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Nintendo Switch - 10 Tips & Tricks You Probably Didn't Know

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The Nintendo Switch has plenty of little secrets and tips you probably want to hear. Let us tell you how to get the most out of this new console! Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Sumthin Stupid (1 year ago)
The year is 2092, GameRanx is a multi-billion dollar corporation; All 2017 employees are dead except for one Andrew. He is now the CEO of the company. All others must bow before him. But everybody refuses to call him anything but Andrew the new guy
Mark Smith (13 days ago)
and you will be dead-thank god
Jantzen Phillips (27 days ago)
Sumthin Stupid jjjjjj
gamer tag (1 month ago)
Sumthin Stupid that was funny
Random Guy (3 months ago)
Sumthin Stupid i
Tera Plu (11 hours ago)
1, maybe you have really strong man hands 😂
Randomizer 6000 (1 day ago)
Dbrand has fixed thier skins so fact 7 is invalid now
SugarRush (1 day ago)
They Fixed It.
Crowbar44 (2 days ago)
You can totally use Bluetooth headphones with the Switch. You just have to buy a Bluetooth transmitter. They are super cheap and plug right into where you would usually put your headphones. Be warned that this WILL cause a super super super tiny delay in the audio when playing a game on the Switch. So if you fire a gun you will hear the sound after you fire it. The sound delay is so super tiny you will not even notice it though. I have been using my Bluetooth headset with a transmitter and I never notice the delay because its so tiny. Remember you need a Bluetooth TRANSMITTER and not a receiver! A receiver WILL NOT WORK! Make sure its a Bluetooth transmitter. I got mine from Amazon for $15. Obviously you will want a battery powered one or you can get a wired one for constant power. Up to you but make sure what you are buying.
M O (5 days ago)
Togix (5 days ago)
What about skins that where official and by games such as the Sonic forces skins???
Sherry Ipadeola (6 days ago)
You can put other sugars from water be Super Mario Odyssey or I think is Super Mario 8 but if that's wrong you can tell me
DirtySouthGaming (7 days ago)
Just so you now you can actually transfer saves now. It's a bit of a convoluted system where you have to transfer the profile and everything attached to it but its better than nothing!
Fernando (7 days ago)
Fuck D Brand
Gavin Mann (9 days ago)
Joy cons having a 20 hour battery life? Yeah I don’t think that’s right. Nintendo gave a blanket statement on their battery life as if everyone plays with them attached to the console. I for one play docked and on my t.v. So I’m getting about 4-5 hours of continual play before charging the joy cons becomes necessary.
Troy Jones (10 days ago)
I used my samsung fast charge wall plug while playing, It does charge it albeit slowly, but I can play Zelda while using the plug and it doesnt' drain the battery.
animal jam fan45 (10 days ago)
Im pretty sure dbrand fixed the formula and i think the new formula wont ruin your switch Again im not 100% sure agout it being safe
Aune (10 days ago)
i like the the switch, but what gets on my heart that is slowly dying from lacking humanity and too much indifference, is that my little finger on the right hand finds it really, REALLY boring to hold the controller for some reason and falls asleep with 100% success rate of 1 time each hour .. i mean wtf, the controller must be my nemesis for it to be in a perfect position when holding it normally for it to have this problem -.-
BeatleBabe (11 days ago)
Regarding the SD cards -- even though you can't transfer your saves to another card, can you transfer the game files themselves? I only ask because I can only afford a smaller SD card right now but will be able to upgrade to a bigger on in the future and want to be certain that my games themselves will be transferrable onto the new card if I try this route.
Cirex2118 (12 days ago)
Hope that the switches eventually will be made to be adhesive protected or something for custom skins :v
Eric Moors (12 days ago)
Limited Range RGB is what most TVs use, or so I heard from another YouTube video I saw.
Sleesh (13 days ago)
I Akasumi (13 days ago)
It doesn't have bluetooth but my turtle beach xb1 headset works just fine, mic and all =)
Jcross_1029 (13 days ago)
well i bought the red and blue joycon switch set because it helps me not make the mistake what goes on which side
MRpro Magro (13 days ago)
i am very sorry but i just want you to kill yourself
GunMaster56 Josh (13 days ago)
To share sign in with a friends account and bring the game over to yours
Sleepywick (14 days ago)
I never take my console out of the dock haha, I only use my switch for splatoon 2
vance astrovik (15 days ago)
Damn, I bought the pro controller before even using the switch for the first time.. Now I find out using the joy con grip wasn't that much different
alejandro Velasquez (15 days ago)
I was wondering if I could play games like Mario 64, and other stuff that was on the Wii U. Does anyone know if that’s possible?
