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Nintendo Switch Hacking Just Got A LOT Harder! | #RGTNEWS

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Dark Souls Remastered on Switch might be in trouble, an Australian school wants a Fortnite ban, Switch hacking got harder, and Gravity Rush 2 servers are going down! #RGTNEWS Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/shawnlong Twitter: @ShawnLong85 Shirts: http://rgt85.spreadshirt.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rgt85
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Text Comments (284)
8Honor8 8Love8 (1 month ago)
Awesome job dude! 😀
arupian666 (2 months ago)
The title is misleading enough for a hearty thumbs down. It's ONLY the new models rolling off the assembly lines now that block the RCM hack that are going to be more of a challenge. The title implies that Nintendo have found a way (which they never will) of preventing the hacking of all models whereas, probably 75 -80 % of all Switches in the wild right now, are perfectly hackable. Just make sure that your Switch serial # is less than: XAW1007XX XAW70017XX XAJ40052XX XAJ70043332XX ... and you're good to go. If you buy a used one on ebay assuming you'll get a low serial #, it's still worth asking the seller to tell you what the serial number is. Huzzah !!
Dr Fear & Co. (2 months ago)
I believe year 5 means grade 5... so around 10-11 years old I think?
DP C (3 months ago)
aaaaahhh, summer starts in December...
BertTheMediocre HD (3 months ago)
If I buy a switch now is it hackable
Robert Cosper (3 months ago)
Team xecuter are actually working on an update to SXOS to allow new models to use the exploit now....they isolated the change already and have a new boot method in the works....like it or not SXOS is the king, and my money with them was well spent https://team-xecuter.com/team-xecuter-versus-the-unhackable-switch/
Kelvin Lee (3 months ago)
To rt85 shawn long you might know but I want you and me come to SFO to Japan town let host show there ty I 'll your hotel and dinner ty I know you are busy other 😔
lilahk95 (3 months ago)
That’s really sad about gravity rush 2
Marcus Townsend (3 months ago)
Year 5 aren't 5 yrs old! They're fifth graders!
Z Gong (3 months ago)
What you said at 10:00 about how Nintendo could patch this through a software update. It can NOT be patched through a software update. It is a hardware flaw that is hard wired into the system. That would be like updating the os on a windows computer and fixing a problem with the internal parts.
MigM16 (3 months ago)
Nintendo Switch Hacking Just Got A LOT Harder! I vote down i came here for title and ur talkign about games
fan freak (3 months ago)
Its coming on december
Gasai-Rei-Lain (3 months ago)
How about not make your title the last minute of your videos. Kinda annoying when youtubers do that to keep their audience watching the whole time
MagicalWingLT (3 months ago)
There's been several cases already of kids falling asleep in school because they were up all night playing the game. So yes it is a concern to a point. The parents need to step up and really watch what their kids are doing. Maybe put a limit to how much they can play the game every night after homework. It's really not a hard thing to do unless the parents either lack common sense or just don't care....
Ajmg (3 months ago)
Master luke is that you?
Corey Oliver (4 months ago)
I went to bestbuy 4 months ago and bought 4 nintendo switches while they still had the nvidia hardware bug. I knew hardware revisions were coming out. I don't want to mess with switch hacking for a few more months but when I do plan on it I'm gonna go ham on those things. Right now the old nintendo switches cannot have the hack blocked no matter what nintendo does. That's too sweet to pass up in my eyes.
Militant Pacifist (4 months ago)
Although this may take another century or two, just wait until they introduce quantum computing inserted in video games. It will be close to impossible for hackers to hack any video games, unless they go literally full PhD on studying quantum physics combined with computer related sciences. And even then, it will still be hard for them to crack any codes since the quantum world is a place of probability.
joe smith (4 months ago)
ohh fortnite is garbage, you sorry bastards get to play with my 5 year old I imagine he is godlike at the game.
Peter von Feldt (4 months ago)
Australia is notoriously anti game. Ratings mean nothing to them because they don't allow them anyway.
