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Galaxy Quest Review

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Text Comments (559)
Jose Flores (1 day ago)
Galaxy Quest is a great movie is one of my favorites
chronoss chiron (3 days ago)
better than std
A GQ tv series or movie would need a multi-gendered Siamese twin dwarf as a primary character to cover all the SJW and PC bases of under represented disenfranchised groups, making the show or movie as unwatchable as Dr Who, STD, Ghostbusters, Ocean's Eight, Star Wars and quite possibly the next Terminator movie.
In 2014 there was talk by Tim Allen of a Galaxy Quest tv series or if at all possible, a sequel movie. Other lesser character actors keep trying to get it started, but their efforts usually fizzles out. Sadly it doesn't seem to be likely to happen. If current disturbing trends in sci fi adventure tv or movies are any indication, it's probably best that GQ tv series never happens. It would probably be ruined with a SJW/PC infestation.
E Ganja (9 days ago)
GQ was great.
Terence Turcotte (9 days ago)
I loved this movie, especially as a 60 year old Trek fan, and I think the Orville is a cross between Galaxy Quest and Star Trek 👈😎👉
Timothy Schenks (16 days ago)
I remember years ago in the old Star Trek novels there was a short story about the cast of Star Trek accidentally trading places with the crew of the real USS Enterprise.
mbaxter22 (16 days ago)
RIP Alan Rickman. You shall be forever missed. Goodnight sweet prince.
Sindur Goku (17 days ago)
Starkiller G-tar (17 days ago)
only flaws that standout are a few technical things, and a couple of small dubbing errors. The CGI of the aliens on that rock planet have dated as well, but other than that a brilliant movie, and a solid 9/10
isodoublet (18 days ago)
I thought this movie was really boring and cringy. Couldn't stomach more than 15 minutes. Can't see what everyone else sees in it.
Projekt Kobra (18 days ago)
The alien chick with the bangs is SEW HAWT!~.. i love bangs...
DaveKraft1 (19 days ago)
Both this review AND the movie deserve -- a 10!! Well done. You hit every nail squarely on the head.
Peter F-Model (10 days ago)
Totally agree, great movie and great review! I would love to see a sequel, but in retrospect its probably better to end on a high note,
George Saint (20 days ago)
The only Tim Allen movie worth watching.
Kerry Murray (21 days ago)
One of my favorite movies!!!!!!
Louis J Wiese (21 days ago)
Really good movie
John M (21 days ago)
First time I saw this I laughed my ass off.
Hounddog Qix (22 days ago)
I enjoyed this film allot. It's been years but I really should watch it again.
Brittany Heiner (22 days ago)
I love this movie so much, even so many years later. Like Dave said, it does a brilliant job of celebrating the sci-fi tv scene while simultaneously showcasing its quirks in a fond light. I always have a smile when I finish this movie. Also, some of the actors were already stars at this point, of course, but so many of the others have gone on to build great careers - Tony Shalhoub, Missi Pyle, Sam Rockwell, Justin Long, Enrico Colantoni, etc - I've enjoyed seeing them pop up in bigger and bigger things. All around fantastic movie.
Glenn Cox (22 days ago)
Loved this movie...Tim Allen should have considered a StarTrek or similar series. I mean he was awesoem in Home Improvement and still good in Last Man Standing. Galaxy Quest is a hilarious movie..loved it. But why didnt you mention Tony Shelloub? (Not sure if i spelled that right) but he wasnt even mentioned in your review.
Jo Threefingers (24 days ago)
sharpuslf (24 days ago)
"The show must go on"
S Tho (24 days ago)
There are only two types or Science Fiction space travel movies. 2001 and Galaxy Quest. 2001 falls into the first subgenre Everything else falls into the Zap Brannigan second pot, even 2010.
Paul Furey (25 days ago)
Why is your avatar taking up so much screen space?
Atomic Squid (25 days ago)
I love this movie.
SuperiorGo (25 days ago)
Fun Side Note: Galaxy Quest and A Bugs Life are the same movie...maybe Three Amigos too.
Wayne Lewis (26 days ago)
Miners, not minors !!
Hiraghm (26 days ago)
You know what would be great? If Tim Allen were given a role in an episode of "The Orville".
larsyxa (26 days ago)
One of the most underrated movies of all time...Maybe not underrated, but most unseen....)
Yiffox (27 days ago)
oh come on best scene is the sex scene: Guy: "Oh that's not right." Havent seen it in a decade, although have it as a DVD which I just bought...but I remember that line!
Rossm3838 (27 days ago)
i love the huge thunk thunk machine that has no purpose at all other than to annoy them.
FullmetalandtheFlame (27 days ago)
I absolutely adore this movie. My favorite character is definitely Guy Fleegman played by Sam Rockwell. He’s brilliant and hilarious, and he just plays the role perfectly.
Mind Mind (28 days ago)
Best movie ever . I think I had 3 or 4 strokes laughing so hard ,,,
Sparkie Shock (28 days ago)
Best Star Trek movie ever! And a fantastic music score! NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!!
