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Naruto M.U.G.E.N Edition 2010 - PC Game (with Download)

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DOWNLOAD: http://ristar87mugen.blogspot.com/2015/02/narut0-mugen.html Join me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RistaR87 I HAVEN'T MADE THOSE CHARACTERS AND STAGES. I ONLY GATHER THEM ALL, FIXED WHAT I MUST, BALANCED THEM AND PLACED THEM IN SCREENPACK MADE BY RULO13 AND ME If you want to play it on Full Screen press Alt+Enter This game contains 90 characters and 53 stages. Here you can find complete roster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsLUsPc8MSM ================================ SPECIAL MOVES - Important! Must Read! ================================ Don't ask me for Special Moves and Combos! -You can find the Special Moves for some chars in their folders in 'Readme.txt' or 'Movelist.txt'. If you don't. This could be helpful: Chakra Charge can be any single button (including Start/Enter), or Two Buttons pressed together. Special Moves can be usually done when you have enough of chakra and press 'Down + Some Button', 'Down, Forward + Some Button', 'Down, Backward + Some Button' or Two Buttons pressed together. Sometimes even 'Down,Forward,Down,Forward + Some Button' or 'Down,Backward,Down,Backward + Some Button' and rarely 'Down,Backward,Forward + Some Button' or 'Down,Forward,Backward + Some Button'. The best way to learn Special Moves is to go to TRAINING mode and practice. If you still have some problems or want to learn more, subscribe to this guy and ask him for help: http://www.youtube.com/user/liquid7848 ======== CREDITS ======== -ScreenPack by RistaR87 and Rulo13 Intro by RistaR87 Title screen by RistaR87 Title menu fonts by Rulo13 Options screen by RistaR87 Select screen by Rulo13 Character portraits by RistaR87 -Special Thanks to: MGSSJ2, Anjel, Deidara-Rap, Xandrarre, kofelsalvador10th, Shikaa and Orhan, Akamura, gotagz ,sergiu, hyuga, jordz187, Twins Cool, TACHI3, Choji55, sage_naruto, PHONIX2000, Pheitan, Kyubi_Mugen_Anbu, PR-kun, viper X2, Vitor Angeli, Keimil, Dem0n, Drago30000, Madara, mugenguru, ReySpriter, danilodass, cj2fly07, mel-mel, han23, Wow@, Twins cool & Sannin, Urahara Green Hat, CLIFF-A, Jefferson Gimenez, Kevinsmugen, itzandrewN, Shinzui Uindo, A13, chobitss55, Shimori, Kaitsu-Gohan, bleed-fast-die-slow, DuSh!do, Twins Cool, PR-kun, Sasuke299, Veron, Krainz, Jefferson Gimenez, Ninjakitteh, Mithos1992 and Uchiha for all the awesome characters :D ...and also Special Thanks to all creators of the magnificent stages I used :) Please download, play, comment and rate! ^_^
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Text Comments (524)
Victor Quintero (1 month ago)
oh yeah
leo gib (3 months ago)
El mejor juego mugen de naruto shipuuden me la pase increible jugandolo
tinh nguyenkim (5 months ago)
Luis Jaime (9 months ago)
¬b¬ Download PC Games https://goo.gl/vkybKQ
grimmi_YT (11 months ago)
а будто по мне изза того что забава была сотворена в 2010 году когда мне было 4 я ставлю + ну-ка тоетсь 9/10
Yaroslav B.A (1 year ago)
Смотрю в 2017... Ностальгия зашкаливает... До мурашек.
Когда зашёл качнуть муген для рамок и повстречал 1-го натурала в комментариях )
Vlone (5 months ago)
Cмотрю в 2018)))
Hiền Nguyễn (1 year ago)
how to make skill rasengan of naruto and chidori of sasuke???
Миша Кевра (1 year ago)
изволь сбросьте сылку на игру
gamesflash play (1 year ago)
I can add as many characters as I want or have a limit?
SrDonaut (1 year ago)
Vengadorx100 (1 year ago)
Tenes que volver a hacer Mugen.
