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"ORDINARY" inspired by the story of Fandi Ahmad | Songs of 28th SEA Games

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This video is a short film inspired by the 28th SEA Games theme song ‘Ordinary’ - a song that describes the journey of a young man who dares to pursue his dream. Directed by local filmmaker, Nicole Woodford, the film features the true story of Singapore’s favourite footballing son, Fandi Ahmad. Soundtrack "Ordinary" Written by Amir Mashoh Performed by The Sam Willows Subscribe to http://youtube.com/SingaporeSports/live for live broadcast of 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015.
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Lee De Jun (1 year ago)
The greatest ever footballer Singapore will ever have, he is simply irreplaceable. We will never see a 2nd Fandi Ahmad. Thank you for your contributions to Singapore Football. You will be an inspiration for generations to come.
toxic vexana (1 year ago)
Where are my Singaporeans here! He is a great role model ⚽
AJ Azizul (1 year ago)
My idol Abg Fandi...Always meet with him when i was 7-9 years in the KL team players room..(haha...i was lucky coz my dad was the logistic manager (Mr Jamil) KL team) during Kuala Lumpur Treble Piala Malaysia (1987 - 1989). Wish u all the best in life with beautiful family till jannah.
ibelieve inbarca (2 years ago)
he almost brought us to the world cup if im not wrong
Ping Teo (2 years ago)
Fandi has kind eyes :) so moving.
Goh Trina (2 years ago)
song name is ordinary by Sam willow
James Hian Ng (3 years ago)
The most accomplished Singapore footballer off and on the field...
Lo Ksor (3 years ago)
What's the song name
John Macatangay (3 years ago)
Thank you Fandi Ahmad
Shafie Samsuri (3 years ago)
Thanks Fandi Ahmad and lions12!!! We won our first Malaysia FA Cup...it's a sweet victory for Singapore...u will be remembered for generations to come!
Boy Thunder Gerald (3 years ago)
This is a really touching short film. What happened to our Lions Roar? I hope all our young ones get exposed to this one :)
Mathias Andre (3 years ago)
Rafie The Chosen One (3 years ago)
Wats the song called
Mohd Rafiq (3 years ago)
nice shot
Vaithyswary Suresh (3 years ago)
So poorthin n u worked so hard for it
Iskandar Asobe (3 years ago)
Right in the feels
Abdillah Zamzuri (3 years ago)
A privilege to have been a part of this short film. Thank you.
Fateha Norizad (3 years ago)
The boy look like one of the acs player dany
Jonah Kenneth (3 years ago)
Surasak Manwahab (3 years ago)
This vdo maked me cry TT from Thailand
man django (3 years ago)
there wil be ~NO~ another great Fandi Ahmad..thanks for the history for a great player that ever grace in S'pore football..u're a humble man and faith in believing urself..
Darren Chan (3 years ago)
when will the music video of the theme song be released? love the song
Rozana Williams (3 years ago)
Truly inspired. Tks for bringing back memories of Kallang roar.
shahrul nidx (3 years ago)
The best video
mia cnls (3 years ago)
+shahrul nidx i agree

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