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10 Most Expensive Virtual Items Ever Sold

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Text Comments (11275)
Raphael Araujo (21 hours ago)
Nice clickbait, faggot.
Brandon Drake (1 day ago)
Some of these things isnt even items......and all of these games are fucking lame and most have never heard of them lol
ivan peñero (1 day ago)
Anyone what my VR supermario?? :D
ThePainTrain (1 day ago)
never mentioned the stat trak fac new m9 bayonet crimson web that went for like $29k... not that it matches the top stuff here, i just think it should be in the top 10
DanPan (2 days ago)
ive never heard any of these games in my life how rare can they be i mean who cares
Aku0 (3 days ago)
I sold my gear in Onigiri MMO for 200$
Aku0 (3 days ago)
The sword only was for 100$ , half the price
zgrillo2004 (4 days ago)
Whoever buys a virtual item that cost an insane amount of money is a fucking moron.
/// (7 days ago)
So what you are saying is that I should get Entropia Universe?
Synday (8 days ago)
what about the diablo 2 rare bow that went for 25k euro?
Donito YT (8 days ago)
Wanna buy my Minecraft World? It's made of Diamonds! Just 60,000$, Once, Twice?
Random Stuff (10 days ago)
Was expecting some WoW, LoL, DOTA or CSGO stuff. Instead got the same single game I've never even heard of 5 times in a row. I mean, cool for the people in the game... if there are any left.
BjornBS (10 days ago)
Uses WoW thumbnail, has no WoW content...
何煌 (12 days ago)
WTF so lie why they use lot of money to buy a freak dumb thing go buy a super car better then a freak game too nerd
plaguelock (12 days ago)
Why the fuck would anyone spend 14k dollars on an item in a video game? That is beyond retarded. What a huge waste of money. Especially once they got rid of RMAH, and items like that became common place. He basically threw all that money in the trash.
River Randle (12 days ago)
Interesting great video
GaryandMarcie Perkins (13 days ago)
This video illustrates perfectly how to spend money in the most idiotic way possible.
The Officer (14 days ago)
Where's the Burning TC?
Raptor Jesus (14 days ago)
f%%k, all the years i wasted playing WoW in my teens i should have spent playing entropia XD
The Chainsaw Squirrel (15 days ago)
Where the fuck are party hats in this vid!?
Obe Wan (16 days ago)
Sold a sorc shield on diablo 2 for $300 back when you could sell virtual items on ebay.
Bisbo (16 days ago)
Karambit case hardened?
Brandon Petrovia (17 days ago)
So people are just plain retarded is what you’re trying to tell me...
John Gaddd (17 days ago)
I thought buying -13,000- vBucks was expensive...
Marcel Ferencz (17 days ago)
entropia? never heard
fdjizm (18 days ago)
This is some silly shit.
HackingManic (18 days ago)
me before this vid "csgo, csgo,csgo and csgo"
Matt Builds (18 days ago)
And i thought my burning tc's were expensive af...
Brutal Blaze (18 days ago)
expecting runescape before i watch
MonkeySeeMonkeyDoo? (19 days ago)
Never seen anything about entropia other than this why are grown men selling their houses for it lmao
Luke Osborne (20 days ago)
What the fuck is Entropia
ashrewdness (20 days ago)
Don't even show the $24k M9 Bayonet from CSGO? Ok
ashrewdness (20 days ago)
"Sword that doesn't exist" I mean, virtual items are tangible so it does exist.
I'm Lost (21 days ago)
Go use the money in your family .. no I wanna use it on a virtual asteroid
King V California (21 days ago)
Cs go
I'm Lost (21 days ago)
Go buy a car
Eric Bee (21 days ago)
so number 1 didnt really happen yet its #1..ooooook
peacebuds530 (22 days ago)
Blue Party Hat in Runescape
Sharkitu (23 days ago)
Honestly I can see how people do this. At one point my counter strike account was worth around $1,200. I mean I only ever spent like $500 on the game and traded my way up but still. I use to mow yards like 4 times a week to get money for a new skin. I was addicted to counter strike but not to the game, to the skins.
Siz Mo (24 days ago)
Dota dog. One of a kind.. only four available
Dayton Winnie (24 days ago)
and to this day no one gives a fuck
Dodgy Dazz (24 days ago)
Some ppl.have more money then brains
Dennis D D (24 days ago)
I smell bullshit. He says someone paid 6 million dollars for Calypso... Really? Look at Metacritic reviews of this game- no critics ever reviewed it, 23 user scores with a 4.3/10 average rating. I would be fairly certain that the game purchases were/was likely some kind of money laundering scheme.
Pradeep Poonia (25 days ago)
no crypto?
jrobinson5787 (25 days ago)
jason li (25 days ago)
In China, there is a game call "梦幻西游" one weapon worth 100000+USD
Adrian Daret (26 days ago)
Can't believe how dumb some people are...
SpeziesQ (26 days ago)
The most of these games looks damn shit!
isaak h (26 days ago)
Goat (26 days ago)
Am i the only one that saw Lemmy Killmister?
joao picao (27 days ago)
what about csgo skins?
