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RuneScape Behind the Scenes #143 - Easter 2015

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This week on Behind the Scenes we’re heading over to Port Sarim where some rather impish imps have taken residence in the Easter Bunny’s warren. Play RuneScape Free: https://rs.game/PlayNowYT Join our communities! Follow, like and subscribe to us on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/runescape Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/RuneScape YouTube - http://www.YouTube.com/runescape Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/runescape Reddit - http://www.reddit.com/r/runescape #RuneScape
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Text Comments (160)
InfernalSupremacy (3 years ago)
Hey, rs3 sucks bye.
pignuss (3 years ago)
I want the old narrator back! His voice was class!
Abrar Farhan (3 years ago)
I forgot soul wars existed.. thanks for the reminder..! 
TheCreatorOf4 (3 years ago)
I take it back, imps look great!
Jack B (3 years ago)
Guys! Can someone please tell me if 'Runescape 2007' works on an Apple MacBook Pro? Thinking of investing in one but if Runescape doesn't work I'll not be buying it. Let me know please, thanks.
Josh Tehboss (3 years ago)
Ancientsouls fc for soulwars event (126 cb req)
Yaoi Marik (3 years ago)
Thank you for not making this a shitty event, Jagex. Going back to your roots.
Tails The Fox (3 years ago)
is 95t weapon is a lie or real -.- ?
Matthew Smith (3 years ago)
Fix the capes
DingTendo (3 years ago)
why is it always imps no matter the event?
Amer Kanj (3 years ago)
So the Xp rewards are for any skill? And is it straight-up Xp or Bxp?
ricardosanchezl (3 years ago)
old narrator please.
George k. (3 years ago)
Was hoping there would be a Easter lootbeam :(
xxRsFinestxx (3 years ago)
Rs3 is shit. Go oldschool!
clem5858 (3 years ago)
I like the sarcastic tone of the new narrator even though people might complain lol.
El Fuego (3 years ago)
I liked the old narrator. Did you guys fire him? :(
DanV (3 years ago)
Will you ever update the boats at port Sarim?
Rhonie Wolff (3 years ago)
On world 7 I found a woodcutting bot 25 combat 99 woodcutting 3 mining are some of his skills the players name is Matther56
Shaun Dreclin (3 years ago)
Awesome to finally see real events coming back to the game rather than "BUY X HOLIDAY RELATED ITEM NOW ONLY 199 RUNECOINS"
Shaun Dreclin (3 years ago)
The chicken/egg thing is not even an argument. The egg came first, period. It was laid by something that was not a chicken.
LordRoeser (3 years ago)
+stelpe Fair enough, and salutations, good sir.
stelpe (3 years ago)
+LordRoeser hahaha XD Yeah your right, I could go on too but there isn't really a point. Time to call it quits. It was fun though ;)
LordRoeser (3 years ago)
+stelpe But see, you just made my point. This whole thing is about what we call a "chicken", which is entirely subjective. Does this  discussion serve an actual purpose? Hell no! The whole argument is pointless! But if we do decide to take that silly question seriously, we HAVE to draw that line SOMEWHERE, and this is the answer we'd get. Because, back to my previous example, say generation 800k was recognizable as a chicken and generation 600k was something in the middle and thus worthy of being called a proto-chicken. What do we call what's between them? Yes, it's an insanely long and subtle process, and drawing an arbitrary line to differentiate them is absoutely useless for any serious scientific purposes. But this is no such thing, it's based not really on what genetically makes a chicken such, but on the "concept" of a chicken. So we do need that silly line to tell us where the difference between a chicken and a proto-chicken lie that leads us the fact a proto-chicken may lay an egg that will hatch into a chicken, even if the difference between them is irrelevant for most other purposes. Thus the egg came first. (Unless of course you name the egg after its parent instead of what hatches from it, but i think that's just silly). And BOY I sure don't have better things to do with my life than extensively discuss "who came first, the chicken or the egg" on the internet. For reals, i'm enjoying myself. :3
stelpe (3 years ago)
+LordRoeser I see your point but then you could just pick out an egg from the thing that was before the chicken and say the egg came first. I'm just saying that a thing that was not a chicken did not lay a chicken egg. The change is constant so drawing a line over a generation is pointless.
