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Top 10 Nintendo 3DS Games of 2017 | 3DS Games of the Year

2001 ratings | 162841 views
A ranking of the best Nintendo 3DS games of 2017. These are the top-rated titles released in 2017 that are now available in stores and the Nintendo eShop. Get these games by clicking the links below: Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King https://goo.gl/W8V19V Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth https://goo.gl/TPoEa1 Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia https://goo.gl/G4q7Nk Metroid: Samus Returns https://goo.gl/aCjXf5 Monster Hunter Stories https://goo.gl/mZ1MPm Pokemon Ultra Sun https://goo.gl/hH2aUq Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World https://goo.gl/3CmzTN Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns https://goo.gl/1Tdohp Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters https://goo.gl/b34kg3 whatoplay updates you with the latest, the most anticipated and the best PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS and Android video games today. Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover all the best, new & upcoming PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS video games at https://whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ - https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay - https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay - https://instagram.com/whatoplay - https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/.
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Text Comments (297)
Kravesin (1 month ago)
Ultra Scam number one, laughable!
RetroNoticias (2 months ago)
why do you guys keep on saying "metroidvania game" when refering to "any" exploration game? the term came to be when konami started making castlevania games with metroid like exploration so they called any "castlevania" game with a "metroid" like exploration a "metroidvania" . so the only metroidvania games should be castlevania games with metroid like exploration...
thenebbiechanel 1 (4 months ago)
*cough* *cough* miitopia, *cough* *cough* miitopia, *cough* *cough* miitopia, *cough* *cough* miitopia, WHERE ON THIS LIST IS MIITOPIA!
whatoplay (4 months ago)
Unfortunately, Miitopia didn't make it on this list with a Playscore of 8.1. https://whatoplay.com/3ds/miitopia/
Chadical (4 months ago)
No miitopia?
Jack Scoville (4 months ago)
this guy seems mad
Niranjan pradeep (5 months ago)
Pokemon is the best
Wow Gen 7 is not Good but gamers and critics made it number #1 XD
dark metaknight (5 months ago)
Rules in how to make a top 10 1:put "top 10.... Things 2:put the today's year
Skills GD (6 months ago)
uh why is no one talking about poochy and yoshis woolly world i love that game
Super Koala Jones (6 months ago)
9:48 I don’t think that is the correct description for Fire Emblem Warriors
thx 😊
Jim Jim (8 months ago)
Hey Pikmin should have made the list. Enjoy that one better than Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (which is horrible!)
ƒιsнεямαη™ (8 months ago)
why does 3ds has childish games? except Monster Hunter 4U and Generations
Cowntsikin (9 months ago)
Metroid: Samus Returns should be #1
David Gomes (9 months ago)
The old and good Pokemon... It never gets old... Meh
The Random Guy (9 months ago)
Where is Mario 3D land, Mario kart 7, super smash bros or new super Mario bros 1 and 2
Gustavo Valdez (8 months ago)
2017 list, read again.
pokemon master Chirag (9 months ago)
Pokemon !!!!
Dr. Frank Castle (9 months ago)
I love Pokemon, been following since Red & Blue (I missed out on Yellow)...and now thanks to the Pokemon bank, all my legendaries (copies of legendaries) are now in the updated version. It's the only game I play on the Nintendo hand held consoles.
Jack Lee (9 months ago)
yes i bought ultra sun
MYHNEA (9 months ago)
No super smash bros????
Gustavo Valdez (8 months ago)
2017 list, read again
Reznor (9 months ago)
Bullshit! Metroid Samus Returns won the VGA handheld game of the year award for a reason, it blows away all the others on this list.
Rodolfoxkiller Ω (9 months ago)
The games in here look really interesting! Unlike watchmojo, whatoplay calculates the playscore before making a list, not just being joined with what the mass of people wants like watchmojo does.
