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10 Most Expensive Virtual Items Ever Sold

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Text Comments (12071)
Dave R (9 hours ago)
Where's AWP dragon lore?
Bayorka (13 hours ago)
CSGO Skins are more worth
Hunter Cupp (18 hours ago)
Si the first one came from $200 to fricking 14k???
Is the Dragon Lore on here before i watch?
Christopher Holfeld (1 day ago)
And yet I’ve never even heard of entropia
Dyno Saur (3 days ago)
Lol RMT Real Money Trading, its legit those who experienced it are the ones who are truly gamers. Hacks, Leveling Service, Scams and Bots have evolved too. No way you are going to experience those on a mobile, console game or even a Lan game. Power leveling, grinding, upgrading, market and pvp solo/team/quest then troll or bully someone from another country with alien language chat log you cant understand/read. Kids today just buy expensive PC, phone, console and they call themselves gamers wtf noobs. Another thing is that a good flashy graphics/storyline doesnt mean its a good game.
fnhs90 (4 days ago)
No blue partyhat?
Thomas (4 days ago)
Not one mention of EvE Online? Really?
MaestrO Frags (6 days ago)
trash games
Koh Jerrick (6 days ago)
Ghoul trooper is number 1 now
C. Tht (6 days ago)
I bought (with a clan) the most powerfull diablo 3 echoing fury ON EU serv ... For 750€. Number 1 of d3 vanilla . 14k ? Retards..
mikes gt (6 days ago)
What idiots would buy this shit
Brandnewflix (7 days ago)
aye hit my line if you k now how we can make money with this money
Presley Pereira (7 days ago)
No CS go?
Eagle Playz (7 days ago)
roblox dominus , ROBLOX WANTS MONEY
MrIkesimba (7 days ago)
For such expensive game items the games look like complete shit.
Narrator doesn't know very much about these games, which really hurts the quality of his commentary. "The sword . . . was said to have incredible power!"
wooly samoan (8 days ago)
Degrad21 (8 days ago)
Well, that is wrong for 100% because I know for sure, that there was a counter strike global offensive skin (m9 crimson web FN stattrack with 3 Webs) sold for 24.000 ...so you missed at least that one
Brett Wiens (8 days ago)
wheres the souvenir awp dragon lore factory new? from csgo 35 k
Gadekko (8 days ago)
you forgot bitcoin
Ka loners (9 days ago)
Echoeing fury is trash i got it when i was low level and got rid of it 🤣
julian12465 (9 days ago)
And here I am, complaining about 20-40 dollar season passes...
notso rekt (9 days ago)
why is the thumbnail of a WoW sword?
slaughtered777 (10 days ago)
Hahahhahah good to see you again Lemmy!!! 8:30
jerk chicken (11 days ago)
10 items sold in a game called entropia that looks like shit and you've never heard of
Bre Fujimoto (11 days ago)
who are these losers
alt knight (11 days ago)
Only in china would devs open a game to the public and start it off by having an auction selling armor and swords that will give players a head start. How miserible it must be in china. Not a fan of the culture tbh. Go to chinese games and chinese servers the majority player base is using 3rd party hacks amd extorting cheating is basically just the normal thing that everybody does.
Slaw Dawg (11 days ago)
Alderman is a sick fucking pervert.
Gengu (12 days ago)
Fortnite Recon Expert
Lobocyfer (12 days ago)
8:31 what is lemmy doing here>?
Lotus (12 days ago)
This narrator is driving me up the fucking wall.
Adam Bussert (12 days ago)
Amazing how far we’ve come from Mario .
KikYu0 (12 days ago)
Fuck These List and Shit Games.
Allixar (13 days ago)
What about Sapphire Angel Shoes and Open Circuit shirt? They worth like 2 million Taros and people in Fusionfall hump up the prices up!
Some Guy (13 days ago)
Honestly roblox dominus sell for a shit ton 😂
madman2u (14 days ago)
In terms of an investment I do get why people buy virtual stuff, but just buying it to keep for yourself just because you can afford it or for out of vanity is IMO just a waste of money. Though it's their money and they can obviously spend it however they like. It does make one a bit sad though to see that people spend so much on basically pixels. I've personally spent real money on virtual goods, but it's nowhere near these sums. I'll never buy virtual stuff for real money again. I've realized that it's not worth it and the shortcut will usually take the joy out of the game that you'll get by working for your items.
TheBangooman (14 days ago)
If you'd told me that I can get rich by paying 100k for a crappy game's "planet" or whatever I'd consider it as likely as getting rich by taking out all my money from the bank and giving it to the first hobo I find on the street....yet somehow it worked for that guy. Who plays that crappy looking game anyway? I don't get it.
Unlicensed Memes (15 days ago)
Sign up for Star Citizen! It's a space game in the works that is going to be bigger than any game ever. Here is a code for an extra 5,000 credits when signing up, cheers! STAR-WBHX-Y5MT
pointlesseternity (15 days ago)
You forgot bitcoins
Dustin Upchurch (16 days ago)
i sell a way to get 500k each mission will do 10 missions 20$ just hitme up but this bitch ass video has no infinite sky i see l33ts going for 1000$ even today fuck this video
Me: *REPLIES* (16 days ago)
Roblox dominuses
DEEGE GAMING (17 days ago)
How coked you got be to morgage your house to buy something on a video game
DEEGE GAMING (17 days ago)
This video gave me a headache
Uhm ...what about the CSGO factory-new karambit case hardened blue gem for 100.000$
Jeffemano (17 days ago)
You sure this isn't a fail video?
Pretty Fancypants (18 days ago)
Thats jaw dropping. :o
cyprien ry (19 days ago)
This guy isn't talking about the statrack dragon lore in cs go
Rin Lockhart (19 days ago)
I'm not playing entropia.
