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Danny MacAskill Tests Santa Cruz Reserve Carbon Wheels

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“If it ain’t broke, go break it” has been the principle objective behind our wheel development program from the start. Danny MacAskill was the first rider to get a pair of Reserve wheels and did a lousy job of fulfilling that objective. He filmed the entire “Wee Day Out” video on one pair, and only needed to tension the rear wheel spokes a quarter turn throughout the entire shoot—no mean feat considering some tricks took over 200 attempts to get right. So we sent Danny back out there, this time to downtown Glasgow… and this time we insisted he found us the limit. See the details on Reserve Carbon Wheels at http://www.santacruzbicycles.com/wheels
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Text Comments (1638)
1982apg (20 hours ago)
Quality. Can’t wait to get a Santa C
M3alem Ana (1 day ago)
1:46 best part 😂😂
Gellért Tóth (4 days ago)
Is a drift? 2:57
Auregan Kerspern (6 days ago)
aurelien Fontenoy🙌🙋
fanze krazy (7 days ago)
this is amazing
Daniel Fernandes (9 days ago)
Who else agrees that he looks like the grown up version of Kevin from ‘Home Alone’!
Atilio Escobar (10 days ago)
I don't kno how I found this vid, but it was extremely entertaining.
MrBalloonmaniac (10 days ago)
2:07 his tires flat
No Gat Ko (10 days ago)
No pain no gain
MatiTutoCanal (12 days ago)
Mi rueda se deformo con un poso y veo esto
Deadshot Hazretleri (12 days ago)
Oh no
Moltas (12 days ago)
I thougt he was testing the tires...
I love the bike and danny mac
Diego Corradini (14 days ago)
Wow🤤 che fikata quei cazzo di cerchi !!
What kind of helmet is it?
Fourplay TV (14 days ago)
Как сломать заднее колесо за 4 мин.
I wonder what is the price of this bicycle?
Rezaul Karim (14 days ago)
So so so amazing
Reindeer-san (15 days ago)
wouldn't be shocked it that wasn't the quality you got when buying them
Mohammed Qayum (16 days ago)
ASH mc GAMER (17 days ago)
Ebs Pilz (17 days ago)
Danny mcassfuck🍗
Best short videos (18 days ago)
amazing riding
Jure G (18 days ago)
Jesus is coming, google ''book of truth messages'' ..WW3 is ahead, Gods chastisements too, we can repent only while alive and do not take the chip(mark of the beast)..it will mean hell if taken.
Finn Mayer (19 days ago)
I got accurately the same bike frame and my dad got these rims. His bike is made of aluminum and his suspentions are a lot heavier and his bike is as heavy as mine (i am german so forgive me if there is a mistake (thanks Leo translater)
wojtek gołąbiecki (19 days ago)
what bike do you have
Santa Cruz
COSMINkov (20 days ago)
you've destroyed 200$ wheels =)
andrey Braandre (21 days ago)
Shaik Asif (21 days ago)
you say my name my name is imran
高松柊斗 (21 days ago)
bike rape
F2N HD (22 days ago)
A Downhillbike in the city?? Come on wahts wrong with you??
fatouma ksouri (22 days ago)
لن أكتب تعليقا
adven ture (22 days ago)
single pivot frame ?!? Bullit reincarnation ?
rajeena sandesh (22 days ago)
How do you do this stunts 💀💀💀☠☠☠
juan juan (22 days ago)
good job fox.
Nicolas LOL (23 days ago)
Us mountain bike enthusiasts :woooww they seem indestructible *Checks the price * Oh snap already sold one kidney for my frame guess I will sell the other one to buy the front rim and stay on my old one on my back rim
kapil bhandari (24 days ago)
cycle model?
Judd Markham (24 days ago)
do a test on actual trails
fatouma ksouri (25 days ago)
علاش الفساد
Kuti (25 days ago)
budget rims.. u dont need the rest of tyre
mauymiu13 (25 days ago)
where i can buy helmet?
