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The Mighty Has Fallen (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/jimquisition-merch Mighty No. 9 is out after three years of waiting. The fans got what they expected... but not at all what they wanted. Time for a post-mortem then. Let's dissect this corpse and poke at the gooey bits inside. (Also thanks to James for providing some of the MN9 footage!)
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Text Comments (4695)
Ak Hannar (5 minutes ago)
13:15 "On the plus side Yooka-LayLee still looks excellent" - anybody here watching this in 2018?
Clarence Boddicker (6 hours ago)
This reminds me of DumaOs for the Netduma R1.
Tyg Rahof (6 days ago)
7:05 and they put pong into a 2016 game. Shameful.
JoveroIV (8 days ago)
Can we get more “Gospel Bill Show” cuts?
FatMonkey 4 (11 days ago)
Well Yooka Layla’s turned out bad
Sidious beat Yoda (14 days ago)
That David Cameron joke was fucking great
Crazyfulla (14 days ago)
haha that parasite joke made me laugh at how unexpected it was, and yeah i'll stay a parasite, i cant afford to feed you ya fat fuck! (dw i love ya! thank god for you)
Spritespitfire (15 days ago)
I am a proud parasite! And a proud fan.
Verde the Star Warrior (17 days ago)
Well...at least Mega Man 12 looks good
wittybush_ (15 days ago)
Verde the Star Warrior Isn't it 11?
1TrulyMad (19 days ago)
And now we have Megaman 11 coming up in direct response to this game falling flat on its face into a pile of shit.
anik monette (22 days ago)
Well... At least this generated a popular meme? Edit: Tell me where the inventors of autocorrect hide! I swear I won't kill them: I'll keep them alive in my basement as long as it is humanly possible! 😣😣😣
Pol74698 (29 days ago)
7:35 Wait, Ben Judd? As in Ben Judd from the Ace Attorney localization team? The guy who gave his voice to Phoenix Wright on the DS?! Duuuude. You used to be cool. Now I get why Sam Riegel and Eric Vale took over
eric jackson (1 month ago)
What's the other game?
Nakatomi Uk (1 month ago)
And irony is this game was free with ps+ a few months back, and yet how come no one has tried to find out the actual truth of where the money actually went
Horricule (1 month ago)
I say that Keiji Inafune was a bad businessman when megmana games were regular releases. There were way too many megaman games to choose from, so the market got oversaturated and most of the new megaman series ended shortly afterwards.
lucas gaudio (1 month ago)
Far forward a coulple or years and ukelele was also a terrible embarrasing disaster. Im completely turned off from crowd funding a game ever again
Jacob Hoffman (1 month ago)
Long time since then... and still I feel the same about Keiji. Im more disappointed that the man has a real creative vision but wasnt good at implementing it. And not only that he had no faith in the product. He spld it off almost immediately and scaled back the production value as if he knew where it was going. He has no real confidence... because there was real promise in that title. I look at AM2R... and thimk "thid is a man who knew what he loved and wanted to produce." I think Keiji began that way... but ultimately got stuck on what he felt might make it more profitable and lost the soul of his own product.
THIEF (1 month ago)
Thank god for Jim Sterling.
Jon dow (2 months ago)
Critical Thinking (2 months ago)
That ending made me laugh so much xD
Nunya Bizness (2 months ago)
I didn't realize anyone else even knew Dust existed. That was a pretty dang good game
Nick Manzo (2 months ago)
Yooka-Laylee wasn’t the game that was promised either.
Billy Humphrey (2 months ago)
Please please please please don’t suck Bloodstained. Konami has turned Castlevania into a flaming shitpile, you’re our only hope.
Midrulean Hero (2 months ago)
Gospel Bill is better than nothing
john decapio (2 months ago)
""capcom didnt give a shit about megaman" -Jim Sterling campcom announced megaman 11
AutotuneOverlord (2 months ago)
That spoof at the end had me rolling! Bravo Here's to hoping the Bloodstained is good. Not amazing, but really, REALLY good.
Daniel Nelson (2 months ago)
This disaster came out on my birthday
Matthew Brown (2 months ago)
All I can say is thank God for mega man 11 coming out later 2018 hopefully it is good.
MECHASWORLD2020 (1 month ago)
Matthew Brown its already amazing
42 Blaze (3 months ago)
Hey at least you can have something to spend your money on when you're drunk and baked at the same time and then a couple of hours later when you're sober realize that you have made the biggest mistake of your life and it's not the booze or cocaine... And after realizing that you would probably start to vomit at the game cover with the disc in as you come to the conclusion that you can't get a refund on the game or the memory inside your head of you OWNING the damn thing as it forever haunts you until and possibly beyond your grave.
ssvineman (3 months ago)
It's depressing to watch this video again in 2018 now that Yooka Laylee has fallen flat as well. Come on Bloodstained, don't let it be three for three.