Jeff Cockmann (9 months ago)
damn.. i can't go thru dq8 again, i have like 70 hours or so on my ps2, didnt finish it yet. It is tempting tho. Hooking up the old ps2 seems like a lot of trouble :( also, im still playing pokemon Y, this game also has a staggering amount of content, especially if you're obsessive compulsive.
Umatsu Obossa (9 months ago)
Happy to see an Etrian Odyssey on there. It's my favorite series.
Victoria Abraham (9 months ago)
Umatsu Obossa I tried the demo but there is nothing I understood
Shy Kaiman (10 months ago)
The guys that make those videos most part of time are talkin shit or don't know what they are putting on the list. MOst part of the time they didn't even played those games or just base their opinions on self taste or whatever...bad reviewers everywhere
Fallouttheater (10 months ago)
I'm getting monster Hunter stories
GOLDEN GIRLqx (10 months ago)
ps what? سوني ايش؟
Sadnehs (10 months ago)
Metroidd Prime 4 is not set to come out in 2018... just fyi. Not sure why you said that.
Dark Dantex (10 months ago)
UNA PUTA MIERDA EL TOP 1 ULTRA SOL Y ULTRA LUNA UNA PUTISIMA MIERDA ANTES JUEGO AL POKEMON AMARILLO VAYA VERGÜENZA DE TOP. con respeto pero de todos hay mejores juegos como monster hunter stories que no solo gana en gráficos sino en animaciones jugabilidad ambientación música dificultad etc etc etc
Chara gaming (10 months ago)
BlitzFire 36 (10 months ago)
Poochy gang poochy gang poochy gang
UltraBeast536 (10 months ago)
10:53 Wait, Necrozma's dusk mane form? That's Lycanroc.
S H O O K (10 months ago)
Pokemon sun isn’t the same as Pokemon ultra sun! There are differences between them
Drasly (5 months ago)
The Ultra.
dallaz Thomas (7 months ago)
xxhinghamxx and whats that?
S H O O K (10 months ago)
Yo Kai watch is kinda like Pokemon
Jim Fancy-pants (10 months ago)
Italians don't exist
BdaMonkey (10 months ago)
Bye Bye Boxboy was mentioned and rightfully so. It was a delight.
Lazy Vortex (10 months ago)
> Pokemon US/UM No.
dämonenfürst666 (10 months ago)
Hmm, I don't really like objective Top Lists. It feels like this guy just read up all the games on Wikipedia and then gave a half-hearted explanation why they are great even though he doesn't care about them.
Nihlm not from Futurama (10 months ago)
Ever oasis deserves to be higher, same as fire emblem warriors and monster Hunter stories. You also don't put only ultra sun in a place cause it is literally the exact same game as ultra moon pretty much. You are misinformed and only focus on making money when you have no insight into the actual games and how good they really are. Critics also very often don't understand that games are not looked at the same as a movie and consider some of the most ridiculous games the best because of the graphics or complexity of a story
Valey (10 months ago)
Im 25 years old now and still waiting for the next Advanced war game!
pokenon ultra sun got 9.06 whilr ultra moon got 8.95 THEY ARE THE SSME GAME WITH MINOR DIFRENCES
Nuruhuine (10 months ago)
Metoid > Pokemon.
Why is fire emblem warriors soooo low?? But pokemon ultra sun makes up for it but still
HossXoX X (10 months ago)
this games looks cool. i have some but im not gonna buy the others. because i cant keep playing it i only play smash bros 3ds
Soraya Alhady (10 months ago)
lol when i saw trio of towns i immediately pressed the like button (YESS I LOVE THAT GAME SO SO MUCH!!)
Billies Nerd Cave (10 months ago)
Am I the only one that feels the guys on this channel sound pretty bored?
Waluigi Wah Ha Ha (10 months ago)
Blaster master is absolute crap.
Matt Pickard (10 months ago)
I'm going with Dragon Quest 9. Extra dungeons and characters? Plus i played the PS2 demo when i was a kid but didn't get to play the full game? Oh yeah that's the winner for me. Ultra Sun & Moon look fun though.
