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TOP 5 E3 2018 NINTENDO SWITCH! Best Games, Moments, Reveals!

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New Switch games! New E3 trailers! Top 5 Moments of E3 2018 Nintendo! Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce
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Text Comments (315)
h HyperGamer (6 days ago)
I wanted the new yoshi game😣
slymatty (7 days ago)
I'm most excited for Mario party, love the switch for multiplayer ability
MrValkilmer35 (9 days ago)
Fire Emblem was gonna be my big game purchase this year. But FE, my favorite Nintendo series, just had to be the first Nintendo game of the Switch era that gets delayed. -.- So salty after that rough news. But hey, at least it was revealed finally, unlike the other series people have been hoping for--that haven't even been announced yet.
Rewan Kids TV (10 days ago)
E3 day 1 my best E3
jo gaming and vlog's (10 days ago)
I say Sony's was the worst or second best conference. Nintendo's is almost that way. Microsoft's was the best honestly.
Bonus _brian (10 days ago)
Smash bros is as new as a new game gets. It has completely new mechanics and almost all the characters have been changed or altered in some way, there won’t be as many new comers, but you already have 66 fighters to choose from and they will be new comers announced at a later date. Stop being dumb by calling it a port or a 4.5, you just don’t understand smash bros
J.D. (10 days ago)
Out of curiosity, how close does Ryu play (controllerwise and style wise) to Ryu from SF2?
Johno Daz (10 days ago)
Quality top 5 list guys. Some of my fave moments was all the returning characters in Smash Ultimate, FE: 3 Houses looks dope, XBC2 standalone story expansion looks absolutely amazing, DB Fighterz is real and coming too the Switch plus Daemon(demon) x Machina looks so good, I am not too keen on the dull colours at the mo but still pumped too play it. 4th Edge Out!!
Primarina Sun (10 days ago)
Sure we're getting smash and Mario party but I'm kinda disappointed I was hoping for animal crossing and we only got 3 newcomers but we did get every single veteran but still though
Annihilasian (11 days ago)
Mario Party
Where was the spyro remastered
I dont know why anyone is surprised. Nintendo killed their wiiu because of a lack of games. Same thing will happen with switch. They got a tad lucky with sales, but if they act according to tradition, itll be long long waits between aaa games. In the meantime, youll get plenty of shitty indie games and wiiu re releases (at full game price mind you)
JohnMetal91 (11 days ago)
I liked the Direct. I wish some Metroid Prime 4 would have been shown but otherwise I am satisfied. Did anyone notice there was no 3DS news in the presentation? Maybe something was shown in the Treehouse but I haven't got around to seeing that.
zerotrap gaming (11 days ago)
Nitendo sucked
Hadley Muller (11 days ago)
Where did the comment forces go ? They were the best
Jeremy RBLX (11 days ago)
Did you mention about fortnite
MisterSureShot (11 days ago)
NAW disappointment
Blacktain Falcon (11 days ago)
My Rating Microsoft Nintendo Bethesda Sony Ubisoft Square Enix Devolver Digital Some cat piss EA
Andy Lindquist (11 days ago)
Where is Jake?
GayFlannelShirtGuy69 (11 days ago)
What happend to yoshi
Mr.BananaPan (11 days ago)
Callin Smash at number ONE
Sanji Kun (11 days ago)
Second worst after EA congrats Nintendo
Ian Hsieh (11 days ago)
I'm kinda disappointed that no port it remakes that many people are thinking is coming like Skyward sword HD.
lc0806 (11 days ago)
I wanted Pokemon core
Nolan Daniels (11 days ago)
This was the worst E3 presentation in years... We already knew there was going to be no Prime/Pikmin/AnimalCrossing/Mother so I don’t care about that. Just such awful pacing and far too much time given to Smash. Let alone only 2 new announcements that weren’t previously leaked.
Gaming_by_kaden (11 days ago)
Fortnite was the best LOVE IT playing for first time
JesseAndMike (11 days ago)
It was a good e3, just wish there was metroid in there LOL!
Blacktain Falcon (11 days ago)
it aint over yet
Ben Whittington (11 days ago)
Ok I’m actually happy with this but where is fortnite
Jorge Miguel (11 days ago)
Dragon ball Z fighters !!!
NotAFan # (11 days ago)
Hey guys, you should do a list of the Top 5 Most Overlooked Moments. Number 1, Ninjala, (seriously look it up, seems promising).
