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10 Most Expensive Virtual Items Ever Sold

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Text Comments (11892)
Sk8TheGamer (22 minutes ago)
Never heard of entropia but its giving me OASIS vibes
Antonio lopez (2 hours ago)
I have a marvel future fight acct fs everything unlocked asking 400
Ipanda (9 hours ago)
Can't imagine binary codes is this expansive
wackomanx (14 hours ago)
And then ROS came out and that Echoing Fury wasn't worth anything. Ouch. I never enjoyed Echoing Fury. I would rather my Barbarian use two rare swords with 2.20-2.30% damage dealt is converted to life and base critical damage % or increased attack speed %.
AMZ Hentai (17 hours ago)
This is why EA exist...
ShadeyBladey (17 hours ago)
_"Until it was snapped up by a moron with more money than sense..."_ >:8o
TCPUDPATM PORTS (21 hours ago)
Am I the only person who hasn’t heard of this “Entropia”?
Kotaro Yayoshi (19 hours ago)
yeah I never heard of it till now
J Dog (22 hours ago)
J Dog (22 hours ago)
Yeah bit how do you convert in game money to real life money....? You can't.
Silver Saber (23 hours ago)
Rather play monster Hunter for next to free....most of the world's looks dated did Enttroip pay you to make this video....thery games looks like crap
Christian Ticzon (1 day ago)
i play a lot of online games but never heard that entropia...the heck that game ? only 2 game mention i really know
AndreasH (1 day ago)
i spent 2 grand on clash of clans top tier troops like
top banana (1 day ago)
its all bullshit its all done to suck you into a world off bullshit to suck you dry of your cash for what ??? lol
Dániel Deák (2 days ago)
A lot of money for a bunch of pixels if you ask me.
Kotaro Yayoshi (19 hours ago)
If you own a credit card, most of your money is a bunch of pixels.
basil al sadi (2 days ago)
XOTiCiTY (3 days ago)
If insee fucking fortnite comments im done. Fortnite is EA
Albreakable (3 days ago)
Vlad Long (3 days ago)
I couldn't help but notice most of these come from a single game...
Solracxy sarly (3 days ago)
Well the Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore FN is more than $30000, but it isnt on the list
ZenithalPoint (4 days ago)
There is case of South korean MMORPG called Lineage. It should be placed as second. It traded 700k US$.
Kommandant Franz (4 days ago)
James Goku (4 days ago)
Wtf...this is basicly just advertisement for entropia.
Joe Jones (4 days ago)
Wow!! People will absolutely " buy" just any thing.... Anybody want to purchase this social media statement I just made? You can twist these words around to mean almost anything you want. Plus as an added bonus, I'll even through in the possibility that other people will respond to this as well. But wait!! There is more.... this statement comes with the use of various vowels and other sought after words such as: " Umm " and multiple misuses of the English language. As well as misspelling, and absolutely no end to all the various possibilities of upsetting that annoying literature major you been dieing to aggravate. HURRY GOING FAST!! Starting bid: of a mere $ 5,000. U.S. dollars.
wicked geekvape (4 days ago)
Jacob: honey, dont come home tonight. I just sold the house for an in game item. Wife: i want divorse Months later after jacob had a sale of 600k: Wife: ....... Jacob: HAHAHAHAHA
Terry May (4 days ago)
If this is clickbait where are we clicking too?
Drew Smith (4 days ago)
What a fucking pathetic society gamers have become.
Nick Holloway (4 days ago)
Is it sad I don't have a clue wtf entropia is, and definitely must be a rich snob game
PS4 GAMING (5 days ago)
Where are vbucks?
DarylHarder (5 days ago)
WTF I've never heard of the game entropia and it looks really really bad why would you spend anything on it
Kid Esper (5 days ago)
lol this is why i hate mmos
Stefano Chiodi (5 days ago)
Stefano Chiodi (5 days ago)
speeddevil4040 (5 days ago)
don't let EA see this video
Resz7 (6 days ago)
I too am doing nothing with my life.
MarBearCat (6 days ago)
Was there actually any REAL money involved in any of these transactions? The way this video looked, it's all game-cash.
Lutz Harald (6 days ago)
8:30 Lemmy what are you doing there? :D
Jose Luis Sobral (7 days ago)
All that ''Entropia'' shit sounds like a hoax brah
Max (7 days ago)
I know (and play) every Game from this list 😂😂
Aolrizky Rahman (6 days ago)
Wow amazing how much money do you lose ps i didnt know there someone still comment after 2 year (Sorry if my english is bad but it just if to just if okay that doesnt mean im stupid what you are thinking im stupid "you will pay you will pay"-random grandma from pokemon red rom hack(its preety good))
GingerBreadMan1178 (7 days ago)
When you buy a lot of things and people stop playing. All that money wasted.
RuckaInc (7 days ago)
Entropia players are autistic, apparently.
slip guy (7 days ago)
Dark souls weapons and armor for sale. Offer will not last long. Only 365 days left
predator5775 (8 days ago)
Entropia aside, anyone seen how much expensive unusual hats get on TF2?
Matthew Lim (8 days ago)
And I thought me buying a $290 Bayonet on CS is a big transaction hmm..
Pip Squek (8 days ago)
John neverdie...
Toucan.Onion (8 days ago)
I have a butter fly knife fade FN stattrack. going for 390$
Crisis Control (8 days ago)
ommmmmmg!!!!! 6mil.....?????
albert Rich (8 days ago)
i sold a t4 twinked rogue in wow for $575
Bart Bartolo (8 days ago)
fukin dumbed down society and spoiled kids with parents money , those 3d engines look so poor and shitty that must joke haha , how dumb you can be to come to that shitty place and give some on money for mining? epic retards
Gryo (8 days ago)
Roblox has items worth wayyy more
r kar (9 days ago)
This video has no real content. Ive watched several game items go at these prices and much higher. Cards on rage of bahamut where basically selling for 10,000 daily saw one at almost 20k. I sold one of my cards for a new tablet. Fun game but it was a digital card. Game can't be played now I still have the tablet for a security camera.