Rose pendulum_princess (10 months ago)
Fire Emblem Warriors = 1 Fire Emblem Echoes = 2 Pokemon Ultra Moon= 3 Dragon Quest 8 = 4 Idc about the other games.
Dilan (10 months ago)
What does Hack & slash mean in Fire emblem warriors?
Random Guy (10 months ago)
This game was made as a Musou game. Look them up, they have been on the rise lately.
John Smith (10 months ago)
GD Niprin it's an action game with mechanics like God of war
Green Eyed Gamer (10 months ago)
Team Ultra Moon all day son! Name one steel type that's OU tier for more than one generation? lol
Evenity (10 months ago)
Green Eyed Gamer all day ? Or All Night Haha
Matanumi (10 months ago)
too many god damn RPGS...
Noobd GT (10 months ago)
Matanumi ikr
あお (10 months ago)
I never had the chance to play UMUS yet, I own both but was too busy to play it. My fav 3ds game form 2017 was FE: Echoes. I thought it was much better than Fates Birthright and Revelations, and on par with Conquest. I loved many of the other games here too! Metroid was so much fun, but quick. Monster Hunter stories I was so surprised with. I didn't think I'd like this one at all, but it was so fun. It has a pretty nice story, it's a little dark, but it has it's quirky points too it as well.
ClyRe Maximilian (10 months ago)
Story of season is the classic harvestmoon now
I'm surprised Pokemon topped this list. Given the more mixed reception it's gotten compared to Sun and Moon, I didn't think fan scores would be high enough to get it up there. Not that I'm complaining.
Maximillian Lylat (10 months ago)
ZachaRicO *Pronounced Zak-uh-REEK-oh the stars rumor killed the hype, USUM improves everything and are the definitive games and the best non-remake since black white 2 imo
Arthur Nobre (10 months ago)
Metroid Samus Returns? What a joke.
GoldRPG (10 months ago)
Wait, Hold On! How Come Super Smash Bros. For 3DS Wasn’t Included?
Arthur Nobre (10 months ago)
It's not from 2017, lol. It's from 2014. I play it all the time too, though.
emrah şimşek (10 months ago)
my favourite 3ds game this year is mario and luigi superstar saga but I just dont understand why pokemon is allways the leader its just that its not even enjoyable.
emrah şimşek (9 months ago)
its just my own opinion.
Stephanie Duvergé (9 months ago)
I find it more challenging. Previous generations made it easy by raising level you ruled, you raised stats for battles online. Now, you have to raise wise or you'll get washed out on the battle tree, not a mandatory part of the game, but you get the chance of beating red, so that makes it interesting enough.
Thunder Book (10 months ago)
The new Pokémon games this generation is really not good.. The older generations like 3,4,5,6 are still enjoyable
Noobd GT (10 months ago)
emrah şimşek i agree
Peridot (10 months ago)
i dont understand why they are all anime heh...
Noobd GT (10 months ago)
Peridot. 😂😂
Tha Paw (10 months ago)
First time seeing you guy's
Card Shuffler (10 months ago)
Why does ultra moon have a lower rating than ultra sun!!??
Zelgius (10 months ago)
Pokèmon is 90% the same game from last year tho...
EliTheGreat (10 months ago)
Wheres miitopia?
cyncynshop (10 months ago)
Etrian Odyssey 5!!!!
Bloozur (10 months ago)
this guys voice is so bland
TheYo-KaiGuy (10 months ago)
I'm really happy to see that Yo-Kai Watch 2 Psychic Specters made the list, it only makes me more excited to see how well the next Yo-Kai Watch Installment will do
stevensays1 (10 months ago)
Wait, who ever said Metroid Prime 4 is coming out next year?