LordRoeser (3 years ago)
+stelpe "won't notice them" is nonsense, a change does not have to be noticeable to exist. Chickens were not always chickens, simple fact. Where you draw the line between proto-chicken and chicken is entirely of your choosing and not really important to the argument at hand. Let's say, for the sake of the argument again, there were a million states between, i don't know, little dinosaurs(whatever chickens were before, no matter, it's just a point) and current chickens. While most people would probably accept the last, say, two hundred thousand ones as "chickens", in this argument mass opinion is also not relevant, point stands no matter where you place your line.
Leanna Norskov (3 years ago)
I LOVE MOD TIM. OMG. Hes almost like a kid with his smile. "look what we've made for you!" So cute
ADHD (3 years ago)
Where's the first video announcer gone.. Can runescape not afford him anymore ?
Socials (3 years ago)
Killing Jadinkos? so it's not skiller friendly...?
Subwoofer Nation (3 years ago)
IQ of the jagex team is about 30
Isha Wheeler (3 years ago)
Yay a good event for a change
g00gly0eyes (3 years ago)
What a very soft-spoken guy to be wearing a barbarian helmet
SnowIzCold (3 years ago)
I don't like the "limited" shit thats going on, everyone should be able to get it.
tomcatfdynasty (3 years ago)
Your average British man is kind of ugly, lol.
T y (3 years ago)
Who cares about the Easter event? I'm more interested in "next weeks content" Going back UNDERWATER again! Can't wait!
SrTNick (3 years ago)
So it's all member's only content?
SrTNick (3 years ago)
+RuneScape Thanks for replying to me. Since it was jadinko's, I wasn't even going to attempt to find it. Now I'm already done.
RuneScape (3 years ago)
+SrTNick1 Nope, completely free to play :)
Elvis 23 (3 years ago)
Love how everyone is raging but no one seems to complain on the forums what's wrong scrubs scared of getting D: BANNED hahahahaha
Rabbizz1 (3 years ago)
Wow ok of course this update has blurry shit again this again fucks sake can u make ur content not blurry for once u fucks
genericusername562 (3 years ago)
>Goes to Runescape video to bitch about stupid stuff. >Has Runescape avatar on Youtube lololol
Zarir Naim (3 years ago)
What blurry shit?
Decside (3 years ago)
Jagex ran SW? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to get Jad pet for insane final boss =)
Southpark124 (3 years ago)
RIP in peace old narrator guy.
The Hudson (3 years ago)
*cringe*  this game should have moved on and kept its dignity, looks even more like a 5 yearolds game now ... and to think i wasted years of my life on it. LOL is where its at without having to spend 10000000 years to get stats and gp...
Alaska RS (3 years ago)
+Lucas TheS It's the question I ask myself a lot. Personally if I had moved on to a new game and quit RuneScape, it's a guarantee I wouldn't be loitering on their BTS videos preaching some negative crap no one gives a care about.
Inquisitor Glokta (3 years ago)
Mate, you think that the bloody Easter event will be serious? Of course it's gonna be childish, every fucking event has been for the past 10 years, you don't even play and you talk shit like you know, high level pvm isn't close to being for children, and almost all of the other content released in the last few years hasn't been either, you are too stupid to even argue with.
The Hudson (3 years ago)
+Lewis Hudson no matter what statement i come out with, i'd never look as stupid as the guys presenting this video xD
The Hudson (3 years ago)
+Jacob Bielema i know that.. i played rs for 6 years, and looking back on it now compared to how it used to be, and how its advertised. is just so disappointing to see how its lost all its dignity and reputation. no matter on the type of game it is.. it's just had its day and now its for little kids... i still played this when i was 18 for a while, im now almost 21 and even in that time it's just got worse. i only compared it to LOL because on rs you spend years getting stats and GP.. which is a waste, even though it was fun at the time.. looking back on it now, it takes a LOT of time up to get a high level
Jeff the Indian Chief (3 years ago)
LOL is a MOBA, RS is an MMORPG! It's like comparing an apple to an orange, you just don't do that kind of stuff without knowing how stupid you'll look!
figtherthor (3 years ago)
The chicken was in theory created from a mutation in the eggs embryonic state. So the egg came first
MegaChickenfish (3 years ago)
Reminds me a lot of the one where I got the chicken suit. Still have that hat keepsaked. 
Just an account (3 years ago)
Mod Jon is a badass.
Arikado09 (3 years ago)
What the hell are JewDinkos?
Petros Psaraftis (3 years ago)
And wow, an underwater world!