Agram (22 days ago)
bunch of idiots
Onion Bagel (23 days ago)
Top ten most expensive things about in the Entropia (also most expensive)
Paul Alrenz Litanon (23 days ago)
Go search unusual baby roshan
paul anthony bulao (24 days ago)
why so much dislikes?
Albastine S. (24 days ago)
Lol this is too old to include star citizen macrotransactions.
Leaf Blitz (25 days ago)
10 Most Expensive Virtual Items Ever Sold - Number 1: CS:GO Knives/Skins.
chris aryan (26 days ago)
Anyone wants to buy my minecraft survival house with chicken farm for 200 dollars ? ill let you change the name of the server too
The Hyödytön Kanava (26 days ago)
1: VBucks...
Jesse Segedy (27 days ago)
This channel was created by artificial intelligence. The topics are selected by whatever is trending on google searches and then the computer finds clips and compiles them into a video while at the same time creating a voice to go with the video picking from random game show hosts and or DJs.
Chicken Nugget (28 days ago)
what about roblox it sells stuff thats like worth millions irl
godscop999 (28 days ago)
People are fucking idiots.
Michael The Sociopath (28 days ago)
So basically, lots of idiots spend money on these shite games?
ALI BAD (29 days ago)
But nothing is more powerful then the sword of a thousand truths
ChizuAmori (30 days ago)
Ugh...And I think what I buy stuff in games is expensive....XD Those ppls are just...wow so stupid....
Mark Le (30 days ago)
Lol these fkin nerds...
MaxPSVR (1 month ago)
Is an intangible asset fungible or non fungible
tr3nta (1 month ago)
in number 10 did the seller actually make any money? can you convert the gold into real money?
Keiran Brocklesby (1 month ago)
Entropia sounds like a shitty version of the game they play in ready player one
Jeff A (1 month ago)
never heard of such a dumb game. I've heard of EVE, that game sounds like a true waste of time.
최호경 (1 month ago)
리니지 집행검이 3만달러 정도 하는데 순위에 없네 ㅎ
ASD 8848 (1 month ago)
There should be a special mention of world of warcraft where he killed a player to take his item in real life!!!
Twitchy (1 month ago)
these aren't really dollar amounts spent on virtual items though. all of that stuff with entropia isn't micro transactions. they're investors cutting deals with the developers for stock in the company. entropia is not as much a videogame as it is an online investment market. it's nowhere near the same as selling a dota skin for 38 grand, or a sword in an mmorpg for 16k.
Streety (1 month ago)
Ever heard of roblox dominus?
Tushar Bhudia (1 month ago)
Lords mobile, champion armor costs £240,000 and one guy spent 1.1M$
Nelson Stack (1 month ago)
it was to my understanding that rwt was completely illegal.
Nightbladez (1 month ago)
this video should have been called 10 most expensive entropia items ever sold xD
Erwin Wu (1 month ago)
Matthew Tencza (1 month ago)
Wow! I will never complain about overpriced items in World of Warships ever again!
Primoz the Gamer (1 month ago)
Wow poor diablo player at the start.. 40 billion gold wouldnt be much now.. It is ez to get it with Puzzle Rings.. And now we have ancient who have awesome stats.. And also primal ancients who have literally max stats possible...
Hase (1 month ago)
5:39 got them tissues ready
Adam Osgood (1 month ago)
gamers are pathetic human beings
Markas Antonius (1 month ago)
This video just proves there are a load of morons out there with too much money and not much sanity ;). Entropia universe is THE biggest collection of *sad little fuckers* I have ever seen online. I do not use/play it and I do not know anybody that does. To piss away that much money on something that does not exist, jesus fucking Christ ;(
what gamer has 26,500 dollars?
XvLarvavX (1 month ago)
Wtf is Entropia?
michael angelo malig (1 month ago)
More like top 10 most expensive virtual item on entropia
Solomon (1 month ago)
I played that Chinese game <martial of arts> I have earned tons of money from that game, it is quite profitable
Zyga (1 month ago)
just name it top 10 entropia sales
Attacus (1 month ago)
Tf2 should be on this list their unusuals are fucking expensive
Jati Nugraha (1 month ago)
Pft 😒
Fukuro (1 month ago)
everyone down here is gonna be like "Pfft, who spends *THAT* much on VIDEO GAMES!?" its not addiction its love
Jake Good (1 month ago)
If csgo carmbit is not hear I swear
User30918 (1 month ago)
There is also an game that is nowdays dead, Airrivals. A dude had a BOSSed weapon that he won from a tournament. You can't make this weapon ingame and it's broken asf.
The Kriptoker (1 month ago)
Guaranteed most of these 'ultra-rare' items were given to the original sellers by Dev's.
kiurizenful (1 month ago)
ETERNITY in Guild Wars 2
cookiesw (1 month ago)
I thought all 10 would be csgo skins
doom8589 (1 month ago)
Im sorry but..seriously? Jeez wtf is wrong with people if they have that much money to burn on a stupid piece of digital data, help the poor or some one who's less fortunate do something constructive to help society. I walk by homeless every week and I do what I can to help this is just sad.
snotlout irontoe (1 month ago)
game looks trash, same for those who play it, soulless unemployed, malnourished, stinky, ugly, yeast infectious virgins losers
sly bob (1 month ago)
Entropia is so damn old i wonder who still play the game. It's basically a boring cash grab unless you get in early and also invested real cash. Now those people are milking new players which quickly realize they can't do shit without paying money and realize the game is boring.
edoh (1 month ago)
These mother fuckers are laundering money
Osqa Byamos (1 month ago)
This has blown my mind, people actually making money off video games!?

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