Darkfyraproductions (10 months ago)
Uh..US and UM are simply updated version of the originals Sun and Moon so no point to give it's 1
Invader Zebanyan DX (10 months ago)
Superstar Saga is not in top???... Never mind...was in the 13
PunchNpie (10 months ago)
Nice List! I just put together a list of the games im looking forward to most in the coming year! https://youtu.be/ZGzRtDvIsag
kamran alam (10 months ago)
https://youtu.be/qZtsz-Yh94A shadow fight 3 kibo
Speedbump from Chinatown (10 months ago)
>when the long awaited return of the metroid franchise is lower then a recycled game from last year
Aquatommovies (10 months ago)
Speedbump from Chinatown what I want you to know about is the problem with Pokémon, there are two groups of people, the fans and the critics. The fans want more of the same, they want the nostalgia they felt from red and blue to be reignited, so it's basically impossible to please them. The critics see this and say Pokémon is just recycled trash all the time, I don't think anyone is being fair to Pokémon, and the huge amount of people it has to cater to, metroid doesn't have that problem because not many people play it relatively speaking, this is why I feel that people are too harsh on Pokémon.
Speedbump from Chinatown (10 months ago)
Aquatommovies I've played sun, it was the weakest game in the franchise in my opinion. As for USUM, i haven't played, but for the most part is a recycled game (reused assets, maps, mechanics, animations etc.) so I already knew how things would play out. The new stuff is mostly just fanservice, such as rainbow rocket, and not enough improvements to it's predecessor. I prefer Metroid because it's one of my favorite franchises, and Samus Returns is the first great metroid game in an entire decade, so it's my preferred game. But everyone has their preferences, and if you like Pokemon more then Metroid, that's alright.
Aquatommovies (10 months ago)
Speedbump from Chinatown I'm willing to bet money that you, nor anyone criticising Pokémon in this comment section hasn't played sun or moon, or ultra sun or ultra moon, try it: you will see just how different they are from previous Pokémon. And I don't really respect the vga awards, least of all the handheld one because Pokémon fucking GO won it in 2016, that game was as bad quality as it gets. So don't write off Pokémon as 'recycled crap' just because it is named 'Pokémon', try it, make it past the awful tutorial and I promise you will love it.
Speedbump from Chinatown (10 months ago)
Yet USUM didn't get the award for best handheld game in the video game awards, yet metroid did, despite lower sales. Why? Maybe because it's actually better then that recycled crap!
Aquatommovies (10 months ago)
Because people love Pokemon more as the sales indicate, and why does it sell more? idk, oh yeah! maybe it might be better! MINDBLOWN
Anthony Rolland (10 months ago)
What about Miitopia ?? ...
Noobd GT (10 months ago)
Anthony Rolland wasent that good
Pixel Dude (10 months ago)
That's dumb, miitopia was a great game. What, did people not like the fact that you couldn't control your allies?
whatoplay (10 months ago)
Miitopia currently has a PlayScore of *8.11*
Josh Prower (10 months ago)
Ultra sun is just 20% new....but oh well
Philip Sparks (10 months ago)
That moment when a carbon copy of a game that got released last year gets the highest playscore on this list. And ever oasis was by far better then pokemon sun and moon. This list of game sucks
francisjoseph bonila (10 months ago)
Is dragon quest really that good?(Just from the looks alone that I did'nt want to play it)is the story like really really good or is it like cliche with a clear sign between good vs evil?
Jack Son (10 months ago)
Remakes, ports, and localizations as 1st party releases. Yeah, 3DS had an awesome year!
And still sells more than the psvita...
CarbonSlice (10 months ago)
I didn't know there were 10 2017 3DS games
MikeyBoy (8 months ago)
I'm pretty sure there were more 3ds games that came out in 2017 than switch games. But 2018 will most likely be different. Which is a shame because I love the 3ds
CarbonSlice (10 months ago)
That's enough salt to melt Antarctica
Scitch2781 (10 months ago)
CarbonSlice dumb fuck
Noobd GT (10 months ago)
CarbonSlice 😂😂
Jesús Salbitani (10 months ago)
hahaha you are sooooo funny
barba negra (10 months ago)
It's simple amazing
Chanel Oberlin (10 months ago)
Didn't really like FE: Echoes much
Heikel Wolfe (10 months ago)
Well thats weird, its supossed to be the best FE since PoR but i understand you, i didn't enjoy Botw like i thought i would
Chanel Oberlin (10 months ago)
Rastabugs get somethin else
Rastabugs (10 months ago)
Alfea A I do ! But i heard its boring and most ppl dont like it
Chanel Oberlin (10 months ago)
If you like farming simulation games like Harvest Moon or Story of Seasons, go for it.
