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The COOLEST Box I’ve EVER Opened

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Text Comments (6005)
WuShu101 (21 minutes ago)
That is soo fucking awesome, dude....OMFG...woww, soo fucking awesome.
pjberens1 (29 minutes ago)
engrave a dick on top
Mark Flatt (1 hour ago)
Will it turn a yellow-ish color in a few years...Is it that retro...?
Christepoo. H (2 hours ago)
Engrave dick butt, just do it
Robert Seccareccia (2 hours ago)
not feeling it
Saad Siraj (2 hours ago)
I wish i had a wall of vedio card
D Hawthorne (2 hours ago)
Get one of the biggest CRT monitors you can find and retrofit an OLED into it, then use the rest of the space inside to hide a modem, router and NAS. A whole home networking setup and a desktop PC in just 2 pieces, 2 very bulky, beige pieces.
Amar Hasshim (4 hours ago)
Make another sleeper PC where you fit the PC inside those bulky old monitors
Istvan Szakacs (4 hours ago)
Take it to the shooting range...???
swap out mouther board and CPU and make it AMD system to make Intel mad
Ian Visser (8 hours ago)
maybe have the glass frosted with an intel 8086 logo left clear and add blue led lighting inside to back-light it
Ian Visser (8 hours ago)
Shame on you intel for sending a retro PC without PS2 connectors
jdjcool 1 (10 hours ago)
Do a lot of retro stuff with it
Rory (10 hours ago)
I would love to see a new layout keyboard in the original beige color like the one you showed in the video, as soon as that came out it brought everything together and looked sooo much better the entire setup
Hufflepuff (11 hours ago)
Get the Model M plugged in, custom retro shroud for the 1080ti, retro looking fans and cable sleeves, tan wheel mouse optical w/ hyperglides and tan paracord, and somehow get a modded CRT monitor case. And some nice white LED strips.
Todd Budzinski (12 hours ago)
Windows 3.1/dos dual boot retro dos gaming
joe killfu (12 hours ago)
Nothing it's so perfect.... Maybe a 2080ti fe ?
Daniel Andrews (13 hours ago)
Hahaha At 1:44 you will get screwed if ya sit on the couch.
Henry xxA (14 hours ago)
I9 9th gen and rtx 2080ti
Farith Aidil (15 hours ago)
amazamations (15 hours ago)
Noctua fans on the gpu
LKD 70 (17 hours ago)
Just give it some pretty legs
9:14 *8088
Philippinoy (18 hours ago)
play mine sweeper on it
Zhaochen He (18 hours ago)
It's sweet but without a CRT, it's forever just shy of perfect. Recommend adapting an old but high quality CRT (such as those used at graphics workstations), or the last generation of HD compatible Sony Trinitrons. See other youtube videos on "Gaming with a CRT".
Tyler (19 hours ago)
Aye, roller coaster tycoon alert sound at 5:07
Conmega (21 hours ago)
Intel said the i7-8086K made sense since its an original IBM 5150??? The 5150 was shipped with an Intel 8088!!! The predecessor to the 8086. Aka not x86 architecture. Wow... How Intel themselves even forget their history. Pretty sad. If it was an 5170 aka a PC AT which looks completely different, those had 286 processors in them.
joar soderman (21 hours ago)
Custom loop in that!
The Niwo (21 hours ago)
Only thing missing would be an original Intelli Explorer Mouse
Issin TF (23 hours ago)
Hardline liquid cool it
Nathan Hale (1 day ago)
I would like to see it donated to me :D
MartinGe_De (1 day ago)
_west_ germany? I'm kinda sure there isn't a thing as east germany. Any more
dnb_gaming (1 day ago)
It's so beautiful. Do NOT mess with it!!
sandroutb (1 day ago)
Sandals and socks. I'm irked by the lack of style.
Brian M (1 day ago)
Ah yes. Cooling technology may have advanced- but if ya ain't got the dough, ya ain't got the silence. *watches the monitor unboxing* What the hell have ya done... *watches the computer unboxing* Oh, for the luvva- Retro, huh. Sheesh. :/
Technical guruji has more subs :) :)
Aaron Lochard (1 day ago)
Sorry if this has been said. The 5150 came with a 8088 processor and a model F keyboard which had a much different key arrangement than the model M that came later.
gysdfhome - (1 day ago)
Install a working floppy drive?
Smgmc64 Productions (1 day ago)
Hey Linus the greeny brown is because of plastic aging. Trust me, that’s the color of my snes controller ports
Matt Cape (1 day ago)
The coolest thing you could do with that is... Give it to me!!!
HarryMonmouth (1 day ago)
This video went seriously downhill after the 2:50 mark. My suggestion for what to do with the computer, is take all of that rubbish out of the middle, and rebuild to the same spec as the original machine.
Syed Yasin Alam (1 day ago)
i hate that monitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RGB gaming (1 day ago)
Perfect I found something that would play minesweeper at good fps
MisterAxeMan (1 day ago)
Gary H (1 day ago)
Real floppy
sbcontt YT (1 day ago)
Thumbs down because no Turbo button.
Orzech (1 day ago)
try put entire PC in old monitor. Use just box, and creata kind od AIO
Rod Steel (1 day ago)
I think the Vic 20 could use an update. With audio cassette disk storage.
Michael Jensen (1 day ago)
Fuck yeah. Well done, Intel!
Kremit (1 day ago)
Make an actual sleeper and make channel called Linus Mechanic Tips
Joseph Ackerman (1 day ago)
RGB everything
15471 mk2 (1 day ago)
Paint 3d picture of original components over glass
Randall (1 day ago)
put a water cooling loop in it I mean its linus tech tips
CatheteriZedEYE (1 day ago)
it's official..... Linus is a grandpa
Hijink (1 day ago)
Water cooling with hard tubing on both the GPU and CPU. As well as trade the 1080ti for a 2080 ti. Maybe find another motherboard that has more of the original green aesthetic. Then maybe try and reskin the monitor to get a better display like IPS or 165+ hz on VA
Maggie McFee (1 day ago)
Why would you do anything to this beautiful piece of art??????