By te (1 year ago)
Как скачать верно и без вирусов?
Стаил Gangster (1 year ago)
будто запалнять шкалу расенгана і чідорвейі
Alexandr Briefs (2 years ago)
Очень хотелось бы, чтоб создатель сделал новейшую игру, т.к у движка появились новые версии, конечно и еще к тому же на данный момент кушать персонажи/спрайты в стиле NZC. Надеюсь на то,что создатель сей игры и будет продолжать мастерить игры на этом движке, а эта забава тоже хороша собой, и более наименее равновесна) Thanks to the author and everyone who worked on characters, I wish you great success and release of new games on this engine!)
Laxmi Negi (2 years ago)
wow this is better then othres
S91-Boruto Uchiha (2 years ago)
gracias ristar87 naruto storm mugen 2012 por favor
for 2010 this game was amazing, but it does not even compare with naruto full storm 4 from 2016 :))
Alowsh games (2 years ago)
GameRysplays Y.N (2 years ago)
onde canso deixa a telka grande
Malvin Fibanachi (2 years ago)
Прекрасная графика
How to Mangekyo sharingan with Kakashi?
Matiias (3 years ago)
Good Mugen!
Mohan Gokhale (3 years ago)
Its pain not pein
Wren Eublera (3 years ago)
how to open
boy anime 8171 (3 years ago)
Kirendows Play (3 years ago)
Игра супер благодарю огромное!!!Советую болтать!
Warrick Blake (3 years ago)
how can i download this game?
chakra (3 years ago)
lordvasto brasil (3 years ago)
Nao possui virus pq e da engine mugen (engine famosa)
MUGEN BR (3 years ago)
+lordvasto brasil Não, tou baixando ele, e tá de boa sem Vírus !
Akim Muqris (3 years ago)
How to make versus CPU not 2Player... -_- *Where naruto Bijuu,Onoki,Kazekage Gaara (sand mesoleum),Madara Susanoo  *i hope u do it..thnx ^^
Akim Muqris (3 years ago)
How to make versus CPU not 2Player... -_- *Where naruto Bijuu,Onoki,Kazekage Gaara (sand mesoleum),Madara Susanoo  *i hope u do it..thnx ^^
Demir Çalışkan (4 years ago)
Vali Channel (4 years ago)
PEIN :))). Is pain no PEIN :).
Vali Channel (3 years ago)
GG man, biut why write Versus Mode ? Versus mode is in english not spanish or other language.
Matiias (3 years ago)
+Vali Channel Idiot
Justin Hylton (4 years ago)
Gama Putra (4 years ago)
kail alfaori (4 years ago)
Man can anybody tell me what that music is after the first one
Igor Skoro (4 years ago)
can you download it with out internate
Roland Nagy (4 years ago)
madara susanno?
Iulian Surleac (2 years ago)
and what
Iulian Surleac (2 years ago)
and what
6kayra1ts (4 years ago)
Marko San (4 years ago)
Herbert Barboza (4 years ago)
O jogo é bom, só não gostei da maneira de escolher os personagens.
Spark wizi (4 years ago)
How to charge chidori
Matiias (3 years ago)
+Spark wizi Down+Forward Z
ziko béèn (4 years ago)
i want your screenpack plz !!!
Mir Angeles (4 years ago)
Hey Men Is it Working On Intel Atom Im using NETbook
Emmanuel FG (4 years ago)
eeehh el link de ese juego no funciona correctamente me descarga el de naruto vs Dbz
Guillermo Sepúlveda (4 years ago)
Shigetora #ContenteTV (4 years ago)
The Nuetrix (5 years ago)
You Lucky Bastard! This is a must have for M.U.G.E.N fans
Icaro Michel (5 years ago)
No Baixar O Gamer
CaptainShadowGaming (5 years ago)
bro never post a download in depositfiles becouse its inposable to download
Alfie Shozo (5 years ago)
can we add more character
Daylan Bryant (5 years ago)
ok how u play I know u said it but to much yo
™John NS (5 years ago)
men and cuanto pesa the archive
Adrian playsRoblox (5 years ago)
i Cant download it ?