Chiquites s (11 days ago)
Fortnite is on the switch wait what
Super Smash Drew (11 days ago)
Sorry you guys got robbed 😢
Strange Household (11 days ago)
animal crossing? Hello?
Roger Gaitan (11 days ago)
What a garbage e3 no metroid and bayonetta
playtime x (11 days ago)
But fortnite
Srgt. Swanson (6 days ago)
playtime x gross
Mister Roshi (11 days ago)
R.I.P Yoshi
LuigiTime123 (11 days ago)
Do you think there would be a direct they didn’t show Yoshi or Metroid so maybe we’ll get one soon.
Jonny Lopez (11 days ago)
Hell yea imma get Samsh and Mario Party
Jay (11 days ago)
I don’t see why everyone is mad about not seeing Metroid and Animal Crossing if they don’t announce it then they are putting more time into it to make the game BETTER
Homebrew Wiz (11 days ago)
Worst direct yet. We got NOTHING but Smash. Smash is great, but I wan't something else.
george nunez (11 days ago)
What happened to the new yoshi game?
iSheep (11 days ago)
No Mario Maker 2 :(
Michael Dammar (11 days ago)
Zarkul13 (11 days ago)
Im hoping we get 1 new Super Smash character reveal each month until December, if they did that it would round out the launch roster to an even 70.
Zarkul13 (11 days ago)
and goku adventure mode and goku and id be beyond happy!
Almond Joy (11 days ago)
Zarkul13 I hope we get Adventure Mode.
Ahwoofe (11 days ago)
Smash comes out on my cousins birthday, and mine is the 31st so I will probably only get it then D:
Hector Gonzalez (11 days ago)
Blue Hex (11 days ago)
Masahiro Sakurai (11 days ago)
Jeez, good games take time, how would you like next year Dec, no u wouldn't do just wait
CoolRed Mic (11 days ago)
Nintendo's spotlight was garbage
Paula Unknown (11 days ago)
Overcooked 2 😍😍
James Dwyer (11 days ago)
I had high expectations and I was extremely pleased. I have no idea how people are disappointed. The fact that we got Mario party and a new fire emblem is insane imo, and smash looks fukin amazing
K (11 days ago)
So... Mario gonna have realistic features now
Alexis Gomora (11 days ago)
TheUnMarkedOne 1 (11 days ago)
Bobby vasser (11 days ago)
fortnite is on switch
WaffleIMeanWulf I (11 days ago)
You have to remember that all of Bethesda’s and Ubisoft releases will eventually come to switch, plus you wanted smash as soon as possible? Nintendo gave it to you, and now all you do is wine for things you don’t have, especially when they are one of the only companies that put love and care into their games? Also you have to remember they can’t release all their main games at once, they need to keep the console alive somehow.Degenerates...
Dynel Frometa (11 days ago)
Fire Emblem is the most exciting thing for me. I was hoping they would have more info on it. I'm curious as to whether they'll let you make your own character or not, but judging by the way the voice in the trailer says "teacher" and/or "instructor" multiple times, I would guess that they will. Can't wait for more on that and how skills will work.
The Rebellion of Pinda (11 days ago)
If they had revealed Waluigi Nintendo Direct would have gone from a 4/10 to an 8/10 honestly
Dark King (11 days ago)
December might be good for them because the holidays
Smashbros 215 (11 days ago)
So people are mad because we didn’t get to see other huge ips but they strictly said it will only feature the rest of 2018. Another thing is they only have so many development teams so it’s not like they can make a bunch of big games right now so calm down people. We have a bunch of games coming up including the rerelease of the NES classic edition next Friday so C H I L L
Xyphor (11 days ago)
Am I the only one who doesn’t like Smash?
Joseph More -tdb- (11 days ago)
yoshi is delayed to 2019 , not any info about the new retro studios game , not any dlc neither for odyssey nor mk8deluxe ... i dont like smash at all , then that e3 for me was nothing....
Marilyn S (11 days ago)
Just got home from work. Has anyone seen anything for Pikmin 4???? Thanks
Marilyn S (9 days ago)
liz ッ Me too Liz. Want more games👍👍👍👍❤️
liz ッ (10 days ago)
Marilyn S ah that’s so cool! I really love Nintendo and i love Zelda games as well. I like most Nintendo games hahaha. I think the first year (and couple of months) of the switch were great and I hope the Switch will last long and that there will be many new games besides all the great games we have been getting.