LinkToo (4 months ago)
A real N64 mode would have way less polygons, not blurrier ones
Dustin Colwell (4 months ago)
Who needs RGT85 when spawn wave is around
Danny D (4 months ago)
Lol I knew you were dumb before but actually praising the xbox controller shows you got real mental issues. Enjoy your AA batteries. A technology that has been discontinued by every single console for two generations now.
Phoenix (4 months ago)
I can't play fortnite, I get way too pissed off! LOL!
Jimmy Williams (4 months ago)
Cool channel
knight398 (4 months ago)
Jumped the gun on advising people they need a used switch for hacking. Patched units are not out in mass yet. Only heard of one report in the US and it was a questionable report. If you were to go buy one today it'd be hackable.
Kings Retro Gaming (4 months ago)
I’m pissed off about dark souls on switch myself but I think the true reason is because is the hacking is going on which is probably messing up the online services and what does dark souls need, PVP , you need your online services I truly believe that that’s why Nintendo is holding the game off.
TheKumitechamp (4 months ago)
Apparently it's not that hard to...crack!...ayooooo
ForkKnifeSux (4 months ago)
Lol not for me. I got 2 switchs that can be hacked so that way I had them. I only got one hacked and one for online and legit games. I like to support good devs but I also like all the goodies that hacking a console gets you.
Nick Giannetti (4 months ago)
If anyones familiar w the pc version of the dark souls remaster the gameplay speed seamed to be tied to the framerate, which means that when it dropped below 60fps it slowed down accordingly. (30 fps played half speed w no fix) idk if maybe thats affecting switch version
Phoenix Arizona (4 months ago)
As an Australian I just want to say that we are fucking ridiculous in regards to gaming.
Ultra Lord (4 months ago)
I don't know if this means anything but if you look for dark souls remastered for switch it doesn't show release until december 28.
Monthly Gamer (4 months ago)
We get it. Xbox is light on exclusives. Move along.
Johnny Suarez (4 months ago)
Worst intro song ever.
ikeel carter (4 months ago)
Why does your thumb nail look like spawn wave's and his vid was posted an hour before yours 🤔 if you wanna join channels just ask I mean you even have your arms crossed lmao you never cross your arms in your thumb nails😣
Echang Wang (4 months ago)
The global chat in Fortnite doesn't even work and if someone wanted you to message you it is really inconvenient to message some kid.
Sonic171000 (4 months ago)
But I heard Xbox was best box. RIP GR2 servers. I already got enough Dusty Tokens after preordering the game. So i'm good.
Last Gen Gamers (4 months ago)
My money is on blight town to why the switch version is having issues. Which I wouldnt be surprised honestly
Hwj Chim (4 months ago)
you think its a joke but jeffery dahmer used to play fortnite with osama bin laden and look how that turned out
BRYAN BOLIN (4 months ago)
I wasnt a fan of the theme music for news but now its growing on me. Lol. Now I find myself singing it at work.
SFBrit1 (4 months ago)
You should be careful applying American Cultural standards to another Country. What is considered "acceptable" in America does not apply to the rest of the world. It sounds like this School is just trying to help potentially non-tech savvy Parents, with the behavior of their children, which they may not understand the significance of. Just because Americans have a "don't tell me how to raise my kids!" attitude all the time, doesn't mean elsewhere in the world, some helpful advice can be useful. You should probably look into how other Country's culture and education systems work, before making a judgement. As you stated, the game play was not the primary problem here - It's more how *much* they are playing, which they may have been doing without their parents knowledge. What happened there is not as "silly" as you think it is..... Time to confiscate the game for a while methinks...
Weird Guy (4 months ago)
media in OZ has blown out fornight issues to extreme, its really fuckn stupid but that's media for ya
Andrew Gibbs (4 months ago)
wait.... isnt wood a little Australian kid?
Michael Klimko (4 months ago)
Gravity rush 2 wasn’t popular cause it wasn’t brought to the vita. PlayStation fuckers!!
Ricky Jo (4 months ago)
Boring as usual.
Trickxus (4 months ago)
Just what we need a new Xbox controller to play all the games they don't have😂
Jay Braun (4 months ago)
I think they are porting over dark souls 2 and 3 , I think they will release dark souls 1,2, and 3 in a dark souls collection for 60 dollars
Nav0nod (4 months ago)
It take a village to raise a child , wtf lol
Zabieru McCloud (4 months ago)
This guy is the ORIGINAL version of a hipster.