Petros Psaraftis (3 years ago)
I like the new narrator as well, but out of curiosity what happened to the old one? Also I love the Soul Wars events and also the Easter Event. :)
Caedo (3 years ago)
He probably left Jagex
Dr. Watson (3 years ago)
new narrators fucking annoying
Benjamin Ayles (3 years ago)
Is the narrator the guy who hosted runefest last year? If so why have someone that has no clue about runescape?
joey twink (3 years ago)
another retarded update. sick content 10/10
cat intensifies (3 years ago)
Seriously guys?? Do you really care about the narrator?? Typicak Runescape community... Hate EVERY change! The new narrator is just as good as the old one.
cat intensifies (3 years ago)
+TrazzleFrazzle It's a perfectly normal cat :D
ThatBoyTrev (3 years ago)
Wtf is your profile picture lmao
ジSenpaiScape (3 years ago)
how very oldschool <3
Kiko (3 years ago)
Jagex I dropped 13m gold and it disappeared!!! I WANT MY GOLD BACK THAT WAS MY WHOLE BANK WTF!!!!
Matthew Hunt (3 years ago)
The Rooster "Came" first. Kappa.
Kinshra Slave (3 years ago)
I'm so Egg-cited!
Eric Champlin (3 years ago)
I like this new narrator and his borderline Irish accent. Hater's gunna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.
Zak Zakaryas (3 years ago)
Is that Amanda Waller at 1:14?
Rico (3 years ago)
Dat shitty reward :(
Steele Man (3 years ago)
Does this mean you don't have to go back to it every day because reasons?
Joris C (3 years ago)
I like the previous narrator, sorry
mrproivi (3 years ago)
i dont hate the new narrator but is new i guess new is good? but still miss old one :c
Vlad (3 years ago)
Finally a non-hide & seek event
InkGuardian (3 years ago)
can u bring back the gem golem outfit . i need to buy it
Mingchao Shi (3 years ago)
Why do we have to help the imp? Can't we kill it with one punch and get it over with?
jawaad132 (3 years ago)
Old narrator pls
GoldKitsuneBrony (3 years ago)
Welcome back, Easter Bunny! :D
Sluwaerd (3 years ago)
The new narrator's 'S' sound is annoying me more than it should D:
Egg came forst as the species that spawned the chicken egg was not a chicken and as evoloution went on it would mean that the egg hatched into the chicken we know today. 100m on team egg
Matthew Hunt (3 years ago)
+jamviral Believe it or not, but the Rooster Came first. Lerl.
That1Guy (3 years ago)
So we won't be able to get a pet of our own?
Hunky. (3 years ago)
and for old school RS ?
Hunky. (3 years ago)
oh ok thx :D
RuneScape (3 years ago)
+Hunky. You're probably best checking out +Old School Runescape's YouTube channel for that ;)
Xciver (3 years ago)
When is it in the game!?
iletya (3 years ago)
Maybe let your employees fix and brush their teeth before being on video... they look absolutely ratchet and disgusting.
AlexThomson1000 (3 years ago)
Bring back the old narrator! I was here first you have no right! While you're at it you moved a tree 7 months ago, you need to move that back or I'll quit. Seriously though, old narrator is best!
sounds about right for this community lol
sanjoris (3 years ago)
Aquarium HYPE at the end there! can't wait!
Beautiful hot Viking at 2:01. You're welcome
TheLewbear (3 years ago)
+iAm Naveed My asshole pulsates for the viking.
Tomorrow wont be flipping video, but the next day will. And I will see what I can do on that second point :)
Sture Hovland (3 years ago)
When iis next flipping video out? And can you do a gladius and rorarius comparisons. Would have made my day.
Leanna G (3 years ago)
+Shadow Zylo LMAO!!!!!!!!!
Count Artorias (3 years ago)
+iAm Naveed Boner aborted!
ShadowReaperT (3 years ago)
A mini quest instead of "hunt this 100 times but you can only get 4 per hour"? Finally. Waited far too long for these to reappear
ben verrydt (3 years ago)
can u get the jadinko as a pet?
