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Joey Messick (7 days ago)
yess I love this sport can I be the quarter back lol
kenn Blover (17 days ago)
Sparkz Mentalz (1 month ago)
This is why I love slo-mo.
Alison Brierley (6 days ago)
and close up shots too!
MakeufamousNDZ (2 months ago)
...#9 Arryana Barton is probably the finest woman in the league!!!! 🔥🔥🔥
rebellifemedia (2 months ago)
Hard to argue
KEN L (3 months ago)
John Smythe (3 months ago)
As I've said before, this ain't football and we all know we just like to see scantily clad hotties tackle, wrestle and all around show us some T & A. THIS is what the women above should be doing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x8NNpzXQaM&list=PLbr6bHIAy-RCV6CemrcLnBQnFKlOIMHOA Hell, many of these would be football players are hotter than the wrestling chicks. Now, get the lady football players to wrestle i, I'd sure as hell pay to see that!
MachineGunMouth (3 months ago)
1:16 now thats what i call some serious slap ass...
Peter Skilj (3 months ago)
you could barely tell what team is what. you mostly see skin THEN the color of the uniform. it's kinda confusing
John Pringle (3 months ago)
Would bone both teams
Travon Williams (3 months ago)
Even the white girls got ass
Andrew Washington (3 months ago)
This is so much my new and favorite sport
Blaximus Prime (3 months ago)
Thinks to myself... Daaayyyuuummm...so much ass!
Jack Meoff (3 months ago)
I suggest those women not to jump in the stands, It would be a sexual assault!! How could you not want to touch those juicy butts!!
jigga simpson (3 months ago)
This MVP. I 💘 it
elton washington (3 months ago)
Way better than the NFL.
Cecilio Thomas (3 months ago)
Blaximus Prime (3 months ago)
elton washington HELL YEAH! Waaaaaaay better!
Michael Simpson (3 months ago)
i no the coaches NEVER miss practice or a game
Yellow Wolf (3 months ago)
hummmmmmmm !!!!!
KoolHandDuke (4 months ago)
0:05 Has there ever been a sexier scrum to recover a fumble in the history of football? I think not.
Declan Hegarty (4 months ago)
Some very capable , very hot women. Any ideas how many of them are lesbian ?
John Smythe (3 months ago)
*Declan Hegarty*? Capable of sticking their asses out, pushing out their breasts and looking like they've never touched a football? Yeah. Hot? Most of them are. Why not rid ourselves of the facade of football and just have them in bikinis, wrestling in Jello? We get to see their faces, bodies better and we don't have to pretend these chicks have ANY football talent...because they don't.
ASSMAN/FEETMAN (5 months ago)
dis shit is awesome
Airmanmx1 (6 months ago)
When I die I want to come back as either the sports bra or sport panties
Cnote Ali (6 months ago)
the finest and toughest most beautiful women in American, I want one!
calvinacb (6 months ago)
Jon Dill (7 months ago)
I miss every play trying to look at the ass
DC BC (7 months ago)
archie rome (7 months ago)
They fine. But all dikes. I bet.
RL Driver (7 months ago)
I want them ALL in my 🛏
MachineGunMouth (3 months ago)
RL Driver any man who types with emojis will never be able to handle these women...
mansa musa (7 months ago)
upgrade to g strings! polygamist love take 10 of my wives compete in this sport for the dick tht night 👌
Lewis Declouette (7 months ago)
man I need to put this back on TV
mansa musa (7 months ago)
Lewis Declouette word
LazarusStirs (7 months ago)
Nice Video!

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