Clash Arena T.V (9 days ago)
Keep your credit card away from kids
Stefan Batrinache (10 days ago)
Lol, almost all of these games are shit.
Mad and stupid Americans 😄
Wolf Namina (11 days ago)
This man bought virtual land? Sword art online here we come
GearSoft (12 days ago)
if you play entropia then youre actually retarded
Jauhny (12 days ago)
Christmas cracker on RS3 is like 10 grand! Lol
Gilded Drake (12 days ago)
I smell money laundring in this entropia thing i've never heard of. that, or a secret club of millionaires wanting a small simulation of a trademarket.
Mangngal Huidrom (12 days ago)
Dota 2 💜💜💜
Icey (13 days ago)
wheres the awp dlore fn souveineir
AnthroTsuneon (13 days ago)
Pfffthah. BoomBV... That's boom/tree, ya prick
brazos pastoral (13 days ago)
I will use this token in future, I think this token will up in price.
Alles Gut (13 days ago)
Btw entropia is ugly as fuck
Alles Gut (13 days ago)
How retarded humans can be...
Not_ Magikarp (13 days ago)
Where’s the AWP Dragon Lore factory new?
Alexander Song (13 days ago)
You should update the list, an Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore was sold in csgo for $61,052.63
Noah Keindorf (14 days ago)
Was ist mit dem schwert der tausend wahrheiten
TheFatAmericans1 (14 days ago)
Who the fuck is playing this Entropia game
Andrew D. (14 days ago)
Another clickbait. TO EVERYONE, click on the 3 dots under the video and click on report, click on spam or misleading and then misleading thumbnail. About time these idiots learn how to treat their viewers
Lukas Tran (14 days ago)
Fucking pay to win shit
KJER ERRT (14 days ago)
Kartik Dobhal (15 days ago)
Clearly just advertising entropia. Not cool
Gregor Lucarovič (15 days ago)
A sword that doesn't really exist??!?! IT DOES, IT'S INGAME!
xX-ATLAS CORP-Xx (15 days ago)
so basically, the game is for the rich person. because all i heard is you need to pay. dayum crapy 2006 game
Eathypeathy (15 days ago)
Where’s csgo
Go To Roblox T Shirts
Gabrie l (15 days ago)
Am I the only one who's never heard of entropia universe
SaraDerps (16 days ago)
When you're mortgaging your actual home..... you need to rethink some things c'x Though I suppose he made his money back LMAO!
v0rt3x14 gamez14 (16 days ago)
Ppl get way into these futuristic second life games i would kill myself if i spent thus much money
Jack Bandit (16 days ago)
How did I never hear of this game Entropia? Like it must be very popular, but not only is this video the first time I heard of it, it's the only time.
ToXiK__ (16 days ago)
It sucks that these people sold their stuff for real money but can only buy stuff in-game and will never see that cash in real life :/
Dezzyx (16 days ago)
I'm all about spending money for whatever personally gives you joy, but this is insane.
Tom Tang (17 days ago)
acevitamin (17 days ago)
should've said john neverdie jacobs is an actor and such
Greg Bester (17 days ago)
I can't handle the line by line voice editing of this video. The cuts are so unnatural. Jesus, learn how to nail the spots properly all the way through.
Mark Morales (17 days ago)
I thought my $5k in Star Citizen was a lot. apparently not.
Alexandr Denyakin (17 days ago)
Umm, you might as well fucking HACK
Anick (17 days ago)
No AWP Dragonlore! D:
EscapedMentalHorse (17 days ago)
*Laughing all the way to the bank*
Elnaroth (17 days ago)
fuck you for clickbait
BigBoyE (17 days ago)
Everything on star wars battlfront 2 should be on it
#10: Fortnite skull trooper
Notaforumguy007 (17 days ago)
I wouldn't really count people buying with in game currency, since more often then not they don't turn it into real money, in fact trying to turn it into real money would get you banned potentially losing all that money, so it doesn't really count. entropia though seems to encourage real money transactions as evidenced by the developers themselves selling in game content for money. Also the profits from the territories probably can't be directly translated from in game currency to real money quickly cause i never heard of entropia before this video so i imagine its actual demand for in game money for real money isn't high. So its likely they weren't making 200k a year from transactions in game cause there wasn't enough people willing to pay real money for in game money, which is probably why the guy sold it for 600k otherwise he'd be a fool to give up a 200k yearly income, that really required little effort from him. The one who partnered with developers though probably made the most money since the company was directly paying them real money.
Bradley welch (17 days ago)
#4, split the profit? Shape it to whatever the "selling company deems fit?" That's a poor deal. If I had bought that property for 150k I'm giving u 10-25% of my profit.
Killerfaithfish (18 days ago)
Were is the dragon lore skin from csgo that ones expensive!!!!!!!!
CanadianMistake (18 days ago)
I didn’t see any burning flames team captain from team fortress 2
Soldier Boy23 (18 days ago)
People need to seriously get a life. This is just down right pathetic
DownhillDuff1024 (18 days ago)
Quit your fucking crying kid, If you want I’ll let you lick my asshole
Dunk Master Darius (18 days ago)
All that revenue for Entropia and the graphics look like dog shit......
Tyronne Jardim (19 days ago)
Man there are stupid people everywhere.What a waste ,so pathetically stupid yet dumbasses keep buying .
OnStocks (19 days ago)
Fucking grievance was a rich bastard and then crown prince fucking prices up

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