The Governor (3 years ago)
+lurviQ lol "i dont have to take shit" oh you mean the truth? yeah i know you manchildren of osrs can handle the truth you guys have spread around your own false opinions so much that youre starting to believe them lol grow up kid
lurviQ (3 years ago)
i dont have to take shit from some faggot called "nightshadow wolfpaw". speaking of ranting about stupid shit, you should listen to your dads rants about you getting a job you fucking manchild furfag
+lurviQ lol 1 notice how im mocking the guy by using all caps on my remarks and 2 i still know quite a few people who started even in 2001 and still play and prefer rs3 however the only people i see bitching and acting so fucking self entitled are dipshits like you who started in 2006 the era when riot worlds got started and people rioted over the stupidest of shit aka a lurer getting muted and people flocking to w66 to riot about it and demand he be unmuted
Paragon Josh (3 years ago)
I think you guys' caps lock key is broken.
games12444 (3 years ago)
jagex should have a tiny passover event or item put into the mix one of these years
+Jack Ankeny fair enough. At least your response is reasonable
Remove Kebab (3 years ago)
+shadowgattler Its runescapes version of Christmas. First of all, the majority of runescapes players are British, american, German, and Australian. These countries are all mainly European/ex-euro colonies and celebrate certain holidays (which is why they are more prevalent than other holidays). Latin Americans also make up a decent percentage, but they still celebrate Christmas and other various European holidays. Along with this, Jews are such a small minority it wouldn't really appeal to as many people.
Skull Cap (3 years ago)
+shadowgattler and even before wintumber do you know what it was called? ... christmas lol wintumber was only around like 2-3 years 
+Riaz-Ahmed Patel I never said "only jewish holidays". It was a simple suggestion. Runescape shouldn't even have christmas. It used to be called wintumber to keep it religiously neutral
Riaz-Ahmed Patel (3 years ago)
shadowgatter, you want all these cultural days, a jewish holiday but no other religious day. #Arrogance  
ugh i hate the new narrator
Alaska RS (3 years ago)
+shadowgattler The old voice was cool but the new one is quite good too. I don't see much of an issue, guess it's a preference thing.
i actually love rs3 and every update they make. i'm just not used to the new voice
AcidicStylez (3 years ago)
One of the two guys who hosted runefest the last two years and gameblast this year... Hardly new and im assuming your one of those bitches who complain at every change. Sorry bruh but it aint 2007 anymore.
TheTabAltDelete (3 years ago)
And once again, it is shown that RuneScape players hate change.
Schut603 (3 years ago)
Me 2
Infernape (3 years ago)
Earleys (3 years ago)
Yay for miniquest.
FamousPixels (3 years ago)
Wow a REAL event?! Not just 'win from TH' or buy with bonds? Nice!
FamousPixels (3 years ago)
Did you read my comment properly?
TJ (3 years ago)
+Bilal Iqbal Wrong about that one too. It's considered seasonal according to Jagex. Look it up. 
Bilal Iqbal (3 years ago)
+FamousPixels Valentines isn't a Seasonal event.
TJ (3 years ago)
+nightshadow wolfpaw Um, I never claimed that you couldn't earn snowballs through combat/skilling. LEARN HOW TO READ. Bilal said you couldn't win anything from TH which was a lie.... 
+tejuban are you all idiots? you could earn snow and rose petals thru combat/skilling and unless you shelled out hundred of dollars for keys it was actually more rewarding to to skill/kill then to try and win a few hundred batches for a key so no th has always been an alternitive to gaining something in an event never the main sorce
M. Strain Jr. (3 years ago)
This looks fun!  Much better than last year.  In fact, all I remember about last year were those magic eggs....
MrAdelaideRS (3 years ago)
tatewaki2000 (3 years ago)
Swindle (3 years ago)
RuneScape (3 years ago)
*This Easter, we've got something rather egg-citing for you (sorry, we couldn't resist).*  The Easter Bunny needs your help - and it's up to you to help him take back his workshop from the Imps that have overrun it. _Find out more in this week's Behind The Scenes video!_ 
Thelime (3 years ago)
+Photon Grey I actually really want the fork XD I'm going to do my best to get it. :D
Photonix Grey (3 years ago)
Easter event yaaaaaaaaaay! That fork though X D
+RuneScape egg came first, before the egg that hatched a chicken, there was an animal that was just on the edge of bird-thing and chicken, and the egg it layed, hatched what we currently call a chicken
Tommy (3 years ago)
We need more bosses
Matthew Hunt (3 years ago)
+RuneScape So, you've finally fixed SoulWars...? Or is this just a team/livestream event?
Ambler (3 years ago)
Wait so it's not a TH/Solomon's promo? I approve.

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