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Minecraft Gamemodes: Adventure Mode

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Let's explore Minecraft! We bring you detailed block-by-block information for our site http://www.minecraftwiki.net
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Text Comments (68)
DarkBeast 27 (1 year ago)
I haven't seen one of these in ages.
Jimmy Van De Peppel (2 years ago)
In the newerst versions it dont work, you can't break anything, Boring!
Agus Muslim (2 years ago)
Good Luck!!
PappyLuv (3 years ago)
Did they change Adventure Mode?  I can't break anything no matter what tools I use.  I used to be able to break torches by hand but cant anymore.  And I can't get a shovel to break gravel.  What's going on?
bean stalker (3 years ago)
+PappyLuv um they did change it
Pyro27 (3 years ago)
Hello Jason ...?
KaxakaDarktree (3 years ago)
For basically no reason there's nothing that can break hay bales. You may assume hoes are used to break hay bales, or an axe but neither is true. The same goes for cactus, which should be breakable by using a hoe or axe but neither of these 2 things are true. Hoes and axes can't break hay bales or cactuses. :'( However, unlike in reality, in Minecraft's adventure mode you can harvest wheat and other crops by hand. The hoe was used, in ancient times, to mainly harvest wheat after tilling the land. This isn't true in Meincraft where we can harvest wheat by hand. -_- But there is no tool used to break hay bales.
Daniel S (4 years ago)
thanks man that's really helpful :D
T R I G G E R E D (4 years ago)
I just came back to say that intro had me returning to my previous page right away Haha imma dislike and flag
Rick_ (5 years ago)
whats the adventure map that he is using?
bubbanater07 (5 years ago)
When you enable the Chest don't you gotta hope for at least a wood shovel and a wood pickaxe?
Tom (5 years ago)
I love ur videos, but ur voices r quiet and I have 2 turn up my volume...
gumball888oh (5 years ago)
how do u use cheats
peanutboy41 (5 years ago)
you read this in my voice
Luke Pigwalker (5 years ago)
Looks cool, but i have no adventure mode
Noah Black (5 years ago)
As said in the video, buttons and other redstone things still work. If you mean putting things in it then yes because you can still open chests and furnaces so I see no reason why not
Noah Black (5 years ago)
@MultiMhine25 reply button
elczib i (5 years ago)
for map makers who don't want people breaking blocks in their maps
MultiMhine25 (5 years ago)
@John Hart useful for map makers
Darrian Juniper (5 years ago)
i am an adventurer thx to thx man
JoshHartNow (5 years ago)
In what way would that be useful to the game?
MinecraftTheGuys (5 years ago)
I think they should add a new adventure mode where you can't break aything with any tool.
WhosScaredOfDentists (5 years ago)
This video inspires me to play a whole new world in adventure mod! =]
TheFlyingLlama (5 years ago)
dont feed the trolls bro lol even if ur in the right, a troll just wont care :P
Benny Liamp Fang (5 years ago)
You don't know internet bro.
Benny Liamp Fang (5 years ago)
Retarded,I mean "Nope". Owned.
daniel blilib (5 years ago)
a penis
Jcb (5 years ago)
They should make a Hardcore Adventure Mode. That would be awesome.
robly17 (5 years ago)
ROBLOX is to minecraft what Call of Duty is to... Well, everything else. Most ROBLOXians are Minecraft haters and vice versa I guess. Emphasis on most though: not all.
robly17 (5 years ago)
Yes, you can.
Lee Simon (5 years ago)
Can you interact with dispensers in Adventure mode ??? anyone o.O ?
C0mmissarCain (5 years ago)
No, you choose the starter chest and pray you get an axe.
Maxaa (5 years ago)
u dont need ur name if ur doing it 2 urself
minecraftkid309 (5 years ago)
is it possible to make a lets play in adventure mode and go survive? because im curious about punching trees at the start!
goldengatlinggunguy1 (5 years ago)
dragonmcmx (5 years ago)
6 people that didn't survive one night in adventure mode
Matthew Enriquez (5 years ago)
well if you play a regular map (not a custom adventure map where they give you tools), then you trade with villagers and loot chests in the Villages and other generated structures.
Benny Liamp Fang (5 years ago)
Np, ROBLOXians.
Mixa (5 years ago)
Several times man. So the only way to do that is cheating, eh, gaining tools outside of the adventure mode? Sounds a bit stupid.
C0mmissarCain (5 years ago)
Did you even watch the video?
Pontus316 (5 years ago)
Starting chest.
Mixa (5 years ago)
How can you get tools if you can't break anything?
Wheatley (5 years ago)
wait, you can do survival type game in adventure!? i thought it was basically just for maps
Ordies (5 years ago)
Twixy go home, you are high...
stevie2lew (5 years ago)
sounds like povertycraft but worse
Duncan Sparks (5 years ago)
You already have a video for Survival Mode...
Sezer Gul (5 years ago)
it was those damm BARRELS!!
Jeracraft (5 years ago)
My Minecraft Channel is up 100 Subscribers in a week =)
Roadsguy (5 years ago)
Minecraft Blocks and Items: Command Blocks NOW!
Emwinick (5 years ago)
Pros, showing off.
98Thunder98 (5 years ago)
some COD brats probably...
MERCENARYTAO1 (5 years ago)
401 views wtf?
Augi58 (5 years ago)
2 players are fans of Call of Duty....
paper (5 years ago)
2 dislike well at least it isn't 3, so don't worry OCD it's an even number
SplatProductions (5 years ago)
Wow this time you actually told me something I don't know I might just make an adventure mode world
helenjc12 (5 years ago)
Jackie chan
startreking (5 years ago)
trynextmonday (5 years ago)
You can use tools for adventure maps?
Pleb (5 years ago)
Douche bags
laughattack1313 (5 years ago)
You are now breathing manually.
Solee (5 years ago)
Bluen _p (5 years ago)
AnvilPro100 (5 years ago)
xXxMasterMachetexXx (5 years ago)
was it always possible so destroy blocks with the proper tool?!
shateiruu (5 years ago)
Another nice video.
SilverCatalyst (5 years ago)
Cheese pie.
adventure mode is awesome
Bluen _p (5 years ago)
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