XxKarlosxX (15 days ago)
I heard the Switch 2 is coming in 3yrs (2021)...which will bigger and better in every single way... idk if that's true... I heard Nintendo is working on it already... but good news because Switch 2 games will be compatible with Switch II... and can use bluetooth and 4K... finally
Makayla Devine (15 days ago)
GameStop has Wired Switch Controllers for around $25-30 if you don’t want to have to wait to charge your controller
Angel Alejos (16 days ago)
My bluetooth headphones are going through deppression on my shelf
Ali Hassan (16 days ago)
Is the games are cards
Mr Timo (16 days ago)
Tip my dicks
John Hytinen (17 days ago)
First time I put it In the dock I flipped
Cakeman 2915 (17 days ago)
2:54 Just want to let anyone who may watch this video in 2018 that DBrand has gotten a new, safe adhesive which works just fine with the nintendo switch's material.
phenomenal one (18 days ago)
can't believe how poor the battery life is 3 hours is a joke
Butters (18 days ago)
thats why. if your joys are about to die. time to play handheald mode. and if hand held mod is abut to die, time to dock et and use the joy cons
Squid Kid (19 days ago)
We need to ban all Americans off of this site.
Shane Chappell (21 days ago)
turns out you can only use the hdmi cable the console comes with too connect up to your tv !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yarelis Espinosa (21 days ago)
What about the sticker skin of botw?
Roxy Mendoza (22 days ago)
My dad jailbreaked the Nintendo switch with awesome games when we play it was really fun! But wen 1 2 switch eating. Contess didnt work wen or dint work the Nintendo. Switch to sleepmode we couldnt wake it up i hope you have a hack at. This one pls
FISHY (23 days ago)
Just to let people know, Dbrand have fixed it
Animaker Studios (23 days ago)
Here’s a quick tip!! DON’T LICK THE GAME CARTRIDGE!!!
Aaron Jackson (23 days ago)
I didn't even know the little add ons for the joycons had locks. Glad mine aren't broken.
CEO (23 days ago)
LupedaG (24 days ago)
I really don't think you should get a screen protector only because the nintendo screen is already a very thick layer of plastic
GAMBIT elDodger (24 days ago)
This is the best Channel to get all the news and tips if your into video games, thank you very much
Carl Rauschkolb (25 days ago)
Carl Rauschkolb (25 days ago)
One the first day i BROKE MY SWITXH cause i thought it was made for SLAVERY
Carl Rauschkolb (25 days ago)
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Krystalic Slill (25 days ago)
Took me forever to figure out that lock for the joycon grip I was scared shitless cause I though I got the joycon grip stuck
Reviews. (25 days ago)
Who uses the straps??????
Kvr 1604 (25 days ago)
Im planning on getting a switch soon but i have one question does the switch come with a game or do i have to buy one separately?
Deshra Dine (25 days ago)
You can still BT headphones if you're intelligent enough, just like you can with 3ds. It's called a BT transmitter and it plugs into the 3.5mm headphone jack. Easy solve for all your BT headset woes.
General Turd (26 days ago)
Joycon straps?... oh yea.. I vaguely remember those.
Nick Tan (26 days ago)
BIG THANKS Gameranx <3 happy to see this before my impulse purchase. really hope nintendo releases a new updated console, especially for trending blue tooth headphones.
BlockTouch (28 days ago)
I knew all of those...
•OMEGA•07 (28 days ago)
well I'm getting the switch soon I wonder if I can use USB headset
LegendaryBattalion (1 month ago)
This was helpful, thanks.
Jose Luis Barajas (1 month ago)
D Brand slings has fixed that issue using a new adhesive formula
Robin Hack (1 month ago)
Just bought the switch yesterday and I actually learned new things about the switch :P
King Kirby (1 month ago)
Everyone just remember you CAN put skins from d-brand now because they fixed the issue and it doesn't hurt the switch at all. Skins are awesome and good to go
Leonardo Ramirez (1 month ago)
There’s a Nintendo point expiration date? I didn’t know that
James Davidson (1 month ago)
Japan tip is awesome
James Low (1 month ago)
DBrand fixed the adhesive on the skins and they are absolutely worth getting now
KitKat (1 month ago)
Wtf the screen is that scratchable?
Richard Guilamo (1 month ago)
Nice but I found an Bluetooth adapter on eBay trust me you will needed it read about it then think about if you are going to buy it.