Rastabugs (10 months ago)
Alfea A Hey. Big sale at the eshop! Any ideas ? Hometown Story ?
Maximillion Roivas (10 months ago)
Great list, Whatoplay! Here's my Top 3 3DS Games of 2017: Metroid: Samus Returns RPG Maker FES Minecraft: 3DS Edition
Big Cow Productions (10 months ago)
I hope your throat feels better (not sarcastic or anything)
Big Cow Productions (10 months ago)
One of the original Metroidvania games* Metroidvania intrinsically has another game that made the genre with it.
Andru (Zoular) (10 months ago)
9:48 KoeiTecmo, it wouldn't be whattoplay without hiccups like these in the video.
Edinson perez (10 months ago)
New pokemon? only 2 or 3 new pokemon, You don't even know wtf you are talking about
Agamer playz (10 months ago)
I knew Sun and moon was going to be first place
EmiGaxx (10 months ago)
I am the only one who thinks that pokemon games a WAY TOO over rated?
Angel Yuni (8 hours ago)
FlameboyGD (2 days ago)
EmiGaxx No you aren’t. Yo-Kai Watch for life!
Aquatommovies (10 months ago)
as is meteoroid, they sell poorly yet the it is always awarded higher than it should by the elitists
Tyler Dahle (10 months ago)
It's fun to collect your pokemon team and hunt legendary pokemon. But yes, they are. I think the Digimon games are much better (especially as RPGs), and I got YoKai Watch 2: Psychic specters (my first yo kai watch) and think it is definitely better than Sun and Moon...
silentblackstar1617 (10 months ago)
yea tbh i think i'd play another yokai watch game before another pokemon one
Gpm Skp (10 months ago)
Oh god 3ds will not stop making games.. I hope Ps Vita same with 3ds either.. hahaahha sorry bad english
Captain Mega (10 months ago)
Yo-Kai Watch 2 pleeeeeasssse. ebit: *yeeeeeeeeeeeee!!*
Isdihaj l'amateur (10 months ago)
Dragon quest 8 is just like dragon ball mixt to blue dragon
karim ZX (10 months ago)
Xboxone games
Scitch2781 (10 months ago)
Sonia Bourne suck it has no games
Caio Ferreira (10 months ago)
In LOVE Monster Hunter Stories 😍
JoxTraex (10 months ago)
Caio Ferreira if you like monster hunter stories you will also love world of final fantasy. Awesome underrated game!
Антон Романов (10 months ago)
Сплошная хрень. Даже резаться не во что 😕
Captain Mega (10 months ago)
Вячеслав Иванов wat?!
world of gaming (10 months ago)
I love Nintendo there like my idols but sadly I never played a Pokémon game are they good
Ryan (10 months ago)
world of gaming The games from the 3ds I'd buy this year are samus returns, fire emblem echoes, Pokémon ultra sun and moon, and ever oasis
Noobd GT (10 months ago)
world of gaming not in my opinion i bought sapphire and white i dident like it very much :/
shad bud (10 months ago)
Play fire red first( on gba ) I like pokemon cause of the anime.
world of gaming (10 months ago)
Thanks I will try them out
Gpm Skp (10 months ago)
Thanks dude I'll back from basics😂
Forever Zero (10 months ago)
I knew Pokémon was the first place, it always is...
Kent Gimena (10 months ago)
too bad . Dragonball Fusion didn't make the list.