Bruce Mckenzie (1 day ago)
Hideous. 🤤🤢🤢
eric mazialnik (1 day ago)
I would LOVE to see you give it to me. THAT would be the coolest thing you could do with it.
Martin Knopp (1 day ago)
You just got my dream PC setup
Joseph Martz (1 day ago)
I don't like the monitor. But that tricked out case... Holy jeez. I'd ADORE that on my desk. If they sold that... Oh man I'd buy it. I'd pay up to 200$ for it.
Lord Ba'al (1 day ago)
0:47, too bad he just missed.
Patryk M (1 day ago)
Video starts here 3:26
Deus Rex (1 day ago)
You need to redskin a modern gaming mouse, and one of the model Ms to use with that thing.
Netrex (1 day ago)
5:07 👍 Thumbs up for the RollerCoaster Tycoon notification sound
Ty Rymer (1 day ago)
cable manage it better XD
Zander Jaeger (1 day ago)
i see you have many graphics cards to spare, you should send me one ;)
keasy man (1 day ago)
Case is awesome but the monitor skin looks pap.
Colm O'Neill (1 day ago)
Put a dickbutt on it!!!
conner secondino (1 day ago)
Jesus Linus you think the way they set this up is cool you should see my trs-80 model 2 build. wait till i eventually finish it the way i want to with custom acrylic lid and light up trs-80 logo on the side. :) in mine the 8" floppy drive is converted to a 2.5" docking station by using a stack of 8" floppies as a tray for the hard drives or ssd's the original keyboard i rewired to work on usb while still keeping the original din 5 connector. i even kept the original io panel and connected panel mount cable to so you could connect the pc to stuff. even the fuse port thing is still in use :) to get room inside i replaced the crt with a lcd. im looking into getting the crt front glass cut off by someone so it will look better in front. :)
JacksMacintosh (1 day ago)
Pit that vs the best sleeper Alex can make and see which wins
Phathom (1 day ago)
Drop it.
James Meisner (1 day ago)
How did no one comment on the GIANT DLP tv in the background at the very beginning of the video.
Thobiex (2 days ago)
I love how the very first thing we see is Linus ignoring the "fragile" and "this side up" warning on the crate, and tilts it and proceeds to bang it around the floor!
Cryo (2 days ago)
This is not the coolest box you have ever opened linus your freezer is cooler. :p
Fool's Requiem (2 days ago)
12:44 - Working floppy drives. Seriously. Someone needs to do this.
DysphoricSmile (2 days ago)
10:40 *Instead of being a useless Dickbutt on camera, How about you EXPLAIN how one SHOULD Pause Windows Updates for 35 days at a time if they want CONSISTENT performance at any given time!* Seriously, I ALWAYS pause for 35 days, once those days are up, Windows Updates everything, and then you can pause for 35 more days!
DysphoricSmile (2 days ago)
Also: Pausing Updates does NOT pause nightly virus definition updates!
DysphoricSmile (2 days ago)
10:30 I have installed DOOM locally at over 120 MB/sec, but then I have an 8700k clocked at 5 GHZ all core, and 4.7 GHZ Cache.
chantafreak (2 days ago)
Dear Linus: DONT mess with that system! Its cool as is. I think the idea of making another sleeper or upgrading the one you already have is a much better idea. Leave well enough alone on this one!
Mayan J (2 days ago)
evrything rgb everywhere
Christian Guinard (2 days ago)
Really dumb title, great video.
Qufy (2 days ago)
Do anything, just don't forget the dickbutt
FISHEYE TV (2 days ago)
Chris Robison (2 days ago)
I was thinking "that thing needs a Model M" ... but now I'm wondering why you went back to the other keyboard. Anyway, love the details, especially the little stuff like the power switch.
so-so (2 days ago)
that computer is lush
Coolio Ash (2 days ago)
Rgb acrylic panel
Conor Wilson (2 days ago)
I think that you guys should take the glass and engrave an intel logo, but in the e, there should be a dickbutt.
TheGamePlays (2 days ago)
I'd like to see an useful Optiplex 945
BerserkJeffy (2 days ago)
tbh one of the main appeals for a sleeper build, for me, is that there are no showboat windows. No one should know what's inside unless you have the case open. That's not to say the acrylic is bad looking or anything. It's nice. I'd just personally try to take that off and make it look closer to the 5150. Also that monitor. A TN panel? Fix it.
Lord of Nothing (2 days ago)
paint the internal components to make them look more retro too! !!!! and keep it as a permanent system for the living room set !!!!
Spiddr (2 days ago)
Is this a dark web box 🤔
Tomo (2 days ago)
Julian Marvin Agawin (2 days ago)
looks like an oscilloscope with a weighing scale on the top hehe XD
Wired Customs (2 days ago)
Custom water loop with tan fluid lmao.
Hardcore Hardware (2 days ago)
A gift from the Devil because you support his business practices🤐
Erebus (2 days ago)
make the dials on the monitor actually work, and make the little levers on the floppy drives control fan speed or lighting. Slap some old heatspreaders etc to make the components look retro aswell.
Aspyrrr (2 days ago)
darthkarl99 (2 days ago)
Not my personal tastes but it still had me grinning like a loon throughout. It's one of those things thats inherently cool regardless.
Fit the cover onto another monitor?
Eduardo Sassi (2 days ago)
I dont get the point of the glass panel. Looks like a scale.
Shy Guy (2 days ago)
Put that in a museum...

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