Saadid Islam (1 month ago)
How do you connect the joy cons to your pc or Mac devices
Marcos Sosa Cruz (1 month ago)
Actually there is a (supposedly) terabyte sd card
Jeffrey Otte-Rash (1 month ago)
If you make a part 2 say that you can charge the switch with I Ipad 2 amp charger. You can play handheld for as long as you want if you are by an outlet lel
Ethan Fischer (1 month ago)
DBrand was actually able to fix their skins, and won't physically ruin your switch or joy-cons anymore.
FF (1 month ago)
Good to know about the dock
00WolfSpirit (1 month ago)
LOL at the skin one. No, no kudos to them. They basically sabotaged all skin brands when it was THEIR ridiculously high adhesive glue that caused the problem. Regular skins never caused that issue.
Darth Reaper (1 month ago)
I just bought my switch yesterday and plan only playing it as a handheld since I dont want to constantly unplug my xbox one. Is there any benefits to playing the switch docked vs portable?
LEEDA LEED (1 month ago)
Theirs a kickstand!?
Shark Abram subzero (1 month ago)
I knew all o these cuz I own the Nintendo switch
No_ abe (1 month ago)
I thought *DBRAND FIXED THEIR SKINS* already... If anyone wants a skin, check if they still damage the console.
gula-gula getah sabah (1 month ago)
Omg I so didnt know about the strap lock
Joshua Fernandes (1 month ago)
Oh boy this was a year ago
Lauren Snoow (1 month ago)
I thought that to buy a switch would be cheap... I didn’t think that all those accessories would cost me 200/300 more tho :( I’m so broke now
Teric Weatherford (1 month ago)
Youtube app Netflix app on switch
Sixty6Sixty6 (1 month ago)
DBrand fixed the skins just so yall know
Futuro XI (1 month ago)
I gave my friend my Lego city game for the Switch and it had my progress in it and he continued my game and completed some of My missions on his Switch
PokeMaster22222 (1 month ago)
1:49 Except now all the text is functionally gibberish. Oops.
PokeMaster22222 (1 month ago)
2:32 No we don't. We need as _little_ time with that open-world, heavily limiting disaster as we can get.
dinxyx pal (1 month ago)
The first one I already do that so...
Colby Chaos (1 month ago)
Great tips !!!
Rumoster279 (1 month ago)
the only reason I want to get a pro controller and it just looked amazing I haven't got a switch yet but I'm gonna buy it soon so I'll take what you said into consideration before I spend even more money that I don't have on a pro controller.
Sparky X (1 month ago)
guys save some money for new joy cons, because your current joy cons will get worn out and it will eventually keep falling out. Not sliding out on its own but to the point where u dont have to press the button to release it.
I have a question : Say If I play Zelda BOTW , and I’m half way through the game and then I loose my Nintendo switch . I buy a new Nintendo switch and log into my account that I used to get half way through the game , will I still have my data or will it just start again ?
PillowyMounds (1 month ago)
I regret buying this hardware just for Odyssey and BotW because besides from that there are almost no games. The Console is made with so many flaws a top 10 video wouldn't even cover it and best of all, this console have issues running Skyrim, a game released in 2011 running flawless on my ps3. Piece of plastic garbage
GamingAnimations (1 month ago)
Switch cartridges is really tasteful
Jesse Lopez (1 month ago)
D brand already fixed adhesive issue ....now working with 3m now have new decals that can be applied and remove no issue's
Rob From Oak (1 month ago)
Regarding saves mentioned as part of #5, Nintendo is launching online service in September 2018 and it will be possible to store saves on the cloud.
Raayyan Hashmat (1 month ago)
can any one help me ? when I open my nintendo e shop it say it's not avible
SteamEnder (1 month ago)
number 11: lick the games its fun as hell. its also adicting.
disneydork100 (1 month ago)
Idk much about the Procontroller, but I got a wired controller and it works really great, idk really what the pro has that the wired doesn’t
JeauSchmeau (1 month ago)
"Each Strap works on either controller" 30 seconds in and you make a major mistake like that? How do you expect anyone to watch? haha
Marcus Reuss (1 month ago)
D brand made new skins that do not have the adhesive that wears away the plastic
Lee Beal (2 months ago)
can u play games on Switch with out byin SM Card ?
Jack Morrison (2 months ago)
after my switch lost all of its battery. the joy cons still have atleast 70% battery
Dyke Clincher (2 months ago)
No offense but my dick is mad small
Unknown Gamer (2 months ago)
Dbrand now actually fixed the problem please reupload or edit it
You can transfer gave saves from the system to an sdcard. I was able to do this by searching YouTube. Very simple.

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