Speedbump from Chinatown (10 months ago)
that game was released last year, these are 2017 games
Fuck Youtube and Viacom (10 months ago)
WELL HELLO!!!! Kent Gimena
The Legendary Ravioli 囟 (10 months ago)
I used to be a fan of 3ds but the mostly new releases are more based on JRPG's and Pokemon which are boring for me -_-
Thunder Book (10 months ago)
Ikr... But Nintendo from the start always make games like that until probably now....
Maximillian Lylat (10 months ago)
Nhat Anh Hoang this is why the vita is loaded with jrpgs and is more popular in japan
Maximillian Lylat (10 months ago)
jrpgs are popular with the handhelds. later on i bet the switch will get alot of jrpgs later on.
The Legendary Ravioli 囟 (10 months ago)
SymbioteNx379 The thing is that I sold my 3ds last year to build a gaming pc :(
SymbioteNx379 (10 months ago)
The Legendary Ravioli You can always do both
SternRitterKurama (10 months ago)
thenicofu (10 months ago)
story of seasons actually IS harvest moon. (the hm publisher lost the rights for the Harvest Moon(trademark) name so now they use the original japanese name translated to english)
Carroll Nguyen (9 months ago)
Marvelous is the original developers of Harvest Moon, but Harvest Moon is not known as Harvest Moon in Japan. Natsume typically in the past published and localized the games for Marvelous under the name Harvest Moon in other countries. After a bunch of company mergers, Marvelous acquired XSeed, who published and localized some of their other games. Since Marvelous acquired a publisher, there was no reason to subcontract that work to another company. But since Natsume has the copyright for the title "Harvest Moon," Marvelous cannot localize the series under that name. Hence the name change. And yeah, the new Harvest Moon games are awful. Story of Seasons series is great though!
thenicofu (9 months ago)
iirc the developers made a post about it somewhere back when it happened. They basically said that all the new Harvest Moon games are developed by someone else, and that they will continue the series under the name Story of Seasons. And i gotta say, all the new Harvest Moon games are really bad and boring. Not worth playing at all. Unlike SoS which is one of my favorite games of 2017.
SuperDuper (9 months ago)
thenicofu thanks for this piece of trivia how did u find this out
ILFPPAF _ (10 months ago)
POKEMON usum was very disappointing.
LicA de stupid Ultra sun is not Dlc because its a Sequel IDIOT
Florian Lison (10 months ago)
Well, it was also at a time where the addons actually introduced new staples for the franchise, in Crystal you could be a girl for the first time, pokemon sprites were animated, there was a bit of a story with Suicune and at the time you could actually have all legendaries on one playthrough. In Emerald, like USUM, graphics were enhanced and prettier, but there were also so much added to the system because of Fire Red and Leaf Green such as item icons, wireless connexions... Once again all legendaries in one cartridge, a longer story mode with both teams. It was different enough to be called a new game. Platinum too had some great changes from the originals. USUM, though I'm playing them now and I love "some" additions, is a redoing of a recent game using same graphics and only adding minigames (that are pretty hit or miss), pokemons, move tutors (that were a thing in old gens so it's not new) and a few story elements that don't really change the course of the game and add like 4 hours of gameplay at best. The main improvement I noticed is the great amount of side quests you can find in game. But for those that already had problems with SM, the fact that it didn't improve on it's defaults like no National Dex, no gym battles, minutes/hours of unskipable cutscenes and tutorials that are taken straight from the original, the game basically hurts itself and is hit or miss aong the fanbase.
Luca De Vincentis (10 months ago)
Lil Kuzuryuu the point is the price of the dlc
Kzryuu (10 months ago)
Your point? They've been doing that since 2000, all you kids that keep saying it's a dlc, newsflash, Game Freak has been doing that for ages now, look back at Crystal and Emerald, no one cared that they were ''dlc'', basically the same game with more addons, if you don't like it don't buy it, as easy as that, USUM actually added more stuff than Emerald and Crystal did, and even then the game has sold pretty well.
scorpion3128 (10 months ago)
Gen 7 in general is a massive disappointment. Easily the worst gen yet.

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