Manored (3 months ago)
Sonic the Hedgehog mocking another game for being bad HAHAHAHAHAHA
Sebastian Acosta (3 months ago)
Capcom should just Pawn off the Blue bomber to Nintendo. At least THEY seem to give a fuck.
Peter Dibble (3 months ago)
I demand a Gospel Bill visual novel game.
varietywiarrior (3 months ago)
I want a gif of that.
Marcus Zyker (3 months ago)
I need to watch the gospel bill show
Accelerator (4 months ago)
what game is that one whit the girl? someone can told me, look good
AllHailBoognish (4 months ago)
Issaltar Korimara (4 months ago)
The part that kills me about the MN9 controversy that no one ever seems to talk about is the Dina incident. When your community manager uses the platform that backers paid for to talk with the dev team and you use it to spout feminist bs, ban people who say thats great we still want answers, and effectively cause backers to call their banks to rescind transactions, you fucked up. Then they had the gall THE FUCKING GALL to basically throw her a going away party when she left concept. Well it was MN9
Saint_Somnia (4 months ago)
"Yooka-Laylee looks good" Oh if only you knew Jim...
Seth S. (4 months ago)
Well if people are still looking for a Mega man like experience. Azure striker gunvolt is the way to go.
Bo Cimino (4 months ago)
13:15 "Yooka-Laylee still looks excellent." That dates this a bit doesn't it?
MegaMidget Xtreme (4 months ago)
I bought this game on the day it came out, I WANT A FRICKIN' REFUND
Skyoket (4 months ago)
MegaMidget Xtreme mega stupid
Gallitorsgaming (4 months ago)
an anime fan on prom night hahahahahahahaha thats funny they where trying to be edgy sounding but in truth they just made me laugh
TheTSense (5 months ago)
And iam sitting here having fun with my Nothing. Well a hell of a time for Sonic and Megaman fans. Where do these people get the energy and money to, instead of running a game company that does profite, keep torturing fans. This is a "I gonna rip my leg out so i can rip your leg out" situation. They hurt themself only to keep pissing on Sonic and Megaman fans these days. Most people don't even hate hitler as much as these game creators hate there our playerbase
Snowcone Guy (5 months ago)
Thank God that Yooka Laylee turned out awesome and mad true on all it's promises to bring back classic Banjo Kazooie gameplay. <3
CN What I'm Saiyan? (5 months ago)
That isn’t the way Sterling would describe it...
TheUltimateRiku (5 months ago)
>Capcom suddenly announces a new Megaman game Gee I wonder why they brought him back?
healsallwounds (5 months ago)
And now Yooka-Laylee is a disaster. WHERE IS YOUR MESSIAH NOW, JIM STERLING?!
Atreuso (5 months ago)
Wasteland 2 was an utter shit on Unity engine. On top of horrible game design and balance issues, promised native mod support never came and all 'development' was dropped in favor of Wasteland 3. GG.
Dan (5 months ago)
A year and a half later, and only one of the Kickstarter nostalgia trinity remains to be released, as MN9 and Yooka-Lailey fell flat on their wretched faces. There's less than one month left to see if the last one will be good enough to heal those burns Please, Bloodstained. Please be great.
Arc13 (5 months ago)
This was a couple years ago now(typing in 2018), if they actually do anything with Red Ash, it would happen likely this year. Let's see if it happens or if Mighty No. 9 killed it off.
wizzardoffuzz (5 months ago)
"yooka laylee still looks excellent"... oh dear...
Julien Schirmer (5 months ago)
The scum in the games industry never ends.
Apple Crumble (6 months ago)
play 20XX
Just A Cloud (6 months ago)
Love you too jim keep up the good work now honey.
Fall Catalyst (6 months ago)
Goof booshed?
xzenitramx666 (6 months ago)
megaman? is a kid a hate those games they where to easy .-
Jonathan Snell (6 months ago)
I know, I am a parasite!! Mawwwhhhh but to be fair i not have money all the time but if you was in the area and wanted help on something i would try. Ok the worse it would be cup of tea or coffee and a chat if you want and best tea or coffee with biccy's and/ or sandwiches or food and that . There all i got not the best in the world but not going to say no go away :) .
A Ham (6 months ago)
I picked up Mighty No. 9 and all of it's DLC for $8 on the Steam Winter Sale. I was like "As long as I have eight dollars worth of fun, it's worth it."... I'm halfway through right now and at about $2.47 worth of fun. Looks grim, Jim.
Anti-Mattering (6 months ago)
"Yooka-Laylee still looks excellent." - Jim Sterling, 2016
MNanme1z4xs (6 months ago)
You think Mighty num 9 is shaking the crowd fund? Wait til Star citizen to screw up.
Josh Mapes (6 months ago)
Hahahaha hahahaha the Gospel Bill show...god damn it! You marvelous fuck face!
Mist-heart (6 months ago)
"Yooka-Laylee still looks excellent" oh this video hasn't aged well has it?