Marilyn S (10 days ago)
liz ッ I am a mom of 5 my youngest is 26. Lol all my children are married now and I do have 7 grandchildren. We all still love playing games. I am happy for them all because they love Smash Brothers. As for me I am a true Zelda player, love Pikmin, lol was hoping to see some kind of news on Kingdom of Hearts and Dragon Quest ( lol hopeful thinking). Just got Little Nightmares DLC. HAAHAHAHAHA got to play something. Waiting on Dark Soul👍
liz ッ (11 days ago)
Marilyn S i enjoy smash brothers but im still dissapointed lol.. i expected way too much i think. Im really hyped about smash pokemon and mario party tho!!
Marilyn S (11 days ago)
liz ッ Oh No😥 thank you for getting back to me anyway. Was looking forward to that game. Hoping the Switch eventually comes out down the road with some good games. A little disappointing today. But happy for people that enjoy Smash Brothers. So many good games out there, looks like PS4 did well.
Cole D'Amico (11 days ago)
the only dissapointment is yoshi not being mentioned but other than that E3 was still very good. I was a little disapointed when they showed bomber man as an assist trophie and not an actual fighter yet pichu was re added
Wohin genau (11 days ago)
The only good thing was the background music at fortnite
William Seward (11 days ago)
I thought it was a little weak. We didn’t get any word on Metroid prime 4, the new Yoshi, Beyoneta 3, Pikmin 4, or any announcements for any very hopes for games like Mario Maker, Animal Crossing, or Netflix, and YouTube. They also just repeated what we already knew about Pokémon and expected us to care as well as spent way to much to much time on it. They had two big wins which were smash and Mario Party. Great stuff don’t get me wrong but not quite enough announcements.
Krusty kookie (11 days ago)
Are they still gonna be doing stuff till E3 ends?
liz ッ (11 days ago)
Krusty kookie yeah i wanna know this too. Are they revealing games tomorrow?
Oliver Screen (11 days ago)
I didn’t find this interesting at all, the smash stuff was cool but I think they should’ve done more new stuff
Pizza Sauce (11 days ago)
For all the negative comments you got to realize some biggot out there kinda ruined the surprises so most of these we already knew was comming. Plus it takes time to make more games. Be patient
Christopher Yoakum (11 days ago)
My favorite moment was when their yoshi game made no appearance lol
Crudkip (11 days ago)
Rip Mario Odyssey
Yep thats Me (11 days ago)
What about Tales of vesperia?
Gamer4 LifeWD (11 days ago)
The fact that there's only a "Top 5" tells you every thing you need to know about this E3 Direct...
dylan m (11 days ago)
Nintendo lost this e3 bethesda won
ShiftyInc (11 days ago)
Top 5, so that is the complete Nintendo Direct huh.
Mitchell Games (11 days ago)
I think Smash Bros hogged the entire direct
CodlavaYT (11 days ago)
Panda lolo (11 days ago)
I have to say i was expecting more games to be released but i dont really mind just a bit sad that their was no Animal Crossing but we still have loads of games
TractorProductions (11 days ago)
I saw almost every character for smash except Luigi! Was he not shown?
Jere Kuva (11 days ago)
TractorProductions He was there, dont worry!
Ares S. (11 days ago)
While i did like too see the first mech game they showed off and smash i felt like they spent way to long focusing on it. Kinda disappointing overall was expecting more, oh well at least im hyped for smash, fire emblem and the mech game.