Shiro Kuro (5 years ago)
do you have naruto M-U-G-E-N 2013 ?
Aarron Ali (5 years ago)
dude thank you
Slite (5 years ago)
I thought it was be gone with the thunder clap 4:06
Nathan Ralphson (5 years ago)
the jutsu is not clashing
nana asiedu (5 years ago)
thanks man for this video
Anonymous K (5 years ago)
it works ristar. also PS. your a hollow-man.
Soneji (5 years ago)
does this game work with 360 controller
Folly (5 years ago)
hey it me soberalldayable i got a new account because my old one got taken down you should check out some of my stuff man
Deniouz Blue (5 years ago)
SantoryuKing (5 years ago)
man i cant even get it to start
Caio Leonardo (5 years ago)
Ei lek responde ae o varquivo t apedindo senha qual é a senha
Simpleguy0010 (5 years ago)
MrD3ViL00 (5 years ago)
lol i make 999 hits with madara
Kozmoll Dark Planet (5 years ago)
Dwash6124 (5 years ago)
I have the game, i dont know how 2 use all the special moves though, is there some kind of "read me" for special moves?
Mr DareDevil (5 years ago)
At 1:21 you can hold it for more damage same goes for the 6 tails.
Adrian sanchez (5 years ago)
wey no se puede
Icằŗūs Kūŗøı (5 years ago)
i works on my notebook perfectly
jhun villamor (5 years ago)
how to extract part 1 ??? help plss
Fong Thao (5 years ago)
So is this only on Pc Not on a laptop nor mac rite?
Kevin van der kolk (5 years ago)
Dimitrije Despotovic (5 years ago)
benjamin f (5 years ago)
idk know really. try and hold down and press any attack commands
Kazuto Kirigaya (5 years ago)
Please response ristar. I have donloaded Naruto vs Dragon Ball Z And at naruto teen idk how to make shuriken rasengan when its sage mode(i modeo nce accidentally) plz help. My setting with 1p are: w(up) s(down) a(left) d(right) u,i,o and j,k,l(when you cahnge settings i just typed u,i,o,j,k,l after type w,s,a,d. Plz helppp
Victor Nogueira (5 years ago)
como faço para impactar o chidori com o rasengan
TheFeracrazy (5 years ago)
tem vírus ?
Jaka Buteelch (5 years ago)
Awesome Truly Awesome!!!
Bojan Bogdanovic (5 years ago)
i am donwloading this game on pirate bay with name Naruto M.U.G.E.N Edition 2010 by RistaR87 now, do it works?
RADIM Studna (5 years ago)
how can please be kombat rasengan__?
Garana Ononymous (5 years ago)
THE WEBPAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE ! Help me with this please..
rasengan soda (5 years ago)
i clicked download but it return to the 60 seconds timer again what should I do
uber hound (5 years ago)
How do you transform and do justus?
Ayush Thapa (5 years ago)
i think it is my second best naurto game first is naurto shipudden ultimate ninja 5
Kryo (5 years ago)
was jugo from shinobi rumble?
Gio Torres (5 years ago)
I need help When i play the game its so fun but like 5 minutes of gameplay It crashes Can you help me? Thank you
BijuuClan (5 years ago)
Lol it seems like it :D
Alfie Shozo (5 years ago)
yeah juz download it and the is fun thanx
ariellb456 (5 years ago)
did pain just stick up his middle finger at sage naruto
Brianna Lee (5 years ago)
How do you make it a team battle ? Like 2 vs 2 or more
Sugar (5 years ago)
thanxs its working
Vermilion Rasengan (5 years ago)
it has expiration day
dandonius8 (5 years ago)
This made me like Naruto again
PFTM (5 years ago)
all character as same system?
henzo gabriel (5 years ago)
uol adorei demais da joia
shukai itachi (5 years ago)
how do i extract it ???

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