M4 Media (27 days ago)
Ugh that click bait picture.
QuasiELVIS (27 days ago)
I would be interested to hear what "Top Trending"s connection with Entropia is. It's obviously a scam and I'm curious whether they're part of it or just taking money to advertise it.
Louis Artemis (28 days ago)
lol why not make an easy monster profit when there are people dumb\vain+rich enough, just waiting to give it to you!
ATN orange (28 days ago)
I know I sound like those 9 year olds but what about the roblox dominus? I'm sorry for asking that
Anubis (28 days ago)
The voice tone used here is simply unbearable, ending every sentence (or even half sentence) with the same movie trailer tone. Sounds like a robot. To be fair a robot would probably sound much better.
Jon Braun (29 days ago)
Someone bought a bitcoin for $20,000.
EnCrypticon23x (30 days ago)
I've never even heard of Entropia lol...
DelluXeD (30 days ago)
CSGO m9 blu gem $100 k
Viking Ghost 117 (30 days ago)
Who would've thought someone would pay top dollar for stuff more worthless than real world items made in China? Or so I thought.... Gotta admit though... the fact some of these people turned their investments around and made, for ex. the guy who mortgaged his house so he could by virtual real estate for over 300k?!?!?! Sounds like a good way to get divorced/never date again. But then he turned around and made 200k/year, then sold it after I forget after how many years for 660k lol.... sad, funny, and smart all bundled into one.
QuasiELVIS (30 days ago)
Join me in reporting this blatent underhanded advertising to get it taken down. If these guys want to advertise their crappy game they should do it with a bit more honesty and integrity.
CSGO: Dragon lore, Howl, Fire serpent, and other
etimacias (1 month ago)
And I thought I spent too much buying mobile games currency :D
Push (1 month ago)
kill me
Jabroni (1 month ago)
Get A Life
Tyler Theriot (1 month ago)
Wtf is this game even that you keep talking about...
LYS 1080p (1 month ago)
Oh look, another 10:XX clickbait video.
Cam sandhu (1 month ago)
What about alpha boost in rocket league
Cat The Cat (1 month ago)
I'm not even impressed at some of these honestly. After a certain dollar amount, it just gets weird, desu.
If Mourning Ever Comes (1 month ago)
Entropia looks like a game a serial killer would play.
Krampus (1 month ago)
Is this BaerTaffy who is speaking?
Realinho (1 month ago)
... and then they shut down the servers.
TheRealKiTTeN (1 month ago)
you should make another of this series but add in runescapes "zezima" who sol his famous account for 10,000$ i believe on ebay?
mrmann123456789 (1 month ago)
<3 baertaffy
0xVENx0 (1 month ago)
talk about pay to win
Rae Of Astora (1 month ago)
The Sword of a Thousand Truths
User8571 (1 month ago)
Damnit! I KNEW I should've spent all my time playing Project Entropia instead of wasting it in school.
Joe Williams (1 month ago)
These virtual real estate "games" are sketchy as fuck
Thor B (1 month ago)
Why'd you show a sword from WoW as click bait ? man
Ny Tony Andrian'aina (1 month ago)
who thought about CWA with that intro?
chesster423 (1 month ago)
Never heard of these games.
Mihai Alexandru (1 month ago)
Entropia wtf ....and wheres WOW ? I know people selling accounts for scary amount of $$
Up down (1 month ago)
I love gaming but... This is sad...
matt Levy (1 month ago)
Fac new Awp dragonlore
Carl 0695 (1 month ago)
meanwhile the highest item ive sold in an online game so far is worth 40usd xd
ItsPassY (1 month ago)
wow these games are real shit
Genocide OW (1 month ago)
these ppl are actually derranged. I bet all of them drive a garbage can of a car simultaneously to this bs.
No (1 month ago)
Ah I hate when people try to translate game currency back to RL money. It doesn't work that way, that's a reverse currency trade..
Athea Hope (1 month ago)
Lemmy is in this video FTW
Radio Free Atlantic (1 month ago)
Anyone who pays 14k on a game deserves poverty
Unknown Atlas (1 month ago)
Purpl (1 month ago)
Wheres the burning team captain :(
Mc Lovin (1 month ago)
Nice fucking wow thumbnail not even mentioning it piss off
Shrapnel (1 month ago)
dont believe any of this bullshit
Clint Eastwood (1 month ago)
I’m gonna invest my money in some virtual land
camren gaming (1 month ago)
How about roblox dominus
BeatSportOfficial (1 month ago)
I somewhat can understand when you buy a Skin for Dota or whatever. But why the hell would u buy an OP Item in Diablo just to win everything? Where´s the fun?
Youtuber Youcuber (1 month ago)
id be glad to hack this entropia universe game
peter chumpis (1 month ago)
this video is '10 Most Expensive Entropia Online Items Ever Sold'
Jon Mantooth (1 month ago)
Blue Party Hat
Fábio Palma (1 month ago)
This is crazy! Reminds me of some Magic the Gathering cards and their over values for some stupid paper printing

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