TheLoneRideR (29 days ago)
With Alan Rickman's character particularly disgruntled... I think that's true of every movie he's been in!
Some Dude (1 month ago)
Hi, in most videos, the summary of the movie is longuer thab the review. I do not think it is required, just go through super quick and get to the "meat" of the video. I find myself fast forwarding the initial part of most since I have seen the movie.
Rich Mond (1 month ago)
This isn't a review, it's a description of the film.
Scott Browning (1 month ago)
When they drove(scraped) their way out of the dry dock I thought I'd pass out because I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard.
Charles Wallace (1 month ago)
One of my absolute favorite movies. I do like and appreciate your thoughts on this movie and all of the others.
mcgriffgriff (1 month ago)
Is there air!? You dont know!
Nancy O'Malley (1 month ago)
I always thought that the villain Saris looked like the Xindi Insectoid race on Star Trek Enterprise-Anyone agree?
Mara natha (1 month ago)
Shooga Jones (1 month ago)
This film is a gem!
That was a great movie.
allan gill (1 month ago)
HIDEOUS Thermian bodies? THAT'S ALIENIST!!!
Jonas Ekstrom (1 month ago)
Love this movie its awesome.
Oz Garcia (1 month ago)
I love this movie and it's one of the few movies I can see again and again. It's sooooooo under-rated. It's hilarious and it's fun.
Xu Zu (1 month ago)
Hey, you didn't give Tony Shaloub credit.
Kate (1 month ago)
i remember watching this with my grandpa
Lord Inquisitor (1 month ago)
Never heard of this one, may consider it
Migrant Thought (1 month ago)
TBH I kind of wish the orville was a post galaxy quest like earth where something like this happened. It would justify the ridiculousness of the show. they could have said the orville was designed after that ship, but because of copy right they would avoid most of the problems and make it generic.
SomethinSik (1 month ago)
"I have one job on this lousy ship! It's stupid but I'm going to do it ok!?"
cloverfield911 (2 months ago)
Scott Collins (2 months ago)
I agree with reviewer. I continue to love Galaxy Quest. It is a film that satarized and celebrated the Star Trek phenomenon perfectly.
Nathan Allen Pinard (2 months ago)
The Jumanji reboot kinda reminded me of this.
Michael Dignum (2 months ago)
Can you imagine this film with William Shatner in it?
Blutteufel (2 months ago)
Galaxy Quest is my favourite Star Trek movie.
OrgyAtMyPlaceNOW (2 months ago)
Love this movie. I need to to find a DVD copy with some special features and bloopers..
Glenn Given (2 months ago)
Excellent review. I watch this to see if there was negative criticism , but there wasn't any, which is cool.
danmar007 (2 months ago)
I love this film.
Sparky (2 months ago)
Sam Rockwell just did an amazing job in this. Also Alan Rickman(RIP).
kev brady (3 months ago)
you can tell it was made by real sci-fi fans!
Bill Anthony (3 months ago)
I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to see "Galaxy Quest." I'm not a Tim Allen fan, and I didn't have any interest in seeing a Star Trek parody. That being said-- Boy, was I wrong! Everything said in this review is exactly right. This movie really was a lot of fun, and well worth the time of any science fiction/Star Trek fan. On my personal 10-point scale, I rate this film a solid 9!
bobsacemento1125 (3 months ago)
My four year old son woke up the other morning quoting this movie. I heard him in the bed say "Whoa it's an alien planet. Is there air? You don't know"
Lens Hunter (3 months ago)
Never been a fan of Star Trek but this is one of my favorite movies.
MrPingn (3 months ago)
I thought Allen would have made a good captain too. Wouldn't complain about seeing him on a guest role at least.
CaptAssassin (3 months ago)
How dare you call the imaginary creatures “hideous aliens”. Lol
medexamtoolsdotcom (3 months ago)
If you have the DVD, be sure to check out setting the audio language to "Thermian". They dubbed the WHOLE movie in the squeaks and squawks of the alien "language". That movie was great. Also be sure to watch "Mystery Men", the other movie of the same season of the same caliper of parody. 1999 was a good year for sci fi movies at least. Also, WTF, you shouldn't have spoiled the whole damn movie! This isn't a review, this is just a big fat spoiler. I mean, I saw it already, damn near 20 years ago now, but if I hadn't, I might have been pretty pissed about the detail you go into about the ending.
TheWyrdSmythe (3 months ago)
Yes! _Galaxy Quest_ is in my all-time favorite five movies (of any kind). As you say, it’s a nearly perfect film, and it’s perfect on three levels. It’s a damn good SF comedy all on its own. It’s a near-brilliant, quite loving, very _accurate_ parody of Star Trek and it’s actors. And it’s a delicious, delightful love letter to true SF fans who always knew it was true and who get to save the day. It’s a film you can enjoy over and over; as you also say, it holds up very well.
William Wallace (3 months ago)
One of the best Sci-Fi films of all time.
Acid Reign (3 months ago)
100% agree, a great movie all around.
