double pack, with a hefty price tag on games that probably make it in under £10 if not under £5 in the sales on other platforms.
PikaPlayzHD (9 months ago)
MC-Gamer it has had more exclusives in it's first year than PS4 and Xbox One had in their first year, also why should re-releases be counted out? no one cares when that's all Xbox One and PS4 got for their first year, if they're great games who CARES?! it has had a bunch of great exclusives to balance things out so that's not even a valid point
MC-Gamer (9 months ago)
And, y'know, Mario Kart 8. And arguably Splatoon 2, depending on who you listen to. I've not heard anyone complain about the Switch, but when you look at how few games have been released exclusively on the Switch, and then at the price tag of the console, you're most likely going to spend more on the console than on games before the next one comes out. Seeing how often Nintendo have re-released the other LOZ games, and that most Nintendo consoles are backwards compatible, the Switch only seems like a reasonable purchase when compared to the Wii U.
MrJ (9 months ago)
Oh boy I wonder what new mber 1 is
ZDY (9 months ago)
I like how ppl still trashing on switch despite the best first year sale of any console...
Aye Jaye (9 months ago)
I also like how half the people trashing the Switch are Sony fanboys, not realizing the PS3 had a FAR worse first year than this. Seriously, the PS3 had such a shitty library back then
DRCEQ (9 months ago)
What the hell? An English gaming channel is ragging on the British-English voice acting in Xenoblade 2? Did you even listen beyond the prologue? It gets better. Besides. On the Japanese side, fans were complaining about the high pitched chipmunk voice that the beautiful and motherly Blade named Vess had. Her English voice isn't perfect, but it's a godsend in comparison.
Dex The Hedgehog (9 months ago)
I owned a wii u. Still playing breath of wild.
Rougeagent98 (9 months ago)
The thumbnail looks like mario is takeing it in the ass
mortifagotenebroso (9 months ago)
Xenoblade doesn’t stand a chance against Final Fantasy, even with its ups and downs

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