Marcos de Sá (4 months ago)
About Gravity Rush 2: "Once the servers go down, the game is pretty much pointless." I think that didn't come out right. The game has a single player campaign, and although some collectibles can be hurt by the servers shutdown, the game must remain pretty much playable and enjoyable without much setbacks.
tpr311 (4 months ago)
I think Im gonna pick up that new controller. I have the blue version that released last year and I gotta say its my favorite controller. Ive been an Xbox player since the og released. I also buy playstation systems and all i buy for them are exclusives. Have patience with xbox, they had bad leadership this console release. Cant put exclusives out of thin air.
zerocryption (4 months ago)
Games take longer to release on the switch because it takes time to tweek and scale down the games to work on the lesser powered system (switch). It takes time to find that balance of making the game still awesome on the switch but being able to actually run on the switch with its limited capabilities. It will always be this way unless the switch gets some kind of upgrade to its RAM and processing and so on and so forth.
Steve Brule (4 months ago)
Nintendo will always be one step behind when it comes to exploits. Working on my switch now with tasty HomeBrew. 😎
Frank Dizzle (4 months ago)
Bah. He's just mad that his students keep yelling about how they banged his mom while he's playing Fortnite with them, and then they posted the proof on Instagram.
Emjay (4 months ago)
Australia.. We are the softest country in the world where anyone and everyone have something to complain about and our stupid government give in to them.
NicktoriousB IG (4 months ago)
one time i was really drunk playing sea of thieves and there was this Australian guy and all i talked about was Steve Irwin. in hindsight that was probably really annoying and i should not have done that. i mean Steve Irwin is pretty fucking fly though
john doe media (4 months ago)
Fornite sucks so bad
Mechro Mancer (4 months ago)
I have the Xbox One Wireless Controller with Bluetooth and I love it. No need to buy a Elite controller
ogo79 (4 months ago)
so wheres the retro game time rgt? this is just switch talk because thats whats paying the bills. what else would you discuss if the switch wasnt a thing
ogo79 (4 months ago)
actually i need someone to hold my hand and lead me in decisions. if you know anyones wife/gf that is single perhaps you can point me in that direction. ogo79 has spoken. look me up.
Tyler Scow (4 months ago)
ogo79 so don't watch? Or do you need someone to hold your hand and lead you in decisions?
Omegλ (4 months ago)
Actually, Microsoft is doing something right for a change. Exclusives aren’t a good thing.
Azril Azman (4 months ago)
They wait for online services
Johno Daz (4 months ago)
Good stuff RGT 85. I still have my Dark Souls Remastered Switch version on Pre-order lol, I hope this game does come out in August. I think they are either having running issues with Dark Souls on the Switch or there is a game breaking bug which is being hard too get rid of anyway i do hope the game drops soon. The new White Xbox1 controller looks very nice. The Yooka-Laylee 64 Reskin looks more like a GC game. Young kids playing hours n hours of a video game lol. Gravity Rush 2 is a cool game, that is ashame that the servers is getting shutdown. Nintendo still continuing too battle the hackers.
Laurel (4 months ago)
I’m an Aussie Mum with a 14 year old, we are a bit over Fortnite yet occasionally we play together-my father warned me of the “Dangers!” after one of the media outlets demonised the game and some of my acquaintances also have latched onto this fear mongering. There is little facts behind the media article- these are the same people that feared Harry Potter. A 10 year old with Fortnite....no. Not because of the game but for the respect of others, stick to Minecraft. The press misses the point that it’s an amazing opportunity to game with your children, kids want to game and spend time with you so teach them to look both ways while online- it’s a different type of traffic and the ball are games we enjoy. Parents are encouraged to play ball with little Timmy well Timmy’s older so grab a paint gun or rifle and run amuck ;)
D LOx (4 months ago)
Why do you always say 'let's go!' on RGT news but not on regular RGT vids? PS that theme music needs changing.
Ray Padilla (4 months ago)
They are probably waiting for sales to slow down alittle bit before they bring it out for the switch them they can watch their sales go back up again!