Jake Howard (11 days ago)
No Spyro remaster bummed me out. No Metroid 4 bummed me out. No new Pokemon gameplay info bummed me out. And actually no mention of their online service really worries me too. E3 is Nintendo’s chance to advertise and I would imagine a lot more casual fans watch their E3 show than the directs Nintendo do. It would have been a good chance to try and sell as few more consoles and they just didn’t deliver in my opinion. The next half of the year isn’t that stacked in terms of games. July is looking light with only Octopath and captain toad of note. August has monster hunter, Okami and over cooked. September has nothing at all. Only 3 games have actually been announced for September, FIFA, NBA 2K, and Labyrinth of Refrain, and nothing else *at all*. Which is really worrying considering online is meant to launch that month. Early October has Mario Party, then a wait of over a month to Pokemon, and then smash. I’m hoping another direct comes in maybe end of July or August with some announcements in terms of online and games for the rest of the year, because compared to the first half. It ain’t looking all that exciting :/
Im hyped af
Cap'n Inkling (11 days ago)
Hollow knight is amazing and atmospheric, I have been waiting for a year. When I found out hollow knight came out today I jumped for joy
Kim Eversole (11 days ago)
Cap'n Inkling yea I already played it on PC definitely will play it again
Cap'n Inkling (11 days ago)
You have made an amazing choice
Kim Eversole (11 days ago)
Cap'n Inkling hollow knoght is my 3rd favorite game of all time
NeoDraquin (11 days ago)
this nintendo e3 direct was amazing. so much hype
Erebus (11 days ago)
Wow this was actually really bad and I’m not a person who generally complains about everything, I’m really glad I have a PC at the moment because Xbox’s presentation was fantastic. This Nintendo e3 direct was so disappointing as someone who doesn’t care for smash I haven’t been interested in playing anything on my switch since Odyssey in December, sad truth is I think it’s just going to be my Pokemon console.
Frisk (11 days ago)
I am so disappointed.
Frisk it’s Switch Forces falt for hyping it up more
usaborigine (11 days ago)
e3 isn't everything, we are almost guaranteed to get more stuff announced before the year is out
Blacktain Falcon (11 days ago)
like ur the same person bruh
Wah ! (11 days ago)
WaffleIMeanWulf I That degenerates part was not necessary at all, not all Nintendo fans have Smash as their priority, Nintendo was clearly not prepared for the E3 What's that? A Smash direct? I'm a fan of the saga but I want a proper E3, not what we got today At least more info on Prime 4 or smth like AC All companies put love & care to their games, but it's on them to make it notice, like Bethesda, like Naughty Dog, like Ubisoft & Sony, we don't ask for a sudden release, all we ask is more info & eve better some gameplay I hope u are happy with what YOU got today as well as hardcore Smash fans, but for everyone else, *it was disappointing*
ELF MONSTER (11 days ago)
that's Bethesda
Hector Soto (11 days ago)
Nintendo is defenetly in last place right now compared to Xbox and PlayStation.
Gabriel Ibeto (11 days ago)
I hope smash has story mode
Jeana Laurie (11 days ago)
Smash looks good sure (though fighting games aren't my personal pick) but it does have a bit of a port feel. Considering that's the only major game we got, plus Pokemon basically being a lighter take on the core experience, I'm not so pleased... Right now I'm more just hoping 2019 is better on all fronts. (RIP Animal Crossing)
ssjblue Goku (11 days ago)
Where is PIKMIN 4
dre dre (11 days ago)
Top 5 whaha only smash was it worth it
M.N.G (11 days ago)
154 comment
Michael Dammar (11 days ago)
Also what did you guys wish they showed that they didn’t this Direct?
Michael Dammar (11 days ago)
Kello Kabana I agree, I would’ve liked to seen Wind waker port even though it came out on Wii U, Life is Strange and Before the Storm releases, streaming services (probably will release with online) and a new game. If anything they knew smash was their big thing here so they probably saved everything else for directs later in the year!
Kello Kabana (11 days ago)
Michael Dammar Metroid, A 2d Zelda or HD remake, exciting new IP, more 3rd part games...heck even the announcement of a YouTube or Netflix app would have made me happy.
Paul Roberts (11 days ago)
What's with this love for Super Smash? I played it on the N64, and Gamecube; never fell in love with it. That being said, I was kind of hoping to see Metroid or Yoshi; even if it was just another teaser.
Now that fortnite is out on switch what will people complain about in the comments?
Michael Dammar (11 days ago)
Will you guys be doing a smash reaction video or something along those lines?
Michael Dammar (11 days ago)
Did not see your video from before.. lol watching now
Always Wright (11 days ago)
Top 5? You mean the only 5 announcements?
Lenny Wright (11 days ago)
All complaining aside, what I want to know is what happened to Yoshi!?.. 2018??LOL! :/
Joh Gries (11 days ago)
I was hoping on some third party announcements... Am disappointed
TheYoung907 (11 days ago)
Nintendo said the reason why they didn't show more metroid 4 is because its not close to being done and they wanted to focus on games that are already done and ready to be released this year so people stop your crying and just wait.

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