Skankhunt 42 (4 months ago)
Galaxy Quest was, what The Orville tried to be.
Kevinb1821 (4 months ago)
This is one of the family classics.
bonecanoe86 (4 months ago)
This is my second favorite Star Trek movie after Wrath of Khan....and it's not even a Star Trek movie.
Ekstij Amezie (3 months ago)
Actually, it's been accepted in the Canon. Doesn't really fit but ask the fandom, they have dubbed it an official Star Trek movie. I mean, how can we not :-)
Stoneysilence (4 months ago)
This is one of my favorite movies of all time. LOVE IT and feel it is a great commentary on Star Trek and it's fandom.
Sam Judge (4 months ago)
I adore the movie.
Crusader_1096 (4 months ago)
Tim the Tool Man 🔨🔧🔩
Fuzzyscarfandmittens (4 months ago)
Loved this movie when it came out. It was as much an homage to Star Trek as it was complete piss take of the whole Trek phenomenon.
Chris Phillips (4 months ago)
Sam Rockwell is the best!
Captain L-Ron (5 months ago)
We have to get back to the ship before one of those things kills Guy!
I watched the Making Of the other day, and forget which producer said this, but I quote when talk about humour/comedy in shows/movies esp Orville etc - "When doing comedy, play it straight!", which is why GQ is funny! They're not telling jokes, waiting for punchlines etc, they are acting and the moments just end up being naturally funny, and not forced ;) I think a lot of shows etc miss this ideal...
Warner Bauer (5 months ago)
For what its worth, it really is one of the greatest comedies of all time.
David Mcmahon (5 months ago)
A great comedy action movie that still holds up well.
righthere27 (5 months ago)
How did I miss you cover this?? I love Galaxy Quest and would genuinely love to see Tim Allen as a ship captain since I saw this movie. Plus Tim Allen is just enjoyable to watch period.
KOWLOON城牆DREAMS (5 months ago)
I cannot believe people like this 11 am on a Sunday cheap shit movie. + Star Trek Insurrection did * not * suck.
Suryananda (5 months ago)
By Grabthars hammer, give me the codes mister Potter
Nick McCabe (5 months ago)
Tim Allen plays a great Shatner-like role without becoming a cartoon version of Shatner/Kirk. And like you said, the conflict between his character and Rickman's is excellent.
Ekstij Amezie (3 months ago)
"You scene-stealing hack!"
Kevin in the USA (5 months ago)
This movie and The Orville are my two favorite Star Trek movies hands down. Great review. We watch Galaxy Quest every Thanksgiving right after Trains, Planes, and Automobiles. It is a great holiday tradition that my daughter now does with her family. Good times.
The Joshua Bell Show (5 months ago)
This Movie was supposed to be a TV series to
Luca Brazi (5 months ago)
LOVE this movie
Arik Wolf (5 months ago)
I agree with every thing you said, except that it is not an original idea. In one of the "Best of Trek" books of fan fiction, that story was told: where Shatter, Nimoy et al found themselves transported to a "real" Enterprise. Galaxy Quest told it better.
787brx8 (5 months ago)
Star Trek TNG, DS9,VOYAGER, Galaxy Quest and many many movies/ tv shows were written by the same guy. His aunt used to live on Borg Drive in Sandy Utah and that is how they got their name. The Quark character is based on one of writer's friends, just with less flair.
Jerk (5 months ago)
Orville is horrendously bad. Period. its undebatable! That being said, ok ok, I can understand some retrospective reviewing but dont you think this is far to famous and well know to be able to add anything to what fans already know and feel about it..
joshjhutton (5 months ago)
"Have you never watched the show?"
Nasty McFipples (5 months ago)
A good sci fi movie needs a good story at it heart. Too much attention is often paid to flash and effects... at the expense of the story. This one got it right.
Dave Dave (5 months ago)
its absolutely brilliant! I watch it every couple of months and re live all the catch phrases. I know I'm sad but it is just about my most favourite film of all time!
beayn (5 months ago)
I recently told my wife I wanted to rewatch this. Oddly enough this video is recommended for me the next day? I'm not even subbed to this channel, only Computing Forever. Methinks google listened to my phone.
Nathan Clarke (5 months ago)
Also for the first scene of the old tv show part the film is framed like a tv show. then when it goes to the real world the framing moves out to normal movie size. And finally when he is sent back to earth in the pod and is put outside the ship for the first time the framing goes to full widescreen. It is subtle but working at a movie theater at the time it was noticable!
Kenneth Harkin (5 months ago)
Tony Shalhoub as Tech Sgt Chen was my favorite. Nothing phased him. Watch closely and you will notice every time they say his name he squints... BECAUSE HE WAS PLAYING AN ASIAN ON THE SHOW!!!! So frigging wrong yet so funny. Here are some great scenes. https://youtu.be/GKXwH_zX1ec Here is the squint but he does it whenever his name is said https://youtu.be/bI5hi4c4y9k?t=41s
Valami Izé (5 months ago)
This was a shitty review.

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