Kuhlory Md (6 months ago)
i actually went to a camp called dry gulch when i was younger. it was overbearingly christian
MyShreddedSanity (6 months ago)
People got taken for a ride. Stop giving your money to non-existent products. Wait until you have something tangible before throwing your money at it.
Callum Roche (6 months ago)
This video gets a like for the David Cameron joke alone
yakudde (6 months ago)
I wondered what happened to the game. I remembered hearing about a little the I went full on isolation on my lifestyle.
Bryan Moberg (7 months ago)
and now, over a year later, that vita version promised on the ps4 packaging has yet to materialize...speaking of false advertising...
InsideAlive (7 months ago)
Mfw I still haven’t received my pc copy and they give me the ring around from contacting humble bundle then humble bundle says to contact them.
CosmicVideoGames (7 months ago)
The sad thing is, that Yooka-Laylee wasn't able to live up to the hype it drummed up. In fact as far as I can see, A Hat in Time is actually the only game that actually made good on its promise of being a comeback tour of the Platformers of yesteryear like Super Mario Sunshine
irllcd13 (7 months ago)
Being a good businessman isn't even impressive. Businessmen aren't smart or talented enough to actually create something, that's why they are in business rather than the actual creative process. It's gambling, occasionally when someone buys a company, they'll get lucky and it will be successful, usually in spite of them and not because of them.
kirinQ (7 months ago)
watching after Mega Man 11 announcement
Cody Mayo (7 months ago)
This is hard to watch after Yooka-Laylee shat the fucking bed.
Joe M (7 months ago)
A parasite Jim!? Really? If you hadn’t thanked God for me, I would’ve never forgiven you! >.> Well... I thoroughly enjoy leeching off of your content so, I probably would’ve actually.
Damien Halbert (7 months ago)
Thank god for you, and thank god for 20XX.
CN What I'm Saiyan? (6 months ago)
Or better yet, MegaMan 11
Drawable (7 months ago)
Dust has to be one of my favorite games of all time. It is so damn good.
Christina Lacey (8 months ago)
Thumps up for Gospel Bill.
Nigrescence (8 months ago)
Dust was genuinely an engaging, pretty, and fun game.
Owly Owlman (8 months ago)
I really can't wait for Bloodstained.
Owly Owlman (6 months ago)
Yeah, regardless it's a win/win. Would prefer it to be good though, 'cause I miss classic castlevania :<
Keyon Griffin (6 months ago)
I would love to see it either succeed or fail. On one hand, I get a good game. On the other hand, I get to see another crowdfunding catastrophe happen.
Several thousand Bees (8 months ago)
4:35 what's the difference? from the looks of it the concept art just had a slightly different color balance. am i missing something?
Lord Gulok (8 months ago)
Yeah, YukaLaly definitely did a good job. Totally not sarcasm.
TheMadMynah (8 months ago)
Y'know, if I wasn't poor as sh*t I would back this show. *Swigs Ramen Juice* A toast to my favorite creator.
Level 99 (8 months ago)
Inafune just showed the whole world that he is indeed a hack
CrudusViscus (8 months ago)
This video got me to buy SteamWorld Heist and I don't regret it.
TheJolle (8 months ago)
So in short; too much hype and the developer thought his balls were bigger
- - (8 months ago)
even well can clean it self so we can only hope next big success
Fred Jones (9 months ago)
One year later, and the response to Yooka-Laylee has overall been “Eh”.
AstralDragoon (9 months ago)
You get a like for the parasite bit, Jim.
Gou Gaming (9 months ago)
I couldn't help but burst out laughing at the parasite remark. This gets my upvote.
The Young Gamer (9 months ago)
The guy basically hyped the game... and stole peoples cash to make a shitty game
zlostnypopolnik (9 months ago)
4 million? It's better than nothing.
Rex Remedy (9 months ago)
I am watching for free! I am a f.. parasite!
Chrono Ryono (9 months ago)
"On the plus side, Yooka-Laylee still looks excellent." -Jim Sterling, June 2016 Well...
Christian Berina (9 months ago)
What's the name of that Castlevania-ish looking game?
Hentie Dj (9 months ago)
I just have to say how many Sonic games are not better than nothing. It be better for someone to just take a s*** in your hands.
TheTSense (10 months ago)
This video makes me fap while playing War for the Overworld
BeastlyMussel61 (10 months ago)
Was FTL crowdfunded? If so I would add to the list of great crowdfunded games, especially since it was developed by only 2 people.
Domura (10 months ago)
WillieManga (10 months ago)
I may be a parasite, but I am not an ungrateful parasite. I could donate some of my income to you, but maybe later.
Chronik Cough (10 months ago)
Thank god for Jim fucking Sterling son!
Elcarsh (10 months ago)
Who you calling a parasite?! Oh, me? Well, can't argue with that.

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