Fábio Moreira (26 days ago)
Can someone link me where i can buy helmet pls
OLEGJEK (27 days ago)
what is city ?
sivaraman aniyappan (27 days ago)
lorenzo pasquinoli (28 days ago)
Co. E rovinare una bici
Richard Valdez (28 days ago)
Hi sir. . danny MacAskill I always watched ur new video.. Ur my inspiration thats why im always riding even solo.. Hope i can get 1 of your bike. Im from Philippines..
Torsti (29 days ago)
Torsti (29 days ago)
Filip Ivanov (30 days ago)
his bike is sexy af
ТyтBaмHeTaм (30 days ago)
энДУРА - этим всё сказано!
Sparkles S (30 days ago)
jantın ansını sıktın mq cocu ibne sneı cok bulmus oorspu evladı
Anna Reid (30 days ago)
Bad vid
Дневник хача, ты ли это?
Amaan Alam (1 month ago)
your bicycle stunt is osm and mind blowing
Nikola S (1 month ago)
He said that he's gonna test these RESERVE rims. Then what are the rims that are not reserves?!
Пизда ободу
krialaison 01 (1 month ago)
nice conti tyres
what's the name of your bike
Paul Graham (1 month ago)
I've had a set of spins on my BMX for about 20 years now.
Orange Beam (1 month ago)
yo quiesiera tener esa bicicleta y tu destryendola
Really you such a mad but v good keep it up
Camper PRO (1 month ago)
fetB (1 month ago)
ok, do it with alu's
cakeba (1 month ago)
It would've been cool to just ride flat ground with the tire off and have a drift bike
MrSandman (1 month ago)
im always so sad when i see ppl ruining good stuff for entertainment, while i am struggling to get my little apartment and my little self payed. one of those rims a week would make my life 13.7 times better😢
MrSandman (1 month ago)
have to corect myself. i was sure those wheels cost $200 but they are $2000 sp my life would be 137 times better..
Morty (1 month ago)
These wheels cost more than my whole full suspension bike o0
neoateo (1 month ago)
Destruyendo una bicicleta que uno quisiera, y nose puede comprar
Megala V (1 month ago)
I am indian can I get the cycle
Geeta Gandhi (1 month ago)
I know you
waffentrager (1 month ago)
ı love thıs guy respect
julien HAMEL (1 month ago)
On pourrait pas faire meilleur PUB
Death Ray (1 month ago)
You are the best bro
kayc game (1 month ago)
mande uma santa cruz dessa pra min kkkk
Wesley hare (1 month ago)
he hammered it tho
Wesley hare (1 month ago)
he hammered it tho
Kyle Ortiz (1 month ago)
That is one Joyful, Charming, Talented young Lad. Great smile Danny, cheers <3
Petros Komninos (1 month ago)
a small pain comes at 3:47
viralHollywood #Los (1 month ago)
Love all red bull vdos 🔥
viralHollywood #Los (1 month ago)
Amazing people
Francoo Freestyle (1 month ago)
1:49 - 1:51 😂😂😂👏
lucky gautam (1 month ago)
He is goat
Ты дальбайп
Jason Newman (1 month ago)
IAGO (1 month ago)
GHOST! (1 month ago)
MerlinMoorlo (1 month ago)
this is 5010 but its carbon or Al?
たなかこうき (1 month ago)
Coy (1 month ago)
he let the tyre pressure too low..
Carlito Cro (1 month ago)
amazing.. and to think i bought brand new specialized mtb with both wheels crooked from start.. i guess this guy tested for them too
Florian Ebert (1 month ago)
Ok wieso Mast du dar mit
psychoboitrip (1 month ago)
BLACK ROCK (1 month ago)
Estas todo idiota... PUÑETAS
とたけけ (1 month ago)
とたけけ (1 month ago)
nuts 4 knives (1 month ago)
Quite impressive. That's an amazing wheel set
Neelam Singh (1 month ago)
You should have gotten a hardtail
Clorox Bleach (1 month ago)
You could drop that shit off a mountain
Rupali Bhangare (1 month ago)
What is the price
Ali Shan (2 months ago)
Theirs no air in your wheel

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