João Viegas (4 months ago)
Australia is getting a tsunami of PC culture, the way the political correctness is backfiring everywhere else doesn't make it look good for the aussies
Horror Cosmic (4 months ago)
It is hacked already lol
ZEE (2 months ago)
The models with the new ipatch has been hacked already? Where did u get ur info from? Thats news to me
Markell Hawthorne (4 months ago)
Love your videos, but that intro needs to go.
Cinnamon the Hacker (4 months ago)
Dark Souls possibly delayed to launch with Nintendo Online
The Karnige (4 months ago)
man just get Bethesda to do all the work now. they seem to be the only ones who can program this right
The Karnige (4 months ago)
love the song shawn. back to 90s punk.
Christopher Carey (4 months ago)
Australia is a joke, just ignore us, we've gone soft...
Shilvio D. Linton (4 months ago)
Gravity rush 2 looks pretty cool.
Twisted Soul (4 months ago)
MrYaxalot (4 months ago)
There not 5 there in grade 5 they would be 10 our 11
TheMasonGamer (4 months ago)
Crap. My switch is defective and I need it replaced. I hope people get around the hack blocking thing so I can hack mine
poorman (4 months ago)
TheMasonGamer And ParkerPro but u have to pay the hacker.
HackersinSpace (4 months ago)
Australia ia doing the right thing xd ~ Said no one ever
Gareth Sanders (4 months ago)
I wonder how good wood is at fortnite
Eddy (4 months ago)
Fortnite is still relevant?
T S (4 months ago)
TIL RGT85 has NEVER killed anyone....what a punk
Marius Møller (4 months ago)
Zachary Kirtz (4 months ago)
Good thing I have 2 hackable switches :D
ĆHÔŻÉŃ ØŇĖ (4 months ago)
Which one of the games are being remastered?
Charlton Christian (4 months ago)
Wu Tang
bEN-OFFICIAL MASSIVE (4 months ago)
Charlton Christian 95....all the way live!
redskinfan (4 months ago)
Charlton Christian Killah beeeeeez on the Swarm.
Forty Bounce (4 months ago)
"Probably a little Australian kid, who's screaming in my ear" 😂😂😂 hahaha I love it
Skip Bayless (4 months ago)
again i did not buy a Nintendo Switch for 3rd party games I bought a Switch for exclusive
Nesty (4 months ago)
have europe or australia made a video games nasty yet? smh
sevem5 sevem (4 months ago)
Ha Ri Su. you like them traps eh mate lol
Nesty (4 months ago)
i dnt think dark souls is havin probs,what i think is there must be some games they want to sell first ,cus they probly afraid if they release dark souls now they wont sell other games that dnt make much noise like dark souls does
danny ingersoll (4 months ago)
love the intro screw the haters
vexorian (4 months ago)
I can't believe Dark Souls got delayed. This is certainly the first time in human history a video game or software project got a delay in its release date.
Rex Crockett (4 months ago)
😈 Fortnite is the devil 😈
skyviolet (4 months ago)
the Switch is weak and can't handle anything next-gen, which is why I laugh when fake gamers be saying the Switch be portable gaming... A bunch of crappy overpriced android reject games, doesn't make the Switch a portable next-gen system. Infact there are better handholds that have better quality games (including the 3ds) and they have more portable play time than just one hour. and now that people's Switches are overheating and cracking and Nintendo is facing a shitload of lawsuits, I can guarantee you, this is the last year of Nintendo, and you will NEVER see any games worth talking about on it....
Beaux Riley (4 months ago)
Your opening sounds like Adam Sandler.
LuciousShowcase (4 months ago)
I think year five means fifth grade m8. So then year olds playin
nate joe (4 months ago)
To each his own
nate joe (4 months ago)
Not you what I'm talking in general
nate joe (4 months ago)
You're going to hack a system that constantly gets updates okay
nate joe (4 months ago)
I'm shaking my head
nate joe (4 months ago)
Why don't they just get a Wii U and hack why do it on a Nintendo switch that gets updates that just don't make sense
DDub 64 (4 months ago)
well they say year 5 boys I'm guessing that's like 4tth or 5th graders? so like 11-12 yr old. big deal right?

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